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Posted by Liz (Boston, Ma) on 05/17/2011

Stacey - The organic brand does taste different than the regular "H's" brand. The organic brand has a lighter flavor and by comparison, you'll find it tastes a little like white wine.

I loved all types of vinegar before I ever stumbled across this site (I could swig it right from the bottle if I had to... haha), and already had four different types in my pantry.

I actually prefer the taste of the stronger, non-organic ACV and strangely enough, it worked better for me in lowering my blood pressure than the organic did. Weird.

When I switched from regular ACV to the organic, my BP went back up. Guess it just depends on our individual systems.

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Posted by Liz (Boston, Ma) on 05/17/2011

Hi Francisca - Believe me, I am informed and I've tried "something else". I've tried pretty much everything else over the years. ;-)

I didn't advise the other poster to eliminate fats from her diet, as I know they have their place in our overall health. I said that ultimately, it's less calories and more movement that works best. And it does. If someone is eating 2, 000 calories per day (regardless of how many of those calories come from fat) and not exercising, they won't lose weight.

If they lower their calorie intake by even just a few hundred calories per day, which isn't that difficult, and do something as minimal as going for a 10 minute walk every day, they will lose weight. Drop the calories to around 1,200'ish and walk for 20-30 minutes a day and they'll lose it even faster.

As for fat intake, I include it in my diet daily (mostly healthy fats like Omega-3's, olive oil and flaxseed oil), and I typically have a couple of walnuts or a tablespoon of peanut butter on a slice of whole wheat toast.

I never had difficulty losing weight fairly quickly up until around age 45. I went through menopause early (at 42) and woahhh! It is SO much harder to lose weight post-meno. I'd hoped the ACV might help break the cycle - expedite things, but sadly - it did not.

But, as they say - "Getting older isn't for sissies. " I'll SAY! ;-)

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Posted by Carly (Seattle , Wa - Usa) on 05/16/2011

Just to note - here is where I could have used a "Thumbs Up" button. ;-) I totally agree with Debbie. Aspartame is evil (mo).

Read up on it.... It is not to be put into the human body lightly. I personally would NEVER knowingly ingest it. It is poison as far as I can tell. You would be better off with a drink with sugar or honey (I use molassas myself) in it any day of the week.


EC: Hi Carly, a thumbs up button is in progress! We're just testing it out now and troubleshooting some design issues.

Posted by Kathie (Houston, United States) on 05/16/2011
3 out of 5 stars

Better But With Side Effects

Why does ACV give me so much "nervous" energy? Am I detoxing or is it just its nature? I do not consume much caffine, only a few cups of green tea in the morning, so I really feel the effect.

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Posted by Debbie (Melbourne, Australia) on 05/16/2011

Hi Stacy

Crystal light contains "aspartame". Please read up on the dangers of aspartame! It is very dangerous and has been implicated in such things as Parkinsons Disease, & seizures amonst others. You would be better off putting raw honey into your ACV drink (which contains many nutrients) or even stevia (a sweet herb). I am wary of anything "sugar free".

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Posted by Staceybrister (Vancouver, Wa Usa) on 05/16/2011

Hi :)

I'm new here and haven't quite figured this site out... But I love it, already. I wish I had something to offer now, instead I have a question. Can anyone tell me, please, does the ACV you all are using taste a lot different than the regular clear heinz stuff? I just started taking the heinz stuff, and I like the way it tastes with warm water, lemon, and honey. I spent the entire night (last night) reading here, and I am excited, and hoping to become a contributing member. Thank You!!!

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Posted by Francisca (Michelbach-le-bas, Alsace, France) on 05/16/2011

Please read my answer to Liz, it is not at all about counting calories! This is what we are told but then we are told so much nonsense...... Get informed!

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Posted by Francisca (Michelbach-le-bas, Alsace, France) on 05/16/2011

Hi Liz, it sounds like to me that you might profit from trying something else! I am not overweight myself, so I can't tell you whether it works but there are several books about eating fat to lose fat. I have read Trick and Treat by Barry Groves but there are others. If you have tried everything and nother worked..... I know that it is not really a possibility people think about because of all the bad publicity fat has got but in Britain that is already been changing and they are advising pregnant women to eat a full cooked English breakfast because fat is so necessary for a healthy body!

