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Coconut Oil
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Coconut Oil Cures

Last Modified on Jun 27, 2015

Make Your Own Coconut Oil   6  0   

Posted by Mellybag (Austin, Texas. USA) on 11/03/2007

[YEA]  Heating coconut milk to extract oil will not cause loss of nutrients except for vitamin e. This has been widely discussed in other vco forums/fora. Heat should be no more than 80F. So it would take you a real lllooonnng time to get your oil, however, it would be a good oil, no smell, no coconutty taste, clear as water and lasts very very long. I tested this method and my oil lasted 5 years. You have to keep it in a cool dark place and use glass bottle. Melly.

Posted by SAI ENG (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia) on 10/01/2007

[YEA]  I read with concern how some readers make virgin coconut oil (VCO). It should not be subject to heat treatment otherwise all its nutritional benefits will be lost. When pressing out the cococnut milk from the kernel, try to use cold press method if possible. Do not subject the coconut milk to heat treatment. Let stand in a clean room for 36 hrs at consistent temperature of about 38-40 deg Celcius. The santan will separate into oil, residue (milk) and water. filter out the oil. Filter again and let stand for another 8 hours. Filter for the third time and let stand again for another 8 hrs.This way u'll get a clear colorless VCO. I visited a cottage industry VCO maker and this was how he explained the process of making VCO.

Replied by Gary
Perak, Malaysia
Hi to SAI ENG from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, my name is gary, perak, malaysia. if you happen to read this message, could you email me the address of the cottage industry VCO maker, please. Regards, gary

Posted by Colleen (Brooklyn, NY) on 01/07/2007

[YEA]  To make coconut oil, after the milk has been squeezed out from the freshly grated coconut to which water is added to obtain milk, you let it set over night, the fat /cream will rise to the top, this is skimmed off leaving the water residue. The fat is placed in to a heavy duty pot onto a lighted stove where the remaining water evaporates and the oil deposits remain along with the curds. As soon as the curds start to get to a brownish colour your oil is done if not care full at this stage it will start to burn. Be careful this is extremely hot. Set aside to cool and strain throwing away the crisp curds. It won't be rancid either. Good luck.

Posted by Patricia (Kajang, Selangor DE, Malaysia) on 01/06/2007

[YEA]  I take VCO for my candidas, eczema, puffiness. Actually when i consume them, i felt better. But vco at my place, local supplier has phased out the order. and to buy on line, they are so expensive. so following some comments here, i'm trying to do my own at home. but leaving the coconut milk aside till the next day for the separation between oil and water, it turned sour - rancid.. what should i do? thank you.

Replied by Sangeetha
Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands
Has anyone else tried to make the cold pressed coconut oil at home? Did the coconut milk turn rancid the next day or did you get the fresh coconut oil out of it? Or as another reader had commented, the milk cream settled on top instead of the oil? I am considering trying to make little coconut oil at home and answers to these questions would be very helpful to begin with. If anyone else has any proven recipe for cold pressed coconut oil, I would appreciate if you can please post it here. Thank you.
Replied by Toni
Bodden Town, Cayman Islands
I have been making coconut oil and also butter, without using heat. I would be happy to answer any questions about the process.
Replied by Dottie
Oro Valley, Arizona
I would love to have detailed instructions on how to make coconut oil at home. Thank you!
Replied by Toploader427
Howell, Michigan
Replied by Camilla
Istanbul, Turkey
Thank you thank you!! Strange, I make lots of things such as jam, cordials, chutneys and so on, but never thought of making my own coconut oil. I live in turkey since a few years back, and can't find it anywhere. Now I can alternate with the the sunflower oil that I normally use for oil pulling. I tried EVO but though I love olive oil, I just couldn't oil pull with it... Once again thank you, and thank you for a wonderful site!

Posted by Ivan (Panajachel, Guatemala) on 07/22/2006

[YEA]  Make your own! Buy a whole coconut (the older ones have more oil), break the nut, take the copra (white part) and grate it, pour a quart of boiling water on it and knead it, squeeze all the now milky white liquid out and let it sit over night and in the morning the oil will have risen to the top. Easy, cheap, needs no special equipment, natural as can be with all the nutrients still in it. Enjoy!

Replied by Barbara
Benton Harbor, MI, USA
Reading up your instructions on making oil...can you say how much oil I can expect to get from 1 nut? We would prefer to make our own, but aren't sure if it's feasible. Thanks B
Replied by Kelly
Kroger sells a wonderful organic cold-pressed jar of coconut oil in the baking section. You can tell the difference between expeller pressed and cold pressed, cold having a much more prominent coconut taste. It almost tastes like a dessert to me. $8.99 for a 14 oz jar. I eat about a tablespoon three times a day just before meals. My skin feels wonderful and soft and I do have a lot of energy. Doesn't help me with cravings though.

