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Posted by Shana (Caddo Mills, TX)

[YEA]  I used Coconut oil as a hair conditioner to treat dry damaged hair. I use all natural hair care products from a wellness company I work for and the shampoo really dries my hair out pretty bad and the conditioner doesn't work at all, so I needed a natural hair conditioner and this worked awesome.

Hair Loss
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Posted by Pat (Athens, Alabama, Usa) on 04/24/2010

[SIDE EFFECTS]  I would like to know HOW to use the coconut oil for my hair. I have been losing my hair - about a handful or so a day, not so great for a girl mind you. My scalp is very oily and sometimes I get small pimples and pustules and itching. I wash my hair daily to keep this under control and have just begun using a tea tree oil shampoo with good results for the itching etc. but the hair fall out has not improved and remained about the same. I've read several posts about the coconut oil and this morning I coated my hair with it and also massaged my scalp well prior to washing my hair. I had a terrible time getting it out and off my scalp. I was hoping for the conditioning effect and shine for the rest of my hair if nothing else. Instead I ended up having to wash my hair 3 times to get this stuff off my scalp and my hair ended up looking more "stripped" than shinny. What did I do wrong? Any, and I mean ANY guidance would be appreciated. with my hair coming out and this scalp problem too I'm at a loss. I recently started taking the VCO and blackstrap molasses internally but I don't think it's been long enough to have had any real effect yet. I'm hoping to start the ACV within the next week or two as well. The hair thing is getting scary though. I don't want to end up losing all my hair and if this keeps up I'm gonna be shopping for a wig within a few months... not a pleasant idea.

Thanks Earth Clinic, I'm glad to have found you. Just need to know how to do the VCO thing right.

Replied by Francisca
Michelbach-le-bas, Alsace, France
Hi Pat, most of my life I had hair loss as well, maybe not so much as you but too much anyway. In December I started drinking fresh juices everyday (fruit and or vegetables) and in a few days my hair was not falling at all anymore. Now with Spring it does fall a little bit but nothing like before (hair always seems to fall more in Spring and Autumn, for some reason). Maybe you are missing some vitamines and minerals...... As far as putting oil in the hair I have tried a few oils like mustard oil and sesame oil and they go out all right but I only do it because right now I have a perm. When my hair is normal maybe I won't do it anymore as my hair is oily. Good luck.......
Replied by Rob
Manhattan, New York
Pat, try supplementing with Evening Primrose oil, about 500 mgs twice daily..(can substitute for Borage oil)
also, take a zinc/copper supplemnent..(copper because zinc can effect copper absorption)...also a good B vitamin with Biotin....(or just Biotin 1000mcg daily) give this a test for about six weeks to see results... freeze dried stinging nettle may help as well...
Replied by Che
Roxas City, Capiz, Philippines
Hi Pat,i had the same problem as yours before but the falling hair was solved when i change my shampoo from synthetic to organic. My shampoo contains aloe vera and peppermint and other organic ingriedients. Its very effective my friend introduce me this product. just email me for details as im in a hurry to go
Replied by Lisa
Thousand Oaks, Ca, Usa
Hi Pat,

That is so awful, I know. I had a terrible experience of having such a bad reaction after having my hair dyed. I have dark brown hair- close to black- and every time I would get it dyed I would have a reaction to it. My husband would tell me I was ridiculous because the itching would be so terrible for the first week after dying it. My vanity kept me going though. Then, it changed to also feeling burned. Finally, the last straw was the time that, in addition to these two symptoms, clumps of hair started falling out. Red Alert! That was it for me too. I can live with gray hair but not NO hair! So, now I have gray throughout my hair.

I did the coconut oil thing and had the same experience. Washing and washing to get it out and still it didn't all come out. My hair was limp and lifeless. Haven't done that since. Too much work and not the results I had hoped for.

My hair has finally been restored. It grew back in and thickened up after about two months of green juicing. We use lots of various veggies each day changing them up so we get a variety of vitamins and minerals. Also, we added in eating sea veggies daily because I read that that is also a reason why Japanese women often have such healthy hair. We continue to juice daily and my hair continues to get thicker. My next goal is to see if I can get it to grow dark again!

