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Posted by Michelle (Charlotte, NC) on 02/11/2009
5 out of 5 stars

Hi Guys, I love this site.... I read a posting about someone putting ACV on a Mole, and it falling off....I have alot of moles, freckles on mt body, and a really cute beauty mark by my lip everyone loves...but a few months ago, a very Large Mole came up on the otherside of my month, and it stuck out very far from my face, it was a very ugly color, and the area where it was located itched nonstop. So I dipped a q-tip in organic ACV, and put it on the mole and took the cotton part off and but a bandaid over it for about 5 hrs...and took it off, I didn't have to do it for a couple of days, 2 days later it just dropped off, and I have no scar or anything....I LOVE THIS SITE..... TRY it for your moles....