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Posted by Saba (Mentor, Oh) on 03/04/2010

Question to EC:
1. What is the benefit of being a registered user?
2. Is there a "log out" button somewhere?

This website in my opinion is a God sent. No one comes to this site by accident, I think it's God's little angels that guides us this way. Thank you EC and God bless you.

EC: Hi Saba,

Thank you for your post! To answer your questions:

1. Registered users are able to submit posts faster (you don't need to fill in all the fields on the submission form). Next, all approved posts are linked to in your account under "My Feedback". Finally, you can also follow posts with the "Watch This Post" feature.

2. Yes, there is a log out button at the top of the screen. Also a secure login button.


Replied by Francisca
(Michelbach-le-bas, France)

Where can I find the "Watch This Post" feature? That is exactly what I have been missing on this site. Thanks.....

EC: Hi Francisca,

Once you log in to your account, click on the EYE icon under any thread and it will go into your Watched Posts!

Website Questions
Posted by Brianna (Dublin, Ireland) on 11/08/2009

hi earth clinic this might sound like a stupid question but here goes - what is bht?

EC: Hi Brianna,

BHT is Butylated hydroxytoluene, an antioxidant food additive. More info here:

Website Questions
Posted by Matt (Woodstock, Vermont) on 08/28/2009

How do you delete a post you wrote if you are not a member of the site? What if you wrote a post about a remedy that helped you and you want to delete it because there are some adverse affects? I never signed in and became a member and I would rather delete it entirely that write another post about the adverse affects.


EC: Hi Matt, please send let us know which post you would like deleted and we will remove it right away. You can use the general feedback form or email [email protected]. Don't worry, we will not post any removal requests on Earth Clinic!

Website Requests

Posted by Wendy (Dublin, OH) on 02/03/2021 16 posts

With the exception of the "Contact Us" page, the font color, when typing in the Search Bar, is very dark and cannot be seen against the black background. Can you please check each search bar on the EC site and change the font color so it's visible against whatever background color the search bar has? Thanks for all you do to keep this wonderful site running!

EC: Thank you for the input, Wendy. Fixed! Now appearing in white font color instead of grey.

Replied by M

I have the same problem for some time.The search bar is black....can't see anything.

EC: Was fixed. Please refresh the site.

Replied by Art
1338 posts


If EC can't find it, I doubt I will be able to find it on EC!

Here is a nattokinase study showing that it is an effective antiatherosclerotic at a doable dose!Notice also the intima media thickness change for the better, very impressive!

Here is another abstract that shows nattokinase can lower blood pressure:

Good luck!


Replied by Baldev
(Mumbai, Maharashtra, India)
191 posts

Hi Art,

Thanks a lot for your prompt reply. I want a favor from you, if you could let me know the dose and when to take, can both be taken together. Serrapeptase, (I have 80,000iu) it's written on the bottle to be taken empty stomach, where as Nattokinase it's 100mg, 2000 FU. It's for an 80 yr old physically fit person but having high systolic about 160 in the morning and feeling of light headedness. On no medication of any sort, but supplements yes.



Replied by Art
1338 posts


If it was me and I was going to try and replicate the studies, the hypertension study used 2,000 FU per day while the study for anti atherosclerotic effect used 6,000 FU per day. I would check with my doctor, show the doctor the studies and see what he/she thinks about me using nattokinase given my current health. If he/she approves it, I would ask if I can start at the lower dose and work my way up to the higher dose. If that is approved then I would ask the doctor to monitor me regularly to see if I can replicate the test results in a similar amount of time! Because of the health risks involved in atherosclerosis and hypertension, regular monitoring and testing by my doctor would have to be mandatory!


Replied by Baldev
(Mumbai Maharashtra India)
191 posts

Hi Art,

I also wanted to know whether Nattokinase is also to be taken empty stomach and if yes can Nattokinase and Serraptase can be taken together or Nattokinase is to be taken with meals, it's not clear in any article.



Website Requests
Posted by Teena (Melbourne, Australia) on 05/13/2018 235 posts

Earth clinic, if you can, please fix this page, it seems there is a lot of

EC: Hi Teena,

So sorry, the end of your message got cut off. Can you please repost the problem page name or url in the comments section of the contact us form instead of in the subject line, which has a character limit, and we'll fix the page asap.

Thank you so very much for all of your helpful and informative posts on Earth Clinic!

