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Garlic for Tooth Abscess, Infected Gums and Teeth

Posted by Harvey (Dolgellau, North Wales) on 10/26/2012
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I should like to add my comments regarding the healing properties of garlic. A few days ago I developed an abcess in my mouth on my upper gum. It was extremely painful and even made my left eye painful. I decided to try garlic as a last resort and swallowed eight garlic pearl drop of 2mg each. I did this for 7 days and also rinsed my mouth with lukewarm salt water three times daily. Within 48 hours the abcess began to dissapear and within five days it had gone completely! ... I cannot say this will work for you but it is definately worth trying if you are unable to get to a dentist for whatever reason.

Posted by Holdemexpert (Irvine, Ca, Usa) on 09/25/2012
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I am crossing posting this with Oil Pulling since I did a combination therapy and either or both may have done the trick. I had a medium size abcess right at the junction of the gum and my cheek, above a tooth where a very large filling came out, and the tooth cracked in half.

It wasnt too painful, and not too much swelling on my cheek, but bad enough to make that side of my smile lower.. Almost a bells palsey look. I knew if it got worse Id be in deep trouble and a lot of pain. I started with Oil Pulling using EV Coconut oil, 20 minutes first thing in the morning and 20 minutes last thing at night. It seemed to arrest any growth in the infection, but didnt reduce it noticeably after 3 days. It did make the rest of my mouth feel great, and seems to be whitening my teeth a bit. I had no stomach issues, and I like the taste of coconut.

Since I was anxious to get the swelling down before leaving on a business trip, I tried the garlic method on the 3rd night. One large clove, cut in half, and lightly smashed to release the oils. I just tucked the first half clove in the corner of the gum and cheek. Some burning and tears for the first couple of minutes but not bad (I am a garlic lover to begin with). After 10 minutes I switched to the other half clove. I didnt chew or "gargle" with what was in my mouth, although I didnt spit out much either.

The next morning I thought there might be some minor reduction, but I wasnt sure. By that night it was definitely about half the original size, and this morning (a day and half after the treatment) its totally gone. The gum is almost totally healed, maybe a little bit tender.

I am going to continue with the Oil Pulling, Id like to see if it cleans up the tartar and improves my gums before I go to a dentist so he doesnt prepare a more extensive treatment plan than necessary.

Thanks to all contributors in both threads!

Posted by Don Quixote (Los Angeles, Ca) on 09/14/2012
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I've had serious pain under my nose a week and a half ago. I didn't have any sores or anything on my gums. I didn't know what it was until I went to the dentist about a week later which was yesterday. The dentist told me I have a cavity above the gumline and that it was causing an infection causing the abcess in my gum. He told me many things that I needed to do and I refused. He told me he was going to prescribe me antibiotics but I kindly declined. I went home and freaked out a little bit because I heard so many scary things about abcessed gums and teeth.

I woke up this morning with severe pain. Almost bone chilling. I was not happy. Popped some Motrin (2 to be exact) and it pretty much did nothing. I swished some oil of oregano, xylitol, coconut oil but for some reason none of it did anything except make the abcess bigger. I then put salt on it and left it on for about 35 minutes and did this 3 times. Still nothing but I could see the bubble growing really huge spanning two teeth (my front and my right incisor) and growing from the top of my gumline where it connects to my inner lip stretching almost to my gumline at my tooth. In all honesty, I freaked the f*ck out and was nearly about to call the dentist and ask for those antibiotics.

Then I read something on Earth Clinic about garlic. I had chewed garlic before when I had a serious toothache and it really helped so I gave it a try.

I sliced a thin slice of garlic and put it directly over the abcess and left it there. For the first 5 minutes I was nearly in tears and I'm a grown man of past 30! The intense stinging subsided after about 5 minutes and I decided to do some yoga to ease my mind. I believe there is a HUGE mind/body connection and I actually attribute my growing pustule to my dentist visit. It had been getting better up until I saw the dentist and he told me that I had an abcess.

