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Posted by William (Amsterdam, New York, Usa) on 03/12/2013

Hello: I have heard so many good things about Ted and his advice(s) concerning COPD among other issues. I was wondering how do I obtain access to his advice and suggestions? Thank you so much!

EC: Hi William, Ted's advice on various ailments can be found in the Table of Contents menu on most (but not all) pages under the titles, "Ted's Remedies" and "Questions & Answers".

About Ted
Posted by Breezy (Anonymous ) on 02/03/2013

FAO - TED Hi there wrote to Ted privately a few months back x 2, so far I've not heard anything back. Realise he's very busy. Wondering if I have correct email?

EC: Hi Breezy, Ted's email is [email protected]. He is very busy and rarely replies to questions these days! We suggest you keep trying every so often and/or email us your question and we'll forward it to Ted asking him to reply.

Replied by Susan
(San Francisco)

Can you tell us what Ted is working on? Also, is there a place where we can view Ted's most current answers? Thanks So Much

EC: Hi Susan,

Sorry, we have no idea what Ted is currently working on! His most recent answers can always be found on our Latest Questions section here:

About Ted
Posted by Peter (Stockholm, Sweden) on 06/28/2012

Hello Earthclinic, Is there in some way possible to get in touch with Parhatsa, the writer "Ted"? As I understand, he is very popular and get lot of e-mails, and have no opportunity to answer them all.

In what I have read I see between the lines that he has a lot of patients that he assist in place in Thailand. Does he have a clinic there in any form? I am willing to visit Thailand if it is somehow possible?

Kind Regards, Peter

EC: Go to the top of Earth Clinic page and put the mouse over "About Earth Clinic", a drop down box will appear. Then click on "who we are". There you will find contact email for Ted.

Replied by Purla
(Toronto, Canada)

Regarding Rang Jued supplement Ted mentioned to flush the herpes in 3 days. I can't find this in a 16 tablet package. I can only find the 100 capsules and don't know how I can divide them over 3 days. I would appreciate your prompt reply as I am very desprate now. I tried the 3 days routine using lysine 7 times a day with Vit C and had huge breakout even on my face, but the virus is not gone I even feel more in my spine. I am also interested to go visit Ted in Thailand to help me with a cure. Please help asap. Thank you!!

About Ted
Posted by Isamar (San Clemente, California) on 05/22/2012

How can I get in contact with Ted. Is he a Doctor? How can I consult him?

EC: Find his info on this page:

About Ted
Posted by David (Bangkok, Thailand) on 05/11/2012

Hi, I have just found this website and I see a Ted in here giving great advice. I live in TH and I would like to know if Ted is available to talk to and consult regarding the remedies he writes about. If so would you have contact info for him. any help will be appreciated.

thanks, David

EC: Contact for Ted: parhatsathid(at)gmail(dot)com

About Ted
Posted by Annie (San Diego, Ca) on 01/22/2011

I was just wondering if/how it might be possible to contact Ted directly. I thought I once saw it posted but now can't locate it.

Thanks for the amazing website and plethora of information for wellness!


EC: Hi Annie,

You can email Ted directly at: [email protected].

For future reference, please click on the link at the top of the contact us/share your feedback page where it says, "Please read our guidelines if you are contacting us today for the first time or wish to contact the popular contributor, Ted."

Replied by Ed2010

Ted's contributions are extensive in EC. You can see variety of treatments recommended by him in different posts for different diseases. Top of everything is Ted's Alkalizing formula. I wish he comes free from any issues. Good Health.

Replied by Dave
(Fountain Inn, Sc)

To all who love and admire Ted:

"The effectual, fervent prayer of a righteous person avails much." James 5

So: All who have been helped by "our" beloved "Ted from Bangkok"... please pray for him...intently...

1. That he knows he is being upheld by thousands
2. That he be vindicated
3. That he be joyous through the trial
4. That good comes from what has happened

Replied by Lorraine
(Indiana, Usa)

Yes, Ted has has helped so many of us! Hey EC, is there any type of fund being set up or any way to help at all? I know this is not a political website, but it doesn't seem fair to abandon him after all he has done to help folks here through the years.

EC: Hi Lorraine,

Folks can donate to Ted via PayPal at any time on our Donations page. He's been on there for years now.