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Posted by Liz (Boston, Ma) on 05/16/2011

Stacy - Yes, it's definitely about what we eat and not about the ACV alone. I took the ACV w/ water and a few drops of honey religiously - three times every day for two months and never lost an ounce. And it's not like I was stuffing my face with high fat/high calorie foods, either. I ate sensibly but still never lost weight drinking the ACV mix.

I continue to take it though, because it definitely did help lower my blood pressure.

Unfortunately, for those of us fighting the battle of the bulge, there really isn't a miracle supplement. It's the age-old 'less calories and more exercise' that actually works.

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Posted by Stacy (East Hartford, Connecticut, Us) on 05/16/2011

They tell you to dilute it in water, but it's still too gross for me, so I drink it with Crystal Light! I mix 8 oz. of Crystal Light with 2 tbsp of ACV 3 times a day, always before I eat. I also took sugar out of my diet completely! I was never one to check the amount of calories in something before I bought it, but I have been really good about it lately. I dont buy it if it has more than 150 calories in 1 serving. Eatin smarter has a lot to do with the weight loss I think!

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Posted by Rochelle43 (Belton, Sc) on 05/16/2011

PLEASE OH PLEASE TELL ME HOW AND WHEN YOU TOOK THE ACV!! :) I have _____'s organic ACV with the mother , but not sure if I should take it b4 meals or after... Or sip thruout the day??? I have read SO MANY difffernet approaches that I'm confused! I also have 4 children... But now my wt. stays around 180 and has been for 2 yrs. or so.


i will check back soon in hopes that you see my question

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Posted by R (Denver, Co) on 05/15/2011

Glad to hear ACV working for you! How often and how are you taking it?

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Posted by Stacy (East Hartford, Connecticut, Us) on 05/15/2011
5 out of 5 stars

I started using ACV about 4 weeks ago. I started using it for weight loss, and to help my menstral flow. I didn't know if there was a specific kind I had to buy, so I just bought the store brand. I drank it for 3 weeks, and nothing seemed to change! So I googled it, and saw that it was supossed to help with a number of different things (which it wasn't). Then I saw that it was best to use organic ACV with "the mother" in it, so I went right out and bought 2 big bottles (this was 1 week ago). Within 3 days, I noticed changes! I had so much more energy!

I am 26 with 4 children, so I am very drained all the time. I never want to do anything with my children (i.e. Take them to the park) because I am always so tired! But since have been drinking the organic ACV, we have went for walks, I've taken them to the park, and we even went in our own backyard and ran around (which we never do)! I am so much more pleased with my energy level!

The 2nd change was my skin. I never had acne, but I always had these little bumps on my chin, upper cheeks, and especially my forehead! Like I said before, I have been drinking the organic ACV for a week, and my skin feels like the skin of a baby!!!! No more little bumps, they have all vanished!

The 3rd change is my menstral flow. I hadn't gotten it for 2 months, so that is one of the reasons I originally started drinking ACV. Nothin happened with the store brand, but once I started using the organic, IT CAME!!!!!!! And I didn't get a single cramp!!!! It was like a miracle!

The final change was my stomach. All my life (before I had my children), I was 110 lbs and a size 1. I went up to a size 5 after having my 2nd child, and a size 7 after my 3rd. I was ok with that, but it was my 4th that I really gained!! After my 4th, I was a size 13/14 and 178 lbs!!!!!! My stomach was nowhere near being flat! Since I started the organic ACV, I have dropped a pant size! I am now in an 11/12! And my stomach has went down drastically!! Don't get me wrong, it is definitely not like it was after my 2nd or 3rd child, but I will say it's close! I have not weighed myself because I want to wait a few weeks. I want to see a double digit weight loss rather than a single digit. All in all, I am completely satisfied with using organic ACV wth "the mother" in it, and I would recommend it to anyone having any of the problems I had! Thanks Earth Clinic!!

Posted by Natasha (Syracuse, Ny) on 05/02/2011

Hi! I am 31 years old and have been drinking an ACV cocktail 2 to 3 times a day for about a month now. I simply mix 2 tsp organic ACV with 8-10 oz. of cold water with ice. I love the taste! However, a lot of information that I am reading is saying that it is good to mix the ACV with warm water and honey. Is it just as effective for the body in cold water? I appreciate any insight! Thanks!