Meningitis, Encephalitis   1  0   

Posted by Daniel (Bamenda, North West, Cameroon) on 06/02/2011

The magnitude of fungal meningo-encephalitis has been described worldwide; it is presented as the most deadly opportunistic infection in people living with HIV/AIDS.

The classical medications for the treatment of fungal meningo-encephalitis (amphotericin B, flucytosine, and fluconazole), are very expensive, and not available in most hospitals. Fungal infections are frequently not responsive to classical antifungal therapy. Considering the enormous emphasis on the antifungal properties of the fatty acids of the coconut oil, thus the coconut oil, in scientific literature; the natural and the non toxic nature of coconut oil; the knowledge acquired from a previous research; mfonfu oil, extracted from coconut was administered orally twice daily at a dose of 5ml to HIV/AIDS patients as treatment against fungal meningo-encephalitis.

All patients were taking antiretrovirals (ARV); those who were not on ARV were placed on ARV in the following week, except for the patient who was in coma.

The rapid recovery of the patients to treatment with coconut oil was spectacular and miraculous with the major symptoms and signs disappearing generally within the first month of starting treatment with mfonfu oil; indicating that coconut oil treats fungal meningo-encephalitis in HIV/AIDS patients, and that coconut oil is a very formidable, powerful and effective antifungal. Coconut oil will constitute the corner stone in the treatment of fungal meningo-encephalitis in HIV/AIDS patients.

Nevertheless, the only treatment for HIV/AIDS remains prevention of the infection, because there is no specific medication against HIV yet.

The setting of the research was in Bamenda from October 2007 to March 2008, at St Mary Soledad Catholic Health Centre.

For more reading:

Posted by Daniel (Bamenda, North West, Cameroon) on 05/28/2011

[YEA]  Thirty four HIV/AIDS patients suffering from fungal meningitis and encephalitis treated from October 2007 to December 2008 were analysed. The only objective sign observed in all the patients was oropharyngeal candidiasis (thrush); it is thus the pathognomonic sign in fungal meningitis and encephalitis in HIV/AIDS patients.

Oropharyngeal candidiasis in an HIV/AIDS patient should indicate the risk of developing fungal meningitis and encephalitis. Memory loss was also one of most declared symptoms. The diagnosis of fungal meningitis was presumptive; only one was positive for Cryptococcus neoformans. The early diagnosis and treatment of fungal meningitis and encephalitis in HIV/AIDS patients with mfonfu oil (coconut oil) should be based on clinical approach by the presence of neurological and mental disorders, and oropharyngeal candidiasis. The recovery rate within the first two weeks of treatment with mfonfu oil (coconut oil) was 91.2% while the fatality rate was 8.8%.

This operational research confirms the effectiveness of mfonfu oil (coconut oil) in the treatment of fungal meningitis and encephalitis in HIV/AIDS patients. Mfonfu oil (coconut oil) would be used sooner or later to treat fungal meningitis and encephalitis in HIV/AIDS patients; it is effective, available, and cheap; and it is a revolutionary discovery for humanity!

Nevertheless educational campaigns for the prevention HIV infection are still paramount because there is not yet any specific medication against HIV.

The use of coconut oil (mfonfu oil) for the early treatment of fungal meningitis and encephalitis, supplementing ARV therapy, will greatly prolong the lives of HIV/AIDS patients.
All efforts contributing positively to the fight against HIV/AIDS from the top to the bottom and from the bottom to the top of the health pyramid such as this discovery should be highly considered and appreciated.

For futher reading my blog is :

Menstruation   2  0   

Posted by Jhopkins (Chapel Hill, Tn Usa) on 01/18/2010

[YEA]  Coconut oil helps with menstruation

I am 32 and started using extra virgin coconut oil Oct 2009 (it is now Jan 2010). This is the first period I have gone through where it last half as long. I have noticed it was not heavy at all. I still had some cramps, but not as bad as usual. I have never had a period as short as this in my life, I didn't even think it was really possible...down from 7-8 days to 4. I take about 1 Tbsp of EVCO in my coffee daily. I did have to start out with a smaller dose and work it up. I hope to be able to consume more on a daily basis.

Posted by Tanya (Christchurch, Barbados) on 08/26/2007

[YEA]  Been using VCO for acne for about two weeks. Progress has been slow to non-existent. I als read that it helps with regularity so decided to take it internally (1tsp) for that. Well I didn't get that effect either but amazingly I tookit around the first day of my period and I noticed that my period stopped for a couple of hours. Whenit came back I took another tsp and it went away for two days. It eventually came back but the flow was low and totally painless. I googled the effect and foud out people have been using it for this purpose for centuries. Wish I had known earlier.

