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How to Take Internally   25  0   

Posted by Laurin (KC, MO, USA) on 03/12/2007

[YEA]  I have used coconut oil for years. I usually buy a large jar (long shelf life and stable) for cost purposes. The first thing I noticed is my nails do not break when I am taking it; if I run out they will begin to break again. I think it is the medium chain tryglicerides that help - we don't get enough of those in our diet. I use coconut oil with a small amount of olive oil for sautéing veggies, and sometime I will make a fudgelike dish using a little cocoa, a little sugar and coconut oil to help it go down instead of taking it plain on the spoon. But I also take it and spread it on a piece of Ezekiel bread (flourless bread) and add either a banana or a little jelly. To me it tastes great but I have trained myself over the years. Then I also use the coconut milk which is great in curries. It has the needed fat and I love Panang anything.

Posted by Pam (Salem, OR) on 02/27/2007

[YEA]  I have just recently read about the health benefits of virgin coconut oil but was having a hard time figuring out how to take it as I cannot stomach eating it off a spoon or in a shake. I used the air popper to make pop corn and put the coconut oil in the butter melter section, then poured it over my pop corn. If you eat it immediately it doesn't taste as good as if you let it sit for a little while. I made it after breakfast, used a little butter flavored salt on it, then I ate it for lunch. It is SO yummy.

Posted by Weng (the Philippines) on 01/04/2007

[YEA]  Coconut Oil and Coconut Milk: Shines hair, soft skin, (c-oil) good for cooking vegetables, meat like chicken or pork (c-milk). Coconut oil has a lot of things for good, you can use it on your hair as a conditioner or use it as lotion on your skin. While, coconut Milk is good for cooking, we usually used it for cooking vegetables or meat for our meals. It's so delicious everybody loves it.

Posted by Grace (Manila, Philippines) on 12/01/2006

[YEA]  First, I would like to clarify what is the difference between Coconut oil and the Virgin coconut oil (VCO). Philippines national tree is the coconut tree, and coconut oil has been used by our people since time in memorial. anyway, coconut oil is being used for cooking alone. then there is another kind of coconut oil that is being cooked in our own kitchen that produces brown color, this oil is good for the skin and hair. Believe me i've been using this from child and i have the shiniest hair ever. Now, there's another coconut oil which is called Virgin Coconut Oil (VCO). The oil was extracted from coconut thru cold pressed. the opposite of the second coconut oil i mentioned. now, this oil can be drunk and applied on hair and skin. I used both the 2nd and 3rd coconut oil for my skin alternately. I always have insect bites that leaves ugly scars, and coconut oil heals it and the ugly scars will be gone. I also use this as my moisturizer. There are researches about coconut oil (VCO) ... it was said that coconut oil can cure cancer but i am not sure if this is already proven. I can say that Philippines produces the best coconut oil products. I guess, this is one of our secrets why we have beautiful and younger looking skin and very shiny hair :) by the way, since coconut oil solidifies during cold weather, we now have coconut oil in capsules.. just an FYI.

Replied by Annie
Syracuse, Newyork
i have a coconut oil that say 100% pure ingredients: coconut oil (anti-oxidant tbhg 0.01%) what does that mean? i assume that this should be better than or is the same as extra virgin coconut oil? I just took a teaspoon tonight 4 the first time. Did i take the correct one or did i take cooking oil?
Replied by Rainman
Central, Vt, Usa
It should say Organic Virgin Coconut Oil... Unrefined Cold or Expeller Pressed is good.

At room temperature it should be solid and completely white with no dark coloration at all. It will start to liquify at 76 degrees or more. For this reason, the oil will come in a jar with a wide mouth lid for scooping out.

Regardless of what you get... do not get refined, bleached, deodorized (RBD) oil. Any oil for that matter.

Posted by June (South Australia) on 08/24/2006

[YEA]  Coconut Oil has cured my arthritic pain, balanced blood sugar, given me energy and reduced lines and wrinkles. After reading all the positive results I found a place in Australia that sells excellent C/oil. I take three tablespoons a day (one each meal) I also use it externally on my skin, with amazing results. I had no side effects, nor has it altered my cholesterol reading. Mixed with a hot lemon drink with turmeric is a good start to the day. Mixed with yogurt or cottage cheese, muesli and fruit is also delicious. I stopped taking Glucosamine when I started the C/oil and have not taken any since.