Storing Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Liz (Boston, Ma) on 05/02/2011

No, apple cider vinegar does not require refrigeration. The bottle I have (the popular B's brand that's often mentioned here) says right on the bottle; Refrigeration not necessary. Shake well before using.

Posted by Michelle (Denver, Co) on 05/01/2011
5 out of 5 stars

I had an annoying wart on my finger for YEARS and it just would not go away-- I tried cutting and freezing products but they were useless. THEN I started to put a little piece of cotton soaked apple cider vinegar directly on the wart covered with duct tape or a band-aid. Sometimes I would cut off a coulple of layers of skin before doing this so the vinegar could really get in there--it BURNED like hell, but in a short amount of time my wart was permanently GONE!

Also, just TODAY I was feeling soooo sick. I had just been to the doctor for another UTI and got some antibiotics but my whole stomach was hurting and I had horrible pains and bloating and discomfort. I drank 2 tablespoons of ACV diluted in a few cups of water with stevia and a little cinnamon (makes it taste less horrible) and I FEEL SO MUCH BETTER ALREADY! I don't know what it will take for me to get it through my thick skull that I need to be drinking a little of this stuff every day. I use organic ACV, with the mother. :)

Storing Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Tara (Los Angeles, Ca) on 05/01/2011

I bought a bottle of organic apple cider vinegar from Trade Joe's. Does it matter if it's refrigerated or not? Does it ever expire? TIA!

General Feedback
Posted by Beatrice (Ottawa, Canada) on 04/29/2011

Hello there, I am a big fan of natural medicine vs. conventinal and have just started to drink the ACV in water mixture for what I believe is a stomach ulcer along with poor digestion in general. I just had a small amount of it to try it out, and I felt a little bit of discomfort/burning, but nothing unbearable. Once it calmed down a little though, I did notice I felt more energized and had a more uplifting mood and I just felt a lot better in general, it was amazing! I'm not sure if this was unrelated or a placebo effect, but I did feel a whole lot better in a matter of minutes after drinking it.

I was just curious, the instructions state to drink it 3 times a day before meals, but is there a problem with drinking it during or after meals? Or before bed time?

And also, does ACV help regulate blood pressure or does it just lower it? I do experience low blood pressure/arrythmias at times and I wouldn't want to cause any harm in that sense.
Thank you!

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Posted by Steve (Los Angeles, Ca) on 04/28/2011

Hi I was just wondering does it matter if it's distilled apple cider vinegar or does it have to be regular? Or is organic better? and the _____'s brand is that at whole foods or at a local store you can buy from?

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Posted by Debbie (Melbourne, Australia) on 04/26/2011

Beth, one reason why ACV is good for you (I wouldn't say apples are bad) is that it is a fermented product which means it adds back good bacteria into the intestines. Many people nowdays have bad digestion because of antibiotics killing off the good bacteria in the stomach.

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Posted by Beth (London, England) on 04/26/2011

Would someone please explain why apple cider vinegar should be better for the health than apples?

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Posted by Ninesuns (Fresno, California, Usa) on 04/24/2011
5 out of 5 stars

On our apple ranch, we decided to make apple cider vinegar. A neaerby wine company also made brandy; and they had a warehouse of barrels filled with fermenting wine. I bought an old brandy barrel from them and poured in the apple juice. We were told it would take about a year to ferment, but the mother formed in about two months on the top, about 3 inches thick. The vinegar was ready in about 5 months. This was the best cider vinegar I have ever tasted, almost like a flavored drink with a little bite to it. I think the old brandy barrel flavor made the process faster. No alcohol, just raw apple cider vinegar.

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Posted by Helen (New York) on 04/24/2011

I had good luck with sea salt in warm water at the first sign of diverticulosis.

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Posted by Crusinnj (Old Bridge, Usa) on 04/23/2011
4 out of 5 stars

I have Diverticulitus.. And tonight I tried something different. Normally the doctor puts me on Cipro 500 mgs but I tried the following

1) Fresh Ginger made tea with honey

2) Apple Cider Vinegar with honey in water as written by others in this post

3) MSM 1 tbp twice tonight so far.. any excess the body releases via the urine.

