Potassium Bicarbonate for Strep Throat

| Modified on Aug 05, 2023

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Posted by D. (New York, Ny) on 03/22/2016
5 out of 5 stars

I had a very bad flu that lasted more than a week, with cough and bad sore throat. I was beginning to feel better when I realized I had an infection of strep in my throat (the opportunistic infections that come at the end of a viral disease). I had it before so I know all the signs. I had the classic bumps on the back of my tongue, painful and difficult swallowing, headache, sense of alarm and so on. I felt horrible.

I remembered the remedy that Ted of Bangkok told me to do years ago. I took a little glass for liquor (the very small one for shots) and I filled half with water then I put about a quarter of a teaspoon of POTASSIUM BICARBONATE and I gargled. Some of it I put in my nose so that the water would flow to my throat. I did it repeatedly during the day. At the beginning every 15 minutes, then less. In 12 hours the pain had receded dramatically. The morning after the pain was completely gone. You can feel that it works right away. Just don't swallow it, not because potassium is dangerous per se, it is the quantity, you don't want to exceed in potassium because too much can be dangerous. But you just gargle with it so no problem. You must put enough potassium otherwise it doesn't work and it has to be bicarbonate. You must feel a very strong taste in the water.

As Ted explained to me, it is very basic and the strep bacteria just can't take it. They die right away. I didn't have to go to the doctor (before that remedy I had to take injections of penicillin for my strep throat, because it always got very bad). Not any more, thanks to the benefactor of humanity, Ted. May God protect him always.

Potassium bicarbonate is not easy to find. I found mine abroad. But I am sure that if you look over the internet you can find it somewhere. Just don't confuse it with other substances and when you get it, make sure to label it clearly "for gargles". It is incredibly powerful.

Other remedies like grape fruit seeds oil gargle and so on did not work for me. It was pretty bad already.