Replied by Teena
(Melbourne, Australia)
235 posts

Unfortunately looking for a friend's 10 year old son.

The thanks is to you, Earth Clinic, your site has helped so many, and it is your much loved and most knowledged contributors who have inspired me, and continue to do so.

Best, Teena

EC: Thank you for letting us know the url and for your very kind words of support.

Page is now fixed! It was the first reply in the thread from Dud that caused the issue. Hope the info helps your friend's son.

Website Requests
Posted by Tg (Al) on 04/21/2017

Recently, I have noticed that Mama to Many has posted pictures as well as description/uses of several 'weeds'. Would EC consider posting this info in a separate place? When I see a plant, I don't remember if that's what the picture showed and I would sure like to pull it up on my phone to compare. I haven't found a book that has pictures as good as what she posts.

EC: Hi TG, thanks for the request. A new page has just been created in our remedies section and Mama's 3 recent photos have been moved over.

Replied by Robert Henry
(Ten Mile, Tn.)

MAMA, I too admire the photos of these wild plants. So what does this do for those who don't live in the sticks. For me, Mama is sending me to school because I see these plants every day and have no clue as to their benefits. Now I know. For a few, this can be used . For city slickers, it is just something to read. I recall the first discussions we had about the Poke berries. Does Mama remember this conversation? I too have been half way around the watermelon.


Replied by Mama To Many

Dear Robert Henry,

You ask a valid question – what value is learning to identify herbs to city folk? I have asked that to myself.

We have farmer friends who once had someone visit their farm. Our friends offered this young woman some farm fresh eggs. She was rather shocked, ‘Oh…no! I don't eat my eggs right from the chicken. I get them from the store.” I have heard of children raised on fast food chicken nuggets having no clue that chicken meat comes from a walking animal with bones in it!

I think there is value in knowing where things come from, even if you get things from the store. Seeing a picture of a plant or even recognizing it on a roadside and connecting it to health just brings a greater appreciation to life and healing. It puts a face to a name.

Sure most won't be able to forage the plants they see. But maybe they will see it at a grandparent's house or on a hiking trip. And a few just may learn to recognize the herbs and try them out. And then pass along knowledge. So much herbal understanding has been completely lost. Maybe by one person at a time it will be restored.

I remember when I bought my first bags of dried herbs. I labeled each one with what it might be used for. It was a complete mystery and not a little overwhelming. I lived in a townhouse. I never imagined living in the sticks as I do now. Over the decades I have tried so many things and learn just a little more each time. I love to read about herbs and experiment with them.

I just recently reorganized my herb cabinet. I got rid of some old herbs that have been around too long. I gave some to the chickens. My son is giving some old red raspberry leaf to his goat who just had triplets. She has so much milk that he has to milk her out a bit even with her feeding 3 babies. He thinks it is the red raspberry leaf. It is good for milk supply among many other things.

Yes, I recall our discussion about poke. The poke is coming up around my place. I think of it as a friend when I see the little plants. It is like they have a secret – so much healing if we would take the time to learn.

~Mama to Many~

Replied by Iowama

Dear Mama and ORH,

Of all the Earth Clinic posters, yours' bring me the most food for thought. The reason is that I often join in on my husband's business trips and enjoy taking walks through unfamiliar cities. You both challenge me to look for plants that can be used as food or medicine. This morning's walk on the Las Vegas Strip did not yield any Mullein or Plantain, but I did find enough Purslane and Dandelion for a salad.

Replied by Robert Henry
(Ten Mile, Tn.)

HI U IOWAMA,,,,,,,, don't put me in the league with Mama as far as wild plants are concerned. I just try to write an interesting story as things unfold in my life. If your life is stagnant then you have few stories to tell. My life has been long and varied, thus, I can tell a yarn or two.

I think Mama is right, even city slickers can get something from EC. I guess all know that the EC folks edits my posts. I speak plain and that does not work in this PC world we now live . They are usually right and I should have counted to 10 before writing. You will notice that my posts have lots of errors because I write so fast as ideas come to mind.

ATS =======ORH=======

Website Requests
Posted by Marilyn (Concord, Ca ) on 09/18/2016

I read your site all the time, I am a senior and I have friends who suffer with different illnesses and I try and help them .But know I can't print from your site, I'm not sure what to do..

EC: Hi Marilyn,

Thank you for your feedback. We have added Print Post (and Print Article) links back to the site. Please click the SHARE icon (Next to Reply and Amazon at the bottom of each post) to pop up a box that has a print icon. You can now print, social share, or email each post.

