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| Modified on Jun 26, 2021
Thank you
Posted by Earth Clinic (Ca) on 02/21/2018

Hello EC community! We just wanted to thank you for your vigilance in identifying suspect posts on EC. We recently had a suspected "bait and switch" on one of the threads and several readers flagged it as such.

You guys have been amazing the past 10 years at flagging the posts you think are off, weird, nonsensical, mean-spirited, and etc. You are not privy to the scores of posts we have delete behind the scenes each day here and on our YouTube channel, but holy moly, they would make you laugh.

Thank you so much for helping us keep Earth Clinic beautiful.

Wishing you a wonderful and blessed day.

Website Comments
Posted by Deirdre (Earth Clinic) on 06/10/2021

Hello Clare,

We are not sure what you are talking about. Everything on our mobile site is searchable without signing in. Do you have a password app like LastPass on your mobile phone? If so, that is probably what keeps popping up at the bottom, not Earth Clinic's login box.

If you don't have any password apps on your cell, try deleting history and cache in your browser settings and see if that helps. Perhaps you have an old file stored on your mobile phone causing issues.

Please let us know so we can figure out what the issue is.


P.S. Sorry to disappoint, but we are still neither evil nor corporate-driven after 21 years on the net.

Website Comments
Posted by Art (California) on 06/11/2021 1390 posts


What health sites have you been on that offer a better format than Earth Clinic or better information or better organization? How much do you pay to use Earth Clinic? Oh, that's right, it's free! If you have better choices to choose from, perhaps you might want to use those wonderful sites instead of this evil site which is secretly trying to track you! Are you serious with these unfounded allegations?

What's Not Cool Claire, is that you have admitted using Earth Clinic, FOR FREE, For Over 10 years and in the same post call it EVIL!!!!! Yeah, that's not cool at all CLARE!!!!

If you're so sure about your allegations, why have you endured all of this evil tracking for over 10 years???

What sounds evil here Clare is a person making false accusations about Earth Clinic, based on absolutely nothing other than you might have been temporarily inconvenienced!!!


Website Updates
Posted by Deirdre (EC) on 12/26/2018

Happy holidays to our amazing worldwide community!

Apologies for the glitches you are experiencing lately. If, when you visit EC, pages are overly slow to load or you get a message that the server lost it's connection, can you please either send us a post or an email ([email protected]) with the words:

Please Reboot the Server!

When a lot of people start searching on the site, it ties up connections between databases and things can go south. Hopefully we won't have this constant issue with the new site. Rebooting the server takes the site offline a few minutes but speeds everything up.

Now for news on the new site...

We finally figured out how display all your amazing posts by creating sub-pages for them on the new site. Once we create a sub-page for every remedy listed on an ailment page, we then have to gather all the posts with the same title (ie, "apple cider vinegar") and move them onto the new sub-page. Well over 100,000 posts are being moved, a few at a time. Because it's very easy to make a mistake and lose posts with just one click, I am the one moving most posts. I have managed to finish about 10 ailment and remedy pages so far since Sunday. That may not seem like a lot, but a total of several hundred sub-pages have been created and over 5,000 posts have been moved! A daunting job but it keeps moving forward.

Our plan is to go live with the new site as soon as we can and then keep moving posts onto the new sub-pages. Otherwise you guys will be waiting a few months for me to finish moving all the posts onto their own special new pages.

Thanks for all your positive vibes. Wishing you a very happy holiday week!

About Bill
Posted by Deirdre (Earth Clinic) on 09/08/2017

Hi everyone!

Just wanted to let you know I had a lovely, catch-up conversation with the wonderful Bill Thompson yesterday. He's fine and doing very well! I told him we all missed him greatly.

He's been extremely busy with personal projects, which is why we haven't heard from him in a while. However, he says he'll be back on Earth Clinic in a few months when things settle down and is excited to share a few of his new remedies with us when he does. He does reply to short emails when he has time but doesn't see the posts/questions on EC directed at him as he doesn't check the site regularly.

