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Copyright Infringement

Posted by Earth Clinic (USA) on 01/27/2017

It has come to our attention from two of our readers in the past 24 hours that some of your posts, including a large number of Ted's posts, have been plagiarized and posted on other sites. Thank you very much for letting us know. Our legal team is issuing DMCA takedown and copyright infringement notices and these sites will be banned on Google, Bing and other search engines.

We would appreciate it if you would please continue to send us the urls from sites that are plagiarizing EC's copyright protected content. Thank you!


Posted by Cindy (Charlotte, NC) on 02/22/2009

A friend has raved over your web site, but I find it very questionable. For example, I run a search on an ailment and find 10 different cures for the same thing! It appears that you post any person's random comment without any validation or follow through. How can I know which is truly most effective? Others say they are going to have levels tested with bloodwork but fail to report the factual results, making their self-diagnosis appear unfounded. DO YOU HAVE ANY CRITERIA OR INSIGHT OVER WHAT INDIVIDUALS POST?

EC: We offer general, educational information on Earth Clinic as a forum, not as a substitute for professional medical prevention, diagnosis, or treatment. Please consult with your physician or pharmacist before taking any home remedies or supplements or following any treatment suggested by anyone on this site. Only your personal physician or pharmacist can provide you with advice on what is safe and effective for your unique needs or diagnose your particular medical history.

Replied by Antares
(Tamuning, GU)

Cindy, That is the beauty of Earth Clinic. I hope one day you'll understand why.

Replied by Joyce
(Joelton, Tn)
510 posts

Hello Cindy from Charlotte, N.C.,

I have been reading EC for a few years now and am still enjoying it. As a few other readers said, it is a rarity these days. It is a forum of people helping other people and not trying to sell them their ideas or charge them for sharing information on what they found to be helpful, or if you prefer a $10 word, efficacious.

I have personally tried several things I read in EC and found they are as harmless as I thought they would be and pleasantly surprised to find they really did something helpful, like the forum said it would.

I, like you, are a doubting Thomas but I learned a long time ago to listen to my patients and I have learned quite a bit from them over the years. The first patient I learned something from did not use deoderant, that was why I couldn't find it while getting set up to do her a.m. care. When I asked her how it was she didn't stink because most people I knew who didn't use deoderant, you could smell a block away when they lifted their arms. She then told me that "My daddy was a chemist and he always told us that if you don't use soap you won't stink, so I have never used soap". It was 6 or 7 years later that I lived close enough to the clinic to run home and bathe real fast like and use deoderant if I started stinking, so I dared to try it out. Guess what, I have never used soap in bathing since that day, because she was right. Of course I continued to use soap in washing my hands when working. You can also believe that I was continually raising my arms and smelling both armpits for the first few days of giving up soap.

I have also learned a lot from friends and relatives. A big kerion was healed by the green hull of a black walnut. This was after using OTC ointment that should have killed a ringworm myself to find it just kept getting worse, so my young son and I visited our family GP, who prescribed other ointments I hadn't tried, but after a couple of weeks & several different ointments, it was developing into a kerion. He referred us onto a couple of well known dermatologists, who plucked a hair from the kerion, looked at it under the microscope and declared: "Cat ringworm or I'll take down my shingle" and then prescribed another different ointment from that used by myself or the GP. A couple of weeks later I received a postcard in the mail from the Tennessee Health Department stating: "No pathogenic fungi present". Thanks to a neighbor who I considered my second mother, with wisdom far beyond her formal education, said "Why don't you rub it with a green walnut, that's all the old folks used to do for ringworms". After making sure she meant the green walnut hull covering the black walnuts, we managed to find 4 walnuts (fall of the year) that still had green hulls on them. I sliced a little bit off one of them and rubbed it on his kerion a couple of times before putting him to bed that night. I have been singing black walnut hull praises ever since because it was already showing signs of drying up the next morning and was totally healed in 2 or 3 more days of the green walnut hull. I know that black walnuts grow there also but I don't know how much you know about them. The green walnut hulls exude a liquid that stains brown and smells akin to iodine, and looks a lot like betadine which is used to disinfect throughout the medical field.

