Coconut Oil Health Benefits and Natural Cures

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How to Take Internally

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[YEA]  03/04/2008: Helle from San Miguel, Mexico: "I cook with coconut oil. It's solid, like butter, and I use it as a spread. I don't like to use butter unless its raw and organic. I also use it on my body. I've never noticed any unpleasant side effects,and I eat a lot of it, five six tablespoons a day. It makes a great skin cream."

[YEA]  01/06/2008: KLF from New York, USA: "hi- i have been using coconut oil for nearly and year and have had near amazing results- i have recommended it to everyone i know. 2 tips, the first one is i always take it on a full stomach (taking it on an empty stomach caused me to become physically ill on more than one occasion, but since i have been taking it after eating i have been fine). also, for people who cant swallow it, i melt mine first, take a spoonful and chase it down with a small glass of oj. it is the only way i can get it down. but it works!"

11/03/2007: Mellybag from Austin, Texas, USA: "I have noticed some of you have heart palpitations when you started vco. If newly using vco, start with 1/4 or 1/2 tsp for around two-three weeks, then gradually increase til you get 1 tablespoon. Those who develop diarrhea and acne, etc., your toxins are being expelled so continue using your vco it would eventually stop once your system is clean. Listen to your body, some have no problem having 1-2-3 Tablespoons of vco, while other have. LouAnna from Walmart and elsewhere uses hexane! That is an RBD oil which can be toxic because of the hexane. They steam to remove hexane, but how sure are you it all dissipated? Melly"

05/10/2008: elimay from Canton, USA replies: "I am new to the use of coconut oil. I bought a jar from Walmart. Have not used it yet, because I am still researching. It does not say virgin, but it does say it is 100% all natural and it is non-hydrogenated. In the ingredients it only has Coconut Oil. A person named Mellybag said it has hexane (whatever that is) that has been removed and asks how you can be sure that it has> It does not say anything about it being in there, and is so much cheaper than other prices I have seen."
05/10/2008: Adrien from Indianapolis, Indiana replies: "Response to Elimay - from Canton in USA about Coconut Oil. This is my first time writing to this site even though I've used it quite often... For the past two months I have pulled coconut oil, usually first thing in the morning. I also take 1 teaspoon of coconut oil three times a day. So far I've great results. My skin is nice. Very clear, soft, radiant. My energy level has improve greatly. I'm alert and I feel rested after sleeping. Like so many others I lost weight without trying about 10 pounds or so.(An added benefit.) I am in the habit of taking care of myself but from time to time become lax. I exercise but recently have not been on a strengent exercise program like I need to be on. Anyway, I am 51 years old, in good health, and a woman of color. My diet is good with plenty of vegetables and fruit. I do not drink alcoholic beverages or smoke. Generally, my sleeping habits are good. I've included this info about myself because when reading, often this is left out and I wonder how close are my lifestyles to other readers. Like you, I purchased a less expensive brand of pure coconut oil from Walmart. I use this to pull with (and cook with sometimes). I also have a supply of the Gold Label (top of the line)oil which I ordered on-line from Tropical Traditions. I take this internally. This is pure, unrefined oil that has been separated from the coconut milk in a tradtional method. I use this on my skin, hair as well as cooking. I enjoy a salad dressing of 2 parts vinegar, 1 part honey and coconut oil. I love coconut and have bought shampoo,conditioners, lotions over the years. But, the unrefined oil is the BEST. Either of the products mentioned are acceptable for taking internally it's just a matter of taste and/or afforability. When I could afford the better brand I bought it. After reading about the methods of producing the oil I was sold on the best. May God bless and keep you through the power of His might. Sincerely Your, Adrien in Indy, USA"
08/10/2009: Angela from Sheldon, Iowa replies: "When looking for a good coconut oil, look for unrefined,virgin,or extra virgin on the lable. Cold pressed is another key word. It's the way the oil was extracted is what detirmines how good it is for you. Allot will say organic but it is questionable. Do your homework. I've been told ___ ___ ___is a good brand."

[YEA]  10/16/2007: Jarrod from Fillmore, CA: "Coconut Oil -- This stuff is the truth!!! I used to take a tablespoon straight up, but that made me sick. So now I use it to cook my eggs. I also spread it on my toast with some local honey drizzled on there. mmmmmm.... I totally notice an increase with energy! And it's delicious!"

[YEA]  09/23/2007: Warren from Costa Mesa, California: "It seems odd that so many people have side effects from using vco. I've been using it for oil pulling since the taste is so pleasant. I use at least one tablespoon with a little honey with a jigger of ACV in the morning. No side effects for this 76 year old kid. Now if I could only cure my emphysema."

