Honey for Strep Throat

| Modified on Nov 21, 2023
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Raw honey is an excellent natural treatment for strep throat. Taking a spoonful of honey right off the spoon will give your throat a coating of an antibacterial food that has been used as a natural remedy for generations.

Honey is also a perfect addition to any type of hot tea taken for strep throat. Herbal tea, black tea, green tea or vinegar tea will all become more powerful if honey is added to them.

For medicinal purposes, the best honey to use is raw and local honey or Manuka honey.

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Posted by Nonni (Cleveland, OH) on 04/25/2009

I had strep throat many years ago and tried fresh garlic, ACV gargle (this only made the throat feel worse), and liquid chlorophyll, among other natural remedies, without success. Then I asked at my health food store what to do and they suggested taking bee propolis (1) 500 mg. capsule 3 times a day with meals and drinking a tea called Throat Coat. They also suggested eating raw honey. I did follow everything they suggested, but it seemed to me that it was the raw honey that really cured it. I ate 1 Tablespoon straight off the spoon and swallowed it slowly a little at a time. I might have taken 3 Tablespoons throughout the day or possibly more. But raw honey was the one thing that immediately soothed the pain. I also took a dose of the cell salt Silica 3 times a day. It did take a few days to get over this, but each day there was an improvement. If I ever get strep throat again, I would rely on the raw honey and the Silica cell salts.

Posted by Alex (Nottm, united kingdom) on 09/06/2007

honey has hydrogen peroxide in it. Having suffered from bronchitis boils carbuncles tonsilitis sinuvitis. Started taking honey 28 years ago, cut out the sugar totally. My drinks all have a spoon of honey-put a spoonful at back of the throat first thing morning last thing night total intake ne and half pound a week takes 3 to 9 month to take effect -subdues the streptocci, no coughs, no colds, no infections.