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Coconut Oil Health Benefits and Natural Cures

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Side Effects

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[SIDE EFFECTS]  02/04/2006: Valerie from Germantown MD: "I did not lose any weight with this and after two months, it started to make me ill. It is also very confusing to which is extra virgin or not."

11/15/2008: Maria from S.J., CA replies: "First off, people taking coconut oil or who are thinking of taking c.o. internally must make sure they are ingesting the "Mother" or PURE ORGANIC C.O.. To all the people who are experiencing nausea, diarrhea etc., might want to read up on "candida die-off". Because C.O. is an anti-fungal, these reactions might be the result of big quantities of YEAST cells dieying off creating toxins. It is a good thing as you are killing the yeast fungus living in your body in mass quantities. Picture a thousand rotting corpses left to rot inside a sealed building, can you imagine the gases & smell? (Sorry about the visual, it's the best I can describe the process). That could be why so many people are experiencing the same side effects. There're are more candida die-off symptoms listed. It's a get-worse before-you-get-better deal, that's if were dealing with a yeast overgrowth problem of course. Good luck to all."

[SIDE EFFECTS]  01/26/2006: Carol : "It gives me terrible stomach pain and diarrhea. Anyone else? How long will it last? It has been about two weeks now?"

Sinus, Allergy and Asthma Issues

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[YEA]  08/08/2006: Mary-Ellen from Melbourne, Victoria, Australia: "I'was totally fed up with the above symptoms. I spent 4 months of last year fighting my health problems... did some research into evco.. and thought why not.... well let me say i cannot believe the difference this oil has made to my overall health... look truly i recommend anyone to give it a go..... you have nothing to lose and so much to gain....!"

Skin Issues

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[YEA]  01/29/2014: Jessica from Statesboro, Georgia: "I have been plagued with terrible skin since I was a teenager and I only recently (within the last year and a half) began washing my face with a coconut oil scrub. I also moisturize with coconut oil that stays in liquid form even if you refrigerate it. I can't even remember the last time my skin broke out. It's such a relief and so much better than any other medicinal product I've ever tried, which usually only irritated my sensitive skin and made my problems worse. I've also tried olive oil, but the coconut oil really seems to work much better, and it smells great."

[YEA]  01/22/2013: Vic from Niagara Falls, Ontario. Canada: "I have been using organic virgin coconut oil for quite a while now and must say... wowwww... I aIso use it for cooking, and applying it on my lips and face and have noticed the great changes.. I eat from the jar around 3-4 teaspoons a day and love it not to mention the great favor it adds to tea. I can only say anyone that is having problems with it especially in their bowel movements must be using a cheap imitation brand. I have tried both the jar brand and also by the bulk at bulk barn in canada. It's also a little cheaper at around $8.75 per kilo or 2.5 pounds.. I will be using it for ever now and everyone I talk to loves it in cooking with their foods and also in their salads by melting it down in a pan."

07/23/2013: Melanie from Wanganui, New Zealand replies: "The best way to heat coconut oil is to put some in a eggcup and put that in a cup of hot water."

[SIDE EFFECTS]  06/01/2010: Jayjay from Atlanta, Ga, Usa: "I am new at this so hopeful this makes sense. I really need some information on using VCO. I have a skin condition that is like psoriasis, but worse. Having tried so many prescription medication that did not work (now I don't take any prescription medication for the condition), I wanted to try a natural remedy. I have been using VCO for about a week all over my body. At first my skin seems to get smoother. Now it is tightening and then swelling. If you can imagine having a bump with a head on it that is being squeezed, well that is how my face and neck feels. The VCO seems to be drying my skin. I have been applying the VCO literarily day and night.

1. Can you use too much VCO on the skin?
2. Have anyone's condition gotten worse before seeing results with VCO?
3. Should I take the VCO internally?
4. What are the side effects, if any, of using VCO externally?
5. How long should I be using the VCO before I see postive results?"

06/02/2010: Rainman from Central, Vt, Usa replies: "First of all... make sure you are not allergic to coconut oil. If anything... it makes my skin to oily/greasy if I apply it frequently... same with my wife.

I have Keratosis Pilaris Rubra and have been using VCO for the past few weeks. However, I have not applied it nearly as much as you. What I have found that works really well with my skin condition is to not use soap on the affected areas. No soap at all! I know there are really good organic/natural soaps out there. But, I have simply replaced soap with apple cider vinegar for these bad skin areas.

