Bloodroot: A Medicinal Plant


Posted by E- (Any Town, Usa) on 07/07/2012

I have had a lipoma on my arm on the inner side of th elbow where the arm bends. The lipoma is about 1 1/2" by 1" and I have had it for a few years and was afraid to remove surgically avoiding the major sugery factor. It is a sign that the body is not getting rid of "waste" and since my Dr only prescribes Levoxyl. 25 and does nothing else I am using oils like Cypress to help cleanse the liver. I eat a diet that includes vegetables and healthy foods like olive oil. My question is: Is Blood root safe to try on the lipoma. I understand I need to leave on for 12 hrs and How many times do I need to apply it. I have read reports online that the pain is unbearable and incapacitating. Is it true that the pain is incapacitating?

Please advise. Thank you.

Lump on Thigh, Skin Tags

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Posted by Andre (Waterbury, CT) on 11/08/2007

Yes i have tried the bloodroot paste on many things. i 1st used it on a weird lump i had on my doctor had told me it was just fibers under my skin and not to worry, but i had to get rid of it, it just naged me to be there. so i did a search and tought bloodroot paste might work. and guess what it did. it also got rid of my skin tags. and 1 time out of 5 it left a scar. i think its because i bandaged it with, because the other times i didnt and it left'nothing..

Lung Cancer

Posted by K (Alpharetta, Ga ) on 03/09/2014

Hi. I'm new to bloodroot, and have gotten salve from a reputable place, as far as I can tell? It seems really weak compared to some of y'all's stories, though. My mom has stage 4 lung cancer and a small spot on her liver. She's done a lot of chemo and radiation and has now joined the alternative med train! SOS, please, if you know of a quick bloodroot salve. She has limited time to live. This salve we got says roll 1/8 teaspoon into a ball and swallow. The cancer will come out later, in a weak spot. We aren't to apply it to the lung area... But we need a pretty quick healing. Thank you.

Replied by Mike62

K: Eating cooked conventionally grown food creates conditions called fermentation and acidosis. Cells are not able to survive. Their components mutate into cancer. Taking folk medicine does not remedy this. Eating the best food the right way does. Search raw food for cancer videos for the best complete food program.

Replied by Agnes

I am currently treating my uncle with Essiac Tea and drops of bloodroot and he has lung cancer......Essiac Tea has four herbs and is known throughout Canada.....Essiac was used by John F Kennedy personal physician who was cured by Essiac Herbal Tea....researchers spoke with the original Canadians who came up with this and for stubborn cancers they added bloodroot.....hope this helps a little


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Posted by Ron (Van Buren, MO) on 01/22/2008

I was taught as a little boy about the benefits of bloodroot as a "topical" treatment for skin tags, warts and skin cancers and have seen amazing results in a wide variety of applications.

I think it is important, however, to stress that bloodroot should never be taken internally without the close supervision of a qualified herbalist.

If a person has any (even undiagnosed) liver problems, the results could be catastrophic. I've had wonderful results personally in the treatment of a melanoma using "Two Feathers" healing salve, both internally and externally and while I've been unable to break out all of it's ingredients, I was able to be sure that it does not contain bloodroot. To check it out, go to

Namaste, Ron

Posted by Rhonda (San Diego, Ca.) on 05/29/2007

Re: black salve killed malignant melanoma tumors... My brother in law had late stage malignant melanoma that was diagnosed in 2000 and he was given 4-6 months to live prognosis at that time. He had tumors under his Rt. arm that disappeared with diet and herbal treatment. The tumors came back a couple of years ago and grew very quickly to the size of large cantelope.

I am a retired RN and did daily dressing changes, using black salve to the tumor sites until they came off in large chunks of necrotic tissue. There were times that I had to forego putting salve on them because of copious bleeding but after 6 months of daily treatment with black salve, the tumors were completely dead.

He had to undergo plastic surgery in order to have the necrotic masses and had large skin grafts placed over the site, but to him, it was well worth it because of the disfigurment these large masses caused.

John fought a 7 year battle and lived 16 more months after having plastic surgery. He died 3 months ago from metastatic melanoma to the upper and lower bowel. He was a very brave man that was able to say "NO" to the medical profession who wrote him off long ago.

I believe that he lived for so long because he never had chemo and radiation treatments that MDs insisted upon and stuck to diet and natural medicine. Anemia is what finally killed him. From the blood feeding all the tumors. He had several transfusions but was having more side effects and fast tumor growth after each of these so stopped them.

