Hydrogen Peroxide for Strep Throat

| Modified on Dec 24, 2023
Hydrogen peroxide can be used as a natural gargle for strep throat. Use only 3% hydrogen peroxide. The brown bottle of hydrogen peroxide from your local pharmacy or grocery store is generally 3%. Hydrogen peroxide fights bacteria on contact. Gargle, but do not swallow, 3% hydrogen peroxide every 2 waking hours.

Do not use food grade hydrogen peroxide as your gargle. If you should get your ratios wrong when diluting it (because food grade hydrogen peroxide must be diluted) you could cause serious injury to your throat.

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Posted by Terri (Cincinnati, Oh/usa) on 11/02/2011

I have used Food grade H2O2 to cure my kids strep throat! It is fantastic! Wish I'd known about its effectiveness on cancer, maybe I could have saved my cousin. Would love to hear from anyone who has had success with it for cancer.

Replied by Cindy
(Bay Area)


Please add that you diluted the Food Grade peroxide. Giving out advice that you and your family use food grade peroxide and not mentioning that you then dilute it can lead others to believe they can use food grade peroxide at full strength. A quick google search shows that Food Grade peroxide should NEVER be used at full strength and can cause serious injury or death. Please update your comment.

Replied by Robert

To make 3% hydrogen peroxide from 35% hydrogen peroxide, the general mixing guideline is: 1 part 35% hydrogen peroxide plus 11 parts water = 3% hydrogen peroxide. You can use this guideline with any quantity you need to mix.

Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by Kay Butler (Philadelphia, PA) on 12/28/2007

Gargling for 30sec to 1 min with 3% hydrogen peroxide twice in 4 hours completely cured my strep throat infection.