This same neighbor told me to take poke berries for total all over joint pain, even my ribs hurt with movement when I breathed. This started while I was recovering from pylonephritis (not self diagnosed) so I self diagnosed it as a gouty arthritis. Since I had always been told they were poison, I asked her if she was trying to kill me. Her reply was that they never hurt Aunt Nemmy. After I inquired who this was taking them and she had explained that it was her aunt (then past her mid 80's) and had been taking them for years, I threatened her with having to raise my 4 children if they killed me, I started taking them as soon as they turned purple that fall. I have now been taking them 30+ years with no unwanted side effects. Yes, I am talking about the berries from the older poke sallet plant which I am sure you will find growing there in Charlotte. One of the best arthritis medicines I have ever seen. Not only worked well for me but for several other people I got started on them. The worst part of them (for me) is the taste. After popping the first one in my mouth, I learned to put the berries in my mouth and wash them down with water. I have shared her wisdom with many others who are still taking them without adverse effects. Another thing I learned from the mother of l0 a year old girl who brought her to our clinic for twisting her ankle the night before. After thoroughly examining the child's ankle and foot, and finding no swelling, bruising and no wincing with pain no matter which way I moved her foot, I asked her if she was sure she injured her ankle the night before. When she assured me she was, I then asked her what she had done for it (by this time I had learned how to learn by inquiring and listening to the answer instead of trying to dazzle them with my brilliance). Her reply was "I took a piece of brown poke, scruffed it between my hands to get the stiff out. Soaked it in vinegar and then wropped it around it (this was in the East Tn. mountains and I am spelling her reply phonetically as best I can) and left it on until this morning. East Tennessee language varies a little from what I was used to in middle Tennessee, so I asked her what was this brown poke she put on it, thinking maybe she was talking about dehydrated poke sallet leaves. She then explained that it was a brown poke like you bring your groceries home in. Aha, brown poke = brown paper grocery sack. Well I didn't have long to wait to try this one out. When I got home from the clinic that night I found my 14 year old daughter sitting on the couch with her foot on a pillow in a chair in front of her. Looking at the situation I asked her what she did to her foot. Her reply was that she had twisted her ankle at school that day. Smiling because I wasn't going to have to make an emergency room trip to Knoxville that evening, I said "Ok, I'll tell you what we can do about it" and in reply to her "What", I added "Well, we take a piece of brown poke, scruff it between our hands,(while making the motions) soak it in vinegar and wrop it around you ankle". After giving me her most incredulous look, she asked "Woman, are you losing your rabbit-...ed mind? After I stopped laughing I told her about the patient and that was what the mother said she did for it and that it must be pretty effective because I could find nothing wrong with the child's ankle or foot. After she gave her vebal consent for this unorthodox treatment, I scissored my brown poke into about 3" strip, rolled it up and put it down in a empty pickle jar with vinegar to cover, let it soak until thoroughly soaked with vinegar. I then wrapped from the arch of her foot to above her ankle with vinegar-dripping brown poke as if it was an elastic Ace bandage, covered this with clear plastic Saran wrap to keep her bed from getting wet with vinegar, and loosely wrapped an Ace bandage over it to keep it in place. She was amazed that she could walk on it without pain the next morning, since she was used to it being painful for a few weeks after twisting her ankle. One of my co-workers came to me one night and said she had injured her foot (slid on steps) about 4 months or so ago and it was still painful to bear weight on it despite several visits to an orthopod and long term taking NSAIDS prescribed by him. She said she was ready to try my poke and vinegar and asked me to explain exactly what she was to do. She worked evenings and I worked nights. She said she would get some vinegar the next day and do it. When I pointed out that she probably passed a quick stop or two on the way home and could probably get a quart of apple cider vinegar on the way home and put it on her foot before going to sleep. The next night she was waiting for me when I came in and said "Come here, I still ain't believing this, but look here" and started gingerly stomping her foot on the floor. She admitted to still having very slight pain but greatly reduced from what she had been enduring since the injury. I suggested that she continue it for a few more nights and see if it would get rid of the slight pain she had left. She did and it did!

I have learned to appreciate wisdom, no matter from whence it comes. There is a lot of difference between "Street Smarts" and "Book Smarts" but the really smart people learn to value and appreciate both kinds of smarts (in Appalachia I called it country, woods or mountain smarts).

One of the book smarts that I recommend to others came from a book written by a country doctor (Dr. Jarvis) practicing in Maine who realized that if he was smart he was going to have to learn which of their home remedies he could value and respect or else pack up and leave the area. He said after learning that they used apple cider vinegar for their sore throats, he tested it out and found that it cured strep throat before he could get the throat culture report back. Of course that was written long before the 30 minute strep test came along and you had to wait 48 hours before reading the culture results. He also said it worked well for arthritis pain. I picked up the information that it would kill pseudomonas A. on a new employee tour and listening to the gentlemen hosting our tour as he explained that after learning how pseudomonas A. was spread through the oxygen equipment from patient to patient, they had pretty much wiped it out by soaking the equipment in l part vinegar to 7 parts water solution to kill the pathogenic organism before using it on the next patient. Now on this self diagnosis part, I have talked with some patients who misdiagnosed their condition, i.e. the young may who informed me his gallbladder was stopped up and I inquired what symptoms he was having that made him so sure his gallbladder was stopped up. His reply was I can't pass my water. I managed to keep a straight face as I explained that his problem was with his urinary bladder, not his gallbladder. A coworker told me about a patient telling her he had a tombstone removed from his left kidney.