05/13/2008: Jenneffer from Middleburg, Florida replies: "I have heard that Hydrogen Peroxide Therapy is great in helping emphazema, just something you may want to look into. Google "Hydrogen Peroxide Therapy""
01/04/2010: Cured from Niceville, Fl replies: "It is great that you did not experience any side effects. I have read more in other sections what causes side effects--"candida die-off". My personal opinion is every american within the last 2-3 generations is probably affected by some degree of candida overgrowth even young children (myself at 31). I have been using Virgin Coconut Oil (VCO) for just over a month now. I use it as a mositurizer after a shower and before applying make-up (even with very oily skin I have great results) and have used it a few times in my hair; all of which I absolutely love the results. I have eaten it once in eggs--it will be awhile before I do it again. They tasted better than my old recipe but within 2 hours I was in the restroom with a bad case of #2.

After researching the die-off symptoms I have self diagnosed myself with this. VCO has antifungal properties--killing disease-causing bacteria and leaving good bacteria alone, it will also kill candida and other fungi in the intestinal tract, further supporting a healthy intestinal environment. The road may be a little bumpy for some. The best advice in beginning VCO is start out small and listen to your body. If symptoms occur--back off the VCO. Around about week 2 and 3 was when I was having to back-off. Somewhere in week 4 and I know all last week I used as a moisturizer everyday after a shower. I might still have some minor flu like symptoms coming up but I think i'm in the clear of most the bad stuff that I was experiencing. I have also used it to oil pull but nothing on a regular basis. OP does not require you ingest VCO and you spit out most of it.

Go easy getting started and I wish everyone a sucessful experience with VCO in the long run. Dosages for this one is difficult as each person is different you kinda have to find your own dosage. Internally use less than 1/2 teaspoon. Externally on a small portion of your body say hands and face. Either way start small and increase as needed in a week-2 weeks. This will help reduce die-off symptoms if one were to have this existing condition and not know as was the case for me. I love VCO and this site. Thank you Earth Clinic!!"

[YEA]  04/29/2007: Jann from Sydney, Australia: "i have only just started tacking vco and with starting anything new for the first time i would highly recommend starting on the smallest dose possible to see if you have any negative reactions (healing crisis included). the desire to be healed quickly unfortunatley means we have a tendacny to take the maximum doseage first up. While this may be alright for some people, i would still proceed with caution. i have a very sensative digestive system - ibs, and have only started taking 5mls daily and have had no negative reactions."

[YEA]  04/16/2007: Mel from Waterford, Connecticut, USA: "I feel a better understaning has to be presented in regards to how much EVCO should be ingested at the very start of using this product. As I believe the best way to start using this product is in cooking only to see if you can tolerate its effects. After a couple of weeks, try weaning on a 1/8 tsp in food for a few days, then up it to 1/4 tsp, then eventually to one teaspoon. Move up gradually to a maximum of one tablespoon once a day. I feel once a day is enough to get the benefits of EVCO. Please make sure it's Cold Pressed Extra Virgin Coconut Oil ONLY! You will be safe if you will take these precautions. If you still have a problem digesting EVCO, you may be allergic to coconut products."

[YEA]  04/06/2007: Christine from San Diego, California: "I have been suffering with the symptoms describing hypothyroidism. Last week I started the EVCO and added the ACV, of course, decided to throw in the molasses. I will keep you all posted on my progress, trying to feel better and lose the 40 pounds I have picked up. Today I write because I have come up with a great drink. It kills two birds with one stone. Here goes:

ONE TBSP EVCO [Extra Virgin Coconut Oil]


I could not stand the taste of the molasses, however it is so yummy in this tea. Hope you like it. I have noticed since the evco and acv that like most everyone else, my ENERGY has soared, skin soft, body temp up, hair and nails gowing, dry seriously cracking heels softer and healing (using oil dirrectly) no more claritin, sleeping better, brighter outlook. This is only my seventh day. At first I seemed to gain a little weight, but just today I noticed the scale is down 1 pound. I am keeping at it and will keep you posted. Christine"

09/10/2012: Atm from Greenville, S.c. replies: "Hi Christine, I read your post about you having symptoms of hypo thyroid. As I feel I have a lot of the symptoms as well. Since your post was in '07. I was curious to know how you have felt taking vo, if your still using it etc. Any feedback from you would be great."

[YEA]  03/12/2007: Laurin from KC, MO, USA: "I have used coconut oil for years. I usually buy a large jar (long shelf life and stable) for cost purposes. The first thing I noticed is my nails do not break when I am taking it; if I run out they will begin to break again. I think it is the medium chain tryglicerides that help - we don't get enough of those in our diet. I use coconut oil with a small amount of olive oil for sautéing veggies, and sometime I will make a fudgelike dish using a little cocoa, a little sugar and coconut oil to help it go down instead of taking it plain on the spoon. But I also take it and spread it on a piece of Ezekiel bread (flourless bread) and add either a banana or a little jelly. To me it tastes great but I have trained myself over the years. Then I also use the coconut milk which is great in curries. It has the needed fat and I love Panang anything."