Have a wonderful weekend. To all those in Florida, the Carolinas and Georgia, our prayers are with you.

About Bill
Posted by Timh (Ky) on 09/08/2017 2075 posts

TY Deirdre for the Bill update. For yrs I have been playing catch-up on my illness; as it gets progressively worse, I must get aggressively better just to stay alive. Down most times and very down often-times, so my time of giving & receiving lifesaving info here on E.C. has been extremely valuable. Two bad conditions in particular have been remedied due directly to Bill's suggestions and more in minor cases.

Again thanx everyone here who has provided valuable support, and I can report continued slow improvement despite serial pitfalls.

Copyright Infringement
Posted by Earth Clinic (USA) on 01/27/2017

It has come to our attention from two of our readers in the past 24 hours that some of your posts, including a large number of Ted's posts, have been plagiarized and posted on other sites. Thank you very much for letting us know. Our legal team is issuing DMCA takedown and copyright infringement notices and these sites will be banned on Google, Bing and other search engines.

We would appreciate it if you would please continue to send us the urls from sites that are plagiarizing EC's copyright protected content. Thank you!

Prayer Requests
Posted by Timh (Ky) on 08/04/2016 2075 posts

OK all friends and supporters. My nephew has made a rapid recovery from life support in ICU to regaining consciousness and all body functions improving and moved to less intensive care and hoping on even getting back home very soon.

All your prayers along with other support has combined to what appears to be a near miraculous recovery.

We feel very optimistic that combining alternative remedies plus the Dr ordered chemo will prove effective in the battle against lymphoma.

TY again and be confident in the power of prayer as this case is proof of it's efficacy.

Website Comments
Posted by mmsg (somewhere, europe) on 06/11/2021


I never signed up, and yet can access all this life-saving free information from any device with no problem whatsoever. You are to be COMMENDED!!!

Website Comments
Posted by Mmsg (Somewhere, Europe) on 07/24/2018

EC, I'm sort of addicted to EC so when a few days pass with no new posts, I work up a sweat!

Sorry to be so selfish, OF COURSE you ppl need vacation times etc. it's just that you are just about the BEST site on the internet, the give and take here is incredibly human, besides being incredibly useful!

Prayer Requests
Posted by Timh (Ky) on 07/26/2016 2075 posts

Deirdre and all my dear Earth Clinic friends & family. My 33 yr old autistic best friend & nephew, L Joey, lost his mother not yet a yr ago and health deteriorating and recently back home from the hospital for maybe two wks waiting for test results and treatment options and now suddenly back in the hospital in critical condition with acute lymphoma. He is a big hearted, smart, passionate person hoping to go back to school and begin a new life and suddenly is almost gone. Please take a moment of prayer sending him divine, life giving energy, and wisdom in the minds of all the staff at the hospital. And TY in advance from the bottom of my heart.

Website Updates
Posted by Deirdre (Los Angeles) on 12/30/2018
5 out of 5 stars

Hello everyone,

Unless something happens where we have to retrace our steps, we will be moving over to the new platform this morning (Dec 31) so Earth Clinic may not be accessible for a few hours or more today. Sorry about that!

As I have mentioned previously, please be patient with us while we get up to speed in the next couple of weeks. We will have to deal with thousands of error messages from pages that have been renamed all over the site and other issues that will come up once we move over that will have to be addressed first.

To begin with, the site will be simplified. You will only have a REPLY button under each post. We will start adding components to comments one by one. But every time we add a new feature, we slow down the site, so we need to be very cautious about adding new components and do a lot of testing first. Also, you will not be able to login on the new site until after we have migrated user accounts in January.

Additionally, the latest posts page has to be created on the new site and we're not sure when that will be done. It's a programming issue.

Approved posts from November 2018 until now will NOT have been uploaded to the new site. No worries, we'll get them uploaded soon. However, every post from the main site from 1999 - November 2018 is uploaded.