I have photos of the tumors through various stages of salve use if you want to see them. They are quite remarkable. Not for the weak however.


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Posted by Betsy K. (Fremont, CA) on 08/01/2021

I used bloodroot paste to remove a few small moles. I got the paste on Amazon, but the seller has left Amazon, and I can't remember the name of the brand. I just that it was super expensive (maybe $30 for a thimble full).

You scratch the mole with sandpaper or a needle until it bleeds just a little. Apply the bloodroot to the mole only and tape it up. Apply again everyday for a few more days, then stop. A blister or a blood blister forms around the mole and the area turns red and irritated. Eventually, a scab forms and it drops off. You're left with a crater, but that's good, it shows the root was removed. I have no scars at all from this, though it took a month or two so for the crater to fill in and for the pinkness to turn a normal color. I used this on my face and neck and it was fine.

Posted by Deonet (WA) on 12/07/2019

I bought Generations Black Salve from a store in California before the FDA banned it because they are no more than tools of the pharmaceutical industry. I have keloid skin and scar from everything. Tested this on the tender inner arm skin where all looked good. No reaction, which is how it should be. Put it on a mole that looked wrong and WOW! It reacted. The mole died, went black. Then the area became inflamed and pussy like it should. My body pushed out the mole and some stringy things. I healed better than from surgery even though I still scarred. The stuff works and is great. Does not react to normal skin if you get it from a reputable place that only uses the bloodroot, gangalal, red clover, and sheep sorrel in it. Generations is gone now, but Best on Earth and another place still have it.

Posted by Maisie's Mom (NJ) on 06/10/2012

Okay, after reading all these posts, questions, testimonials, warnings, etc. , would it not just be workable or effective to use just pure bloodroot extract/tincture (liquid) either by itself or with some form of delivery (dmso) or suspension (glycerin or vit. E) only? Because it would seem to me that the zinc chloride in the formulation is the culprit. I am trying to use it for cosmetic purposes (moles, plentiful, but none cancerous). Maisie's Mom

Posted by Stranger (Dillwyn, Va, United States) on 05/08/2010

As many people here have noted, bloodroot is an effective solution to unsightly moles and with a felt improvement to one's appearance and quality of life. Dermatologists will charge hundreds of dollars to cut out moles, but with bloodroot, moles can be removed for the cost of only about ten dollars. The scalpel of the doctor will always leave visible line scars, but bloodroot, which is all-natural, will not always scar. I do have a few scars from using bloodroot, but with proper treatment these can be reduced in time. Whether a scar does result seems to be due to the size and location of the mole. Larger moles and the areas around them will turn white from the application of bloodroot. Then, after a few days, the mole will simply shrivel and pop out, leaving a crater which will eventually fill and become covered with skin. I have had scabs form over other smaller moles on my face, and in those cases, the moles came off when the scab peeled away. Red marks larger than the mole were left. These eventually faded with daily treatments of vitamin E oil, which is another miracle cure. I tried special scar reducing cream, and this did nothing. With only a few treatments with vitamin E oil, scarred areas lightened quickly, and within only a couple days, I saw new skin growth. Currently, I am treating scars on my chest from the removal of a few moles that were like fly specks. With time, I'm hopeful that these will heal over as well. Generally, bloodroot works best with larger moles, and it seems to do more damage with the smaller dots. My theory is that the mole tissue absorbs the bloodroot, but around smaller pigmented spots, bloodroot only damages the skin, thus causing worse scarring. On a small speck on my leg, the bloodroot, although applied directly, missed the spot completely, apparently because the mole, being small, did not have any mass of tissue to absorb it. I might suggest simply learning to live with the small mole specks which do not rise above the skin surface, but I do highly recommend it for taking out larger and more unsightly moles. Once the area is white or scabbed, treat it with aloe for healing. Then, when the mole and/or scab is gone, use vitamin E to prevent scarring.

Posted by Lisa (Mabou, Nova Scotia ) on 07/31/2009

Bloodroot, grown often as an ornamental in gardens has proven to be an amazing remedy for the removal of facial moles!!! I had on, dark brown mole on my chin that grew darker and larger over the years. I stumbled upon this remedy and decided to try it. Absolutely amazing! The pulverized root mixed with a little cayenne pepper and a drop of grapefuit seed extract was applied to the lightly scratched surface of the mole. This was covered with a bandaid and left overnight. In the morning I applied a hot compress for 1 minute. Then the bandaid was removed. A scab had formed over the surface of the mole. I applied an antibiotic ointment over this. It is important to let the scab fall of in it's own time! After three (!) days the scab fell off and my mole I had lived with for 15 years is COMPLETELY gone!!!