Another benefit is that, like you, I always had to wash my hair everyday otherwise it would start to itch and get oily quickly yet my scalp would flake. Contradictory sounding but true. Now I can go for 3 days without washing it with no bad effects. It's found a healthy balance- soft but not oily, no more dandruff and itching completely gone!

I hope this info can help you Pat. It really is distressing when your hair falls out and being distressed certainly doesn't help the situation! One other suggestion that I began about 3 weeks ago and now hair doesn't even fall out when I wash it is scalp stimulation. What I do is take hanks of hair in my hand and pull in different directions which stimulates and strengthens from what I understand. It actually feels really good.

Keep us posted, Lisa

Replied by Annie
Denver, Co
There is a short video on youtube called coconut oil treatment. She just uses the coconut oil on clean damp hair. Work it through until it is saturated. Wrap head with towel or plastic bag and leave on for about 30 min. Then clean with clear water or a non toxic organic shampoo.

I have used it for years and love my hair. There are several other videos on youtube about this subject.

Hope this helps

Replied by Pat
Athens, Alabama, Usa
Thanks to all of you who have responded thus far. I am curious about the juicing a couple of you have mentioned. What and how are you juicing? Will regular fruit or vegetable juices drank daily work? I know I'm not getting enough fruits and veggies in my diet, but the idea of juice sounds like a sugar rush and a good way to gain weight as I'd like it way too much - like a soda or something (I don't drink soda - but juice sounds yummy). I did start the ACV with a tad bit of baking soda just this morning and am mixing it with about an ounce of grape juice (reconstituted frozen - it's all I had on hand) to get it down. I do intend to keep this up I am doing a spoonful of blackstrap molasses and a spoonful of coconut oil a day too. I guess I need to start supplementing with some zinc too. I'm open to more suggestions. Also, what are sea vegetables? That's not something I've ever heard of here in North Alabama.


Replied by Francisca
Michelbach-le-bas, Alsace, France
Hi Pat, I make different juices every day. I tried the organic, shop bought ones first but that didn't work at all, or at least I didn't see any benefits. When I bought my juicer I also bought a couple of juice books and I get a lot of ideas from there. Unfortunately my husband and I are not at all into the green smoothies but we do like other kinds of vegetable juice. As far as fruit juices go we often take the less sweet ones like green apples, grapefruit, blueberries, raspberries..... One thing I forgot to tell you is that I also started brushing my hair according to the instructions I found here, brushing to the back a number of times and then bending down my head and brushing to the front.

One thing which has always helped me when my hair is falling a lot, my scalp is greasy and itchy is, strangely enough, to have a perm. That dries my hair a bit and it stops falling right away. My perm is now almost out and I want to see how my hair is going to behave without it because not only do I want to avoid the chemicals but also the money I pay for it.

Replied by Pat
Athens, Al

You mentioned the perm helping with the itchy scalp. Have you had the same experience with hair color? My stylist says I can do one or the other but that both would fry my hair. I'm only 44 and reluctant to be grey just yet. I used to color my hair, up until about 4 months ago and am about 50-60% gray and now that it is growing out it looks awful I hate to cut it because I'm trying to grow it out. I haven't had a perm in about 10 years and my scalp is already sensitive and having some "issues" thus the reason for my not coloring recently. I'm not a happy camper with my hair at all. Falling out, turning gray, scalp is red, oily, itchy and irritated and I'm at a complete loss. Not sure what to do and my dermatologist just says come back in 4 weeks, if not better by then we'll do a biopsy - scary on it's own accord. I'm really wanting to color again and another reason I haven't done so is I recently had shoulder surgery and just can't get my arm up there long enough to do the deed. I'm very frustrated and I jokingly say I'm ready to just shave my head - but really my heart is aching over the whole ordeal. I'm desperate for a cure. I was just wondering if you've had any experience with color helping this, should I try a perm or should I just leave well enough alone and see what happens and give the natural remedies a chance... I'm getting impatient as this has been going on for some time.