This is what I do: Before I get in the shower, I spray a 50/50 solution of ACV and filtered water all over my skin and pat it dry with a CLEAN towel (if needed). Once my skin is completely dry, I apply a thick layer of VCO and really rub it in. Of course, this is really oily looking, so I jump in the shower and continue to work it in with the warm water. After I get out of the shower I use another clean towel to pat myself dry. It doesn't take much toweling because the oil makes the water beed right off. I have only done this a few times so far about every 3 days. So far... my skin is really starting to look better than it has in years (since as long as I can remember). The bumps are smoothing out and the redness is fading. Suprisingly, I do not have the body odor I used to have when I was constantly using soap.

I have read that a lot if not most of these skin conditions are somehow related to stuff you eat.... In many cases, it comes down to gluten and dairy as the main culprits. My wife has suffered with psoriasis for years and we are just now starting to realize all of the possible poisons we have been feeding ourselves. So, possibly take a look at your diet to see if you can improve it. For instance, starting next week... I am going to try an experiment. I am only going to eat RAW food (especially no gluten/dairy) for a few weeks and see how I feel. I have an idea that it's probably going to be a life changing experience. But, we'll see. :)"

[YEA]  05/10/2010: Cat from Austin, Tx: "Grandmother Guffys Method for forever soft, clean, ageless skin.

My grandmother Guffys skin was as soft and smooth as a babys butt till the day she died at 94. One day, when I was a younger woman constantly on the go, she noticed how dry and ashy my skin was and elected to tell me about her method of bathing. It was the only thing she said she did to keep her body clean and soft. First, she never took long baths (and NO, she did not smell). She said bathing dried out skin. Second, she never used hot water on her skin. Third, she never needed lotions. I listened; yet, despite the evidence before me, I did not take her advise. Hot showers were invigorating, I exclaimed. Who ever heard of not bathing, I secretly thought. Why do not the young listen! For years now I have suffered with extremely dry and itchy skin. FINALLY! I recalled my grandmother Guffys bathing method for clean, itch-less, soft, ageless skin. Here it is:

1) Massage 2-3 tablespoons of (antibacterial, anti-fungal) coconut oil over your entire dry, naked body, but not your face. Be sure to include your private areas and feet - get utterly greasy with it! Let it soak 5 minutes.

2) Take a clean, white, DRY bath cloth, folded in fours and scrub your entire body. When one side of the cloth gets cruddy, refold to a clean side of the same cloth. Don't forget private areas.

3) Shower/rinse in very lukewarm to cold water and ONLY wash your private areas with diluted baking soda and water or an organic non-soap or as I sometimes do, diluted ACV.

3) Get out of the shower and barely pat dry.

Believe! This works! People who touch my skin always exclaim at how soft it is AND my husband who has scratched my back many a time has taken to gently rubbing my arms a lot. Just try it! It is not real expensive or hard to do and results are quick. If you are allergic to coconut oil, switch to a light olive oil or sesame oil. Soon you will do as I did - throw away all your bathing soaps and bottles."

11/12/2010: Kathy from Panhandle, Florida replies: "It is recommended to use virgin coconut oil for the body but not the face. What do we use on the face to help the skin look and feel softer?"
[YEA]  11/13/2010: Merryanne from Orange City, Florida, Usa replies: "Hey Cathy, I don't know why some say not to put it on your face. I clean my face with 1/2 strength acv, I use cotton pads soked in it and rub my face really briskly all over, and don't forget your nose, then rinse with warm water, let dry, then take a pea size piece of Virgin Coconut Oil and melt it in my palm. Rub my hands together and put it on my face, neck, hairline, behind my ears, and take Q-tip and clean my ears, etc, etc get the picture- and if my hair is dry after that I rub both hand over my hair. All on one pea size vco, I eat 2 or 3 Tablespoons a day on my food, I am 63 and have no wrinkles- other women my age hate me :)"
11/13/2010: Francisca from Michelbach-le-bas, Alsace, France replies: "I do often use VCO on my face (I am 53) especially while sunbathing and I have never had a problem. But now I am trying a new eye cream I bought in my health shop: sequoia cream. I had never heard of it but the lady told me that it gives you energy and advised me to also put it on the skin inside my elbows. Other than that I often also use jojoba, or rose oil after first having cleaned my face with ACV (not diluted). People often say I look like I am my daughters' sister......"
11/13/2010: Ellen from Sherwood Park, Alberta, Canada replies: "If you are using coconut oil on your face, then I would think this is what is making you look so much younger. I had this exact experience. I only use coconut oil on my face and would never use anything else as I have learned how many toxins are in moisterizers. Coconut oil is a safe moisterizer that is afforadable and not only moisterizes, but heals rejunates and protects your skin. I have a dog who had a skin condition that I cured with coconut oil and quickly. If people only knew how simple and easy it is to cure skin conditions such as ezcema, scabies, etc. With coconut oil. It's is truly a remarkable gift from God. Good luck, Ellen"
01/06/2011: Mimi00429 from Los Angeles, Usa replies: "Dear Merryanne from Orange City, Florida,
How long have you been using the Virgin Coconut Oil on your face? Your information is appreciated. Michelle"

