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Coconut Oil
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Coconut Oil Cures

Last Modified on Jun 27, 2015

Hypothyroidism   7  1   

Posted by Rischa (Seattle, WA) on 08/26/2007

[YEA]  I began taking coconut oil about June 1st this summer, primarily for my long term hypothyroidism. Now not yet 3 months later I am completely off my synthroid and cytomel. I was on more than 300 mcg for about 7 years. It has changed my life. I feel so much better than I did on the thyroid meds. I am not cold, I am sleeping better. It made a herpes outbreak completely dissappear in 4 hours when applied topically. my periods which have been abnormal all my life are normalizing,(I am 45) and I am finding that I am eating smaller meals and more satisfied and not hungry. I swear I can hear the click in my head that says I have had enough to eat! Ive lost 10 lbs. I attribute it all to 4tbsp VCO a day(2w bfst/1w lunch/1w dinner) and also trace minerals, and fish oil. none or very little bread and refined carbs. I did have a day of scary high blood pressure symptoms, after which I reduced my meds by 1/3rd, and the symptoms went away. A wwk or so later when I began feeling the same things again, I reduced my meds again and again until I quit all together. the last step is to get my blood levels tested by my doc, just to confirm I am doing as great as I feel, tho I am starting to think it is not necessary, except to gloat to my dr.

Replied by Atm
Greenville, Sc
Rischa, That is great news, I am curious to know what your test results revealed? Complete healing I pray for you, please let me know!

Posted by Andrea (Las Vegas, Nevada) on 07/14/2007

[YEA]  I have been battling hypothyroidism for 8 yrs now, i gained 82 lbs over the yrs,diet after diet failed umtil i started on coconut oil and let me tell you that in 2 months of taking coconut oil combined with a low carb diet, i have lost 35 lbs feel great energetic again, on my way of losing all the weight i plan to lose an aditional 40 lbs by december since i"ve taking the coconut oil softgels i have not had any side effect coconut oil is the miracle oil but again combined with a low carb diet.

Posted by Rischa (Seattle, WA) on 06/23/2007

[YEA]  coconut oil. I started taking it because I read it could help regulate my thyroid. Even tho medicated for my hypothyroid, I continue to have symptoms. I began coconut oil and found I had to reduce my levothyroxine by 1/3 2 weeks after starting taking about 3 tbsp daily. I am hoping it will continue to get better!

Posted by Christine (San Diego, California) on 04/06/2007

[YEA]  I have been suffering with the symptoms describing hypothyroidism. Last week I started the EVCO and added the ACV, of course, decided to throw in the molasses. I will keep you all posted on my progress, trying to feel better and lose the 40 pounds I have picked up. Today I write because I have come up with a great drink. It kills two birds with one stone. Here goes:

ONE TBSP EVCO [Extra Virgin Coconut Oil]


I could not stand the taste of the molasses, however it is so yummy in this tea. Hope you like it. I have noticed since the evco and acv that like most everyone else, my ENERGY has soared, skin soft, body temp up, hair and nails gowing, dry seriously cracking heels softer and healing (using oil dirrectly) no more claritin, sleeping better, brighter outlook. This is only my seventh day. At first I seemed to gain a little weight, but just today I noticed the scale is down 1 pound. I am keeping at it and will keep you posted. Christine

Posted by Carolyn (Lorain, OH) on 02/25/2007

[YEA]  I have been taking virgin coconut oil for eight months now because I read it will help regulate my thyroid.I am hyper-thyroid and have been on medication for the past four years.Last month I stopped my meds.because I was told my thyroid is in remission now.I believe the oil is what helped me.

Posted by Linda (Orlando, FL) on 02/22/2007

[YEA]  Hypothyroid / Coconut Oil: I suffer from hypothyroid and have taken levoxyl for about 7 years. I also have suffered with fatigue for most of my 47 years for a wide variety of reasons (anemia, depression, hypothyroid, sleep apnea, RLS). It seems I have every condition that can rob one of sleep and energy. Anyway, I was looking for a natural form of thyroid support and came upon information about coconut oil being helpful (about two weeks ago). I just found this wonderful site this week, which I intend to frequent OFTEN, and I thought I'd contribute my experience with coconut oil. So far (2 weeks) I have a bit more energy. I have gained about 8 pounds since January (I tend to be slim), which I want to lose. I hope the energy helps the weight loss. I'll keep you posted.