I also remember many misdiagnoses by doctors. One personal one was when I went to employee health where I was attending nursing school and after explaining I was there because of a problem that started with a scratchy throat, now felt like a cockle burr stuck in the left side of my throat and accompanied by a cough and wanted to be sure I didn't have strep because I was working with patients. After looking at my throat, feeling my gland, stated that he didn't think it was strep but he would do a culture. About that time I got another spasm of my nasty coughing, whereupon he remarked "That's a pretty mean cough" to which I replied, "Yeah, that is why I came". Twentyfour hours later they called me to come pick up some penicillin because the strep test was positive. One of my relatives had an ectopic pregnancy (conception begins in tube and ruptures) which she carried to near full term before Ceserean delivery. The little girl only lived 45 minutes. The OB/GYN doctor had diagnosed her as having a growth that was growing faster than the baby. The truth of the matter was it was the baby developing extrauterine. I also know of at least one doctor who misdiagnosed several pregnancies as tumors and referred them to surgeons for removal. One of these women I personally talked to said she was about 7 months at the time of the misdiagnosis. On the other side of it, I remember the young girl from east Tennessee whose mother brought her to Nashville where I took care of her. By this time it had already been diagnosed as a tumor and they were doing studies in preparation for surgery. While caring for this child, I asked the mother if she didn't notice that her daughter's abdomen was getting bigger. By the time she got to Nashville she looked like she was l0 months pregnant. The mother told me that she had noticed it and had taken her daughter to the doctor. After examining her, he told her that there was nothing wrong except that she was 4 to 5 months pregnant and he wouldn't touch her with a l0 foot pole, and since she thought he knew what he was talking about she didn't realize he was wrong until after she should have had the baby and carried her to different doctor who referred her to Nashville. They removed a l5 pound tumor, but at least the child survived the ordeal.

I have enjoyed reading a lot about chemicals in our plants (many of which we call weeds) and what actions those chemicals have in the last l0 or l5 years. It is fascinating reading and since a lot of it is contained in the scientific data base on plants, I trust it to be mostly true. A lot of it is in herbalist literature or naturopathic literature. If you want to find out whether what I am going to tell you next is true or not have fun on line checking a few of them out. Most of the expensive medicines marketed by the pharmaceutical companies in the last 20 to 40 years came about by scientific study of plants used in home remedies. Since you can't patent the plant and make a few billion bucks off them, the pharmaceutical companies isolated the chemical with with the action they wanted, made a synthetic version of it so they could patent and monopolize it. I suspect Vioxx was the chemical found in pokeweed to fight arthritis. Look what drastic side effects Vioxx had while fighting arthritis. I believe my decision to stick with God's poke berries and its failsafes that protects me from unwanted side effects is still the wisest route.

Now if you care to have fun and learn some "scientific smarts" google "research studies on pokeweed" or castor oil plant, or just about any fruit or vegetable you want to check on personally. Among other things you will learn is that those eating 4 stems (or whatever you are used to calling those things you pull off the celery stalks one by one) a day to lower their blood pressure can find some scientific knowledge to back up its use, whether they are aware of it, even if they learned it by reading Earth Clinic.

I think you will also learn that if we were "nutrition smart" enough to eat nutritiously, instead of gorging on processed junk food, we would need very little medicines because we would keep our immune systems in tip-top shape.

In the final analysis, Cindy, we each have to look for the answers, evaluate the information we find, no matter whether we find it in medical school, a doctor's office, or on and make our own decisions as to what we can believe. If you want to learn what some doctors think of the slash, burn and poison orthodox method of treating cancer, to Dr. Lorraine Day's site where she will tell you about her own battle with breast cancer and how she refused to go the orthodox treatment and won her battle with cancer. You might even want to order her video on "Diseases Don't Just Happen". You will find that she did a lot of research on fresh air, pure water, and nutrition and is sharing her information. Yes, she does charge for her videos, but the ones I have seen are cheap compared to what you can learn from them.

The biggest risk you will run from all this on-line searching is developing corns or maybe pressure sores on your buttocks from sitting so long. Enjoy!

Replied by Gigi
(Palm Coast, Florida USA)

Joyce - Thanks for all the info. If you don't use soap, what do you use?

