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Effective Natural Treatments for Pet Tumors: A Guide

Multiple Remedies

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Posted by Vanessa (Las Vega, Nevada ) on 02/07/2018

Good Morning,

this is a very long post for our Buddy regarding his Squamous Cell Carcinoma inside his mouth which has formed a tumor seen outside also almost the size of a golf ball, so if you don't have time (I've gotten to the point first) or if you are going to say something negative (we are not interested, so take it to bed with you) my purpose is wanting to know if anyone is familiar with any type of homeopathic remedy topically put on a dogs tumor which is digestible being his tumor is inside his mouth (can be rubbed outside if that works too)..I've read about castor oil and turmeric applied with a cheesecloth also I've read about salve (scared to put this in his mouth) plus other remedies and I'm so confused. My result is we need to shrink or rot this tumor so it falls off...gross I know but it is possible.

Also if anyone has experience with Chemotherapy in the form of Palladia orally at home or Carboplatin infusions please give me your experience with this, I may have waited too long though considering I was concerned it would cause organ damage or suppress his immune system.

if anyone recalls our cocker Spaniel Buddy was diagnosed with Squamous Cell Carcinoma cancer tumor on the left side of his face inside of his mouth unfortunately. They gave him 2 months to live back in March 2017, next visit in August they gave him 4 months to live so now I don't pay much attention to that.

Everyday I do what I do to keep Buddy healthy. It seems like a lot but his morning ritual take about 30 minutes and making his food monthly about another 30 minutes. It's become part of my daily life. The most exhausting part is not daily but the research and reading I do weekly.

Buddy immediately after the diagnosis went on an

*all natural protein and vegetable diet which I make at home monthly and freeze (Dusty loves it too)
*he takes several vitamins for his immune system,
*the Budwig Protocol which includes emulsified cottage cheese and flaxseed 2 x daily,
*2 types of eye drops considering the tumor is pushing on his eye which can lead to infection. Thankfully Chris prescribes it!!
*CBD oil just in case he is in pain daily
*I found a pill from Japan that stops the bleeding in a day or 2 every once in awhile when the tumor bleeds which is normal
*weekly walks
*groomer comes to him so he's not exposed to other dogs and I've stopped his immunizations for various reasons,
*he has comfortable beds and areas on the sofa with blankets all over the house so he can relax wherever.

I Just recently started giving him Essiac tea 2x daily to drink and I'll see if it makes a difference. I have experimented with other natural remedies and vitamins but don't continue if I don't see a change.

Buddy is doing great in every aspect as far as eating well, sleeping, energy level, looks pretty happy other then the tumor has and is still growing..

I'm looking for a miracle which is something to stop the growth and shrink or kill the tumor 😟 Buddy and I open minded and flexible and he is very cooperative and takes anything I give him.

I'll be taking him back to the oncologist to follow up. Last time we saw her blood test we are good as far as organs doing well.

Replied by Maggie
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My cat has the same thing your Buddy has and was diagnosed last July. She's a happy cat and you would never know anything is wrong. I've tried many remedies but she still has the mass. Just thought I would mention some of the remedies I've tried so you can research them and maybe want to try some.

artemisinin...very bitter so it has to be given in the capsule

Cell Forte

molasses/baking soda protocol

pau d arco

cat's claw



I have her on bitter apricot kernels now and will try Larch Tree Arabinolalactan next if she still has the mass. Good luck.

Replied by Dee Dee

Here is a link:


Povodine Iodine you can get 1/2 gal for 20.00 & put it straight on the outside it kills so far down. My Dozzer has a tumor in his testicle that I use it o, & it won' hurt them if they do happen to lick some off for it penetrates the skin so fast if they do it's very little. Kills even MRSA & antibiotic immune Candida, along with almost all negative & positive bacteria. Type 2 Iodine has to be monitored by a Holistic vet but works great on that type of cancer including but not limited to prostrate & mammary glands, breast, etc.

I hope This helps you & your buddy

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Denise (Fowlerville, Michigan) on 04/03/2016


7 months ago my dog was diagnosed with stage 2 sinus cancer and a fungal infection. His symptoms were a nose bleed 1-30-2015 then another in June of last year. Also for a few years he had clear nasal drip. But I noticed in September last year that there was no airflow in his right nostril. In September they diagnosed him and gave him 3-6 months and if we used radiation we would get a year, but he would go blind and have severe nasal mucus and pain. We opted out and went holistic.