07/27/2009: Sarika from Abu Dhabi, U.A.E: "I have been looking for a remedy for smooth skin. Tried olive oil but found it too greasy and had breakouts on my face. I want to try coconut oil on the skin. would be glad if anyone has used it could share their experience with me. Thanks."

07/28/2009: Tavora from Brooklyn, NY replies: "Hi Sarika - coconut oil is a woman's dream (or at least for me!)...I sometimes use as it as an all over body moisturizer but mainly on my face. I wish I had taken before and after pics. Before VCO my skin was ruddy and blotchy - had dark marks, large pores and uneven tone. But NOW - not so! It's smoother, more toned, dark marks are gone and is nice and taut! I can see that "glow" people have commented about.....only thing is it doesn't seem to be clearing up my dark circles all that well. I've read drinking at least a gallon of water can help.

Tip: To ensure the oil is deeply saturated and is hydrating the skin - place a warm washcloth or small towel on your face after you've rubbed it on. Your skin will feel like butter! :0)"
07/28/2009: Lana from Destin, FL replies: "I like to use coconut oil for my body, but for my face it is a bit too oily, even in small amounts. I think it all depends on your type of skin."

[YEA]  03/04/2009: Shannon from New Glarus, WI: "After reading miraculous things about coconut oil a couple of years ao, I gave it a try. I read suggestions for what sounded like huge dosages, but instead I just started using it instead of butter on toast, and for cooking, and in hot cereal and baking--just to taste, like any other food. Other times I use olive oil, and I take fish oil sometimes. I like coconut oil a lot, and feel good with it, but my most interesting observation is that these past two winters have been the first in a long time when I've needed no hand lotion, and even doing lots of dishes doesn't dry my hands like it used to. And in general I notice that my skin seems much softer and smoother. But I can't imagine eating it straight off the spoon, or in the quantities some people talk about... Maybe some of the bad reactions are just *overdoses*, from eating more fat at once than the body's able to digest?"

04/20/2009: Mamasita from Vancouver, BC, Canada replies: "Thank you Shannon from New Glarus, finally reading some common sense here. I take cocunut oil in my food at normal doses, (the amount you would use any oil in your cooking) and i have not experienced any of these problems that i am reading so many people are having. I have noticed that most of these people are mentioning that they mix it in their tea or take it straight. You have to treat coconut oil like any other oil and use it wisely. Cook with it, mix it with your food in sensible amounts and you will experiece the true benefits. In countries that coconut is widely used, eg, India, south pacific ect..., you will never see the people eating it straight or mixing in their tea, they only use it to cook with and use to massage into their skin and skalp. They have used it in their cooking for thousands of years and never experience problems like we do in the west, we are too extreme. Its simple, be sensible dont overdue it, use it like you would use any other oil and you will be amazed by the benefits."
04/08/2010: Jimmyjaya from Sibbu, Sarawak, Malaysia replies: "I was taken aback by the popularity of the VCO recently and the wide variety of its benefits recently when I read it on the web. We over here have been using it for time immemorial and little do we realise its true potential. Our method of extraction: boiling. The oil is mixed with other herbs for external application while the pressed milk is an ingredient in cooking. My grandmother used to choose different species of nuts for specific ailments. What we seldom do is to take the oil straight from the spoon and is what interest me in this thread. These are new ideas and experiences are learnt.Thanks everyone!"

[YEA]  03/04/2009: Ed from London, Hornsey: "At 24 I had my first experience of seborrheic dermatitis, and had it for about 2 years. I can honestly remember one girl commenting 'it looks like his nose is turning green', to be honest I couldn't care less what she said, but there were times when i felt so low I didn't want to leave the house. I might have been exaggerating, but my nose was going from small red marks, to be inflamed burn marks, to a yellow gewy substance which would eventually harden.