Replied by Joyce
(Joelton, Tn)
510 posts

Water and a terry wash cloth - that is all that is needed. Not only do you not stink, your sweat doesn't either. I told a doctor about this one night and replied, "You aren't the only one who ever told me that". When I asked him who else told him, the told me about his jogging partner, who told him this while they were jogging. He said he questioned it and his jogging partner pulled his headband off and pitched it to him and said smell this, and proceeded to tell him that he had been wearing the same headband (which was now soaking wet with sweat from this jogging jaunt) for one week without washing it between jogs. I asked did he smell any sweat and his reply was no, even though it was soppy with sweat. When I tried to figure out why soap would make you stink, the only thing I could come up with was that our skin is supposed to have a slightly acid mantle for protection from bacteria. All soap (even though some advertise pH balanced) that I have used is alkaline, so I guess it destroys that slightly acid mantle and lets stinky organisms take over. Does anyone have any different ideas? I'd like to hear them.

Replied by Gigi
(Palm Coast, Florida)

Hi Joyce Thanks for your reply. I intend to try it. Do you use only water and cloth for, ahem, your bottom area also? Gigi

Replied by Joe
(Cleveland, OH)

To Cindy from Charlotte: You say that you find this website objectionable and want more oversight. This is user feedback and freedom of speech. Of course there are lots of remedies for ailments. You need to be able to sort the different options. Please go to the AMA's website for traditional medicine with lots of oversight.


Many years ago Sports Illustrated had a long scientific article on sweat. According to their study, you have two types of sweat. One is to cool you when you get hot. The other type is from glands located only under your arms, the bottom of your feet and trhe palm of your hands. This sweat is due to emotion and stinks to high heaven regardless. All animals have these glands which give them their distinct odor. If you are afraid of dogs, they detect this odor of fright and some will bite you because this upsets them. All have been in heated corporate meeting which some come out dripping wet under their arms. The room was cool. That is emotional sweat. Everyone has known people whose feet stink no matter how many times they bath. I was on a flight once where a fellow consantly had to wipe is wet hands. He was terrified, but his business required him to fly. You could see the sweat oozing from his hands. Joyce maybe right on normal sweat, but not emotional sweat.

Replied by AC
(West Midlands, England)

Dear Cindy:

If you have health problem, such as acid reflux and go to the doctor, the doctor can prescribe any number of medications for you: proton inhibitors, blockers, antacids, gaviscon, sulfates, etc. Most problems can be treated with a variety of western medications which some people find to work and others don't and simply return back to the doctor.

This is the same with earth clinic. Problems such as fungus can be treated with any number of anti-fungals externally: oil of oregano, rubbing alcohol/surgical sprits, coconut oil or internally: manuka honey, probiotics, and caprylic acid capsules. This is the same with EC. We sometimes find things that don't work and things that do work. EC isn't biased and will post the YAYs as well as the NAYs.

The key is finding the balance between things and what works best for you! Many of the tried and tested things have lots of yays (Apple Cider Vinegar, Coconut Oil, Manuka honey) so these are the things that people have the best results with. Likewise, if you are taking a prescription medication it would be wise to read what people have said about that medication and the side effects.

As to whether people post results or not, some people do after a few days or a few weeks (this very often happens with the Bacterial V threads) -- others simply forget about it.

Blessings and best of luck to whatever you have decided.

Replied by Karen
(New York, New York)

Hi Cindy,

Earth Clinic's (EC) response is what you requested and received but since this a forum for all users to share - I will add my opinion. Your critique of the site is exactly why I think this site is great. EC is a place where readers post remedies that they have used which works for them. If EC were to edit post or have conditions regarding what works or not - then they would be taking on a lot of responsibility. Additionally, it would annoy users if what appears on the site is not what they posted or if it did not appear at all because EC thought the remedy could not possibly be plausible. Then the authenticity of the site would be the question.

As anyone can post a remedy, it is the user's responsibility and judgement regarding what they want to try and what works for them. Although it would be helpful, I think it's great that no-one is obliged to return to give factual results. The postings were shared voluntarily and users should feel free to return or not.

Since visiting this site, I have had the good fortune to find remedies that worked for me and when I feel inclined - I have shared my results. I am sure this means of sharing and obtaining information does not work for everyone - but it is great that it works for some.


Replied by Joyce
(Joelton, TN)
510 posts

To Gigi: Definitely, yes! Total Body. However I haven't stopped using shampoo weekly on my hair. I do use 50/50 ACV/warm water rinse to cut the shampoo from my head and scalp (which probably brings the comments about how clean & shiny my hair is).