Posted by Manasvini (Maharashtra, India) on 07/02/2006

[YEA]  i came across your site by chance. for those of u who are using coconut oil, it is great for external skin. it is used for a whole body massage every week here in india. but i wouldn't recommend it for internal consumption. i have heard that the oil is high in cholesterol. it is the normal cooking oil that i am talking about. that's why we indians use til oil or sunflower oil for cooking. i am not sure what extra virgin coconut oil is. actually normal coconut oil is used to induce vomiting in case of accidental swallowing of poison ,etc. take precautions be fore taking internally.

Replied by Tom
London, Uk
Regarding your statement that coconut oil is too thick to be absorbed though the skin: are there studies to show this? These studies seem to indicate otherwise ...

Posted by Pinoy Ako (the Philippines) on 06/05/2006

[YEA]  please take only VIRGIN COCONUT OIL, and not just ordinary cooking coconut oil. The difference is in their processing. The former is good for your health--boost immunity, etc. The benefits are widely studied:

Diarrhea is a natural side effect. Coconut detoxifies your digestive system; after a while (two weeks for me), it normalizes and relieves your diarrhea problem.

Posted by Rhonald (Washington, DC) on 06/02/2006

[YEA]  This oil really helped my skin, which becomes dry in winter. It also helped my immune system and provides the best oil to cook with. I have known about coconut oil for some time now, recommended by Dr. Joseph Mercola, in IL., when I went to see him in 2002. Regretfully, I have run out for a while now, but will reorder. To all the people who experience(d) stomach upset and other flu like symptoms; this may be because the oil is noted for ridding the body of toxins. Anytime you ingest anything that attacks parasites, bacteria, viruses, etc., you are inducing a body cleansing. The body responds by making you feel sick, and the degree, which is an indication of the level of toxins in your body. If the body is not prepared for this, it reacts (cleansing reaction). I never personally experienced this and I would highly recommend that if you use this oil, your system needs to at least be very hydrated with pure water, vegetable juice, weak teas, and eliminate sugar and starchy foods or at least cut back for a week or so to see how you react. Help the body do its job.

Also, go to your local healthfood store and get pH papers. When I embarked on a 4 week deep cleanse a few years ago, the author was very firm with people to NOT cleanse until the pH was around the 6-7 mark, acidic/alkaline. If your body is too acidic, cleansing reactions will be worse. The body needs to be balanced before toxins are released into the system. The pH factor of body fluids (not stomach acid) is critical for overall good health, because disease thrives in an acidic environment. You might want to check out these pages at the end... it will explain all the benefits of coconut oil and all fats. It is the best oil for cooking, as its molecules remain stable under high heat. Beware, many commercial coconut oils are refined, bleached and deodorized (RBD) and contain chemicals used in processing. This you don't want, so ask the source how it is made. I hope this is helpful to those who became ill (cleansing reactions?) Note: some people may be allergic to coconuts, so that could have been the culprit? In closing, I would say research this and don't give up on the oil.

Below are some useful pages.

I researched this and many other topics surrounding fats in general. I am now on cod liver oil, flax meal, and low mercury fish, which has to be ordered out of state.

Posted by Dave (Cambridge, MN) on 05/19/2006

[YEA]  Reply to Connie's inquiry on how others take coconut oil. I just started taking it, so i'm only taking 1 tsp a couple times a day. Trying to start slow to avoid problems others have had. I mix it in peanut butter and eat it on celery sticks and carrots. Has worked for me.

Posted by Johnny (Manila, Philippines)

[YEA]  i often had a hard time before with my bowel movement. i rarely went to the CR to poop, 4x a week was the most, which i found abnormal. i read an article about virgin coco oil and its effects on health. i learned that it does not have any side effect so i went to a nearby drugstore to get one. The effect was faster than i though it would be. i took a spoonful before going to bed and presto! after breakfast the following day i felt relief because the stomach that was once hard to please voluntarily surrendered itself to nature's calling. i recommend VCO for better health and longer life. see for yourself.