Ingrown Toenail   1  0   

Posted by Maria (Vallejo, USA) on 11/03/2007

[YEA]  Two weeks ago i have toe nail ingrown .So i put cuticle remover till the nail is soft. I used Toe Nail Nipper and the ingrown nail was took off but the area was in pain and at night it was swelled. I put HOME MADE COCONUT OIL IN THE AFFECTED AREA AT NIGHT AND ON THE FOLLOWING DAY. oN the third day the affected area was healed and the swollen area has gone. I also used coconut oil if i have cuts coz of knife. This is my real experienced. Maria

Itchy Skin   1  0   

Posted by Mark (San Diego, California) on 08/23/2008

[YEA]  I have had a really bad itch on my forearms for the last 4 or 5 years, every time the weather warms up. It is something that effects me on a daily basis. Since using the virgin coconut oil, it has basically gone away. The one day I didn't use it though, I itched a bit, but as long as I put it on my arms daily, no itch.

Joints   2  0   

Posted by Larry (Boise, Idaho) on 11/29/2006

[YEA]  I consumed 1 tablespoon of Extra Virgin Coconut oil before each meal, and if I skipped a meal, I would still take the 1 tablespoon of Virgin Coconut oil. My problem was my left hip would have a popping type of action every time I rotated my leg out away from my body, same sound as if you were cracking your knuckles, after 1 week of using the Virgin Coconut oil, and now my hip no longer makes any popping sound. Still taking it to see about the weight loss benefits. Now on week 3.

Posted by Susan (Omaha, Nebraska) on 11/15/2006

[YEA]  I take 3 T. of Cold pressed Coconut internally plus bake all of our baked goods and food with it. Virgin coconut oil gives baked goods a slight coco-nutty flavor which we love. I use the steam de-odorized coconut cooking oil to cook eggs etc. My joints feel so much more limber, as if this oil is able to reach all areas of my body! (I had a knee replaced due to arthritis, so all my joints CREAK!) Solid coconut oil melts at 76 degrees so it cannot solidify in the body, we are too warm! I'm also hoping it will aid with weight loss, hearing that most of our cravings come from missing something in our diet. Which is why people who eat trans fats crave more....our bodies are in fact craving REAL fats as the body does not recognize Trans fats as a food. Once you give the body what it needs, the cravings go out the window! Here is the site on Yahoo that is an ongoing coconut oil forum, they talk about all sorts of health related topics too.

Lice   1  0   

Posted by Dianna (Sapulpa, OK) on 12/06/2006

[YEA]  My daughter came home with lice, and a friend told me to use some coconut oil overnight to suffocate the lice and the nits. I had no trouble getting the nits out, and there didn't seem to be any bugs when I combed through her hair. The only problem I had was getting the coconut oil out of her hair. I used the coconut oil conditioner, which I think is different than liquid coconut oil, but it worked so well I had to share the tip.

Lubricant   3  0   

Posted by Iris (St Aug, Florida) on 07/25/2012

Is coconut oil ok to use as a ky gel? Some one told me to use it, it's better for dryness.

Replied by Anon
You can and it works very well for that. However, if condoms are used then you should stick to a water based lubricant, I was told because it can cause it to break.
Replied by Plumhappy
Eugene, Oregon
I use coconut oil exclusively as a lubricant. Very nice since I am menopausal. No side effects plus it smells nice.
Replied by Everlearning
Farmington, Nm Usa
[YEA]   Menopausal age-My husband & I use cold pressed, unrefined coconut oil as a lubricant for intimate times. No more dryness or pain, just success. I keep a small amount in a container with a lid just for this. It has helped so much.

Posted by Sunshine (Fort Wayne, In) on 11/03/2010

[YEA]  How do I put this delicately? My boyfriend has a rather large penis. After months of vaginal tearing, doctor visits with no results, and pain I heard that virgin coconut oil can be used as a lubricant. It works like a charm. I cannot praise it enough. In addition to working well it's all natural (unlike the bottled lubricants you find) and it smells great!