Took him to a holistic vet which put him on max formula and turmeric, mushroom and curcumin. I also added to his therapy homemade liposomal c, hemp oil, krill oil, spirulina/chlorella/hemp dry powder mix, ip6, human grade DE, homemade dog food (chicken, mixed broccoli/cauliflower, carrots, pumpkin, black beans, quinoa) and half raw ground chicken backs with organ meat.

2 months ago he had massive nose bleeds from sneezing then a miracle, the tumor popped out at 2" the size of my baby finger. Had it tested and it was indeed the cancer tumor with the stem. Unbelievable but true.

Now I'm fighting his fungal infection which after the tumor flew out (btw it was an inoperable tumor) he had airflow from his right nostril but only lasted about a week. That is when I believe the fungus invaded and since then he has about 20% airflow.

I would like to know what i can give him specifically for nasal fungal infection. My dog (Chucky) is going on 8 years old in July and is a golden retriever. Otherwise healthy and happy, eats well at 110 lbs.., and stocky build so he may be about 10 lbs. Overweight..

Now you have a background. Do you have any suggestions on how to treat a sinus fungal infection. Thank you so much..

Replied by Suseeq
(Sydney, Australia)

Hi Denise, I would put your dog on vit c, oregano oil and colloidal silver and a couple of drops down nostrils.

Osteosarcoma Remedies

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Posted by Dane Mom (Beloit, Wi) on 06/30/2018

Hello - I have been reading all entries related to bone cancer and osteosarcoma but am reaching out to find out Ted's best and most up to date protocol. My 6.5 year old Dane (94 lbs) was taken to the Vet for a limp, and after misdiagnosing for a month as a fracture turned out to be osteosarcoma. We started seeking and treating with every seemingly effective treatment I could find.

It has been 6 weeks since dx:

1) 2 Tbsp Budwig Flax Oil + 2 Tbps organic cottage cheese + ground walnut/apricot-seed/pumpkin-seed/sunflower-seed. We would do this twice daily

2) diet change - zero kibble now, we simmer meat or foul and add supplements such as seaweed calcium and moringa powder For the past 2 weeks we have added:

3) 1/2 tsp blackseed oil + 1/2 tsp honey

4) Essiac tea twice a day 4 oz each ////

Although she seems healthy, the growth of her leg has not reduced and has slightly enlarged. She limps heavily. I've been told it grows rapidly, typically, so maybe only a small increase is good. BUT, Ted, I need help and know that time is not on my side. Please, I am looking for a protocol - even hope for a cure - and have nothing but negative information from doctors and limited solid information from self research.

Some days she turns her nose at all food except the honey+blackseed. Most days she has a good appetite though.

EC: Dear Dane Mom,

We're so sorry to hear about your Great Dane. Unfortunately our brilliant contributor Ted had a stroke 3 years ago and has been unable to correspond with Earth Clinic readers since then. Hopefully one of our other wonderful contributors will have some ideas for you.

Replied by Mmsg
(Somewhere, Europe)

Dane Mom, clay packs will eventually pull it out or dissolve it. And even before that, it'll get rid of pain, if there is any.

Dane Mom
(Beloit, Wi)

I am so happy to see these replies! I had been watching the Recent Post and not seeing my entry (?), but here it is and such great insight. Thank you. Mmsg Somewhere, Europe 06/30/2018 - This is totally new to my ears, can you tell me more about what/how/when. I am interested in ANYTHING that could reverse the osteosarcoma.

(Somewhere, Europe)

Dane Mom, google Clay Packs. Basically you simply mix some healing clay with water and make a "mud", and apply it with or without a bandage.

Replied by Tim
(Georgia (Rep.of))
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According to National Prevention of Cancer (NPC) trial MethylSelenocysteine decreased the incidence of total cancer and death. Gambogic Acid - dried resin of Garcinia morella/ or hanburyi, is tested as RECK (cancer reversing factor) activator. Both are available online.

God bless You!

Replied by Teena
(Melbourne Australia)
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Hello Danemom,

Good on you for getting rid of the kibble, but wouldn't raw pastured meat be better than cooked (carcinogenic) meat? Particularly the raw organ meats, especially liver. For the Budwig diet, please ensure you emulsify the mix well, and hopefully you are using flax oil that you bought refrigerated and keep it so, as unrefrigerated it is rancid and you are introducing toxins when you do not want to do that. Ted always said to get rid of any sugars when fighting cancers, however I understand you are following a protocol and you have researched this. First thought I had though, was lugol's iodine, and after perusing some old thoughts of Ted, you may further research applying topically Iodine with DMSO and for extra strength, clove oil, if she licked it she is unlikely to do it again, as LI tastes pretty foul, and many have taken li and DMSO internally. Best to you

Dane Mom
(Beloit, Wi)

Re: Teena from Melbourne Australia 07/03/2018:

Yes, emulsified, organic & Barleans brand 100% refrigerated flax oil. The honey + black seed oil does make me concerned because of the sugar. I am uneducated if the honey is really needed for the black seed oil to be effective. This is a good question for this Earth Clinic post.

