Bloodroot: A Medicinal Plant

Posted by Ron (Van Buren, MO) on 01/22/2008
5 out of 5 stars

I was taught as a little boy about the benefits of bloodroot as a "topical" treatment for skin tags, warts and skin cancers and have seen amazing results in a wide variety of applications.

I think it is important, however, to stress that bloodroot should never be taken internally without the close supervision of a qualified herbalist.

If a person has any (even undiagnosed) liver problems, the results could be catastrophic. I've had wonderful results personally in the treatment of a melanoma using "Two Feathers" healing salve, both internally and externally and while I've been unable to break out all of it's ingredients, I was able to be sure that it does not contain bloodroot. To check it out, go to

Namaste, Ron

Posted by Rhonda (San Diego, Ca.) on 05/29/2007
5 out of 5 stars

Re: black salve killed malignant melanoma tumors... My brother in law had late stage malignant melanoma that was diagnosed in 2000 and he was given 4-6 months to live prognosis at that time. He had tumors under his Rt. arm that disappeared with diet and herbal treatment. The tumors came back a couple of years ago and grew very quickly to the size of large cantelope.

I am a retired RN and did daily dressing changes, using black salve to the tumor sites until they came off in large chunks of necrotic tissue. There were times that I had to forego putting salve on them because of copious bleeding but after 6 months of daily treatment with black salve, the tumors were completely dead.

He had to undergo plastic surgery in order to have the necrotic masses and had large skin grafts placed over the site, but to him, it was well worth it because of the disfigurment these large masses caused.

John fought a 7 year battle and lived 16 more months after having plastic surgery. He died 3 months ago from metastatic melanoma to the upper and lower bowel. He was a very brave man that was able to say "NO" to the medical profession who wrote him off long ago.

I believe that he lived for so long because he never had chemo and radiation treatments that MDs insisted upon and stuck to diet and natural medicine. Anemia is what finally killed him. From the blood feeding all the tumors. He had several transfusions but was having more side effects and fast tumor growth after each of these so stopped them.

I have photos of the tumors through various stages of salve use if you want to see them. They are quite remarkable. Not for the weak however.