Before you inquire what I use instead, let me tell you about my conversation with a psychiatrist a few years ago. His face was all scaly with eczema the first night I met him and I remarked, "That looks itchy, is it?" To which he replied, "Yes, I have eczema".

My reply was "Have you ever tried omitting soap to see if it would get better?" His answer was that he had and it had gotten better at first and then got worse. This answer almost threw me off track, until I inquired, "What did you use instead of soap?" His answer was he didn't remember the name of it but it was some sort of medicated cream. AHA! Next response from me: "Try leaving off soap and using nothing but plain water and a wash cloth in place of it this time." I was off the next night he was called in about a week later, but a coworker, when asked how his face looked told me: "Smooth as a baby's bottom without a diaper rash"! That is the way it looked every time I saw him after that. He was one happy camper.

To Robert Henry: You can prove this sweat theory to yourself by trying it. The little lady who taught me this was definitely under stress in the hospital but she didn't have stress underarm odor. Don't knock anything until you have proved it wrong, when it is so simple and harmless to try.

Earth Clinic Books

Posted by Staff (Earth Clinic) on 10/15/2012

In answer to requests from many in the Earth Clinic Community, Ted and Bill's recently published eBook, pH Balanced for Life! The Easiest Way to Alkalize is soon to be available for order from the Earth Clinic store and booksellers near you! We expect our first shipment of books to arrive on EC store shelves by Monday, October 22nd. Pre-orders now being accepted!

Replied by Staff
(Earth Clinic)

Wow, delivery trucks are faster than we thought! Ted and Bill's new book has already arrived and been stocked away in the Clinic cabinets, ready for delivery upon your order. Pre-orders have already been shipped out, and new orders are welcome any time at the Earth Clinic store and booksellers near you! Check out Ted's distinct, distilled thoughts that have matured within his decades of research on the easiest way to alkalize and correct your digestive and/or dietary weak spots—as edited by our own Bill Thompson!

Earth Clinic Books
Posted by Francisca (Zug, Switzerland) on 02/21/2012

Congratulations Earth Clinic on the new book! The cover is beautiful! I will surely order it soon! Handy to have the best advice all together in the same place! Can't wait to read it.... And I will surely let you know what I think, as I always do with all the books I read!

Fake Posts

Posted by Jeff (Iowa City, Ia) on 04/19/2011

I'm guessing some of these posts by 'anonymous' people saying things don't work are drug company people.

Fake Posts
Posted by Earth Clinic (USA) on 06/18/2009

You may have noticed - things are slowing down on the Real-Time Posts page of Earth Clinic! Wondering why? Well, we were receiving up to 20 fake posts a day from companies trying to promote their products with various key word placement and have been deleting such posts (old and new) from the site. They have finally caught wind of the fact that their posts aren't going through and many have stopped submitting them.

Just to give you a few examples without mentioning product names:

* A brand that sell turmeric capsules at a big box store was sending in bogus feedback (since last summer) at least once a week for boils and MRSA.
* Various brands of probiotics to treat bacterial vaginosis...
* A certain brand of hormones for women... written with different sets of key words, but all of which will bring you to the same product if you were to google them.
* A false NAY for inversion board therapy so they could promote a certain product for the back...

And many, many more...

We are making our way through the site, page by page, and removing older feedback that is questionable. If you happen to see any posts that strike you as bogus, please let us know. Thanks so much!

Replied by Rena
(Mineral Bluff, Georgia)

Dear Earth Clinic, I am glad you are doing this, we don't need fake anything when people are trying to seek natural methods to help their health. Peace Rena.

EC: Thank you for your support, Rena!

Replied by Rawan
(Abu Dhabi, UAE)

This is a great thing from you EC staff!!! people are seeking help and desprate to get it from trustful site like EC! Thank you EC staff for caring!

EC: Thanks for the kind words, Rawan!

Replied by Chakrika

A friend of mine, a television writer, was once hired to write false submissions on blogs and websites promoting a certain line of supplements. It is not an uncommon practice in any sector. According to my friend, these writers are very talented and take their time setting up personas meant to elicit trust. It would be wise for everyone reading this vast ocean of information on the net to keep a sceptical mind.

Replied by Lane
(New York, Ny, Usa)

The primary thing that makes this site worth the time it takes to pour through it --besides all the wonderful information and unique voices chiming in with their experiences--is the lack of "agenda. " Thank you, moderators, for your vigilence in eliminating false posts. Earth Clinic truly unique on the internet, and it is the one place we can go to for honest feedback and answers.