Replied by Francisca
Michelbach-le-bas, Alsace, France
What a great idea.... I wanted to avoid the ones you buy in a bottle because you don't know what they put there but I never thought of VCO. I tried some vaginal pills you buy in the health shop but I didn't like them because either you insert them too early and they melt and run out, or too late and they haven't melted yet.... Terrible! My problem is different from yours, because of the aging process everything gets a bit drier (53) and I was getting a lot of bladder infections which are now more or less gone. Simple solution...... I only have one a year and that only when I don't drink enough!
Replied by Mom
Apopka, Fl
Try, "Castor Oil", it works great and you can also use it for massages, makes you skin smooth. Find it at health stores under 10 dollars. I have not had any bladder infections using this. My husband and I love it!
Replied by Kathleen
San Antonio, Texas, United States
Just be aware that oils and latex (ie. Latex condoms) don't mix.
Replied by Peter
Sao Paulo, Brazil
That's not true. Oil does work with latex condoms, so long it's not mineral oil. Vegetable oils won't affect latex condoms.
Replied by T
Maryland, Usa
Peter is wrong. BOTH mineral and vegetable oils degrade latex condoms. Neither should be used. Only a water-based lubricant (such as K-Y) should be used with latex condoms.
Replied by Lynnsy
Syracuse, Ny
[YEA]   My doctor told me that vegetable oils and condoms were fine. Just to avoid petroleum based/mineral based oils. We love the VCO and it has helped with the general irritation I experience with aging. It's been wonderful! Just insert a lump about the size of a large pea and by the time you get down to business, it's melted and very natural.
Replied by L
Seems to me coconut oil would be ideal. But when ya' google it, everything says it "degrades latex" (condoms). Even so, I'm leaning toward that not being true, but that the manufacturer of condoms (and sister company lubricants) would like for us to think it is. Wouldn't it be easy to do a test? Even if the coconut oil would degrade latex over time, would it really do so within the short time period of having ess-e-x? lol ;) I just read a testimonial on it at curezone and they had no problem with it and no condom failures in a year of using coconut oil as a lubricant. Another post there indicated they felt the condom manufacturers recommend water-based lubricants simply because most oil-based ones were made with petroleum products. Not considering vegetable oils.

Make Your Own Coconut Oil   6  0   

Posted by Jean (Ontario, CA) on 01/04/2015

[YEA]  It is easy to make coconut oil. Get 1 coconut (dried with husk removed), grate the coconut, pour some water on and squeeze out the milk. Boil that until you see a custard base with the oil floating on top. That my friends is the purest form of coconut oil you will ever get. Do it out on the barbecue outside, it smells. Saw my grandparents making it in the country in jamaica when I was a child. The custard is the best sauce you can taste, goes with any meat or fish..superb!!

Posted by Cynthia (San Francisco, CA) on 02/03/2009

Making Coconut Oil: I have digestive problems and I heard that coconut oil will help me with the problem I have, but it seems as if coconut oil is very costly, so I thought I'd try to make my own but I was wondering if the boiling process is just as good as the fermentation process. If I use the boiling process would there be any lost of vitamins?

In some research I did, boiling the coconut milk to get coconut oil will not be as effective as processing it without heat and that some type of vitamins will be lost if I boil the oil. Is this true? Can you please help me.

Thank you!

Replied by Tema
Kona, Hawaii
If you are in the island, you can dry the coconut in the sun until it completely dry that it will come of the shell. Then crate it with a fine crater or blender and then squeeze out the oil. If your coconut meat is completely dry, you will see that the liquid that comes out will be oil and not milk. It is very important to make sure that the coconut meat is completely dry. You can put the coconut meat in the sun many times just to make sure that it is very dry through. I came from one of the islands in the pacific where the equator runs through some of the islands and we use every part of the coconut tree from the roots to the tips.
Replied by Mmsg
Somewhere, Europe
Tema, could it be done in a slow oven?
Replied by Tema
Kona, Hawaii
Yes, you can dry that in the oven on low heat. Just crack the coconut in half and put the whole thing in the oven until the meat moved away from the shell. Take it off the shell and continue drying it until it completely dry. It is very hard to squeeze the oil out so use your juicer if you have one. In the island we roll the crated dry coconut meat in coconut fibers. We tie both ends with the coconut string and we put them on a log that raised of the ground and press down with another log like a titter totter. It's a lot of work but to us it is a special oil. Another way of making a coconut oil is to crate a coconut meat and squeeze the milk out and cook it on low heat but stir frequently to avoid burning until the coconut milk begins to girdles. Continue cooking it until the girdles color turns brownish and you can see the oil already separating. Take a little girdle and roll it between your fingers to check if it's done. It the girdle is mushy or sticky between your fingers, then it is not done yet. Continue cooking the oil and check the girdle frequently until it rolls between your fingers. Turn off the heat and remove your pot from the heat and tilt it so that the oil and girdles are separated and more oil drain off the coconut girdles. Cool off the girdle a little bit but not completely cold and squeeze out more oil from it. Cool off your oil before you put it in a dry jar, water will spoil your oil. You will notice that you could taste a little sweetness in the oil and the girdle from the coconut oil is very sweet and delicious. It is edible. My grandmother taught me that if the coconut oil is not cooked properly, the oil will not last long. The smell will turn sour like and you can feel the stinging feeling on your tongue if you taste it. Enjoy making your coconut oil and let me know your result. Good luck and God bless.

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