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Posted by Linda (York County, Maine) on 05/01/2009

Hello Earth Clinic! I'm curious about how responses are posted...each response is posted as a separate entry along with the original comment; I wonder if you think it would make sense to have all responses appear continuously and subsequently with the original comment? You're probably way ahead of me and have asked your programmer about this already. I apologize if this is repeats of a question already asked and hope what I've said makes sense to you all! I absolutely don't skip more than one day logging on to!

EC: Thanks so much for the feedback. Are you referring to posts that appear on the Latest Posts page? If so, we have tried posting everything that falls underneath an original post, but it turned the Latest Posts page into a total mess with far too many posts. I realize this is an issue and will have the programmer work on it some more!


Replied by S.
(Nicosia, Cyprus)

Hi Earth Clinic - totally agree with Linda's politely and sensitively worded 'website comment' where Linda says ''I wonder if you think it would make sense to have all responses appear continuously and subsequently with the original comment?'' I have myself have asked Earth Clinic this and as I am so happy to have found this brilliant Earth Clinic site, please anyone let me know if our approach is not so logical or possible after all :-) .

EC: If someone can find us a good example of this kind of layout on another website with a "Latest Posts" section, we will see if the programmer can do it.


Replied by T
(Maryland, USA)

Well, this is the Latest Posts page, so that's what we get here :) I think it's fine as it is. Posting the entire thread on this page every time a post gets a response will take up a LOT of space, and I personally don't want to wade through the same posts over and over again to try to find the newest ones. What I believe you're looking for already exists here, just a click away - if you're wanting to see earlier responses/all responses to a particular post, all you have to do is click the post title (click the Acai berry scam title lower down on this page for an example).

EC: Thanks, T! This is exactly what our programmer has told us when we've brought up the issue before!

Replied by Linda
(York County, Maine)

Thanks for your point of view, T, makes perfect sense!

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Posted by Imran (Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan) on 04/28/2009

I like to request all the members and visitors who post remedies at this website or any other such website. Please do mention the dose you have used of that remedy. and if possible please also post the image of that remedy/herb, so that the other could easily recognize and understand the remedy/herb.

Imran Shaikh

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Posted by Gene DePoris (Sarasota, FL USA) on 04/21/2009

I have shingles and I entered a response, having taken Apple Cider & Vinegar. I would like to update my response but frankly don't remember my password. Be that as it may, here are 3 quick suggestions:

1.The responses for Apple Cider Vinegar are not sequential by date. You have, for example, a 2007 than 2006 than later. It makes the site seem far less used and posted on than it actually is.If I saw something saying 2006 as entree #2, I'd go looking for a newer site.

2. My entry was in great depth. However, if someone looked up just Apple Cider Vinegar, it would not show up on their search. Even though many under the 'ACV' catagory deal with ACV plus other ingredients, mine is in 'ACV+Cayenne'. If someone doesn't put that in, they won't see it.

3. Last suggestion: Why not allow searches by either/both ingredient & disease. Not MIX of ingredients. If I want to learn about ACV, let me know all the other things people are tinkering with along with ACV?


EC: Gene, thank you for your feedback. Your original feedback was posted to the Shingles page, not to the Apple Cider Vinegar page.

You do not need a password to update your post, simply click the icon below it and enter your text (plus spam code).

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Posted by Theo (Ottawa, ON) on 04/21/2009

Hi Deidre,

Would it be possible to add anchor links for each posting? For example, a lot of times I would like to save the link to a particular posting on my computer. I know if I go into the HTML I can get the anchor id for a particular article. For example:

But I could like to just click on the YEA or perhaps have another icon beside the mail icon which is the link to the posting. That way I could easily copy and paste it.



EC: Thanks for the idea. I will send you feedback to our programmer and see what he thinks!

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Posted by Rena (UK) on 04/18/2009

Hi, I've been looking in your website where can I post a question and couldn't find it. How people posts them???? If it exist this option where can I find it?? it should be more clear for your readers.


EC: Thanks for the feedback. We have made changes to the top of the contact us page to indicate that you can use this page for questions as well. For more information, please read the instructions here.

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Posted by Tee (Chicago, Il) on 04/10/2009

I love the site but I have a suggestion. I dont know if it's possible but I think the lastest post should just run continously.Sometimes I run across a really interesting post but when it's moved sometimes I dont know exactly where to look for it.

EC: Thanks for the feedback. Unfortunately, the Latest Posts page would take forever to load if we increased the # of posts on this page (especially for those on dial-up), so we have it set to 100 parent posts maximum before they drop off the page. If you ever can't find a post, just email us and we'll find it for you! New posts take a few days to register on Google's search results.

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Posted by Shel (Eugene, OR) on 03/30/2009

I have gone through the website and made notes on all the "conditions" that apply to me. What I'm wondering, now, is how to know which remedies can be taken simultaneously or even combined. I've had this problem before when trying to deal with more than one issue at the same time. Perhaps an interaction database for all the recommended remedies could be compiled? A lot of work, I suppose, but I have long wished that such a thing existed or maybe it does and someone can put me on to it. Thanks

EC: Thanks for your great comments, Shel. My initial thought is that it would be unwise for us to recommend combination of any remedies because of potential side effects and the fact that each person has different issues, pH levels, sensitivities, etc. Too many varying factors involved. That said, there are quite a good number of posts where readers have combined remedies, like apple cider vinegar with blackstrap molasses or turmeric.

