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Sea Salt Cleanse for Constipation

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Posted by Krystal (Memphis, TN) on 01/11/2007

I have been going through a healthy lifestyle change for sometimes now. I've eliminated some things from my diet and added healthier things. While on this transition I decided I wanted an, and tried to find a simpler more cost effective way to do it. I came across a website for a salt water flush. I add 2 teaspoons of un-iodized sea salt to 1 quart of warm water (you can add a little lemon juice to mask the taste) and immediately drank the whole quart. Not to much longer after I finished the quart of water, I was headed to the bathroom. It cleansed me out thoroughly. I don't want to get graphic, but it did the job so good, it was scary. So if you need a good cleanse try it. I would like to advise you that If you have high blood pressure and cannot use salt, talk with your doctor before doing it, but It worked GREAT!

Replied by Roger
(Colorado Springs, Colorado)


It was a definite "yea" for me. However, I didn't start running to the toilet until shortly after 2 hours. Nothing happened from zero hour to 1 hour. From 1 hour to 2 hour I slept. I was awakened by pain at 2 hour. It hurt. Then I was using the toilet quite frequently for more than an hour.

I drank 3 pints (or 6 cups or 1.5 quarts) with 2 tablespoons full of sea salt dissolved it in. I am sort of big (200 lbs), and I tend to be able to handle anything. When other people are peeing purple from drinking beet juice, I get nothing. So I figured that I should take a little more than everyone else.

The idea that the sea salt cleanse kills off all microbes is nonsense. I grow lactobacillium in a salt and veggie solution, so I know that the sea salt cleanse is not going to kill off lactobacillus.

I can't say that I really enjoyed myself. It did hurt.

Replied by Roger
(Colorado Springs, Colorado)

I have had one sleep since the above sea salt cleanse. I have to say that it was pretty bad. Three and one half hours of sleep and then 4 hours of wakefulness, then some more sleep. My shoulders also hurt such that I had to sleep on my back. I don't know if it is just my age (66) or me. But I don't think too much of this healing technique given that there is another one, enemas, which do just about as much, at least as good, without ANY side FXs. And the whole issue of too much salt just won't go away in my mind. Generally I am not a big scaredy cat when it come to salt (or fat or germs), but that was a lot of salt, and it adversely affected me. I hope that the effect has gone away by the time that I go to sleep tonight. Who knows what other problems it may have caused.

Replied by Linda
(New Haven, Ct, United States)

@ Roger I read that you mentioned you were a big guy and so you decided to increase the amount of salt you used for your cleanse. Krystal stated she used 2 teaspoons in her cleanse. You said you used 2 Tablespoons! That is three times what she used. I also read that you weigh 200 pounds. Did you really think Krystal was 1/3 your weight (66 pounds) when you decided to take 2 Tablespoons of salt?

Always start with the dosages stated in the earth clinic posts. Don't assume without first trying the stated dose that you will need more due to your size. If the initial strength doesn't work for you, increase it just a little. Don't ever rack up the dosage on any home remedy by such a great amount.

Home cures are meant to be gentle on the system when taken properly. Anything can be harmful if vastly overdone. Take it slow next time and be careful! Hope your system returns to normal soon. Try eating some bananas or potatoes which contain potassium. The potassium helps to rid your body of excess sodium.

Best of luck to you. Linda

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