Ted's site and our Q&A site will stay the same until we create new websites for those two sites. This means any questions from either of those two sites will not flow through the new EC site as they are no longer going to be connected. More problems for us to solve in the coming months.

Thanks for your patience while we get up to speed. If you are not on our mailing list, please send us an email at [email protected] and request to be added to it. We will probably communicate through email to our community with announcements.

See you very soon on the new site.

Wishing you a very happy and healthy New Year With MUCH LOVE.


P.S. We will most likely have a Latest Posts page set up for new comments as soon as we go live... woo hoo!

Support for Earth Clinic
Posted by Gord235 (Vancouver, Canada) on 11/20/2018

I'm sure I'm not the first member to have thought of funding for EC but happy to see my comments at the top of this post. Nothing runs for free including websites. EC has been very helpful to me and I am glad to see a funding mechanism in place. Lets donate and allow EC to continue the good work.

Prayer Requests
Posted by Timh (Ky) on 08/28/2016 2075 posts

The first dose of chemo from dr very wealthy was damaging and the second dose very, very, damaging; my removal from the support team; and vandy disallowing hemp oil caused a rapid decline and his pain is over and we are left to suffer LJ's passing.

Thank you all for your support; lots of factors going on but the divinity of prayer support by so many people was really evident. LJ response to my support was big and he was on ground for a possible recovery, but the dark lords of the cancer industry absolutely had to do another and fatal dose of chemo for to enrich themselves.

A few lessons to elucidate.

1. Be as proactive for your own health and the health of your family and loved ones as possible.

2. The best cancer treatment is prevention, which means living healthy and regular detoxing.

3. Conventional medicine is rigged way in favor of big pharma/big med.

Healthy & wealthy dr's

Poor & sick patients

The dominate/submissive, win/lose game

Conventional medicine

4. In critical situations, never be forced to make immediate decisions when radical treatments or changes are advised. Tell them you must have some time to think it over and consult other parties.

5. If you or loved one is diagnosed with cancer, put conventional medical treatment option on the last of the list. My dear nephew and his auntie are duped into the liberal socialist world and they put all faith in the conventional medical as a first and only option. Do aggressive alternative meds & remedies posted here and elsewhere on the www and also many good books. Although in some or many cases, from what I know, surgery as a first option can be effective for some that are advised it, as well as a few radiation or chemo treatments, but quickly drop them and then off to aggressive alt methods. Alkalizing and juicing will significantly improve the condition, then on to advanced alt methods if necessary. Do know that pharmaceutical meds are powerful tools in killing bad things like pathogens or cancer cells, but have zero healing potential, while nutrition has a good deal of killing the bad stuff potential but mainly has tremendous healing potential to every cell. In my nephews case, over the last approx 2 month hospital stay, was given massive amounts of all sorts of chemical therapy and almost zero nutrition.

6. Never be scarred to death, moreover remove as much fear as possible and replace it with knowledge. I told my nephew to go to NDE websites and read the experiences of those who have made the journey to the other side; don't think he had time to do that as it was very important for him to receive a fatal dose of chemo asap. The single big lesson to learn from all those NDE'rs is "There is no death". One must read hundreds or thousands of these reports before this truth can take hold in the mind. Moreover, many folks who have had the opportunity and while looking down on their dead body have the mentality to laugh at it like it was something quite irrelevant. The spiritual body is so many frequencies higher than our earthly bodies that what appears here as major tragedy is there perceived as a comedy.

7. The worship aspect of our human nature is easily deceived into believing that Dr's are gods and hospitals are churches, mosques, temples, cathedrals, etc. No, they are not, but they appear so as God or Creator or Source is so very far removed from our physical world. My nephew was mild autistic and was therefore much a child with parents of no leadership qualities, and twice yearly visits to the oncologist who let his cancer advance to end stages, was skillfully conditioned to worship and place total faith in the Dr.The outcome was modern big med/pharma made a fortune from capitalizing on my loved one's weakness. Of course this is just nature, the strongest survive, the strongest thrive.