Hypothyroidism   7  1   

Posted by Mary (Austin, Texas) on 02/02/2011

I first came to know about coconut oil on the internet. I had been having high bgl (blood glucose levels) and my meds were not bringing it down and didn't not want to start on insulin. I was searching on how some diabetics dealt with their high bgl or what concocion was working for them and then I found a diabetes forum where the members stated that coconut oil had brought their glucose level down. I thought to myself how can coconut do this cause I read it was bad for you. But after researching more I found that there was a difference between the good and bad kind of oil.

Then I came across this website and read how some have used the oil and the good and bad effects it may have on one's body. So I decided to give it a try because my new high protein, low fat, low carbs diet was not giving me consistent low bgl numbers. I also started a weight strenghtening workout routine and like the diet it did help some but I was still having high numbers most of time.

So I decided to give the organic virgin coconut oil a try and I have been using it for about a month. I use it for cooking, skin moisturizer, and hair conditioner (not from the same jar). The majority of the oil is used toward cooking. My blood glucose level are now in the low 100s. Before they were in the 120-135 range even with my new meal plan and weight strengthening exercises.

I take Levothyroxine 150 mcg. Since using the oil, most of the time I forget to take my pill. My neck and throat doesn't ache like it use to, and that's why I would forget to take my daily dose. But when I take my pill, my throat gets that big lump feeling I would get when eating products that contain even a little bit of soy. I think most hypothryoid folks know what I'm talking about. Am I becoming allergic to the thyroid pill? Has anyone else encountered this problem? How or what have you done when this happened? I only use a tablespoon or less when cooking.

Replied by Elizabeth
Nashville, Tn
Coconut oil is known to stimulate the thyroid so you may need to cut down on either the oil or the thyroid medication. It's good to know it's helping with your diabetes.
Replied by Sylvia
Nevada City, Ca
I was just diagnosed with Hypothyroid and am taking armour thyroid.
Could you tell me how much Coconut Oil, ACV and Iodine to take daily? Would Sea Water work? Or Ocean Bounty, the label does not indicate how much Iodine it has??

Posted by Ron (Bradenton, Fl) on 07/06/2009

[YEA]  I was diagnosed with Hypothyroidism last year. I found this out because I had been gaining weight steadily, (over 40 lbs) even though I tried cutting back on my eating. I had no energy, couldn't sleep, was feeling anxieties, and just thought at one point I may be dying of something. My vision started to change too. So I went to my Dr., had tests done and was told my TSH levels were high, close to 12. I asked what the normal was, she stated between 3.5 to 5.6. My Dr. wanted to put me on synthroid. I asked how long I would need to be on it. She told me, for the rest of your life!!! I said there must be a natural cure. She said no. I wasn't convinced because I had heard from my mom (who is a nutritionist) that the body is designed to heal itself. Those words always stuck with me.

So I did research on my own and found that coconut oil was what I needed to get my thyroid back to normal. So I tried it. 1 TBSP per day for the 1st week, 2 TBSP per day the 2nd week, then 3 the 3rd week. I saw my Dr. at the 3 week mark and was tested again. My TSH level had dropped to 7.8. Dr. said it was just a coincidence and that I needed to be careful because it could spike again. I continued to take coconut oil (organic type) for another 3 weeks. This time when I was tested my TSH was down to 4.2. Even though it was down where it was supposed to be, she still felt that I was a candidate for Synthroid. It was at that point I came to the realization (as others before me have) that Dr.'s are out for the income, not to help. I have been doing great ever since. My thyroid is back to normal and I lost all the weight I had gained and even gained muscle in the process, without even working out! Since then, I have continued to do research on the healing properties of coconut oil and can't stop talking to everyone about it.