[YEA]  02/27/2007: Pam from Salem, OR: "I have just recently read about the health benefits of virgin coconut oil but was having a hard time figuring out how to take it as I cannot stomach eating it off a spoon or in a shake. I used the air popper to make pop corn and put the coconut oil in the butter melter section, then poured it over my pop corn. If you eat it immediately it doesn't taste as good as if you let it sit for a little while. I made it after breakfast, used a little butter flavored salt on it, then I ate it for lunch. It is SO yummy."

[YEA]  01/04/2007: Weng from the Philippines: "Coconut Oil and Coconut Milk: Shines hair, soft skin, (c-oil) good for cooking vegetables, meat like chicken or pork (c-milk). Coconut oil has a lot of things for good, you can use it on your hair as a conditioner or use it as lotion on your skin. While, coconut Milk is good for cooking, we usually used it for cooking vegetables or meat for our meals. It's so delicious everybody loves it."

[YEA]  12/01/2006: Grace from Manila, Philippines: "First, I would like to clarify what is the difference between Coconut oil and the Virgin coconut oil (VCO). Philippines national tree is the coconut tree, and coconut oil has been used by our people since time in memorial. anyway, coconut oil is being used for cooking alone. then there is another kind of coconut oil that is being cooked in our own kitchen that produces brown color, this oil is good for the skin and hair. Believe me i've been using this from child and i have the shiniest hair ever. Now, there's another coconut oil which is called Virgin Coconut Oil (VCO). The oil was extracted from coconut thru cold pressed. the opposite of the second coconut oil i mentioned. now, this oil can be drunk and applied on hair and skin. I used both the 2nd and 3rd coconut oil for my skin alternately. I always have insect bites that leaves ugly scars, and coconut oil heals it and the ugly scars will be gone. I also use this as my moisturizer. There are researches about coconut oil (VCO) ... it was said that coconut oil can cure cancer but i am not sure if this is already proven. I can say that Philippines produces the best coconut oil products. I guess, this is one of our secrets why we have beautiful and younger looking skin and very shiny hair :) by the way, since coconut oil solidifies during cold weather, we now have coconut oil in capsules.. just an FYI."

06/20/2010: Annie from Syracuse, Newyork replies: "i have a coconut oil that say 100% pure ingredients: coconut oil (anti-oxidant tbhg 0.01%) what does that mean? i assume that this should be better than or is the same as extra virgin coconut oil? I just took a teaspoon tonight 4 the first time. Did i take the correct one or did i take cooking oil?"
06/21/2010: Rainman from Central, Vt, Usa replies: "It should say Organic Virgin Coconut Oil... Unrefined Cold or Expeller Pressed is good.

At room temperature it should be solid and completely white with no dark coloration at all. It will start to liquify at 76 degrees or more. For this reason, the oil will come in a jar with a wide mouth lid for scooping out.

Regardless of what you get... do not get refined, bleached, deodorized (RBD) oil. Any oil for that matter."

[YEA]  08/24/2006: June from South Australia: "Coconut Oil has cured my arthritic pain, balanced blood sugar, given me energy and reduced lines and wrinkles. After reading all the positive results I found a place in Australia that sells excellent C/oil. I take three tablespoons a day (one each meal) I also use it externally on my skin, with amazing results. I had no side effects, nor has it altered my cholesterol reading. Mixed with a hot lemon drink with turmeric is a good start to the day. Mixed with yogurt or cottage cheese, muesli and fruit is also delicious. I stopped taking Glucosamine when I started the C/oil and have not taken any since."

[YEA]  07/02/2006: Manasvini from Maharashtra, India: "i came across your site by chance. for those of u who are using coconut oil, it is great for external skin. it is used for a whole body massage every week here in india. but i wouldn't recommend it for internal consumption. i have heard that the oil is high in cholesterol. it is the normal cooking oil that i am talking about. that's why we indians use til oil or sunflower oil for cooking. i am not sure what extra virgin coconut oil is. actually normal coconut oil is used to induce vomiting in case of accidental swallowing of poison ,etc. take precautions be fore taking internally."

05/19/2012: Tom from London, Uk replies: "Regarding your statement that coconut oil is too thick to be absorbed though the skin: are there studies to show this? These studies seem to indicate otherwise ..."

[YEA]  06/05/2006: Pinoy Ako from the Philippines: "please take only VIRGIN COCONUT OIL, and not just ordinary cooking coconut oil. The difference is in their processing. The former is good for your health--boost immunity, etc. The benefits are widely studied:

Diarrhea is a natural side effect. Coconut detoxifies your digestive system; after a while (two weeks for me), it normalizes and relieves your diarrhea problem."



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