Replied by Francisca
Michelbach-le-bas, Alsace, France
Hi again Pat, I am 52 and I also think that I am too young to be grey so I do dye my hair. The only care I take is that I don't do dye and do the perm at the same time. If I go to the hairdresser to do the perm I will have to go again to do the color or else do it at home. Dye never changed the condition of my hair as the modern dyes tend not to dry your hair anymore, only the perm does. But I have to say that although one would tend to think that if you have weak hair and a problem scalp dying and perming would completely ruin it that is not true, at least not for me and I have been doing it for years. As I said I am going to try not to do a perm again for a while and see how it goes. I only do a perm maybe once every 8 or 9 months. The curls are not really strong anymore, of course, but the effect on my scalp stays. I have actually never heard of anybody having a perm done to solve scalp problems but in my case, as you know, it works wonder! People compliment me on my beautiful dark curls....... Best of luck and cheer up!
Replied by Francisca
Michelbach-le-bas, Alsace, France
PS for Pat: if you send me an e-mail I will send you a photos of myself with dyed hair and perm, it will give you an idea what "bad hair" can look like when it turns good! (
Replied by Pat
Athens, Al, Usa

Thank you so much for your input. I will consider a perm next. I have been going to physical therapy for my shoulder and as soon as I can hold my arm above my head long enough to color again THAT will be my first mission. i am almost 45 but the gray is nearly 55-60% and has taken over since my shoulder has been out of commission. I will consdier the perm as soon as I get the color taken care of; a week or two later of course as not to irritate anything further. Thank you so much for your input!


Replied by Sarah
Dallas, Tx
[YEA]   The same thing happened to me, this time last year. My hair was massively falling out by the roots--I could see the follicles on the ends of the hairs. It was either a 21 day fast I had been on over the summer, a bout of staph food poisoning, or sub clinical hypothyroidism which made it start. I searched and searched the internet as to why, and learned I might be not getting enough iron, but also that we have to be extremely careful not to take too much iron. So I found 35 mg capsules and started taking one every evening, with vitamin C--and immediately my hair stopped falling out altogether!! I didn't even have the usual 8 or so strands collect in the bottom of the shower--just none fell out. Also, the irritating ache in my legs which I felt at night stopped, but only when I remembered to take the iron. I thought I was getting enough iron from eggs, meat, and a cast iron skillet, but I learned that coffee, dairy, and calcium block iron absorption, and coffee is the only thing that gets me up in the morning--so I take the iron in the evening. Also, I believe I am full of Candida, and various other parasites--which are using up my iron and causing me to be deficient. So I have just started to take Coconut oil.
Replied by Tiff
Cincinnati, Ohio
This message was for Pat, who was asking about green drinks or juicing. If you don't have time to juice everyday or at all, there is a great green drink in nutritional stores called Barlean's Greens. I use it every day to cleanse my organs and to help with the toxic load we all have to bare. But it sounds as if it might help with your hair loss as well. Good luck!
Replied by Sasha
Los Angeles, Ca
[YEA]   Hi Pat, I would try taking organic coconut oil internalls - start out really slow, though, because it can cause quite a detox in some people - I started out taking 1/4 teaspoon! I personally cannot take Virgin coconut oil - it gave me heartburn. However, I am able to tolerate organic, expeller pressed coconut oil. I have found that coconut oil and MSM are the best supplements ever for hair - don't despair!!

Posted by Magaly (Wayne, United States) on 04/17/2008

[YEA]  I have used coconut oil for many years. I learned this from my aunt who was noticing her hair was falling out more than usual so she starting using it on her scalp and hair and it not only stopped her hair loss, but actually made her hair grow strong, abundant and shiny so I started using it myself. Needless to say I have really thick strong, to much hair actually.

Replied by Rachel
Indianapolis, IN
Has anyone used coconut milk on their hair and scalp instead of the oil? I haved tried the oil, and although I like it as a moisturizer for my face and body, it seems a bit too heavy for my hair, and doesn't seem to wash out well. The coconut milk (pure, with no additives) seems a bit lighter. I am wondering if it offers the same benefits for the hair and scalp, however. Thanks!

Posted by Toni (Enid, Okla) on 02/04/2008

[YEA]  I started using VCO 3 weeks ago for hair loss. Well in that time I have seen a dramatic difference in my hair plus my hot flashes are decreasing. Now there are only 2 a week. My energy level has increased, my insomnia is gone and my mood is alot better, also my moisture has increased in my whole body. I can't wait to see what happens in 6 months. I take 3 tbsp. a day.