Replied by Ed2010

Ted should be given NOBEL PRIZE for the Ted's Alkalizing Formula. For a long time, I thought Sodium Bicarbonate taken in excess will corrode the stomach. We use Baking soda in pinches for some menus that is it.

Even though I was a regular reader of EC for more than 4 years. Never tried Ted Alkalizing formula as I was afraid of taking baking soda in half teaspoon and 1 teaspoon dosages ( and I did not try to understand the chemistry how it works). Just an year ago, I tried Ted's Alkalizing formula. What was the Result?

My Lower Back Pain was relieved in the 3rd day. Atleast the stiffness in the lower back muscles was relieved. Severe constipation was relieved in 1 day.

The reason for above symptoms were because body being too much acidic, which is because of North American Processed Foods.

Alkalizing the body is very important to cure most of the diseases. Hope, EC can place an ad block that is displayed on all the pages to support TED in the current scenario. Good Health & Good Luck

Replied by Sami
(Tx, Usa)

I don't post often, but try to visit this several times a week and keep current on posts. There are so loyal members that admire Ted and have been helped with his remedies or advice. In the last year in my web searching for additional help with my candida/mycosis, I have seen his name mentioned so many times on blogs and forums. I am sure many would be willing to do what ever they can to assist Ted with this recent event in his life. I have googled and found a few short related news items. Ted has been on my mind since it was posted a few days. He has given help to so many. I don't think he has the type of wealth of doctors is so common here in the US of A. Many of have been sickened or near death due to big pharma drugs or careless doctors diagnosis or treatments. I don't think many of those responsible parties in jail. Life is not fair that is for sure. I hope he can make it through this mess. Please let us know what we can do to help and keep us updated with any news. I don't want to post the link because it mentions names and the charges. The news story reads/sounds so incriminating, but we know the truth about our "Ted" and how he has helped so many sick desperate people and payment was a post stating "thank you". You can google "Ted from Bangkok, Thailand" narrow the search to current week. If you search you may also see a site/link of a thaivisa forum linked to the story. It has some good/bad comments but furthers speculation of the event.

My thoughts & prayers along with many others are with you Ted.

Replied by Louwrence
(Rustenburg North West)

Hi EC, I am trying to donate money to Ted but pay pal says that they cannot transfer money to him.

EC: Hi Louwrence, we got the following message too: "Currently PayPal accounts in Thailand are only able to send payments. This recipient is not eligible to receive funds." They must have changed the law recently.

Replied by Baldev
(Maharashtra, India)
191 posts

Earth Clinic,

Thanks a lot for giving information about Ted. We pray for him to get out of this mess unscathed.


Replied by Rebel
(Somewhere Usa)

This is very sad news. But we have to realize that anytime we do not go along with their plans, we will be a target. Collect as much info as you can to treat yourself and be careful who you pass the info on to. Remember that truth seeker's, No matter what it may pertain to, will be targets... This is not just with natural meds, but everything in life. Seek The truth and they will seek you.

The medical community has to much $$$$$$ to lose, their interest is in treating not curing.

First, they came after someone I did not know and I remained silent, because it did not affect me. Next they came after my neighbor, but I still remained silent, because this still did not affect me. Now they will come after you, because you did nothing to stop it.

Replied by Timh
(Ky, Usa)
2077 posts

Rebel: Thanx for your stand. After watching a Beck video on YouTube, one can't help but both respect and admire pioneer scientific researchers and advocates, and pity the persecution they endure.

Considering Beck's approach, I think he would have faired better having written & published a book on all his findings and lectured out of the book while charging a modest fee for attendance. There is both a necessity and freedom in terms of relations w/ money. Beck's approach of "giving away" his time and info can go unappreciated by many; and as for the conventional system, they NEVER operate outside money, so Beck went against their principle, thus inviting more opposition. Also, he should have been more inclusive in his application, instead he preached the empowerment of the individual health against all professional assistance.

Replied by Steven
(Cleveland, Ohio)

The main issue here is that if someone has overdosed, you take them to the Emergency Room, you don't take a taxi down the street to a friend's house and then "wait" for 5 hours for an ambulance to show up. That is downright irresponsible. Sorry, but the version of events that I have read here appears to be manipulated for public sympathy and doesn't ring entirely true to me. Any responsible party would have taken the friend to the hospital immediately. I am glad the young man survived. Had he not survived the two parties involved would have been charged with a lot worse.

