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Posted by Staff (Earth Clinic) on 09/18/2012

Your latest EC newsletter is now in digital print! Did you know there may be beetles decorating your cupcakes? And that possibly this is of absolutely zero concern? Find out all about this and other info on food additives via the web addition of our health newsletter right here (even if you're not yet a newsletter subscriber)!

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Posted by Staff (Earth Clinic) on 08/27/2012

Not a subscriber? Take a look at the latest Earth Clinic Newsletter, a Health Alert on the West Nile Virus. Find out what you need to know about this health threat and what Ted thinks about how to treat this and similar mosquito-borne illnesses naturally. And hey, newsletter subscriptions are free, so sign up!

Replied by Esprit64
(North Yarmouth, Maine Usa)

Thank you for sending me your newsletter, informing me about the West Nile Virus and Ted's response. I feel like you have my back in helping me to protect me and my family. I am grateful for Ted. And, I deeply appreciate these notices. Thanks again.

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Posted by Staff (Earth Clinic) on 08/14/2012

Check out Earth Clinic's latest newsletter, released this past Monday. Read it online here or sign up for our newsletters here and never miss out on getting the news on home remedies right in your email box!

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Posted by Staff (Earth Clinic) on 08/01/2012

Big Food's Takeover of Organic Farming! Check out Earth Clinic's latest newsletter. Research, hot topics, store discount, and mint juleps (well, sorta)! Find some tips on how to find genuine organic produce/foods and avoid the not-so organic additives big food conglomerates are adding to supposedly organic foods.

Replied by Lisa
(Thousand Oaks, Ca, Usa)

Hi Everyone, I just wanted to do a follow- up to the EC newsletter. This is regarding the "Big Food's Take over of Organic Farming". I am going to give a link for everyone to see a chart on how the organic food industry has changed dramatically in recent years.

I think we must all demand for GMO labeling/ organic labeling. We must pay attention as these large corporate structures work to block this from happening. An example is Kellogg's just donated $20,000 to help defeat this from happening. Most of these large corporations are doing this as well with very large donations!

Best to your health everyone, Lisa

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Posted by Bess (Calgary, Alberta, Canada) on 02/10/2012

I just received the latest Earth Clinic newsletter and, as always, it's filled with great information. Deirdre Layne (founder of Earth Clinic) posted a video link on how to make ascorbate Vitamin C. Very informative and it was lovely to finally "meet" Deirdre! Thanks again for such a wonderful Web site. Cheers, Bess

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Posted by Shar (Blaine, Minnesota, Usa) on 08/25/2011

is there a newsletter? If so, how do I sign up?

I don't need to comment, but would like to hear what is going on. thanks

EC: Here's the link and when you see the link for archives, click on it and you can sign up there for the mailing list!

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Posted by Earth Clinic (USA) on 06/22/2011

Hi Everyone,

Earth Clinic's June e-newsletter has just been sent out. Click here to read our latest newsletter on Vitamin C. In the newsletter you'll find the following two articles: one by Bill Thompson entitled, Vitamin C - More than Just an Anti-Oxidant and another by Daniel P. Kray entitled, Caution: Is There an Excitotoxin in Your Supplement?

We will be adding these articles to our Vitamin C supplements page as well:


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Posted by Earth Clinic (USA) on 04/20/2011

Here's the url to our latest newsletter that went out earlier tonight to EC members:

Our newsletter contains two articles: one authored by Bill Thompson, our popular contributor from the Philippines, entitled, "Attitudes Towards the Naturopathic Approach"; and a research article by Adeha Feustel on how artificial lights compromise health and immunity.


Replied by Earth Clinic

In response to the person who did not wish his post to be published on Earth Clinic, Bill's article on Germ Theory is published here:

Re: other ways than Paypal to send a donation to Ted, please email him directly to inquire: parhatsathid(at)gmail(dot)com.

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Posted by Merryanne (Orange City, Florida, Usa) on 11/13/2010 120 posts

I enjoyed reading the newsletter. The information about coconut oil gave me many answers to physical responses I have had in the last 8 months. I had been eating it and putting it on my body and hair, and this last week I was feeling tired etc, now I realize that I had neglected to use the vco. I want to thank Ted for all that great information. Merryanne in FL

Replied by Bess
(Calgary, Alberta, Canada)

I agree! The Coconut Oil newsletter was so informative. I love finding out about the "science" behind it. Thank you Ted and Earth Clinic! Cheers, Bess

Replied by Deirdre
(Earth Clinic)

Merryanne and Bess, so glad you enjoyed the newsletter!