We stopped kibble immediately and only knew of one way to feed her sugar/carb-free by the next meal; simmered meats (low temp, crock pot with water). I am trying to introduce raw meats to Kalli, but she is strongly resistant to eating it and I worry for her immune system and any stress of doing the "tough love" standoff with her for a few days. The furthest she has eaten for me, with skepticism, is some raw ground turkey mixed with cottage cheese. Is simmered meat worse than dry food, for cancer?

Updating: Hunting down the materials, we have just applied a 100% DMSO, iodine/iodide, castor oil, aloe Juice(?), clove oil mixture to her leg! Things I am unclear about are:

1) I could not locate aloe vera oil, even online. Is aloe oil what should be used?
2) Should any (all) of this be taken orally too, or is it most effective as a topical bone tumor treatment?
3) Am I doing it right.. anything else better/needed to reverse cancel cells?

Replied by Janet

Danes Mom,

For our dogs cancerous tumors, cannabutter was the fix. Ours were full of tumors. Also look up Rick Simpson oil. If you are in a state that offers medical pot all the better, as it works better. You may be able to travel to obtain it. If nothing else the pain relief would be helpful.

Bone cancer, I would use Teds internal, people remedies. In his bone cancer remedies. Sometimes in the US you can find Sabah snake grass on eBay or Amazon. It sells out fast.

I am not sure why you have added calcium to the regime. It will prevent absorption of all the good things you are doing. Free calcium in blood and organs it counterproductive.

Instead, to drive the good nutrients that he eats, the calcium that's there can be utilized better, you might want to add vitamin d3 and not supp. the calcium. This can be purchased in drops. Added to food. Our 40 lb dog and 70 lb dog get about 10,000 iu a day. The companions of d3 are magnesium, k2, selenium is very low in cancer patients.

So for k2, we use nattokinase which is a rich source, it'd properties are as an enzyme, cleans the blood of fibrin, debris. Easily. Given as a capsule, pushed down the throat or with applicator. Before any food.

Magnesium, this is a sticky wicket, you want to give him enough, a lot, yet he might get the runs. You need 2 avenues here, through the skin, diet.

Through the skin. If he will lay down in a kiddy pool or feet in buckets. Epsom Salts 1 cup, 1/2 cup 20 mule team borax, 1/2 cup hydrogen peroxide. Peroxide oxygenates the body. Oxygen kills cancer. Borax removes cancer causing fluoride, makes the body rich in boron to displace the offender out. He needs magnesium in every inch of himself, to improve digestion, bone health, correcting bones and joints.

2nd magnesium strategy. Magnesium oil, buy magnesium flakes. In a mason jar, 60% flakes, 40% spring water. Let stand 1 hour. Cap and shake. Buy a 16 oz glass spray bottle. Fill with mag oil. Spray his tummy and legs and rub in, often.

Internal magnesium, 250 mg magnesium malate, it is rich in malate's helping keep stools firm, but digestible amount of mag with it. If his stools seem to hard add a drop or 2 of mag oil to his food, extra, will balance it out.

So now, selenium yeast 100mcg. This mineral gets depleted quick. Is an effective fungus candida fighter. Often part of cancers ability to grow.

Only give him fluoride free water, mineral or spring water, fluoride can undo all your good effort. A pinch in drinking water, of 20 Mule Team Borax, every third day will remove any in his body to promote your efforts.

Essiac, we use as a nutrient and cancer fighter.

1 tbsp of non GMO lecithin, on food. To get his liver clean free of bad fats, liver optimization is so important. 1x a day. The first week. Then every other day. So he does not have a herxmier reaction. Add 1/4 tsp of cilantro in food. Every other day. To remove heavy metals gently. Then after 1 week, 2 x a week.

Liver function must have b vitamins, a scoop of brewers yeast or dried liver to his food. You can add extra niacinamide, not niacin. This can be purchased as a powder. 1/4 tsp every day. Or open a capsule.

