Tabasco Sauce for Strep Throat

| Modified on Dec 04, 2023
Tabasco Sauce
Posted by Ashley (Houston, Texas) on 12/12/2009

tabasco sauce

omg i did not think that this would work. have been dealing with strep throat for about 3 weeks now. the antibiotics the doctors prescribed me only worked when i was on the meds. So i decided to look on the web for home cures and came to this site. I needed something thaat worked fast because i have finals this week and i did not want to get anyone sick nor miss my finals. so i looked in my cabinet and i did not have any cayenne pepper so i did the tabasco sauce remedy and it worked. first i gargled with 5 drops of tabasco and a glass of water, swallowing a little in between. Then about 30 mins later took 1/2 a teaspoon of tabasco sauce and sipped on some hot tea with lime juice and honey. so far it helped cure about 15% but i just started it about 45 mins ago. I am going to continue taking the tabasco sauce it helped with the ear pain and cleared my sinuses in like 2 mins. i would recommend this to everyone.