Replied by Kgd
(Saint Louis, Mo)

I am posting this because I hope it will help someone.

Thursday 11/6/03
Age 38, I am fair-skinned with history of blistering sunburns during childhood. A barber discovered that I had a large mole while trimming the back of my neck while I was out of town working on my mom's estate. I was extremely busy that year and was not checking my skin monthly. The covering was reddish brown oval shape 5/8" wide with a rough surface like a mole or scab, but with no recent injury. It grew to that size within less than 5-7 weeks since I had last looked at the back of my neck. It was not painful, but I noticed my shirt tag rubbing against the rough spot for the first time the day before it was discovered. Of course I was in a mental panic driving back from the barber shop. As soon as I walked in the door, I called immediately for an appointment with my dermatologist but the receptionist said there was a 5-week wait. I was very concerned and they moved it up to 15 days. After I hung up the phone, I remembered bloodroot is supposed to remove moles and that there was a patch at the edge of the yard just outside the kitchen. I also knew a lady who had used black salve to remove skin cancer from her forehead. Even though the bloodroot was dormant I dug in the dirt, found it on the first try, broke off a root piece the size of a finger joint, washed it and kept it refrigerated in a little glass pill jar. I sliced off a 1mm thick piece of bloodroot, rubbed the juice on the mole and let it soak in. I applied the bloodroot slice to the mole basically the same way my dermatologist had shown me how to use salicylic acid pads for plantar warts, but I never scraped it. The bloodroot juice made it sting slightly and I could feel that something was happening. I put a drop of water on the root slice to make sure it was moist and rubbed it on the mole again. All it took was a 1mm thick slice and the diameter fit perfectly on the mole. I taped it down tight on the mole with a bandaid, and sealed it with medical tape.

Within 20 minutes of making the doctor appt my first bloodroot treatment was already applied. At that point I was not worried because I was doing something positive about it plus I had a doctor appt scheduled just in case the bloodroot didn't work. I massaged it through the bandage frequently to squeeze more juice into the mole and stimulate healing. The reddish brown cover came off the next morning. I changed the bandage each morning, and repeated the process. The light colored yellowish gray pus sloughed off on the bandages a little bit each day and rinsed off while showering. The skin was also healing as the mole was clearing out, it shrunk down to almost nothing in 5 days and completely healed within a week. The scar is a 5/8" wide crater but It is totally unnoticeable.

Friday 11/21/03 3:30PM
I brought the bandages and tissue which I had kept frozen in a jar to the appt. My dermatologist remarked that the scar was pretty big. I had prepared these questions for my dermatologist:
Will you biopsy the tissue that I had frozen so that I will know whether I had cancer?
Can you take a biopsy sample from the dried mole covering still attached to a bandage?
Have you had other patients who used bloodroot?
What do you think of the bloodroot-based escharotic black salve ointments that are on the market?
Can you find out from a biopsy if this was associated with a specific cancer, virus, mold, or bacteria?
My dermatologist refused the biopsy request and didn't really explain why. I wanted to know if I had had cancer and felt like he brushed me off.

Of course, I dug up some bloodroot while the house was vacant and have a nice patch growing in my yard now. I kept the piece of bloodroot that I used in 2003 frozen in a jar and found that it maintains potency while frozen. It can be reconstituted with water and sliced for continued use for several years - which is good since the plant is rare and grows very slowly. I used it again twice in 2006 & 2009 , but these were pinhead-size moles that I discovered during routine skin self-examinations, and bloodroot removed each of them in one day.

Meanwhile, in 2009 one of my best friends died of melanoma at age 44. He had an abundance of moles, but the melanoma was already at Stage 4 when discovered and he told me before he died that he did not know where it originated.

In 2012, 9 years after the discovery of my fast-growing mole, I viewed "Skin Lesions And Cancer" slideshow. I think what I had most closely resembled Bowen's Disease which is a type of squamous cell carcinoma that rapidly spreads outward. If that is the case then I probably had a a pre-cancerous actinic keratosis in that location that I was unaware of prior to the rapid growth of the mole. Now at age 47 I discovered that I suddenly have about a dozen actinic keratosis spots on top of my head, so I am trying apple cider vinegar for 3 days so far with no result. I might try bloodroot powder from an herb shop mixed with aloe lotion if ACV doesn't work, but I've tried bloodroot before and it doesn't seem to work with AK either. I can always visit a dermatologist to freeze them off if needed.