I tried so many things. At first the steroid cream I used did the job in the short term. But it was no long term cure I was comfortable with. If I stopped using it it was back in a week. Maybe less. So I stopped using that pretty early. I also used aveeno yeast cream, aloe vera (from a bottle and from a plant), going on a yeast free and sugar free diet (to be honest this lasted about a month and a half, and don't think I went completely all out. But tried to cut the main stuff out), and garlic- none of these things worked.

Funnily enough, when I went to the states, it practically seemed to go on its own.

Then I decided to use coconut oil. externally (100% coconut oil- the brand is pukka). I applied it about once every day, not very much was needed as it is a very oily product. Actually I started by using this and taking it internally, eating crushed coconut from a jar with a spoon. but now I just apply it externally. I've been doing this for about 4 to 5 months now, and it is already feeling like a miracle cure, so I hope it carries on like this! I only had one major flare up since, whereas before I was getting one every other week. I hope I'm not speaking to soon, but it's really helped my confidence, and probably changed my life for the better. And something so simple! Just gotta thank the people on this website (and this website for this).

Of course a downside could be seen as it coming back if I stop using it. But who knows, it might even go for good!"

[YEA]  01/20/2011: Joyce from Dallas, Tx replies: "I suffered from Seborheic Dermatitis for twelve years. I tried ACV, Coconut Oil, Borax etc. They helped relieve, but not cure it or make it go away. When I stopped the above treatments, I would get some flare ups. Finally, I read about the Master Cleanse aka lemonade diet. I did it with the intention to shed some pounds, but after the eleven days on the cleanse, I noticed my Seb Dermatitis had disappeared. I had a flare up about five months after I first did the Cleanse, so I did went ahead and did the Clenase again. Seb Dermatitis is gone and I do not suffer from it at all... My only explanation for this is the Master Cleanse and getting some toxins out of my system. So, good luck!"

[YEA]  01/24/2009: Candy from Hobe Sound, FL: "I have been using Organic Coconut Oil for 2 years now as a "skin lotion". When I started using it I was 43 and already using a top product for anti-aging. The product had worked some to reduce wrinkles but in just a couple of days the CO worked so much better. now at almost 45 I have very little wrinkles. I use just a little bit on my fingers and spread so thin that no one can tell that I use an oil on my face. My 17 year old daughter uses it also.

I started using the CO for other things and one of the best is on a canker sores. It does not hurt unless you rub it too hard. I had no pain all day and did not have to put more on until bed time. I put a dab of CO on a Q-tip and applied it to the sore."

[QUESTION]  01/25/2009: Kelly from Nashville , TN replies: "What brand of coconut oil do you use? And, does anyone know what the shelf life of coconut oil is? I have an opened jar of it that I have had for more than a year. It doesn't have an "off" smell but I was wondering if it would still be effective?"
11/16/2009: Helen from Fort Macleod, Ab replies: "I have read health info at health store that said coconut oil doesn't have a shelf life so it is probably safe. I would suggest low doses though. using it like reg. oil or butter sounds like a good suggestion. Helen"

[SIDE EFFECTS]  10/08/2008: Christine from Tokyo, Japan: "I have been using organic virgin coconut oil on my face and body for 2 weeks now. It has improved the texture of my skin however I seem to always looked flushed on my face and neck, almost looks like I am sunburnt. I have very fair skin and have been using only a medium coverage amount on my face and neck so that it absorbs almost completly. Has anyone else experienced this and does it calm down? Is it removing the dead skin layers as it seems to look like the effects of a light chemical peel?

Thank you"

10/12/2008: Sindu from Bangalore, India replies: "Yes, i do think your skin will look tanned because I have experienced it."
12/23/2009: Cured from Niceville, Fl replies: "Thought this was me or I was seeing things. The last few weeks I have been using Virgin Coconut Oil as a body and face moisturizer and deoderant. Within the last week/week and a half I have started taking Turmeric in capsule form (home made). I don't recall the tanning effect prior to turmeric but I have definitly noticed within the last week a slight tanning effect taking place. I of course will continue to use both as I love the results and hope to experience more of this "natural" tanning effect."

[YEA]  09/05/2008: Melanie from Brownsburg, Indiana: "i discovered coconut oil about 4 yrs ago and was using it for seborhea, and for dry patches of skin. I rubbed it into my cuticles each night, and on day 6, i realized the wart that had been on my finger for a few years was totally GONE! It had to be the oil, because i was not using a wart remover. Also, i have found that coconut oil helps heal my seborhea patches quickly, whereas medicines did not."