Baking soda, cancer killer. Alkalizing the body, circulation protector, brain protector, digestion helper. 2 tbsp Apple Cider Vinegar in a glass, add 1/2 tsp of baking soda, let fizz, add 1/2 glass of water. Pour 1/2 on breakfast 1/2 on dinner. Keeps alkalinity up to fight cancer.

Lysine remedy. For 3 days I mix this up as a solution. To give hourly doses for 4 hours in am. Through syringe. 1 liter of spring water. Add 8000 mg l lysine powder. 2000 mg l threonine powder. 1000 mg sodium ascorbate. Cap and shake. Mark bottle with 12 lines. 4 doses a day. syringe in, a dose an hour. Lysine only lasts 55 minutes in body. The reason this timing.


Castor oil packs. Topically fighting the cancer. I would get an old threadbare towel. Fold it to fit his leg. 3 to 5 folds. Drop in a gallon ziploc. Add castor oil. To saturate. Use bag as squeegee, pull out towel or flannel. Lay flat. Add some sprays of magnesium oil. Put on his leg. Maybe with an ace bandage. If he will sit with it. Add a heating pad. 20 minutes. Castor oil tells the body, send healing here, now.

When our dogs have had challenges. I rub in some iodine. 5% lugols iodine. Near whatever I am treating. On us on the guinea pigs, cats and dogs. It boosts the body. Every other day then 1 or 2 x a week.

Food. Try to stick to organic non GMO it will help during this challenge.

DMSO. Can be added to castor oil pack. You must wash clean the treatment area as DMSO carries good and bad through the skin. But it is the magic of topical treatment as it penetrates like no other thing. Targeting that cancer head on.

These are my standards for treating our dogs. I might change things for different ailments, but these have worked. Sabah snake grass if available somewhere is worth the pursuit, from everything Ted has said. I had not found it until we were not needing it.

The first week I treat everyday. 2nd week I go to Ted's recommendation of 5 days on 2 days off. Those 2 days are to absorb the good and allow the body to dump garbage. Janet

Here is Ted's info


Dane Mom
(Beloit, Wi)

Re: Janet In 07/06/2018 -

Thank you so much! I am working through this information implementing as quickly and thoroughly as possible. I'll reply in pieces. Progress so far, from this advice...

Calcium - oh shoot!?! I have stopped. Seaweed calcium powder had been advised by her holistic vet to be added to her meals because he felt home cooked meals would be nutrient deficient, and calcium was needed for the bone cancer. Apparently that was not good advice from the vet. I have been sprinkling moringa on her bowl of food too, but I see that it also has calcium in addition to other vitamins and protein. Does the moringa also need to be eliminated? I was depending on that for a bit of greens and bulk of nutrients not in the meat/broth itself.

I have now added the supplements D3 (20,000 iu) after lunch, and strontium 2000mg once a day a few hours before or after a meal.

Lysine remedy - we have just finished day 3. Questions:
1) I am unclear from Ted's protocol posts, and your reply here, what happens next after day 3?
2) Also, for a dog, is this only in the morning or is this also repeated in the evening?

Topical DMSO + castor oil - Question: how often should this topical treatment occur?
We have now completed 2 applications of mixed ratio, roughly, as DMSO 55% /castor-oil15%/iodine15%/aloe-juice15%/clove-oil 5 drops. I do not know the best % measurements though and preservative free aloe juice was the only product I could locate, not aloe vera oil. I did not yet have a wool or towel to do a castor-oil/DMSO pack, but instead just applied this other small mixture to her tumor lump with a natural sponge.

I look forward to replying with you more. How are your two dogs? I can tell you have worked through your own struggle and gained a lot of experience; and my heart goes out to you and all fur-parents trying to self educated and heal their pets.

Replied by John Carver
(EC's F/B)

Intravenous Vitamin C... described and documented here: ... http://www.doctoryourself.com/ckorea2008.html
further reading here: ... http://www.doctoryourself.com/chemovitC.html

and here: ... whether Doctors or Veterinarians... same advice applies...

and if you still aren't convinced simple Vitamin C cures cancer... in pets...

Replied by Susan Shephard
(EC's F/B)

I have been hearing a lot about the healing powers of high doses of vitamin C on people but not on animals. So good to hear.

Replied by Talei Sparkle
(EC's F/B)

Maybe google black salve/ bloodroot for pets? Good luck x

Replied by Helen Ahne
(EC's F/B)
Replied by Timh
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The diet protocol looks like a good one, with the exception of Hemp/CBD Oil given orally.