For those who aren't on our e-newsletter list but are interested in reading more about coconut oil cures, an archived copy of Earth Clinic's latest newsletter is here. We'll also be posting Ted's article on the Coconut Oil page.

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Posted by Isabelle (Garden Grove, Ca Usa) on 11/13/2010

Thank you so much for you newsletter! Even in the many pages by Mary Enig at the Weston Price Foundation I didn't find this aspect of the many healing properties of vco. It will never be enough said that only NON-hydrogenated virgin coconut oil must be used. Thank you Ted for another of your precious remedies

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Posted by Mel (Sydney, Australia) on 09/29/2010

Past Newsletters

Hello, I love this site and have only now noticed there are newsletters so have just signed up. I think I have read just about every post available on here so I would like to know if it is possible to read past issues of the newsletters? and if so where would they be located on the site?

Keep up the great work everyone. Cheers

EC: Hi Mel,

Thank you for your interest in our newsletters! Our e-newsletters, up until September, were few and far between. The 3 we have sent out thus far this year are archived here:

Body/Mind/Spirit: Interview with Soolmaz Abooali (09/22/2010)
September, 2010 Newsletter
January, 2010 Newsletter


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Posted by Earth Clinic (USA) on 09/22/2010

In case you aren't signed up to receive our e-newsletters, here's a link to the newsletter we sent out earlier today, an interview with Soolmaz Abooali, the first in a new Body Mind Spirit Medicine series.

Replied by Bessie
(Calgary, Alberta, Canada)

Loved your latest newsletter. I really enjoyed reading about Soolmaz (such an interesting life) and I look forward to Ted's article on coconut oil. Keep up the excellent work. Cheers.

EC: Thanks so much, Bessie. So glad you enjoyed the article!

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Posted by Earth Clinic (USA) on 01/11/2010

For those you did not receive our newsletter yesterday, here's the link to the archive. Included is Ted's protocol for stroke victims.

On Rolling Thunder Prayer

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Posted by Crann Maor (Columbia, South Carolina, United States ) on 07/11/2011
5 out of 5 stars

The other day I watched a documentary on how the pacific rainforest in the united states was being cut down. At one point in the film I saw the image of trees falling and crashing to the ground. Something I did not expect happened to me while sitting there watching images of a forest gone, and mighty giants falling down.

Something came over me this deep, deep sadness, as those trees fell, I fell felt them dying one by one, I felt their anguish. For two or three hours I cried and sobbed and felt this horrible pain and anguish like something I never have experienced before, it was trully soul wrenching. I realized after this point to not forget those beautiful trees and to celebrate them, and to celebrate life, the plants, the birds, the animals, other people, fish and anything unmentioned. Life is to experience, to be happy, to love, and be thankful!

I realized at that point that anything I do as a human being will effect everyone and everything. We are here to make the planet beautiful, that all the problems of the world can be solved and that we can really do it. I think we are at a turning point. I can feel it deep in my heart, the point between when this reality falls away and the a new one is born. This prayer is simple and true It speaks to my soul, a prayer like this is a map to guide all life back to the origin.

Many Thanks, Much laughter, Much Joy, Much Peace, and Much love

Replied by Francisca
(Michelbach-le-bas, Alsace, France)

Crann Maor, I do hope that you are right and that we are at a breaking point and things in this planet will change for the better. Unfortunately my gut feeling is that we will go on like this for a long time to come! I don't know what it will take for people to realise that this is not the way to go and do something about it! The other day I was talking to a cousin of mine during a wonderful few days in my home country and he said that the change won't come until people are prepared to make really big changes. I think that he is right..... And I feel that it will take a very long time for people to find the strength to do that! For the time being I only see the world going more and more down hill! But then..... It is us as a whole that vote for these regimes that help nobody..... Each one we put there seems to be worse than the previous one and that is a pattern being repeateted all over the world!

Maybe people need to realise that you can't look after the whole world, make things better at home and leave the rest to do it themselves as well!

On Rolling Thunder Prayer
Posted by Sema Nini (Sedona, Arizona) on 05/18/2011
5 out of 5 stars

As a member of the Little River Band of Ottawa Indians, I appreciate the prayer for earth healing of Rolling Thunder.