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Heart Pain
Posted by Tim P (Montana)

Last night I was feeling a huge pain in my chest and my heart felt heavy and I even was weak in my left arm. Thinking it may be something serious I almost called the hospital, but remembered someone once said that ACV cleaned arteries and has helped many from serious problems. I woke up this morning and drank 1 cup straight of ACV and within minutes I felt the pain go away. After 1 hour I had my strength back and was feeling back to normal. (Although throughout the hour I had to drink about 3 glasses of water and eat a few teaspoons of honey since my gut was bloated.) No waiting in a hospital line for me and I am back to feeling like I have more energy than I can remember in just a few hours time. I was say that without a doubt that ACV saved my life and saved me a ton in hospital bills. Now, I am stocking up on that great stuff and will eat much more healthier. By the way, I also ran across a website about High Fructose Corn Syrup and its deadly dangers. You may want to read more about it since it is a very dangerous ingredient in almost all of our foods. For me, its fresh veggies and fruit for the rest of my life with a few shots of ACV once in a while.

EC: Earth Clinic note: If you are having heart pain, please do call or doctor or visit and emergency room!

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