So far all the pain is gone with the only residue being red in my stool. Again, I came down with this today 11 hours ago and it was getting bad until I started trying the above.

I will keep you posted on the progress but so far so good.

Acid Reflux
Posted by Shaina (Bloomington, In) on 04/21/2011
5 out of 5 stars

ACV help acid reflux because your body needs more stomach acid. The body may also need more digestable foods. The combination between a poor diet (may be a personal dietary situation, or processed conventional food including pasturized dairy products) that is had to digest and the body not having the resources it needs to produce the stomach acid to fully digest this food. Without enough acid to digest, indigestion (not digesting) occurs and results in burning of the esophagus.

Inhibiting stomach acid production with an antacid may halt the burning but will surely increase the digestion problems, probably resulting in constipation or other digestive upset. Would seem better to tackle the source of the issue than to compound stressors, through to each his own. Vitamin C also helps this greatly.

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Posted by Calvintage (San Diego, Ca) on 04/13/2011
5 out of 5 stars

I have used ACV for a nasty sinus infection, cleared it up wonderfully so that I didn't have to use antibiotics. I have used it while pregnant and breastfeeding to improve my recovery time with a cold, or to avoid getting one while my children had one.

I have used it for the same reasons for the children, as young as 3... A small amount 1/2 tsp to 1 tsp, with plenty of honey in hot water... If I give them a straw they will drink it up and are now used to it.

I used it also for my 3 year old's eczema. She had a mild case, on legs, from 9 months - 3 years. I just put it on with a cotton swab, maybe I put a bandage over, I forget. She said it stings, but a few minutes after, it would stop itching. I think it was gone in 3 days and never came back.

I also want to say I have taken it while breastfeeding with no noticeable difference in my baby's burpiness or spitting up or fussiness. I have been cautious not to take it to frequently in case it effects the amount of milk I make, or makes me lose weight, which I don't want to do while nursing.

I also have taken it daily when not nursing as an energy drink. (hot with honey) It works as well as coffee but without the jitters.

I also have used it on a cotton swab on my face, makes it glow! I told that to my sister who had been getting expensive acne medication, she stopped using that when she found how good ACV works on her skin... She has been using it now for over a year with excellent results. I love ACV!

General Feedback
Posted by Deb (Middletown, Ny) on 04/12/2011

In 8 oz glass of water put 2 tbs ACV and 1 tbs of honey. Tastes pretty good!

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Posted by Cj9113 (Middletown , New York) on 04/11/2011

I started drinking Apple Cider Vinegar with water and I am having a hard time drinking it cause of the taste. My question is, can I drink it in orange juice? will it still work the same for losing weight and any thing else it works on???

General Feedback
Posted by Celeste (St Petersburg, Fl/usa) on 04/06/2011

Hello everyone, I want to combine ACV, BSM, honey, coconut oil, for a tonic, to be used during the day. Is there any problem with that? Thanks.

ACV Rashes
Posted by Misha (Binghamton, New York) on 04/03/2011
0 out of 5 stars

I am absolutely shocked to read this post! Years ago in college I came down with the Pityriasis Rosea rash. I was told that this condition rarely reoccurs. However, when taking apple cider vinegar for about a month, again I had the unsightly, very uncomfortable Pityriasis Rosea condition again! I am thinking that this might be some sort of healing crisis.

General Feedback
Posted by Lily (Brisbane, Queensland, Australia) on 03/22/2011

Hi Cj9113, yes you can put your Apple Cider Vinegar into your yogurt, but wouldn't it curdle? Let us know if it does!! Lily.

General Feedback
Posted by John N (Boston, Ma) on 03/21/2011

Hi, I have just started to take Apple Cider Vinegar and i'am a bit confussed on what brand to buy, how much to take daily, should I drink it thru out the day instead of 3 times a day before meals, when should I brush my teeth after I take Apple Cider Vinegar, by avoiding the teeth as I take it would that help? I really want to find the best plan daily to take this to help with weight loss, hair loss, aches and joint and muscle pain but mostly to keep my ph balanced. I have been using Heinz acv, about 6 tablespoons a day. Thx John