Fake Posts
Posted by Dee (London, England) on 05/09/2009

Hi everyone. i have never writen on sites like this before but i felt like i should because i have just tried something new for bv which has actually WORKED!!!!!! :) i have had bv since i was 19 and i'm 29 now, it has been a horrible, long and embarrasing 10 years! mine has been constant as i left it for 2 years before i even went to the doctors, then no treatment seemed to work for longer than one day. it has TOTALLY affected my life and relationships and my confidence. i have done so many things to stop people finding out about it,i even have to change my underwear at least 4 times a day. i used panty liners for 9 years everyday but i got so sick of it that now i just carry extra underwear everywhere i go!

When i found this site, i thought i had found a miricle cure and was so excited! i tried EVERYTHING people suggested but it didn't really seem to work and then a few days later it seemed to get even worse!the smell seemed so much stronger!anyway, i was really down thinking that was my last chance to be normal again......when i saw something called Balance Activ advertised. It said it took away abnormal vaginal smell and discharge and could help with bv! anyway, i got it last week and you insert some gel every night for a week and it clears it up. i was so worried that it wouldn't work but last night was my last night........................AND IT HAS TOTALLY WORKED!!!! i just can't believe it!!! i know i have to wait to see if or when it comes back but this is the FIRST time i have noticed no smell at all or any horrible discharge!! my stomache is aching with anticipation to see if it works long term, but it feels totally different this time! no antibiotics, no douching with weird things, no trying EVERYTHING possible you have read on the internet!

I know this site didn't want any product names on it but people who are so desperate to get rid of bv will be so grateful of this product that i hope this message gets printed! It's called Balance Activ, you can find info on the internet and you can also buy it now in larger Boots stores in England!!

I have had this for 10 years and have kept it a secret from everyone. it even feels weird writing this all down because i have never told anyone apart from all the doctors i have been to to try and get rid of this! my life seems so much brighter now, i can't believe that something has actually worked. i recommend everyone with bv to try it because it had changed my life( i feel like i can have a life now!!)

I hope this works for everyone. Dee x

EC: Funny and most obviously a fake!

Health Alerts

Posted by Diane (Framingham, Ma) on 11/05/2012

In todays (11/5/12) Boston Globe newspaper there was an substantial article by a Dr. who said all rice has arsenic in it. It varies from brand to brand. The soil has it in it. I like rice and was wondering if anyone has any feedback on this? Until I do I will not be putting rice into my system. Thank you

Replied by Timh
(Louisville, Ky, Usa)
2077 posts

Avoidance is already become an increasing problem, what with sooo many toxins from our modern world. Incorporating Cilantro and Chlorella in the diet is one's best defense (imho) against the heavy metals. My Arsenic is high and I don't know from what, I just hope my detox methods will lower.

Replied by Ed2010
(Oakville, Canada)

True Scare Tactic, I eat min 2 big bowl of rice daily which is obtained by cooking 200gms of raw rice. Rice is my staple food. The rice what I use is imported from India. I can't live without rice. Rice is God.

Almost all the south and south east asians eat rice daily. Nothing to worry about rice, other than the GMO wheat and soy products. You can't get any product without a bad element.

Replied by Paul
(Boston, Ma)

I also read the article about rice in the Globe. It was written professionally enough to stop me from eating it. If it's even a little of poison--- it's still poison. I don't see what this Dr's interest would be other than to educate you... You had to have read the article. It was convincing enough for me.

Health Alerts
Posted by Gean (Salina, Ks) on 09/27/2012

Please watch "Genetic Roulette Full Movie" on youtube. It tells the dangers of GMO food. Watch it and you be the judge.

Replied by Lisa
(Thousand Oaks, Ca, Usa)

Hi Gean, I just received my newsletter yesterday which keeps me informed regarding GMOs, Monsanto, etc. It had a link to watch this movie which I plan to do. Also, it had a link to an article which could be of interest to those who are unsure of what exactly Monsanto is doing and why people are upset about GMOs. Here's the link:

Staying informed is important in this matter. Prop. 37 here in CA is being voted on which would mandate the labeling of GMOs. Big Corps. is working hard to fund against it.

Best of health to all, Lisa

Health Alerts
Posted by Tina (Houston, Usa) on 09/21/2012

Please keep abreast of how bad/harmful GMO foods are for you and your loved ones. Monsanto is being banned in most parts of the world, but very much present in the USA.

Replied by Lisa
(Thousand Oaks, Ca, Usa)

Hi Tina, I have put up posts regarding this very serious issue as well. I know Bill of Luzon, Philippines is very aware of this as well and has made comments too. Here in CA, we are voting on Labeling GMOs this upcoming election. I have been working on getting the word out on this. We as the consumers need full disclosure! Here is the link I had put up charting how the big corps. are buying out the organic companies and then funding large money to beat Prop. 37. They don't want to be held accountable for what is actually in "organic"!