In conclusion, about the only positive from this situation was that brief moment of recovery from first ICU stay, and worthy to note the staff at medical Center @ Bowling Green were incredibly supportive & cooperative. LJ had a little time to organize himself and be surrounded by family & loved ones and he showed remarkable humility & gratitude during this time.

Website Updates
Posted by Earth Clinic (USA) on 04/23/2016

Good morning everyone! We hope you are having a wonderful weekend.

We've decided to move Earth Clinic's rating system to a 5 star system. Our current rating system has become outdated after 16 years and can be very confusing to first-timers to the site. Some of our EC's friends have told us recently when we asked that they've always hated YEA/NAY but didn't dare to say! Ha ha. Well, we're now ready to make a change!

With a 5 star rating system, we'll need to convert all posts that have Yea/Nay/etc ratings on the site. Would you please let us know if you agree with the below? Your help will be greatly appreciated!

These are the ratings we currently have on EC:

Better But Not Cured
Better But With Side Effects
Side Effects
Worked Temporarily
Death Reported (pets vaccination section only)

We would convert as follows:

5 Stars - all "Yeas" on the site
4 Stars - all "Better but not Cured" on the site
3 Stars - all "Worked Temporarily" and "Better But With Side Effects" posts
2 Stars - all "Nay" posts
1 Star - all "Warning! " or "Side Effects" posts

Create a Skull and Crossbones symbol - for "Death Reported"

Our contact us form would then offer the following simple choices:

5 Stars Cured
4 Stars Better but not cured
3 Stars It's okay
2 Stars I don't like it
1 Star Side Effects/Warning!

Please let us know what you think or if you have any other ideas. We're very open to suggestions before making this huge change.

Many thanks.

website updates
Posted by Mmsg (Somewhere, Europe) on 12/01/2018

Deirdre, pls don't rush, EC maintains that stress is unhealthy!!! As long as we can keep reading and posting we're good.

Pls go about this monumental change slowly and comfortably!

EC: Thank you so much for your kind support!

Website Requests
Posted by Mama To Many (Tn) on 04/29/2017

Dear Robert Henry,

You ask a valid question – what value is learning to identify herbs to city folk? I have asked that to myself.

We have farmer friends who once had someone visit their farm. Our friends offered this young woman some farm fresh eggs. She was rather shocked, ‘Oh…no! I don't eat my eggs right from the chicken. I get them from the store.” I have heard of children raised on fast food chicken nuggets having no clue that chicken meat comes from a walking animal with bones in it!

I think there is value in knowing where things come from, even if you get things from the store. Seeing a picture of a plant or even recognizing it on a roadside and connecting it to health just brings a greater appreciation to life and healing. It puts a face to a name.

Sure most won't be able to forage the plants they see. But maybe they will see it at a grandparent's house or on a hiking trip. And a few just may learn to recognize the herbs and try them out. And then pass along knowledge. So much herbal understanding has been completely lost. Maybe by one person at a time it will be restored.

I remember when I bought my first bags of dried herbs. I labeled each one with what it might be used for. It was a complete mystery and not a little overwhelming. I lived in a townhouse. I never imagined living in the sticks as I do now. Over the decades I have tried so many things and learn just a little more each time. I love to read about herbs and experiment with them.

I just recently reorganized my herb cabinet. I got rid of some old herbs that have been around too long. I gave some to the chickens. My son is giving some old red raspberry leaf to his goat who just had triplets. She has so much milk that he has to milk her out a bit even with her feeding 3 babies. He thinks it is the red raspberry leaf. It is good for milk supply among many other things.

Yes, I recall our discussion about poke. The poke is coming up around my place. I think of it as a friend when I see the little plants. It is like they have a secret – so much healing if we would take the time to learn.