Posted by Carolyn (Bay City, MI USA) on 11/18/2008


I used bloodroot paste on a mole on my stomach. This is what I learned: It is very powerful. Be sure to put it ONLY on the spot you want gone. That's what I did at first, but when it got all white around it, I put more paste all over that too! I mistakenly thought that it was trying to reattach. Over and over for about 4 days. Not a good idea. Now I realize I should have been careful to put it only on the spot itself. The resulting area would most likely have been much smaller.

It developed into a big sore. Was swollen and red and hurt like heck! BUT each day the redness and soreness lessened, so I wasn't too worried about it. I used antibiotic cream with a pain killer on bandaid and kept it covered. It was rather interesting watching the process, even though pretty gross. Then the center of the thing got sorta rubbery and began to loosen around the edges. Now that hurt, but I realized that it was getting ready to fall out. When it came out, it left a pretty deep looking hole about the size of a quarter. All in all this process took about 2 weeks, but the crater that it left is filling in nicely.

At no time did it seem to be infected, all fluid was clear, and I could see improvement each day.

I will be much more careful should I decide to use it again.

Replied by Annette
(Queensland, Australia)

Black salve should only be applied once, I think, to the affected area, for 12 to 24 hours, and then simply left, covered if you want to protect the area and also your clothes. I believe that the salve breaks through the disguise that the cancer uses to trick your body into growing it, and allowing your body's own immune system to do its stuff and recognise and expel the foreign material.

With all it's successes over time black salve should be readily available to us all, and the authorities should be supporting research into how it works best rather than suppressing the information and shutting down and jailing the manufacturers!!!

Gail M.
(Pa, U.S.A.)

I spoke to a man who developed a black salve for melanomas. He was forced to flee the country. I contacted him in South America over a decade ago. I was thrilled when he answered the phone and chatted.

Posted by Donna (Washington, DC) on 05/09/2008


I used the bloodroot salve almost three weeks ago. I only used a little bit on four small moles, probably the size of a pin head and covered the area with a bandaid. The next morning I had redenss and swelling under my eyes and scabs where the moles were. It looked like I was in a fight! I called the company and was very frustrated. The guy told me that the reaction was normal, and that it would heal. Within the next two days the scab came off of one which is healed, but light in color. On the left side of my face was the bigger mole. It was a little bigger than a pin head, but once the mole fell off the area was bigger.That area has also healed, but is white in color with some darkness around the circled area. Once again I contacted the company and the guy stated that the skin would repigment over time. The problem that I am experiencing now is on my left cheek where I removed three small moles. My excema has flared up, which is making my skin look terrible. I am trying to be patient with this process but it is very frustating. I would not advise using the cream on your face.

Replied by Joyce
(Joelton, TN)
495 posts

Consider yourself fortunate to have found something that works & doesn't kill you before any cancer has the chance to. I have also used the black salve with good results many times in the past. If anyone wonders why many are getting disillusioned with orthodox medicine and the FDA, go to, go through until you find reference to Cancerolytic Herbs: A History of Suppression. You just might decide that the above has developed into our worst cancer of all. Most of all, we need to thank God for the internet which makes it much easier for useful information to be passed on to the public and when enough of us "little bucks" plebians" join together, maybe we can out shout the big bucks and change things back to the way it should be. The first thing we need to tackle is getting the toxins (especially monosodium glutamate and aspartame) out of our food supplies and we don't have time to play around - because they are now saying that alzheimers disease is hitting people in their thirties. At this rate most parents won't be functioning mentally long enough to get their children to a state of independence where they can care for themselves. Even worse is the probablility that these children will develop symptoms much earlier than their parents because they have been fed foods laden with MSG and aspartame since they were old enough to eat baby food.