It is imperative to treat this condition also locally or topically. Here is a list of topical remedies that will bring very good results. Magnet Therapy (the stronger the magnet the better), For starters, double some refrigerator mags and wrap them around the affected area for an extended period of time. When taken off, apply a mixture of DMSO gel mixed with high ppm Colloidal Silver over the entire area. Hemp/CBD Salve applied liberally will help considerably.

Also is very beneficial for fighting cancer and improving overall condition is applying or rubbing some Vit-E Oil anywhere on the skin surface where it can be absorbed into the body. Lots of otc E Oils but not usually effective enough for serious conditions, so add a few punctured softgels of Tocotreinols into the bottle and shake well. To further the efficacy of the Vit-E, sprinkle CoQ10 from capsules onto his/her food. This will greatly help energy & oxygen levels in all the cells thus starving the cancer cells.

Another good topical remedy is to rub the affected area with Povidone Iodine. Moisten a washcloth with filtered water and then saturate with 10% P.I.

Replied by Teena
(Melbourne, Australia)
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Our boy loves raw fresh or frozen chicken feet. Fresh they are gone in few seconds while frozen is a treat he loves to chew on. Maybe you can try this. I totally understand not wanting to stress further by changing/withholding food too much. But yes raw is best. Even rarely cooked liver will supply lots of vitamins n minerals. LI can be taken internally, but as it is a harsh detoxer maybe not recommended. Just add the kelp to meals. I would consider the topical in two stages, the Li and Dmso clove, possibly castor, then the aloe castor on after treatment to soothe the skin. Aloe oil I couldn't find either and settled for pure gel. I have only used internally on myself but it is great for inflammation. Janet has given great advice in particular to support the liver (toxin excretion) so you want that pathway clear. I am unsure on the sugar, having seen many protocols with and without, maybe reduce the amount of honey. I second the advice of ditching the calcium supps, do more harm than anything, if you want calcium get it from foods. And the Mg and K2 and D3 will direct it. Baking soda is another great suggestion for cancer remedy. The mineral rich baths, sea salt, clay, borax, baking soda Epsom salts will be very beneficial and soothing, getting minerals in and toxins out without going through the mouth (stressing Kalli). Please keep us posted any developments.

Best, Teena

Replied by Janet

Dane Mom,

Sorry I missed your post, I usually check back. I do not know what I did.

Anyway, first I go with what I know. Something I know nothing about is moringa. But it is a food, a plant, nutrient dense. So in that case, I suspect your good. Ted does often discuss it, and references nutrient dense is not added or fortified with extra stuff. Nutrients, digestion, killing the cancer. Would be the focus and you are doing that.

Seaweed calcium, extracted. I personally would leave that behind. Food with whole nutrients. Dogs do not need much from veggies.

Yet I have been reading about vitamin A. Hard to absorb from supplements. But from carrots. We all sop it right up. It is a vitamin that is not discussed too much. I suspect this might help. It is the only veggies I use now. Pumpkin plain is a great addition for anal glands and any digestion issue that results in constipation or the runs. Quite a little miracle. 1/4 cup as needed.

So let me revise a little.

If I were starting today.

Bone broth warmed can be made or bought, organic, amazon and Co ops carry it. Carrot juice, you can buy it or juice it. MSM, powdered for pain and added sulfur. Coconut oil or MCT oil. Grass fed butter. Liver powder, make this up as a doggie bulletproof snack. You could use this for other supplements too. Selenium yeast, vitamin D, etc. Not the lysine remedy that is separate.

I use an $20 Oster blender. Broth, carrot juice all go in. This would be a snack, juicy yummy bone broth. Make a quart. Give a few oz a few x a day for more nutrients. Dense and rich.

The topical remedy is to penetrate to his bone and kill the cancer directly. So you could buy some fabric. Tear or fold an old clean tee shirt or two. Try to wash it clean of softener residue or store finishes. I wash all of mine in borax. No softener. Very toxic. But I rub it on. I use packs. Whatever I think will work. That Is different with each dog. Often as I can. Which means I am fallible. I had to take a day to breathe. Your dogs are as dependent as babies, look to us to fix the bad. Ted always recommends a break, for the patient, for you too I suspect. I had laser eye. I watched them endlessly. Everything. What I found out was I could rely on Teds advice. Took me a long time to not watch them like a hawk.

They were vaccinated, over vaccinated, I tried to undo that and build immunity.