~Mama to Many~

Prayer Requests
Posted by Timh (Ky) on 08/27/2016 2075 posts

Hope it's not perceived as indulging a personal tragedy and seeking sympathy, but my nephew's cancer case is something worth documenting and commenting on so a give another brief.

Lots of misinformation but LJ told me he received his first chemo treatment prior to going into ICU. Anyway, after applying healing remedies which I often recommend here, LJ improved significantly and things were looking very optimistic until about 2 wks ago and suddenly something happened and when I visited him in hospital there was a very real sense of darkness & death although LJ was in decent spirits. Dr's advised him that if he didn't take another dose of chemo he would assuredly die of cancer very soon (paraphrase as a guess of the conversation). Well, LJ quickly went into respiratory arrest, kidneys shut down and was rushed back into ICU. My first visit revealed his condition was twice worse than first ICU experience. The staff worked their tails off for nearly 1 wk to keep him alive. The situation was very bad and he was suffering mightily. Dr ordered go to Vanderbilt and although he has stabilized somewhat his condition is very bad and unfortunately I can no longer provide any immediate support as am myself unable to make the Nashville trip & back.

I must let you folks know this is the worst case of cancer I have ever been aware of, and also the worst case of response to chemo I am ever aware of. Important to note and sadly also, is his diet & lifestyle were poor which did predispose him, but he developed a sugar craving decades ago and became obese from soda so decided to drink diet soda. For nearly two decades, as far as I know, he has been drinking large amounts of aspartame containing diet sodas. It seems almost impossible that the aspartame is not a major factor in his case. I am trying to get NADH administered to help alcohol detox but no luck yet and of course aspertame is FDA approved and 100% safe for everyone always so I suppose this issue could not be discussed to the conventional medical professionals.

At this point we are hoping for slow & steady improvement, and fingers crossed for no or little long-term chemo damage. It is my belief that only aggressive alternative med treatments can save him, but I am mostly alone in this belief and it is my hunch that his oncologist is hoping he can recover well enough to order another dose of chemo, which will, imho, end his life quickly.

It's a real heart breaker all round, but I will say that there appears to be real evidence of divine intervention by all the prayer & love support he is getting. So thanx again for your support and the door for a miracle is still open.

Prayer Requests
Posted by Joyce (Lansdowne, Pa) on 08/29/2016

You are so right. In April 2015 I had my annual mammogram. Two days after I was called to come back for another mammogram and an ultra sound. Sure enough there was abnormality on my left breast. I was told to make an appointment with the breast surgeon. She ordered a MRI which shows the same abnormality. She wanted me to have a biopsy done immediately. I told her I did not want to have one done. I told her I would return in 6 months. I lost my health insurance and was not able to do a follow up mammogram in 6 months. During that time I started taking Lugol's solution and the complimentary supplements. I ran out of these supplements in January 2016 and because of unemployment was not able to purchase these important supplements but I was confident that everything would be okay. In May 2016 I went for my annual mammogram and sure enough the abnormality was still there laughing at me. I was still determine to continue with my natural treatment. My PCP told me to make an appointment with the breast surgeon. The appointment was in 6 weeks so I said I have time to make some changes. I ordered FGHP, which was cheaper than the LI and supplements, and started taking the recommended protocol. On day 9 I was so neausated I could not continue with the protocol but decided to take 2 to 4 drops per day. I also asked my husband to purchase the store bought decolorized iodine, which I started to paint my breasts everyday. On August 25th I went for my appointment with the breast surgeon. After physically examining my breasts, she said she could not feel anything. She left the room and said she was going to look at the films again. She came back and said the film showed the abnormality and would perform an ultra sound to make sure. The ultra sound did not show anything. She wants me to come back in 6 months to make sure everything was okay. Although my PCP and breast surgeon was adamant about the biopsy and treatment I was not going to make them pressure me. I did what came naturally to me. Research all natural treatments. For me surgery and traditional treatment would be the last straw.