Deepak Chopra once told a story about a doctor friend of his who had not gone for a checkup in 10 years. When he finally went for his checkup, an xray showed some black spots on his lung which was diagnosed to be cancer. Not long after, this doctor died. One day, while Chopra was cleaning out his friend's office, he came across an xray of his friend's lungs that was taken almost ten years prior. When he held it up to the light, he saw the same black dots which meant his friend had been successfully living with lung cancer for 10 years and didn't die until he found out about it! This is why I feel my visit to the dentist exacerbated my situation because my unknown "sore" was getting better on its own until I found out the "true cause" of it.

Anyhow, after about 40 minutes of leaving the garlic on the wound and doing some yoga to ease my mind while listening to meditation music, my pustule exploded. It was nasty and I had a mouth full of blood. I felt soooo much better. I now have another slice of garlic over it and will be changing it out every so often for the next few weeks to nip this in the bud but what I really think did this is my belief in the garlic remedy. Those of you searching for remedies here, don't even try it if you don't have faith behind what you're doing because it won't work for you.

If you ever get a chance, look up the Power of Your Subconscious Mind by Joseph Murphy. Amazing book that changed my life. Good luck to you all!

Posted by Tracy (Portland, Or) on 08/17/2012
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WOW! I cannot thank everyone enough for posting about using garlic cloves to take care of a tooth abscess. Like others have said, I am truly amazed at how quickly the raw garlic (which I pressed to the side of my tooth along the gum line) worked! It's truly an amazing thing to know about.

Posted by Kc (Santa Cruz, Ca Usa) on 07/27/2012
5 out of 5 stars

Hi everyone... My story is like a lot of others here; had a tooth abcess in an old root canal, went to the dentist and got anitbiotics and an appointment to pull the tooth, but still I searched for something else till I found this site and read all the positive garlic reviews. Let me now add mine!

Decided to give garlic a try. Simple, and I had some in the kitchen, so what the heck? At bedtime, I cut a large fresh garlic clove in half and pressed it to the abcess site (upper molar) for around 5/7 minutes. I then chewed it up and swallowed it.

Like the others here had warned, It burned like Holy Hell, but along with the burn, I felt something else... An intense, dull ache that started after about 2 minutes, beginning at the swollen abcessed gum, then moving inside my tooth, till finally it was radiating all the way up the root and under my eye!

Despite the intense pain, I was amazed and I knew instinctively the garlic was working!! Initially, however, right after my first application (I did it for three nights), I thought I may have messed it up, because it swelled up even more. I guess the garlic just temporarily irritated the gum tissue, because the next morning the swelling and pain were both completely gone!!!

I was scheduled to have the tooth pulled, but will now go in and see what the dentist has to say. I imagine she will say that if there's no abcess, the tooth won't need to be pulled! I'll keep you posted.

Thanks to Earth Clinic, you wonderful posters, and Almighty Garlic! Hooray! I believe my abcess is gone! Gonna go do some cartwheels now!!


Posted by Happynurse66 (Santa Monica, California, United States) on 07/05/2012
5 out of 5 stars

I woke up 3 days ago at 6am with a bad toothache. I went to bed the night before at 11pm with not a hint of pain. I called and saw my dentist that morn (Monday). She sent me to an endodontist.

The endodontist said I had a tooth abscess (top tooth, #4), "a real bad infection" to the root of my tooth, and that I need a root canal. He drilled my tooth and and drained pus. I asked, "How come I didn't have any pain at all the night before, and I woke up with such bad pain 7 hours later?" He said I had a "flare up". I had also self-medicated myself with ibuprofen 600mg at 6am when I woke up that day and at noon. After draining my abscess, he filled the hole, and his assitant gave me 600mg of ibuprofen (4pm). He then put me on a stronger antibiotic than he usually presribes (Augmentin instead of Amoxicillin) and prescribed Vicodin. I have to take Augmentin twice a day for 7 days until gone. He told me to take 600mg ibuprofen every 4 hours continuously for for 3-4 days to help keep the swelling down. My gum and face were swollen. I was to take 1 Vicodin every 4-6 hours, as needed, for (breakthrough) pain. I got to the drug store and took my first dose of Augmentin and Vicocin at 5pm, one hour after leaving the endodontist. I have to return to him to do more dental work in 2 weeks, which I already have an appointment for. He says he can't do any more work until the infection is gone.