Posted by Peggy (Gulf Breeze, FL) on 04/17/2008

About a year ago, I decided to use bloodroot to remove a pencil- eraser-sized mole on the left side of my chin close to the jaw line just below my mouth. I chose the bloodroot/DMSO combination since I understood that the DMSO would speed the process through the skin. I have to say that I was not prepared for what happened. Once I had started the process, though, there was no turning back. I covered just the mole with the bloodroot paste and kept it covered. I reapplied the paste for about a week. First, the mole turned a cheesy looking white. Then, it scabbed over and had a white ring completely around the edge of it. By this time, the whole thing was about the size of a dime. My jaw swelled up and there were shooting pains in it that kept me from sleeping. This really scared me and I contacted someone for advice. I was advised after about six days of applying the salve to stop applying it, just keep the scab area covered,swab around the OUTSIDE of it with peroxide and it would loosen and fall off. This seemed to take a little longer than I anticipated, but when I added a little warm compress, it truly did pop right out. You certainly don't want to rush this - it has to fall out on its own. The back of the "mole" was grayish and smoothe with little dots on it that I assume were the tiny blood vessels that had supplied blood to it. The spot where the mole had been looked like I had taken a paper punch and punched out a circle of skin. I thought I was in for a bad scar, but I started putting vitamin E on it and organic coconut oil. It's been a year now and the spot is not very noticable to anyone but me, and that's because I know its there. I continue to keep it oiled and also use anti-scar products just for good measure. The faint of heart should NOT use bloodroot, especially on their face. Using it on a floppy mole in some inconspicious place covered by clothing would probably be a lot less scary. My mole was fairly large and well anchored, and on my face - not the floppy kind on a stalk. I do think it is amazing stuff, BUT extreme care needs to be taken when using it.

Replied by Margierunner
(Austin, Texas)


I had similar results on a mole on my back. I put bloodroot paste on the mole for about 1 week. It got really infected and my lymph nodes hurt and I felt really sick. I put honey on the mole and within a few days the infection was gone and the mole dropped out this morning. There is a serious hole in my back right now but it is clean and I expect it to fill in as others have reported. I had a smaller mole (pencil eraser size) on my neck that fell out much quicker with less pain. The hole is filled in now after a week. I really appreciate all the advice on this website as I was not surprised at the process I went through. I would certainly do it again but also warn others not to do this if you are faint at heart. It can be very scary.

Posted by Alex (London, United Kingdom) on 04/15/2008


I tried bloodroot bought off ebay last autum (2007) I do like herbal alternate remedies and was quite excited when reading about bloodroot. Looking at my moles for years (and being vain) I rejoiced at the possibility of having them vanish in an easy and scarless fashion (as proclaimed) Got a bit carried away though and decided to eradicate all about 30-40 off them on front and back of torso at once. Thought if they do take a few weeks to heal and might be unseemly in the mean time (plus I won't be able to use the sunbed to avoid pigment scarring) it would be better to do them all at once, rather than one after the other (which would have taken month and month...) The result was major discomfort - after 2-3 applications my body seemed to turn into a sea of skin irritation and itching!!! It really did drive me up the wall and since there was no position in which I could lie painless and itchfree (forget Paracetamol - won't help a bit), I did not realy sleep for 2 weeks.

Now for the benefit of the procedure. Some moles fell off pretty soon (especially the more raised ones) and have vanished hence. Mostly though - especially the smaller ones were still there when the scabs came off and I still have slight reddening around them. For the bigger flat ones - one fell off (with about 5mm of underneath skin tissue leaving a 8mm itching crater in the skin - took about another 10 days to close up and the result is a reddish smoth round scar as big as the mole there used to be. Several other bigger moles did prevail as well and are now suspiciouse looking, i.e. they are now multicoloured and less regular shaped. It does also seem a bit as if I have a few more tiny moles in vicinity to where treated mole on my abdomen. (cannot swear on that though). The post-bloodroot look of the multicolored moles did get me worried and my GP had two biopsised. Fortunately the biopsies were benign. They will still cut them both out completly to make sure though(ergo in the end the bloodroot did help me get rid of two more big moles, by causing the NHS to pay for their excision). If someone were to ask me - don't use bloodroot for the heck of it. Make sure that the moles you treat are really draining your self worth and not just little beauty spots. Consider the options - when I had the biopsis done the process was much more 'comfortable' that the bloodroot procedure, it did not hurt, did not itch and left less scarring yet.

Posted by Maily (Melbourne, Australia) on 03/17/2008

Is cancema and blood root the same thing? I put some cancema on a tiny mole I had on my shoulder - a tiny bit three days in a row. The area around the mole went quite red about 1cm immediately around the mole it was raised up a bit and creamish colour. I covered it with a bandaid each day as it took weeks to heal, but when the scab finally came off the mole had gone. It has slowly healed and now I'm putting a little lavender essential oil on it each day and the scar is disappearing quite noticeably. I am a real fan of this website....thank you. Maily

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