About Bill
Posted by Janet (In) on 09/08/2017

Deirdre, Thank You for the update on Bill. I have such affection for all of you. I have spent untold hours reading here. These updates are priceless. Janet

About Bill
Posted by Tina (Princeton, N J) on 09/08/2017

Thank you Deidre on updating us about Bill Thompson. Glad to learn he is hale and hearty and busy! He, along with so many others here on EC, have opened my mind to the wonderful world of healing through natural means. My gratitude to all of them is deep and boundless.

About Bill
Posted by Rsw (Oh) on 09/09/2017

Ditto, Timh,

Many of us have benefitted immensely from following your suggestions for healing, along with directions from Bill, Ted, and many others. This is such a great site for sharing and learning because of the imagination and creativity of Deirdre, and all the contributors. You can count yourself among the top contributors, Timh, because we can always count on your generosity and truthfulness in sharing your experience. Thank you and wishing you the gift of good health soon.

Posted by Earth Clinic (La) on 01/27/2017

Our new borax video - just out on YouTube!

Learn why thousands of people around the world drink a borax solution and 2 popular ways to make a borax solution. Check the description box for time stamps links so that you can start watching the section you want.

Please give a thumbs up if you liked it! Thank you!

Prayer Requests
Posted by Timh (Ky) on 07/28/2016 2075 posts

Thank you all very much for all the prayer support.

I was able to make my first visit Wednesday night. I believe the severity is mainly caused by the cancerous lymph node located close to the kidney thus affecting that organ and contaminating the entire body like a hurricane with not even a chance to start treatments. Temporarily off dialysis, received several units of blood, on respirator, pain meds. Was not able to recognize me (at least consciously anyway) but did speak some earlier in the day. So, at this point he needs to recover enough strength to take the cancer treatments, which will be determined in the next few days; so the situation looks quite dire but he is being flooded by Love & Prayer, so thanks again for sending it.

Ad Issues
Posted by Earth Clinic on 06/23/2021

Hi Sabita,

Yes, we noticed that too. Sorry, it is super irritating. That is Google's auto-ad function plunking an ad in the middle of a post (vs an article, which would be much better).

We're trying to figure out how to stop that from happening without losing even more revenue. Every time we shift something on the ads, it tends to plummet much-needed revenue. We need the ads to pay for the programming updates the site needs constantly. Trying to figure out other revenue paths for the site, then we could ditch most of the ads. That would be the ultimate goal!

website updates
Posted by Deirdre (Earth Clinic) on 11/30/2018

Hi Everyone,

Well, we thought we'd be ready to move the site to the new platform this week, but we still have quite a few things left to do before we feel it is good enough to launch. The most challenging part has been how to organize and display hundreds of thousands of posts from our readers on the new platform. Currently in the new design, the posts are showing up by most date on each page and cannot be sorted by remedy title, which a big problem. I know you all will be VERY frustrated and pissed off with me if we launch the site looking like this! So we're working on the post organization issue with a specialist, along with ten thousand other clean-up details like renaming pages, creating tags for each page, fixing font issues and broken links and adding a photo to every page.

Below is a screenshot of two posts from the sinus infection page on the new site so you can understand the issue we must fix with the posts. There are 1,300 posts just in the Sinus Infection section dating back 15 years. Can you imagine how irritated you would get scrolling through them one by one?

In good news, the article pages are looking very nice on the new site and should display well on desktop, tablets, and mobile devices, a huge improvement!

In the meantime, please post away. The contact us form has been fixed and is working again. I'm guessing we're still 1-2 weeks out from launching the new site but will post an update again. Have a wonderful weekend!

Support for Earth Clinic
Posted by Gord235 (Vancouver, British Columbia) on 07/19/2018

Regarding support for

If you want to get more donations you need to make the support option more visible. At present support info. is hidden at the bottom of a very long page found under the Contact section. Support should have it's own tab in your banner; something snappy like Click Here to Support Earth Clinic then have the viewer taken directly to a Support Options page.

EC: Thank you so much, Gord235, for your helpful advice.