Thanks for helping build awareness! Lisa

Replied by Tina
(Houston, Usa)

Hi Lisa, The scary thing I recently learned is that Obama nominated a Monsanto dude Michael Taylor as head of the FDA, so technically speaking we are fighting a lost cause.

It's very disheartening to see the US caught up in this battle, when other countries like UK, France, Belgium, India and several others fight and throw Monsanto out of their territories. We somehow are caught in this trap! I think people need to be made aware of this!

Replied by Dr. Aleathea
(Florida, Usa)

GMO foods are definitely damaging our health. The best way to fight this problem is to stop purchasing these products and others that contain toxic ingredients. Looks like we have two options: buy organic foods and start growing vegetable gardens at home. It is so sad that the American food supply is the reason that so many people are suffering poor health.

Replied by Bill
(San Fernando, Philippines)

I completely agree with what Lisa and others are saying about the FDA. But my vast disappointment stretches a bit wider and also includes agencies like the USDA whose actual definition of "ORGANIC" is as follows:

* 100% Organic- means that every ingredient in the product was raised and harvested in an organic environment as approved and certified by the USDA.

Read more:

* "Organic"- means that 70 to 95 percent of all the ingredients have been raised in a USDA approved manner

* Any product containing ingredients with less than a 70 percent organic content can separately list each ingredient that falls into the USDA organic category, but the product may not display a label claiming the product as organic.


So when a food has just been labelled "ORGANIC" in America, this effectively means that 70% of the food thus labelled must contain completely organic, while the other 30% can be any dangerous additive you like -- GMO, pesticides, fungicides, NPK fertilizers, heavy metals, bad halogens, take your pick -- so the differences between processed food and food lavelled as "organic" is very subtly becoming blurredc and eradicated by verbal sleight of hand via bought and steered law. The only way you can assure that you are eating whole organic foods now is if it is labelled as "100% Organic" -- and this becomes even more expensive.

So, with such low-aiming, dubious and corrupt laws and standards like these in America now, is there little wonder that a recent well publicized experiment on the health benefits of "organic food" failed to show much benefit?

With laws and standards like these, why should there be any surprise at all that Pepsi, Coke, MacDonald's, KFC etc are all jumping on the very profitable Organic bandwagon now?

Whenever there is a high profit motive through demand, people will make money the easiest way that they can. It all began in earnest at the dawn of the 1900s, and reached it's magnificent peak after the 1950s when processed food really came into its own and became The Cheap King of Foods. In this way, we were told(brainwashed?) through certain steered research and the faithful media, that refined and chemically processed foods were indeed good for us and, what's more, we have an overpopulated world and so we need modern ways and methods to feed more people with more junk processed food, refined salt, refined sugars, additives and nutrient-dead vegetable oils, meat shot full of steroids and anti-biotics, pesticides, fungicides and GMOs(all for our own protection?). The tended excuse has always been because we need to feed more people in an overpopulated world, but their real agenda is massively increasing their profit any way they can get it. This is why organic foods, in my own opinion, are now travelling in exactly the same historic trajectory as the natural food industry did after 1900 when natural healthy food eventually became the heavily processed nutritional carcasses that they are today.

For exactly the same reasons, the herbal and supplement industry and standards are now owned and run by the drugs industry via the influence Codex Alimentarius and the same applies to the USDA. This is why people are now being arrested for growing their own organic food in their gardens in America. This is also why, in a famous court case, where a family refused chemo for their young son who had cancer, lost their case and were forced into using chemo for their son. This is why a certain Governor of Texas, who also ran unsuccessfully for the presidential nomination, has mandated(dictated?) that ALL teenage girls in Texas be forced to take the highly dangerous Gardasil HPV vaccine. And doesn't that mandate directly offend freedom of choice for US citizens just a teensy bit? And how dumb and weird is it that only the teenage girls are forced to take this vaccine? Just girls? Don't boys and men also get and spread HPV too? You'll have to forgive me here because I am indeed guilty of perhaps only using the simplest form of common sense and logic imaginable to prove a point. I know that the most convincing, impressive and acceptable medical and research evidence by far must always arise from double-blind, placebo evidence costing millions, whose conclusions are written in some verbal and unintelligible code that only medical researchers and aliens can understand.