Replied by Melinda
Rochester, Ny
I was actually diagnosis back in 2002 with pappillary carcinoma which was deemed cancer after the lump was removed from neck so I had to get my thyroid taken out completely. I have just started taken EVCO and was wondering from all great info on this site if it would still work for me? I am pretty much hypo all the time since I have no thyroid..... Just curious

Posted by Sangeetha (Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands) on 05/09/2009

Can someone please tell me if it is necessary to melt the EVCO before taking it as a cure for side effects of hypothyroid? Is there any particular time this should be taken? Can it be taken close to taking thyroid medication?

Also is Armour Thyroid a better suggestion than Eltroxin, if so, I can ask my doctor to switch me to Armour.

Replied by Desertpunky
Socaldesert, Ca/usa
Before thinking exclusively about Armour Thyroid, check out your options if you are going to take a 'natural' thyroid at and check out all the natural thyroids. This site says that Armour has changed their recipe and after taking it for a while, you go back to square one. Good luck.

Posted by Cathy (Villa Park, Illinois USA) on 02/13/2009

[BETTER BUT NOT CURED]  I have been using Extra Virgin Coconut Oil since April of 2008. One tablespoon per day. I have Hypothyroidism and was having a lot of problems with brain fog. I was having difficulty doing my job and sometimes would forget where I was going when driving home for a few seconds. I am a creative person but was totally unable to express my ideas in artwork or my writing. I could not organize my thoughts. I could not make decisions or remember what I was supposed to do. This on top of all the other symptoms of hypothyroidism. 2 weeks after I started taking it the brain fog totally went away. I am very dependent on the coconut oil now as I do not want to go back to not knowing what I was doing. As for my other symptoms such as totally lost my sex drive which is destroying my relationship and sleeping too much and low energy etc. it has not changed any of that. My thyroid has gotten worse and I have had to double my thyroid medication (Thyroxine). I am working with a Naturalpathic doctor which was a very wise thing to do. She told me to keep taking 1 Tbsp of coconut oil per day. I just wonder if I should take more than that since I have heard of other people have been able to go off the thyroid meds when taking 2 Tbsp per day. She is also treating me for Adrenal Fatigue and cervical dysplaisia and fibrocystic breasts. I guess I'm a mess right now and just want to be well again. I am a big fan of the coconut oil because it is the one remedy that has made the most difference for me. Also I want to add that the doc specified I should use the solid coconut oil instead of the capsules which I started out on because she said that way you can tell if it has gone rancid. But I still use the capsules for backcountry trips and road trips for convenience.

If anyone knows a way to bring back the sex drive I would be grateful.

Replied by Stephanie
Sugar Hill, Ga
Replied by Mary
Sapphire, Nc Usa
You might want to research Armour Thyroid. It is derived from pigs, making it a much closer replacement to human thyroid than the stuff made in a test tub. Some people notice no difference between synthetic thyroid and Armour but for others it's a huge difference. You can't know until you try it for awhile. The natural thyroid hormone is a complex combination of chemicals. Man made thyroid hormone is is very simplistic.
Replied by Apelila
Santa Cruz, Ca. USA
I'd suggest bio identical estrogen.
Replied by Aep
Small Town, Mi
Hi, I know this is an old post, but I recently posted about my accidental success in finding my long lost sex drive after using Magnesium Chloride. I posted under the female hormones/ dysfunction. I was using MgCl (Swanson brand) to balance my urine pH, and insomnia. To give a history, I had cancer at a young age about 27 yrs old. Now, at 43, I have been with out my sex drive for nearly 15 years- when I finished chemotherapy. I have been seeking my health since then but doctors were not able to help. I researched a lot and decided to start with basic vitamins- b complex, methyl b 12, vitamin A, E and benfotiamine( a fat soluble B1). The methyl B12 and benfotiamine helped significantly with chemo induced nerve damage in my feet and hands 15 years ago. Within a week my feet burned and numbness increased and then started to get better. I was taking 150 mg benfotiamine and 3000 ug at the time. Improvement quickly followed. I later increased the b12 to 5000 ug and again the pain increased and then the numbness got even better. My numbness is not 100% but at least 80-90% better. I only feel the numbness now when it's really cold, and it is much much less noticeable. I have been taking these since thanksgiving 2011. A side effect I immediately noted with b12 was a significant increase in body temperature from 97.2 to 98.0-98.6. I also noticed more energy and less fatigue which is huge since I have had chronic fatigue syndrome since completing chemo in 1997. The vitamin A (30,000 iu daily) has kept me from getting all the usual colds and flu. I am normally the first person sick and the last one too since I usually get sick a second time after my family catches the illness from me! I did not get sick once since starting the vitamin A. I tried to reduce the dosage twice but both times started getting something in my lungs within a week or so of lowering the dosage. Needless to say, for now I am staying at the higher dosage. I found accidently that vitamin E reduced my menstrual cramps from needing three days of ibuprofen Every 6-8 hours to not taking any for the last three months. I started taking 1000 iu daily of natural vitamin E but will reduce to 800 iu once this bottle is gone.