Migraines   1  0   

Posted by Sandy (Bangalore, India) on 11/29/2007

[YEA]  Dear Earthclinic, Thank you for putting up such a fabulously informative site. I am a daily visitor. After reading some virtues of coconut oil on your site, I decided to drink it daily for weight loss. Well, I began to notice that if I had a couple of teaspoons coconut oil in the morning with my breakfast, then I didnt get acidity the entire day. Also, I didnt get migraines that day. I am quite susceptible to migraines close to my periods. So during those days, I have a couple of teaspoonfuls twice/thrice a day, and dont get migraines that day. In fact, I now carry a small bottle of coconut oil in my purse, and drink some of it if I start feeling a migraine coming on, or if I start feeling nauseous(sign of acidity)--after drinking the oil I burp (because of acid base neutalization and subsequent gas release, I guess), and my acidity/migraine goes off.If I am home, I may drink the coconut oil with some cold milk--helps immensely. If I am out, I drink the coconut oil by itself, and just drink some water on top of it to take the oil taste off my mouth. Ever since I started taking coconut oil (thanks to earthclinic), I have been free of migraines and acidity nausea. My facial skin had open pores previously--the pores have closed now (!!) since drinking coconut oil and skin looks moisturized. Thanks again.

Mite Infestation   1  0   

Posted by Michelle (Baltimore, Maryland) on 07/25/2007

[YEA]  re: Mite Infestation -- I, too, like others have suffered similar ailments--intense itching and red, swollen bites on upper part of body for three years, and until recently, my face. I am of African descent and my skin does not heal well, after any kind of bruising. When the redness and itching finally go away, I'm left with lots of black spots. Needless to say, it leaves me quite depressed and I'm not able to wear short sleeves, shorts or go to the beach (due to eczema on the lower part of my body). Well, I though it was bedmites or dustmites and replaced my mattress and linens and even wash these in hot water, ammonia and borax every couple of days. But almost every morning when I wake up, I find more red bumps.

Well, much thanks for Earthclinic!!! After reading many testimonials on different skin issues, I purchased ACV to neutralize my body's acidity and Organic Coconut Oil for eczema, etc. I was still getting my usual number of bites and tried 3% Hydrogen Peroxide for the itching; it helped for a couple of hours. Just by chance, I read about the lady who had tried Pond's face cream with the intent to "suffocate" the mites and I reasoned that coconut oil has such tremendous healing properties--bacterial/viral/fungual; this just might work. So, I put some on all over my face, chest and arms where I had bites and voila! The itching subsided within several minutes and by the end of the next day, the swelling and redness was 97% gone and I still have NO more itching!!! (I've also been taking the coconut oil internally but not diligently as I should be.)

I'm so ecstatic to share this with others and hope that you would have as much success as I did.

P.S. Ted, can you share any light on this. Also, since using ACV and baking soda, my eczema has flared up. I'm now trying baking soda only. (I also suffer from chronic BV).

Replied by Cured
Niceville, Fl
Check out the BV page on this website. Peroxide does wonders for BV. Read all the comments and come up with a regimine that works for you.

Moles   1  0   

Posted by Nancy (Bangor, Maine) on 07/24/2009

[YEA]  I had a large mole on my breast, the cost to remove it was rediculous so I decided to try coconut oil. It took about 2 months of keeping the mole saturated with the oil, but it finally just came off in small pieces and has not come back.

Mono   4  0   

Posted by Jacqueline (Omaha, USA) on 03/27/2008

[YEA]  Natural Remedies to Treat Mononucleosis: I have had mono for 2 months now, and I read about the coconut oil, and went out and bought some about 3 days ago, and I cannot tell you how much better I feel even now. I take 4 in the morning and 4 at night and I drink a TON of water all day. I highly recomend this remedy, it has helped me when nothing else could.

Posted by MARK (WGTN, MINNESOTA) on 02/07/2008

[YEA]  my daughter who is an active 18 year old that plays high school basketball came down with mono. i read on this site about coconut oil curing the mono virus. my daughter was diagnosed with mono and a week later revisited the doctor and he said her spleen was way b-ball until it is back to normal. i figured, why not try coconut oil, i went to the gnc store, got coconut oil pills, took 4 in morning and 4 in the evening for 6 days. went to the doctor today and he first noticed her color was back, checked out her spleen and it was back to normal. doc wrote her a note that she could resume b-ball again, as everything checked out good. coincidence or not, you decide.

Posted by ROB (JUSTICE, IL) on 11/08/2007

[YEA]  coconut oil for mono... my niece had mono about 3 mos. ago... the doctor said all she could do is rest. he told her it would be about 6-8 weeks before she would start to feel better. i immediately called my brother and told him to get some coconut oil. within 2 days she was up walking around and had an appetite again... within 1 week she was back to normal---eating, playing with her friends, and feeling 100 %. it definitely works wonders... the kicker to the story---my other niece is a nurse at a local hospital... i asked her if she told the doctors about her sister being cured of mono by using coconut oil-----she did---to which one of the doctors replied "we know it works, but because we can't prescribe it and make money from it, we don't tell people". he summed up what our health care system is all about...

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