Apologies for waiting a month before posting and replying to you.  We've taken your advice very serious given this critically tough time for Earth Clinic. 2 recent Google search updates, one targeting many health and nutrition sites in early August, have severely impacted our web traffic. We just launched a GoFundMe campaign and created an easy to spot button on our navigation menu at the top of the site to the gofundme campaign.

Thank you again. Many blessings to you.

Website Comments
Posted by Colleen (Homosassa, Fl) on 05/21/2018

Thank you for this wonderful site .. And God bless those of you who take time to share.

About Bill
Posted by Charity (Faithville, Usa) on 09/09/2017

Hi Timh, thank you for all that you post in plain english. My brain is slow. I take a lot of supplements and pray a lot . Lately you have come into my heart frequently and I feel concern for you . I only do what the Father shows me so sunday I will intercede for your recovery after my worship time. Thanks for all you are and all you do Timh. Your seeds sown in tears will bring a harvest. Love, Charity

Website Updates
Posted by Earth Clinic (Los Angeles) on 09/18/2016

We are pleased to announce that we have just uploaded our new desktop design which has been several months in the making! We hope you will like the new design and be able to find important information quickly.

If you are having issues with how things look on your browser, please try clearing your browser history and cache. If that doesn't help, please let us know what problem you are having. There may be a few glitches here and there this week, so apologies in advance while we tidy things up!

Ted's site and our Q&A site will upgrade to the new design and we hope to have those sites ready soon.

Website Comments
Posted by Madelyn (Idaho ) on 06/10/2021

I have no problem posting and using the search function while accessing the website from my phone. I'm not signed in and don't even have a user account. Be encouraged Earth Clinic, this website it wonderful!

Website Updates
Posted by Deirdre (EC) on 12/28/2018

Hi Wendy,

Thanks for your email. Yes, search will improve... however we have to find the right plugin for that and will probably be using google search to begin with as we have tested the one that comes with Wordpress and it doesn't do a very good job. We're solving one giant problem after another one at a time!

A few immediate benefits:
Pages will load much faster on desktop and mobile.
Design will look significantly more fresh and modern.

After a week or two once we go live:
Member accounts will be migrated and connected to posts. Once they are migrated you will be able to click on user name and see their posts (I think).

Note: People will still always be able to send in a post without logging in as before.

After a couple of months:
All reader posts will be separated by remedy name into their own pages.
Lovely photos will be added to all pages/sections (half have been added at this point).

Everything happens quite slowly on a shoestring budget. But the good news about that is that fewer mistakes are made!

We're hoping the giant phase 1 move happens in the next few days. Of course, I've said that before so we'll see! Will update right before that as there may be a number of hours when the site will be offline. Have a great weekend!

website updates
Posted by Wendy (Columbus, Oh) on 11/30/2018

Thanks to ALL of you for working on this monumental task! I'm sure the site will be great!

EC: Thank you so much, Wendy!

Posted by Earth Clinic (Los Angeles) on 07/11/2017

To our wonderful readers,

We are pleased to present a brand new video on Colloidal Silver. This is the first video in a series on CS.

A giant thanks to Art from CA who, through his many posts on the subject, elucidated how to distinguish between ionic silver and colloidal silver and why it's important to do so.

We hope the video will clarify some of the labeling confusion on silver solutions sold in health food stores around the world.

Posted by Earth Clinic (Los Angeles) on 06/24/2017

Ever tried making an alkalizing bath bomb for your kids? So much fun and good for them when they're sick!

Here's a new video featuring Mama's cutie pie son explaining how to make BBs using citric acid, baking soda, bentonite clay and witch hazel.

Mama to Many will also tell you how these bath bombs can help itchy skin issues like poison ivy and chicken pox.

Website Updates
Posted by Earth Clinic (Southern Cal) on 07/14/2016

Dear all,

After a decade in Atlanta, Earth Clinic has recently relocated back to Los Angeles. We're very happy to be back in warm and sunny Southern California!