All these serious and negative developments mean that the big pharmaceutical companies and large agri-cartels are unquestionably moving into a new and unstoppable phase. When you can influence governments to this extent so easily, then it is true enough to say these vast corporations now own and direct the law as they see fit for the benefit of their business models and not for the benefit of the people. Like I said, when you capture and own the law -- you are unstoppable. It would also appear that -- and particularly so for these numerous corporate dictator elites -- there is a new and invisible ammendment to the US Constitution - The Freedom to Corrupt. And no US government representative, Republican or Democrat, will ever attempt or dare to stop it because they are all on the payroll too. This must eventually and logically lead to the worst form of complete government dictatorship upon its own people.

Replied by Lisa
(Thousand Oaks, Ca, Usa)

Hi Bill, I know of this fact regarding the labeling of organic from, believe it or not, two people who make skin products who were dedicated to offering the very best available. When they were going about trying to start their companies to do this, this is, in fact exactly what they learned and were quite dismayed about it. Learning this about skin products, I use their products because I know of their caliber and the founder's integrity. They also really gave me an education regarding organic.

And the truth is what you are saying, these big corps. are almost unstoppable (especially Monsanto) So, the best we can do is stay educated and abreast of what is going on and work to make the best choices possible. Thanks for all your very educational posts, Lisa

Replied by Citygirl27
(Richardson, Tx, Usa)

The message in the campaign should be if GMO crops are not bad at all, then these people should have no problem with putting a GMO label on their products. If they are so resistent, that means they know they are not so harmless and consumers should be told if they are in a product.

Replied by Happy
(Up The Creek In, Wv, USA)

in reply to :09/22/2012: Bill from San Fernando, Philippines ............


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Posted by Debbie (Melbourne, Australia ) on 03/07/2012

I have been avoiding shampoo and conditioner lately and washing my hair in borax and acv. I put some olive oil in my hair the other day (a bit too much and am having trouble washing it out). I resorted to buying some shampoo and conditioner so I could wash the oil out.

I happened to glance at the ingredients on the back of the bottles.

I wonder why EDTA, which is a metal chelator (including essential metals/minerals), Citric Acic which is related to MSG (a excitotoxin), and Sodium Chloride (salt) is being added to these products?

I have since read that EDTA is being added to lots of foods and drinks as well!

No wonder we are getting sicker! Anyway I didn't use them.. they are going in the bin.

Moral of the story - read your labels.

Replied by Kay
(Destin, Fl)

Helpful TIP; you can resolve "too much oil" by simply putting a different type of oil in your hair (ideally coconut; or sesame, grapeseed, or even peanut, mayo/veginaise); then rinsing 5-7 times with alternating hot/cold water. If you dont like cold water while showering, just then kneel down to do the rinsing; or stand up and do the warm rinse then just bend over and plunge your head under the cold faucet for the cold rinse; then turn the warm shower back on (while keeping you head leaned forward somewhat so the cold water doesn't run down your back); rinse again, repeat.

For reference: Coconut oil is best since it penetrates the hair shaft and prevents damage from combing, reducing protein loss remarkably, for both undamaged and damaged hair, when used as a pre-wash and post-wash grooming product. Research abstract here:

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Posted by Tina (Houston, Usa) on 02/08/2012

In case you missed it earlier, please READ: "WebMD, Not the Independent Health Source You Expected".

WebMD is the gigantic, pro-pill web site whose original partner was Eli Lilly. (yep, pharmaceutical manufacturer).

The WebMD Health empire includes the following subsidiaries:
eMedicine / eMedicine Health

Even more interesting: The first-ever partnership between the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and a private company is with, you guessed it, WebMD!

Conflict of interest in this so-called independent health advisor?

You decide...

Replied by Timh
(Louisville, Ky. Usa)
2077 posts

Tina, thanx for this post.

No matter how hard one may try to eradicate the ethics behind any issue or activity, it's not possible. But the money is so absolutely enticing that most folks cannot help but leave the subject of right & wrong behind. Thousands of people are millionaires and living extremely lavish lifestyles by their employment in the medical/pharmaceutical industry. With bought legal & political clout on their side AND the support of the masses, it's really heaven on earth.

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Posted by Anon (Anon) on 01/20/2012

Another awesome Website is:

It has lots of information on the nutrient content of foods, and

is a huge list of additives.

Health Articles
Posted by Anon (Anon) on 01/20/2012

Another great link:

Discusses the benefits of some of the world's healthiest foods.

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Posted by Francisca (Zug, Switzerland) on 01/12/2012

I think many of you might be interested in this article I read today about the use of parabens: .

I find it extraordinary that in a world with more and more cancer.... Not to talk about other illnesses we only focus on our way to treat them, hardly ever how to prevent them! I care more for prevention than for the perfect treatment!

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