Anyone else have comments about this?


Replied by PR
(Houston, TX)

Since providing information on what items could be combine would be difficult, could making a list of items of that should never be combined together be done?

EC: Great idea, thanks. Will ask Ted about it...

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Posted by Nancy (Simpsonville, SC, United States) on 03/19/2009

So glad that I came across your website!!!Have been battling with a sore tooth and I am looking forward to using some of the methods I found.Wish I would have found this alot sooner!!SO happy for this info and your concern to share this with others.Sincerley, Nancy

EC: Thanks, Nancy. Welcome!

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Posted by Glider (Los Angeles, CA) on 03/16/2009



PROBLEM: Several people inquired as to the amount or dosage of boron/borax and you or anyone has NOT responded.

Ted, why publish anecdotal info unless we can duplicate it at home? This is really frustrating! Still love your site. :)


EC: Glider, Ted is an independent contributor, not the owner of the site. Please let us know what ailment(s) you are interested in using boron/borax for. Ted gives exact borax dosages on many pages.

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Posted by Suzi (Missoula, MT) on 03/12/2009

Hello again Earth Clinic

Wow, you actually took my suggestion for separating the "latest posts" into Pets and People!!! I feel so special that little old me made a difference...thank you for your time and attention, I love the cute graphic too. I think this a positive change for most of the users of this site, your programmers deserve KUDOS!!

EC is an integral part of my life and I've turned many friends, family and even some strangers on to it.


EC: Thank you for your support, Suzi. I do try to make requested changes as much as possible, especially when I know they will improve navigation on the site!

After spending a few hours putting them together, I proudly sent EC's web designer Robert the new little icons on the Real-Time Posts, Latest Pets and Latest Questions pages to see what he thought. He responded that they were "okay" but "very mysterious!!" I wrote back that while he might find them mysterious, they would make perfect sense to EC's regulars! I hope so...


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Posted by Howard (Sydney, Australia) on 03/04/2009

I wrote to Ted last year re the correct dosage and use of SodiumPerborate but fear that my message may have ended up in the bin with the unwanted.What is the best way to contact him? Also, on those pages that are dedicated to queries for Ted, how come only some of those questions get a reply or is he sending a reply to them directly..

You guys put a lady from Texas in touch with me and it turned out to be helpful outcome.S o I`m hoping you can help me make this connection to

Best regards

Howard Thompson

EC: Hi, Howard.

The best way to reach Ted is to email him. If he doesn't respond, you can also send us your question and ask that we forward it to Ted for response.

The unanswered questions on Latest Q&A are awaiting Ted's responses.. unfortunately he only has time as of late to answer a handful of them. We'll forward him your message.

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Posted by Jamie (Central Coast, CA) on 02/28/2009


It would be great if you had a presence on facebook. I just found you tonight and want to tell the world!! I oil pulled for the first time tonight. I've learned a ton about ACV and H2O2. All great stuff. I would love to show you off to my friends!

Thank you in advance!

EC: Thank you for the request! Since you were the 3rd request for a Facebook presence, we went ahead and created a (very simple) page today: Here it is if you'd like to become a fan!

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Posted by Sonsa (Phoenix, Arizona) on 02/18/2009

This site is full of valuable information! Thank you so much, everyone, for sharing!

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Posted by Andrea (Ontario, Canada) on 02/16/2009

Earth Clinic Setup: Please do not change into a forum! I love how you have this site set up. I tell everyone how easy it is to just be able to go to the "Real-Time Posts" page and browse through for new info each day. You have everything in Alphabetical Order for selecting specific areas of interest on the Ailments page and I love that too! Your site is simple, bright, and easy on the eyes, no fluff and no threads to navigate through to find something.

I have seen many forums turn into arguments and nastiness and what I love about your site is that it just is, what it is, information. It's easy to navigate and so nice to see just emails being posted daily! There are times I may have had a question about something, and when the time is right, the answer just appears on your site or I research it on the internet.

I love this site because it is soooo unique and such a quiet pleasurable place to come each day. Kind people have also responded on here to questions as well. It's a peaceful place to be which I look forward to coming to each day!

Thank you for this, for being different, for helping so many and to all the wonderful people who post.

EC: Thank you for your support, Andrea! No worries, we plan to keep EC the way it is. For the most part we screen out the nasty emails -- luckily they are few and far between.

The only change you will see on the site in the next week or so is the medical disclaimer that's currently at the bottom of each page must, at the advice of our lawyer, be moved to the top of each page!

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Posted by Rich (Boca Raton, FL) on 02/15/2009

Since we have a digestion topic, perhaps a vitamins topic would be nice. To discuss which vitamins people take and why. To discuss common vitamin deficiencies. Maybe to discuss what a good multi-vitamin is and what would be more beneficial for a vegan to a skinny person to a young vs. old vs. healthy vs. sick. What are common deficiencies in different countries. Vitamin science is very inexact, and a controversial topic, but perhaps the members here, along with Ted can flesh this out a bit, or at least have an interesting discussion to advance the cause.

EC: Hi, Rich. EC does have a supplements section with quite a bit of feedback. Scroll down the page here and you will see it. We also have a supplements Q&A:

We also started another page which you can also check out. We need to combine the information from these 2 pages into 1.