[YEA]  08/13/2008: Ione from Sacramento, CA: "According to D'Adamo and the "Eat Right 4 Your Type" diet, just about no one should eat coconut oil. I'm a fan of that diet, but I also know that one size does not fit all. Some of the things ER4YT says I can tolerate, in truth, I cannot (wine, sulfa drugs, etc). As a Type A, non-secretor, it says that I can tolerate coconut milk. But not coconut oil? It doesn't make all that much sense to me. I started taking it for thyroid help, but I love what it has been doing for my skin. I haven't had any side effects so far. I don't understand how anyone can lose weight taking this tho. At 120 calories in 1 tbls, if you take it 4 times a day, you are adding 480 calories."

04/06/2011: Louwrence from Rustenburg, North West South Africa replies: "Eat right does not work, look at Metabolic Typing, it works, your body becomes alkaline which is very important because acidity causes all our health problems. You are then advised what to eat that suits your body type & what vits & mins to take for optimum health so you save money on sups. Mins are more important than vits, imbalances cause a lot of problems. "

[YEA]  07/26/2008: Che from Roxas City, Philippines: "My skin suffered the tear and wear of using numerous brands of different brands of cosmetics til the combination of these different chemicals being used on these cosmetics, resulted to facial skin damages. Wrinkles, and the worst which made me embarrassed everytime when people got surprised to see the black spots on my face which i knew from prolong used of differrent chemicals. I have tried numerous products to get rid of it. Some will give me an effect of two weeks but afterward the damaged on my face becomes worst. My face dont seem to response to any cosmetic, the more cosmetics i used the worst it becomes so, i thought of experimenting on natural remedies.I have started making my own formula when i came across this site which made my research more valid. Every night, as i watched tv i massage VCO on my legs and arms it made my skin so soft @ flawless. When i wear skirt, people thought i have stockings on my legs.

For my face, 3x a week, i combined
1 tsp of molasses or
1 tsp of turmeric
1/2 tsp of oats

Make to a paste, splash face with warm water and gently massage the paste on your face. Let it stay 10-20minutes. Rinse it with warm water.

Then i toned my face with ACV, Hydrogen peroxide and water and moisturize my face with alternating VCO and grapeseed oil. Amazing it gradually whitened my face naturally, wrinkles free with less expenses. I am 49 yr old grandma with 3 grandchildren mistaken as more years younger than my age. Thanks to this site, it made me more creative combining the natural resources that are abundant in our country Philippines. By the way, i make my own VCO and sell to my friends also. I use VCO externally and internally as it is the cleanest and the cheapest oil on earth. I enjoy the benefit of a monolaurin found in VCO the same benefit found in a mothers milk. I rarely got sick as VCO is a natural antibiotic, that can get rid of viral @ bacterial lepid coated illnesses.Thanks to this heaven sent site and to the people who openly shares thier beneficial testimonies. God Bless Us All as we continue to spread and share the good news. Email me @ let me know how this works with you."

11/16/2009: Helen from Fort Macleod, Ab replies: "thanks for the recipe for the face. Did you say it gets rid of wrinkles? def. worth a try. what is your exact recipe for the toner with the ACV, h2o2 (peroxide), water and moisturizer? thanks"
[SIDE EFFECTS]  01/24/2010: Sue M. from Worden , Il. Usa replies: "This is just a feedback to Che from Roxas City, Phillipines of June 26, 2008 post. I followed her formula for the facial and just beware before you try it. The turmeric burned my face and left it with a yellow tinge, no matter how much ACV and hydrogen perioxide mixed with water I used. My face now has red spots and a rash....hopefully the VCO will calm it down. If not, there's always make-up. ")"
01/26/2010: Elizabeth from Nashville, Tn replies: "I feel your pain! I recently have broke out on my face and wanted to calm down the bumps and redness. I mixed turmeric, msm and a little bit of honey to make a paste and plastered it on my face. I am VERY fair skinned and it turned my face orange at first. I freaked out and used a beauty bar soap mixed with a little borax to make a scrub. This helped tone my face down to a faint yellow. Still not good! So I took a cottonball and saturated it with jojoba oil and that took the rest of the color off perfectly. Let's just say lesson learned! I'll stick to just drinking the turmeric :)"



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