Head Congestion
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Posted by Sweetwater4life (Covington, Ga) on 02/01/2010

[YEA]  I have been suffering from pressure in the back of my (L) eye and then radiating to my forehead and (r) eye. I went to the doctor was given an antibiotic for possible sinus infection. Took antibiotic, did not work well. Still experienced pressure. I was reading a book about Barbados and the Rastafarian culture. They mentioned the use of coconut oil for head congestion. I am a firm believer in natural healing, and the use of herbs. So, I tried it along with clove oil (a droplet of clove, very strong). I mixed the coconut with the clove, and that night I slept all night without being awakened to pressure behind my eye and in my head. I have been doing this for 4 days and have not experienced the pressure that I have endured for close to 4 months. Also, clove oil is such a powerful oil, it has helped me with gingivitis (no more bleeding gums), muscle aches, bad breath, bee stings, and infections of the skin. Check it out.

Replied by Tristan
Brisbane, Australia
Hi, I read your post. Could you please let me know how to use/apply clove oil to reduce bleeding gums. Your reply would be much appreciated. Thanks, Tristan
Replied by Sue
Ossian, In
[YEA]   My gums used to bleed. I have used non acidic vitamin c for 4 years. So long as I stay on it no problems. I work in a healthcare facility and no longer get the colds and flu's that are also going around. It has also done wonders for my skin. Very good for your lungs. I try to take one every 2 hours. I have done this for years and will continue.. It will work!!!
Replied by Waltzxtx
Horseshoe Bay, Tx, Usa
Did you apply the coconut oil/clove mixture externally or take it internally? If externally, where was it applied? Thank you

Heart Health
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Posted by Basset (Suisun, Ca/ Fairfield United States) on 09/08/2012

I just like to be sure on ingesting coconut oil. I know it's great for the skin hair and for aches, however for intrenal use I would think it's good as well since it's used for cooking. There's so much info out there. Would a teaspoon of it be wise regarding heart health? Peace

Thank you ~@---}}}----P>

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Posted by Linda (Salem, Oregon) on 12/14/2009

[YEA]  My 93 year old mother was suffering from bleeding hemorrhoids and I read here about Coconut Oil and got her some. I put some in a separate bottle for the bathroom and the rest she used in her kitchen. A nice big spoonful in her oatmeal every morning and within a few days the bleeding stopped and she is now fine and gaining strength back.

Posted by Carol (Baton Rouge, Lousiana) on 04/27/2007

[YEA]  When I was bleeding going to the bathroom it was bright red. I spoke with my Dr. and he told me bright red means there are hemorrhoids inside the rectum and the feces arehard and scratching. If it were cancer the blood would be dark or brownish red. I read that coconut oil was great for hemorrhoids so I used it and guess what I have had no problems in over a year. Remember no double dipping.

Posted by Terri (Carlisle, PA)

[YEA]  I am a nurse's aide and I have used coconut oil on some of my patients hemorrhoids, some so large the patient could not sit down without pain. After using for about 6 months the hemorrhoids have completely gone. Applied externally 2x's a day or after each bowel movement and bath. For sanitary reasons, each person had their own separate bottle for their rectum area only. (no double dipping!!)

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Posted by Ellamo (Trinidad, Ca) on 02/14/2011

I have been told that 1 tbsp. of coconut oil a day can help keep the herpes virus in check, but then recently I read that coconuts are very high in arginine... Not sure if this is the case with the oil or if its just the coconut meat??? does anyone have any knowledge about this. don't want to take on a daily basis if its going to challenge my system... Thanks

Replied by Ladiem
Santa Clara, Ca
[YEA]   I usually get a breakout right before my period but after reading about the many health benefits, I applied some VCO when I felt a tingle (first sign of a breakout). To my surprise, the breakout didn't occur! To confirm, I tried it the second time when I had another tingle. I have to say that I'm a true believer in VCO!!! Now I ingest it with my egg each morning, put it in my hair, and my skin. I used it as a sunblock and it worked! Coconut is so AMAZING!!!

Posted by Claudia (Van Nuys, Ca) on 12/30/2009

[YEA]  I am 34 and coconut oil is the only thing that has worked for cold sores. I use coconut oil on my lips daily. When I feel a cold sore coming on, I use more coconut oil and the sore does not even grow. I also use coconut oil for my skin as a moisturizer as well and it works wonders. I highly recommend the use of coconut oil.

