Oregano Oil for Strep Throat

| Modified on Dec 24, 2023

Oregano oil is often counted as one of the most powerful anti-bacterial essential oils. Oregano oil can be used as a natural remedy for strep throat.

Oregano oil softgels can be purchased and taken as an anti-biotic.

Oregano essential oil can be added to a glass of orange juice - 1 drop per glass, several times a day. The orange juice helps to disguise the very strong taste of oregano oil.

One drop of oregano essential oil can be added to a tablespoon of coconut oil and gargled (and then spit out!) several times a day. This gets the oil coated onto the throat so it can fight the infection on contact.

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Posted by Gigg (Martinez, CA) on 08/05/2023

I agree with Jason's post below from 2008, Oregano oil (food safe type) is the best and amazing cure for Strep throat and other things. I also used crushed garlic with raw honey added after the freshly crushed garlic sat for 10 minutes or so. I had a third positive test for Strep after 2 rounds of antibiotics failed. I finally cured my strep in two days using oregano oil and garlic.

Replied by Jackie
(North Yorkshire, UK)

Thank you, I shall try this plus the garlic as I suspect I gave strep throat on top of a nasty virus which has floored me. I've been sleeping A LOT, aching, sweating, no energy, feels like I gave custard (sorry! ) in my nose, my temperature is all to pot and no appetite..I really don't want to have to take antibiotics so I'll try oregano oil...Thank you!!

Oregano Oil
Posted by Lisa (Birmingham, Mi) on 03/25/2015

My son had a sore throat for 3 days and was feeling so terrible I thought he might have mono. I brought him to the Dr. who did a throat culture that confirmed strep throat. I accepted the antibiotic prescription she gave us but didn't want to have it filled until I checked Earth Clinic. I have been a loyal reader for years and always recommend it to anyone who is sick. Anyway, since my son balks at taking the apple cider vinegar I decided to give oil of oregano a try before giving in to antibiotics. My kids have never had antibiotics, I have tried to steer clear of them so as to allow them to build a good immune system. I ended up buying oregano spirits, which is a tincture in alcohol, by mistake but it worked just fine. Within hours of his first dose there was a noticeable improvement and by the next day he was back to his old self. I gave him 10 drops in a glass of water every 6 hours for a day (I followed the dosing on the bottle). It worked like a charm.

Also, I read the post about using it on a cold sore and tried it when I felt one coming on my lip. I have tried Acetone, ACV, L- Arganine, and over the counter solutions but never had one stop right in its tracks like it did when I put the tiniest little bit on. Amazing! I will never be without a bottle of this in the house. Just had to share this with others as I was completely impressed!

Replied by Danielle
(Mackay, Qld)

Hi. I've recently gone to the doctor with a sore throat and the end result is strep throat. I was given antibiotics and have been taken them however I am very into essential oils and have read up on oregano oil killing the strep bacteria. I have a bottle of oregano oil and was wondering if I could use it in conjunction with the antibiotics and how can I best use oregano oil eg, internal, topically to get rid of this infection as I am petrified of getting rheumatic fever.


I just did the oregano oil, make sure the one you take is food grade. I know it's been years since your comment, but if you have the situation come up again (heaven forbid), but still... I got an organic oregano oil, food grade, not in essential oil form for making body salves. I can't say to others whether or not to use antibiotics, but I did this and them lemon juice, acv, and honey mix and, though, I had rheumatic fever type symptoms, they were very mild and I'm told this is a strong strain. To note, when typing this, if someone has other symptoms or not, it's good to check for COVID as this is how the current strain is acting. I was negative, thank God, so just strep. I also had to do a lot of resting. I was told the drs said this strain of strep doesn't respond to antibiotics so I hope this helps you and others to feel more confident in the natural approach. I didn't notice any heart valve type symptoms and I react so badly to antibiotics, I prefer this approach. Drinking a lot of water to support my kidneys. Good luck, God bless. :)


I'm curious why you would test for covid. For me, if I have it or not, I'm not doing anything different so why do the test? The test has the hydrogel that can cause problems, apparently it dissolves thru the mucus and allows worse things thru. I'm not willing to chance it, especially since everything about covid has been wrong so far, why would now be different?

(Boston, MA)

It's good to know if you have it because it is contagious…take better precautions so as to not spread it.


Good to know if you have it? You may not know, but the C test is what the lab is instructed to make. Cov-ID has never been isolated, so how can you have a test. Get a strep test, but avoid the Cov-ID test. It is an inoculation in and of itself. Not for the purpose of diagnosis. For other nefarious purposes. I agree with GertJr.

Oregano Oil
Posted by Jason H. (Paradise Valley, AZ) on 03/17/2008

I had strep throat last week and it was getting pretty bad with the pain. I tried gargling with ACV, drinking it with water, honey, cayenne pepper, etc. I even tried Amoxicillin from the doctor. Nothing helped me...until I tried Oil of Oregano. On Wednesday night, I took a couple doses and by Thursday morning, the pain was gone. Now, a week later, the strep is totally cleared. For me, this was the cure for my Strep. Oil of Oregano is great!

Oregano Oil
Posted by Harold (Virginia Beach, VA) on 01/22/2007

I don't know if you consider this a natural remedy or not, but oil of oregano has stopped strep-like sore throats very quickly for me and my wife. If it appears to be full-blown strep, I soak a cotton swab in oil of oregano and dab it directly on the inflamed area. If it's milder I can often place about 6 drops under my tongue and hold them until the mouth fills with saliva. I then gargle a bit to coat the back of the throat and swallow. The oil has a powerful burning taste but it has come through for us many times.