Now for the most important fix: sex drive! I was taking magnesium citrate at about 50 mg daily then worked my way up to 200 mg daily internally. I also have ibs and had a low tolerance to Mg as it caused diarrhea. In order to get more Mg, I started MgCl oil and rub it undiluted on my legs and arms and belly just before bed. Most people wash it off but I guess I'm too lazy and just go to bed. If it itches- cuz sometimes it does, I rub on lotion or coconut oil. After about a month, my sex drive started to return. Sex is more enjoyable- no tightness or discomfort of low hormones like before, and the Big O is easier to achieve than ever. The magic of magnesium is worth every penny. And that is not counting the deep sleep, improvement in insomnia, and the reduction of muscle tension I never realized I had. The chiropractor had been adjusting me three times a week since the adjustment just wouldn't stick. Now he adjusts me once a week and only a couple spots compared to all over my back and neck before. I started each supplement individually due to my extreme sensitivities to supplements and foods.

I must say I also have a lot less spasms in my GI from IBS and food sensitivities since taking magnesium!

Ps. I have found this site tremendously helpful and only hope to give back!

Oh yea. Too much benfotiamine can cause diarrhea. I could only tolerate the 150 mg daily although the studies I read used up to 600 mg daily.

Good luck on finding your health and my God bless and heal you.

Replied by Joanne
I'm so glad I have found this website and read how Coconut Oil has helped with Hypothyroidism! I have recently changed my prescription from Synthroid (of about 10 years) to Armour (after struggling with my Dr.), and changed my diet after meeting with a nutritionist. I have more energy and my sex drive is much better. I am taking Symplex F (by standard processing), but I honestly don't know if it's the supplements, the diet or my new thyroid pill! I just know that I'm feeling better! I still get a little bit of the "brain fog", and have dry skin & hair so I'm excited to start taking some coconut oil and hopefully that will help!

Good luck to all of you who are trying coconut oil! This is a great site!

Replied by Cstreet
Champaign, Il
How did you convince your doctor to prescribe you the Armour?

Posted by Peter (Koh Samui, Thailand) on 10/05/2007

[NAY]  I was diagnosed with mild Hypothyroidism in May 2006, studied the benefits of VCO and started to use it shortly after. For the first 6 manths I experienced an increased energy and a better digestion. However this effect did not last. The oil did not have any effect on the funtion of my Thyroid and my general wellbeing. I am still using the VCO internally(every heated meal is prepared with it) and I also use it externally (on some parts of my body). I do this, because I am convinced by the benefits of this oil. However it does have not any dramatic effect, as testified by others. Since about one week I am having digestion problems and feel congested in my liver and spleen area. I am still on my Thyroid medication (50 mcg of Euthyrox). Does anyone have a similar experience that they seem not to benefit so much from the oil? I am of the blood type O and according to the bloodype diet I should avoid coconut and also the oil from it. Has anybody experiences with the effect of VCO on blood type O people?

Replied by Dawn
London, UK
The coconut oil can make have an 'effect' on hormones, with hypothyroidism there are various reasons for underactivity, autoimmune, iodine deficiency etc. Ask your doctor to test for thyroid antibodies because Hashimotos autoimmune thyroid disease makes the hormone releases irregular and causes other symptoms. You still need to take your thyroid hormones :) You might like to join a forum for thyroid sufferers?I have Hashis, I am trying the oil again, I couldn't tolerate it before.

God bless

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