Posted by Krishna (Singapore) on 11/17/2009

[YEA]  Treatment for herpes

If anyone there is suffering from herpes virus, please try applying coconut oil on the affected area. Even if you don't have an outbreak you can still rub coconut oil on the affected areas twice daily to stop an outbreak. Coconut oils are easily available in any Indian shops. You can also make it at home. Take some milk from coconut and boil it under high temperature. Keep boiling until all the milk evaporaes. Squeeze the white substance that is left and you will get pure coconut oil. Please try, this oil treatment it really works. You don't have to spend so much money on antibiotics and it is harmless to your body. Goodluck and best wishes

Replied by Linda
Greenville, Sc
I will try. I've had problems since 1995. Three this last 2 months. Put Virgin Coconut Oil on problem area and ingest it 1 tbl 3 times/day?

Posted by Mike (Spokane, WA) on 01/02/2008

[YEA]  I have suffered from fever blisters (herpes simplex) on my lips for many years. I read that VCO reduces viral loads in the body so I gave it a try. Have had spectacular results (better than lysine) and no more outbreaks for 9 months. Regarding some of the negative feedback, I was shocked to read of the problems people have had with VCO - I guess because my experience has been so positive. My suggestion is to add some butter along with the VCO. Not sure why this works but it also works to stop repeat when taking fish oil.

Posted by SG (Bakersfield, CA) on 08/25/2007

[YEA]  I wrote earlier about my experience with eight years of un-diagnosed herpes. Since then, I've been experimenting with it, and I've got complete control over it--I can make myself completely symptom-free, or cause an outbreak within 30 minutes.

THE CURES: Coconut. Yep, another vote for that one. I recently discovered Thai food, and they put coconut milk in just about everything. Taking special care to eat Tom Kha Gai (Food of the gods!) or Thai curry dishes several times a week, I've discovered that I have no need for my previous supplement: Gigartina Red Marine Algae, 1000mg (4 capsules) per day. And it's a lot more fun! To be fair, though, the Red Marine Algae works just as well.

If I want to cause an outbreak within an hour, all I have to do is not eat any coconut products for a few days, and then have a Diet Red Bull. Chock full of both Aspartame and arginine, if your doctor needs you to have an outbreak for testing purposes, this will do the trick. Drinking two of these per day sent me to the emergency room with horrible sores, and was how I discovered I had herpes. Other energy drinks (containing arginine) kept me having sores for the next few months until I realized the connection.

Posted by Peter (Kaitaia, New Zealand) on 07/24/2007

[YEA]  I was diagnosed with genital herpes in 1999. It was a shock to my system, in more ways than one. The nasty bleeding scabs, the weeping sores, the pain - and the horrible sensation on the thighs, like cats clawing at wet skin. (That's just my description.) I heard about coconut oil a year ago and decided to try it. I was guided to take it this way: A tablespoonful in a glass of clear warm water, mix it up, melt it, and drink it. I took it three times a day at regular intervals. I came off my medication, Ayclovir, and waited for the usual attack. (This was after a few months of taking the oil.) But nothing happened. In order to stimulate an attack, to force it, I ate my old 'enemies' - peanuts and bananas, in great quantities, both guaranteed to cause a herpes outbreak. But nothing happened. I have been clear of the genital herpes now for at least six months, perhaps more, and the only thing I want now is to have a blood test to be absolutely sure the infection has gone. Of course doctors will say that the virus is incurable, but something has happened here, something profound and unusual. I have an inner certainty that the virus has been battered about by the oil, to such an extent it has no power left. Of course, I may be wrong. But there is no sign of it.

Replied by Maggie
Orlando, Florida
Peter wrote last year that he had been ingesting cocoanut oil and belived he may have been rid of herpes. His commentary stated he would be taking a blood test to find out if the remedy worked. I would like to know if Peter has written back, and if not, would he please do so, to advise on any test result. Thanks.

EC: He hasn't written back yet, unfortunately. Hopefully he will check out the site again sometime soon!

Replied by John From Maryland
Baltimore, Md, Us
[YEA]   My wife got a break out on her upper lip and then the toddler caught it too. Next, I developed a small dot on my upper lip a few days after. We all applied coconut oil although the wife was skeptical. My small dot stopped feeling sensitive that day and faded over the next few days with other hint of break out. The area on my wife's lip and the toddler's lip stopped and faded also. My wife isn't so skeptical now.