I've been diligent about taking the ibuprofen (every 4 hours) and Augmentin as directed. I've tried not taking Vicodin, but the pain has been too much. So, I've been having to take Vicodin every 4 hours, with the ibuprofen, yesterday and Tuesday. (Today is Thursday). I've taken Vicodin every 8 hours since last night. I don't like taking pain meds or antibioitics at all, but I knew the infection needed to clear and I couldn't take the pain.

I came across this site, and I've got garlic on the infected tooth at this very moment. Instead of taking my next dose of ibuprofen/Vicodin combo, I went to the store and bought a head of garlic for $.50. I peeled and cut a clove in half. I put one half on one side of my tooth, and the other half on the other side of the same affected tooth. The garlic did not burn initially, as many have reported on this site. But I bit the garlic piece(s) three sentences ago, and I can feel the burn now. It's starting to subside, but the site is also throbbing right now. Ok, so now I'm chewing on the garlic again, allowing the oils of the garlic to penetrate around my toothache. I'm holding on, like everyone here says to do. My eyes are watery/teary right now. The burning/throbbing feeling and teary eyes slowly go away - until I bite into the garlic again. The burning/throbbing feeling and teary eyes goes away again - until the next bite. I try to put the newly-chewed piece of garlic on the affected tooth until the garlic is all chewed up and consumed. I'm holding on!

Garlic all gone now. I'm going to wait a few minutes to allow the garlic to do its thing in my mouth. Then, I'll oil pull with VCO to get the garlicky smell out of my mouth (hopefully). I should add, I drank about 3 tbsp of ACV in about 16 oz water just before I put the garlic in my mouth. I know the beneficial effects of ACV, so I knew it couldn't hurt.

At this point of my writing, I've eaten all the garlic. No burning, no throbbing, and no teary/watery eyes. I've just written a "live" play-by-play of the all-powerful garlic remedy on toothache/abscess. It seems to be working, as I write this. I'll oil pull in about half an hour.

I wish I had read about this remedy before I saw the dentist and endodontist. I wrote a check for $274 to the endodontist that day (half of the cost) and still owe $274 (and that's with insurance! ). Had I known about this cure, it would have cost me half a dollar only to be rid of this pain and infection.

I know I just did the garlic, but so far, so good. I'll keep you posted.

Thank you EARTH CLINIC for your awesome website! Thank you everyone for posting and sharing your experience, strength and hope with me.

Posted by James (Hull, Uk) on 06/25/2012
5 out of 5 stars

Just wanted to say a BIG THANKYOU to all here who posted about tooth abscess and garlic. After 5 days of pain and not sleeping I tried the garlic solution. Packed the tooth and cavity with raw garlic and within 30 minutes was pain free, amazing!!! After considering trying to pull the tooth myself (the pain was incerdible) what a relief. Thankyou to all who posted your garlic experiences, I am in your debt and extremely grateful.

Posted by Kari (Liverpool, England) on 12/27/2011
5 out of 5 stars

Been reading all the comments about garlic helping the pain of a tooth abscess. I have been in immense pain for 2 days- as my dentist is shut due to the holiday period I had to go to my local hospital A & E yesterday to get strong painkillers ( Iboprufen didn't work) and antibiotics. The painkiller I was given Co Dydramol is supposed to be strong- reduced the pain a bit last night but woke up today in even worse agony. It's been so bad today I couldn't chew (even on the other side of my mouth)-any attempts had me screaming in agony. I had to make soup and swallow it.

This afternoon I had a clove in my mouth which helped a little but I decided to give garlic a try- as I have a whole organic one sitting there and I like the taste of garlic I thought I have nothing to lose except having smelly breath! I have cut up a clove and swallowed it whole with water - maybe it'll help speed up this antibiotic working. I took 2 more pain killers at 9pm and by 11pm still is a great deal of pain- they haven't helped. So, I took another clove and peeled it and it is now sitting inside my cheek, resting on the gum and the tooth I think is the culprit- hard to know which is exactly the one as a few of them are throbbing. Well... Amazingly the pain is now greatly reduced! The garlic didn't burn either like some people have reported. Maybe that is cos it is an organic one? I hope this continues to help. I have to try and contact the dentist tommorrow- hopefully they will be open.