Additionally, our wonderful programmer has made recent changes to the account section of Earth Clinic, so when you login to your account, you should now be able to sort through posts you've saved by ailment, remedy, or by ascending/descending date. If you have any additional requests as far as what you'd like to see in your account, please tell us. It's very helpful to get your feedback!

Website Updates
Posted by Mmsg (Somewhere, Europe) on 12/27/2018

Deirdre, 10 THUMBS UP!!!!! Pls work slowly and comfortably!! We're all cheering you on!!!

Support for Earth Clinic
Posted by Art (California ) on 08/20/2018 1390 posts

This is a great idea! Earth Clinic has been here for years providing a needed and useful service of helping us to better health and has never asked for a penny! Now is our chance to show our appreciation for EC and all of the good it has provided through the years!!! Every donation is a vote to keep Earth Clinic and its valuable remedies and cures going and that will be a great thing for all of us!!!


EC: Thank you for your support, Art! 

Website Comments
Posted by Timh (Ky) on 05/07/2017 2075 posts

So glad you are improving Charity. I have a condition which is so severe but I keep fighting and hope to celebrate a return to much better health soon. I've been singing the song "Back On My Feet Again" with Michael Bolton last few days.

As long as I am able and posting here on E.C. I am at your service for additional help in your Healing Journey.

Website Updates
Posted by Earth Clinic (Los Angeles, Ca) on 12/05/2016

30 Second Cure for Allergies

Prayer Requests
Posted by Rsw (Oh) on 08/29/2016


It is with such sadness that we hear the news of the passing of your beloved nephew LJ. I am sure there is much celebration in heaven as he is welcomed to eternal life where there is no more grief or pain, just joy. He was very lucky to have you in his life, Timh, and I'm sure he is smiling down at you and sending his love. He is at peace and I pray you are also at peace, knowing you shared a wonderful relationship on earth and were his true friend and advocate. May God bless you, Timh, and keep you close at this difficult time.

Prayer Requests
Posted by Timh (Ky) on 08/31/2016 2075 posts

I cannot thank you Rsw ~Mama to Many~ Deirdre - Stephanie - Mary - Liz - Charity enough for your support during this time of pain.

I will soon provide a brief bio of LJ as he is a really special person. I think they call folks like himself Savants. Last night I watched a T.V. bio of Robin Williams and immediately fallowing listened to "Vincent (Starry, Starry Night)" and the entire LP from Don McLean's American Pie which was like serendipity as he is such a special person.

Because of all the implications of this case I also hope to provide some insight into all the goings on whether it be inside the body or outside to modern medical care; really alot to cover but for now it's getting thru this loss. But it's not all loss because you loving folks have gained him. What was it Joni Mitchel said in the the song "Clouds" "Something's lost and something's gained - living every day".

Until I resume this discussion I have these keywords running in my head and likely inspired by Charity---Total Health Warrior.

Prayer Requests
Posted by Liz (Boston, Ma) on 09/01/2016

Awww, Timh. Your mention of listening to Vincent/Starry, Starry Night in LJ's memory brought tears to my eyes.

It's one of my favorite songs, and it appears, one befitting LJ, based on your writings.

"But I could have told you Vincent--this world was never meant for one as beautiful as you."

Take care of you, Timh. LJ is in good hands and is in pain-free peace. You remain in my thoughts and prayers.

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Posted by Earth Clinic on 06/26/2021
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Posted by Art (California ) on 10/06/2018 1390 posts


If EC can't find it, I doubt I will be able to find it on EC!

Here is a nattokinase study showing that it is an effective antiatherosclerotic at a doable dose!Notice also the intima media thickness change for the better, very impressive!

Here is another abstract that shows nattokinase can lower blood pressure:

Good luck!


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Posted by Littlewing (Boston) on 11/20/2018

GO FUND ME PAGE - Rinse and Repeat - bringing subject back up to Recents. Thanks everyone!