ACV Book Comments

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Posted by Merryanne (Orange City, Florida, Usa) on 12/14/2010 120 posts
5 out of 5 stars

I just got my ACV book, , and it is awesome, great, extremely informative, , and I plan on getting a couple for Christmas gifts. I was happy to see also some information in it that tells you, you can make your own.. I have a gallon already setting and making ACE. I bought some apple cider at the store, put most of it into a glass gallon jug( a pickle jug) and the mother from a jar of AVC that I had bought, put a coffer filter over the top with a rubber band. Now with it being cold or cool in the house I don't know how long it will take, but it will make. Now also, after it makes, you keep the mother or culture that will be on top, and start another jug. Wow, I like making things, but I also plan on drinking some of the hard stuff when it makes. Thanks again for such a great book, Merryanne in Central Fl

ACV Book Comments
Posted by Alfred (Bangkok, Thailand) on 10/10/2010

Deirdre.. Congratulations.. Your book goes beyond words.. One book not enough.. So it is always there.. Now I have 3 books.. Of course one in the John, one in the office, one in the car.. When I talk to people now I must sound like a Doctor.. All my knowledge from Deirdre's book.. All proven knowledge that works. Now When I go to someones home for Dinner.. They get D's special book of better health and ways of improving your body.. Perfect Holiday gift.. All my friend and family must have at least one book. Health worth more than money. Deirdre I cannot thanks you enough for your great ACV book.. Easy reading, full of knowledge and full of love for our fellow man.. My Best,

Ad Issues

Posted by Sabita (Orange City, Fl) on 06/22/2021

Why am I seeing a banner ad in the middle of material I am reading and I can't get rid of it.

Replied by Earth Clinic

Hi Sabita,

Yes, we noticed that too. Sorry, it is super irritating. That is Google's auto-ad function plunking an ad in the middle of a post (vs an article, which would be much better).

We're trying to figure out how to stop that from happening without losing even more revenue. Every time we shift something on the ads, it tends to plummet much-needed revenue. We need the ads to pay for the programming updates the site needs constantly. Trying to figure out other revenue paths for the site, then we could ditch most of the ads. That would be the ultimate goal!


Posted by Staff (Earth Clinic) on 10/05/2012

Dear Earth Clinic Community: On Saturday, October 6th the website will be down for scheduled maintenance for several hours. This outage will begin at 3am CDT [GMT-5] and the site should be unavailable for about four (4) hours. Thanks for your patience and all of your contributions!

Posted by Deirdre (Earth Clinic) on 07/10/2012

Ever think, "Gosh that Ted is so smart! When is he ever gonna write a book?" That day is here, with help from our #2 expert, Bill Thompson! Check out their new eBook "ph Balanced for Life! The Easiest Way to Alkalize". It's a great instruction manual on how to properly alkalize--so easily, so inexpensively, and tailored to each person's needs. We're very proud of these two gentlemen! Check it out.

Posted by Dan (Earth Clinic) on 12/15/2011

We thought it was high time (actually, way overdue) to break out some of our acid reflux content into a new page dedicated specifically to GERD, which you can now find here.

While there's a lot of overlap between the two conditions, we hope this will help the Earth Clinic crowd find its way to the best remedy for each person's needs all the quicker! We've moved a lot of content over from the acid reflux page, so if you're curious to check it out, head right this way:

Posted by Rob (Manhattan, Ny) on 12/24/2010

Great program today on Democracy Now.. Dr. Gabor Mate on the Stress-Disease Connection, Addiction, Attention Deficit Disorder and the Destruction of American Childhood

Posted by Deirdre (Earth Clinic) on 09/08/2010

I am thrilled to be able to report that today the paperback version of our Apple Cider Vinegar book is available on Amazon!


Posted by Cindybugk (Dover, Tn) on 09/12/2012

I just wanted to say "thanks to Earth Clinic and all the people that write in with their remedies". I had a horrible place break out on my leg. It itched horribly and I thought that it was poison ivy...... Turns out it was infantigo. When I realized what it actually was..... I turned to Earth Clinic for a remedy and found that GSE topically and tablets by mouth work great. I immediately went to my vitamin cabinet, mixed up some diluted GSE, took 3 tablets and sprayed my entire body. That was last night and I can't begin to tell you just how much I have improved. I took 3 more GSE pills this morning, will take 2 at lunch and 3 more tonight. The skin irritation is on its way to being gone. Thanks again Earth Clinic!

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