Many thanks to those who have posted their experience with garlic- here's to pain free and bacteria free teeth!

Posted by Courtney (Granite Bay, California) on 07/30/2011
5 out of 5 stars

Garlic-garlic-garlic! I cannot say enough about the healing properties of garlic when it comes to dental infections.

I promise you that if you do this, you will be astounded at how well it works.

Take a good sized clove of peeled garlic (the bigger, the better), slice it fairly thin, then chop it into tiny pieces. Let the chopped pieces sit for about 5 minutes, then put all of the pieces onto a spoon and gulp it down, almost as you would a pill, with water.

Do this 3x a day and you will be amazed! Good luck. Tooth pain is no fun. I feel for you.

Posted by Homegirl (San Juan, Puerto Rico) on 07/01/2011
5 out of 5 stars

Just tried the garlic remedy this morning. I have had tooth pain on and off for the past two weeks. My dentist has changed the filling and the pain was horrible. I was literally doubled over. My first bite of the garlic was excruciating but after about two hours the pain was almost completely gone. My next purchase is colloidal silver. Thank you!!!! :)

Posted by Rose (Seattle, Washington, Usa) on 05/22/2011
5 out of 5 stars

Another big YES for garlic for toothache! Woke up in the middle of the night with a painful toothache/inflamed gum area. I didn't have any fresh garlic, so I used garlic powder. Applied a tiny glob of powder with a moistened Q-tip to affected area. There was a burning sensation, and I felt like spitting it out, but didn't. After about 5 minutes or so, felt MUCH better! Hardly any pain now!

Love this site!

Posted by Ilya (Los Angeles, Ca) on 05/09/2011
5 out of 5 stars

Oh wow, I can't believe how well Garlic worked. I've got pretty bad tooth infection so my dentist told me to take penicillin and painkillers for a week before he can pull the tooth.

For some reason painkillers he prescribed me have almost no effect, unless I double the doze and Penicillin takes 1-2 days to even start wokring. I was in horrible pain with stomach full of usless drugs when I found this forum. Needless to say I stuck a garlic glove right in my mouth and let me tell ya, the pain is GONE... almost instantly and swelling seems to be getting better.

Thanks everyone for the advice, I hope I can sleep better tonight :)

Posted by Kay (In The Valley, Ca) on 03/25/2011
5 out of 5 stars

I want to second this post! About a week ago, I bit down on my left side and it was painful. I hadn't had any tooth pain, so I was quite suprised. I felt my jaw and noticed it had a good sized lump and it hurt when I put pressure one it. After about two days I noticed it was getting bigger, so I decided to also try the garlic. I slice a small piece and put it between my gum and cheek before I go to bed at night, leaving it all night. I noticed pain relief the first day, and almost all of the swelling is gone after about five days. I'm pleasantly surprised. Thanks again to all that post.

Posted by Viola (Hampton Bays, N.y.) on 03/24/2011
5 out of 5 stars

Reading feedback on site last night. Face very swollen on right side. Tried Garlic remedy and I no longer have an infection. I absolutely LOVE Earth Clinic. I am forever recommending it to one and all. Bless you for sharing. Viola

Posted by Mike (Madison, Ms) on 02/02/2011
5 out of 5 stars

Garlic works! I have never posted to a board like this but I have a terrible abcess on my upper left gum that has been extremely painful. Ibuprophen was almost useless as a pain reliever. Long story short, I read the thread, got a $.26 clove of garlic, cut up a couple of small slices, chewed them up a little bit then used my tongue to shove the chewed pieces up into the inflammed part of my gum and cheek.

They are not kidding when they say it burns, but I paced around the house and after about 10 minutes the burning subsided mostly. I kept in in there for ten more minutes then chewed it up and swallowed the pieces. RELIEF! I can still feel the huge bump on my gum which is uncomfortable but nothing like the tooth and gum pain I had before I did that.

I will have to see what happens now as far as the abcess shrinking and my left cheek draining - it is full and swollen, but I wanted to quickly post just to let people know that the relief is amazing. Hope it continues to heal.

Thanks to everyone who has posted before to tell me of this natural remedy.

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