Beta Glucan for Strep Throat

| Modified on Dec 24, 2023

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Posted by Rob (Toronto, Canada) on 04/19/2008

I get strep throat literally every 4 months because I never had my tonsils pulled as a kid. I've tried everything to prevent it from coming but nothing has ever worked until it comes down to getting penicillin form the doctor. I herd of Beta Glucan from a lady at a health food store and she told me to take one every morning so it stays in your system. I havent had strep throat in 2 years until I moved to Australia and ran out. I now appreciate how well it really works and I can't wait to get it back in my system.

Replied by Joyce
(Joelton, Tn)
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To Rob from Toronto, Canada (4/l9/08) and anyone else with recurrent strep throat & thinks tonsillectomy is a cure or prevents strep throat forever after - Rob writes that since his tonsils weren't pulled as a child, he kept getting recurrent strep throat infections - Rob, don't let anyone tell you that removing your tonsils will solve the problem. The only thing it does is remove a couple of immune system glands that are doing their job diligently and you don't want to kill off your soldiers working to prevent that infection from getting past them. They "pulled" my tonsils because they were swollen when I was 7 years old. I have had strep throat many times since. Two of my 4 children lost their tonsils in childhood, the other two till have theirs. It made absolutely no difference in the sore throats and ear infections, in the two without tonsils, just as it didn't stop the sore throats and ear infections for me. What did stop the sore throats and ear infections in all 4 of my children was learning to start them on benadryl when the elm trees bloomed in the spring and continue until the trees were all leafed out. The goldenrod blooming in the fall was my cue to restart the benadryl and continue until the first killing frost. This worked on the 2 without tonsils and the 2 with. So when you get a sore throat, just mix up some good old apple cider vinegar about half & half with raw local hooney and rest asured that it will kill the strep organism. Then you will never have to worry about an increased incidence of Hodgkins in the ones who had tonsillectomies, as I did after reading that little blurb in one of the medical journals.