Website Requests
Posted by Earth Clinic (Atlanta) on 09/10/2015

We have just added a cool new feature so that you can add images to your posts now (one image per post).

ORH, all set for your garden pics!

Website Requests
Posted by Nat (Geneva, Switzerland) on 11/21/2013

Sorry, I've been following earth clinic for a while now and thought the voting system would be more simple. I've tried a lot of the suggested remedies with success and would like to YEA them more simply. Maybe that would help make the site more user-friendly? There don't seem to be too many votes per remedy and it if there were a more simple method to just say YEA then maybe you'd have a lot more. Thanks

EC: Hi Nat,

Thank you for the great suggestion! We've considered doing this in the past, but thought it would be better if EC staff assigned a rating after reviewing the post. However, we will give it a try and see how it goes. Soon we'll update the site with a ratings drop-down box on our feedback form!

Website Requests
Posted by Liz (Boston, Massachusetts) on 07/01/2013

Have any of you heard from Francisca who used to post from France, then Switzerland?

I haven't seen her post here for the longest time and I wondered if anyone has heard from her - perhaps via email?

I remember her posting that she was having surgery on her arm, so when she didn't post for months, I figured that she was avoiding typing as she recuperated. But it's been a long time since I've seen her name here.

I hope she is well. I miss her spirited contributions.

Replied by Mmsg
(Somewhere, Europe)

Ditto for Lisa from Thousand Oaks, California.

Replied by Tamara
(Fort Collins, Colorado, Usa)

I wondered as well! She used to post nearly everyday. I wondered if it had to do with her surgery or if it was unrelated. I know that some people drop off and some just dont comment anymore, but are still around ( Joyce? Lisa?). A few years ago a dude named The Phoenix used to write everyday but then his posts disappeared completely (I've tried searching and nothing comes up). I never knew why. I know that I've been reading the latest posts nearly every day for 8 years now and recognize a lot of regulars even if I don't comment a lot myself. Anyone know (EC)?

Website Requests
Posted by Bev (Long Beach, Ca) on 04/10/2013

Hi earth clinic, I am a huge fan of this site. It is my Go To place for any kind of info I might need. I have one request. I would like to see a favorites section for just the individual that wishes to save certain information. Several times I have wanted to save something to refer back later but can't locate where I was at the time. It can take quite a while to go through different categories. Thank you.

EC: Hi Bev, Thanks so much for your message! Happily, I think we have the solution you need.

I take it you aren't a registered member of the website? Most people aren't, but there are some real benefits. The best one is the ability to "Watch Posts". If you become a registered member of Earth Clinic, you will see a little eyeball below all of our threaded conversations on the site. Anything you would like to keep track of, you can simply click that eye and it will be recorded in your account. You can also receive email notification anytime someone sends a new response to that post, if you like.

It sounds like that's what you were looking, for, no? I hope so!

Replied by Bev
(Long Beach, Ca, USA)

Thank you so much. Been on this site since 2008 and thought I was registered but I wasn't. Followed your perfect instructions and now I see the eyeball. Thanks again. Bev

Website Requests
Posted by Julia (Minneapolis, Minnesota, Us) on 01/25/2013

I do not see the recipe for cayenne pepper for sore throats. When I click on any cayenne remedy/recipe link, it takes me to the testimonials/reviews. So, how to I get to the recipe? Frustrating.

EC: Hi, Julia. Please click on the treatment tab at the top of cayenne section below. The recipe was located on page 1, but we just moved it.

Website Requests
Posted by Traci (Mesa, Az) on 01/12/2013

Hi! Boy do I love your site! Bless you!

I would love to see a tab for babies/children, just as you have a tab for pets.

Thank you, Traci

EC: Thank you for your request, Traci. We will definitely consider it!

Website Requests
Posted by Susan (New York) on 01/23/2012

Can someone translate what is 10 % means ? I have seen on Ted posting alot.

Bromelain 10%

Website Requests
Posted by Aasif (Mumbai, In) on 10/21/2011

Please, please all you good people your contributions have helped millions of readers like myself, but please use the modern metric system of weights and measures I. E. Kilograms/ grams/micrograms, litres/microlitres and tbsp/tsp etc. As ounces and pounds etc. sometimes can create huge problems especially with semi-literate old men like me. PS:Ted please help us Asians out. Thanks! All you very special folks!!