That is the lysine remedy. You can give it hourly 4 doses, have lunch and restart a round at night for 2 hourly or 4. What I noticed was they felt better. With our Golden he was a very big dog with a bad thyroid. I would give more of the remedy. Particular to labs and Golden's, their skin does not absorb well neither does their fur. So I never thought the topical was enough. My thinking, not a real fact.

So here is where I am a little lost. I cannot remember if I mentioned Teds alkalinity drink. So if I did not. 2 tbsp of Apple cider vinegar in a glass, add 1/2 tsp baking soda. Let fizz. Add 1/2 glass of water. Split into 2 doses syringe in 2 x a day 1/2 hour after food. Baking soda kills cancer. Ted says when you have nothing to lose, this is the winner. Baking soda is anticancer, cancer killer. It emulsifies old fats. It removes what does not belong.

Because bone cancer is so serious, I would be throwing everything effective at it. Topically and internally.

I keep my notes taped to my daily schedule and refer often. Right on my cabinet door. I make as much as I can ahead. Usually no more than 3 days ahead of use. The Apple Cider Vinegar remedy every day fresh.

So 3 additions I think might help.

Tannic acid, used in wine making in serious illness a real healer drops can be added to food.

Buy a few ounces from Amazon. 1/8 tsp in 1 liter of water. Add 5 drops to each meal. Can be constipating. So there is pumpkin if needed.

EDTA this is a soap and a great blood cleaner. Possibly will help prevent cancer from spreading. Removing it harmlessly through elimination. Refrigerate.

Tetrasodium EDTA, not calcium EDTA 30% EDTA in a mason jar. Add 70% spring water. Let dissolve. Cap and shake. 10 drops on food. Excellent circulation clearing. We use it all the time.

I do not know if we discussed borax. 20 Mule Team Borax. To remove existing fluoride toxins from his bones and joints. 1/8 tsp in a liter of water add a few drops when you refill water for him. It will help remove the deadly toxin from his body.

Remember you cannot run yourself down, trying. You cannot pour from an empty cup.

Bulletproof is a great boost for anyone. Made with coffee or broth or tea. 1 cup in the blender. Add 1 heap of collagen, 1 tbsp of MCT, 1 tbsp of butter. Blend and drink. Amazing real help.

I will check more carefully for replies if I missed something. Janet

Dane Mom
(Beloit, Wi)

Hi Janet - thank you, again, I am trying to move everything forward and will surely have ongoing questions. You are a wealth of information and am glad (maybe even envious) of your connection to Ted. I am new to this site but can see his immense influence and knowledge.

I am following through and have a few questions:

1) Lysine - Question: Do I continue doing this pace ongoing indefinitely? I kept seeing reference to "3 days" and then was unsure what happened after that 3 day period. Update on our progress since last post: We took a 2 day break and then have continued the combination of 2000mg Lysine, 500mg Threonine, 1000 mg Vitamin C every hour for 4 hours AM and PM. I have also added the powder from a K2 capsule and also Milk Thistle just because it was convenient to add to the mixture instead of pushing the pills. This is all added to spring water and given by a syringe.

Tannic Acid - Question: Are all tannic acid powders the same? I want to start this immediately. I've not been able to locate it and I want to be accurate. Do you have a link you can share? There is a wine tannic acid powder and a chem lab tannic acid on Amazon.com. Only one of them states its source, as grape stems and skins. The pending patent and study shows the source as "To obtain the active tannic acid and tannin complexes, the trunk of any of the plants of the Musaceae Family" which is a banana tree and does not mention grape.

Tannic Acid - Sharing: read this! I found this patent online and include many very intriguing patient cures on the bottom and a long list of cancers which tannic acid could be effective for - including osteosarcoma. https://patents.google.com/patent/EP1005350A1/en

Doggie Bulletproof (I love this!) - Question 1: Is your recipe to include the carrot juice + bone broth + butter (all other ingredients listed in that paragraph)? Question 2: Can raw or fresh-simmered liver be used instead of powers or is that less appetizing for our doggie snack?

Enzymes - Other than the Natto, and the Lysine/Threonine routine. I do not know what enzymes to be giving Kalli for osteosarcoma. What did Ted recommend?

I am sure I will have more for you soon Janet. Thank you for the tip on self care too. I am living 24/7 for this terrible cancer and trying to save my Kalli-love.

Replied by Janet

Dane Mom

I forgot the vitamin D and Enzymes.

Vitamin D by weight is 40 to 70iu per lb. Body weight. So about 49,000iu a day at the high end. 40,000iu at the low end. Check my math. At least during this challenging time, possibly.

Enzymes, this is a puzzle for me. Ted recommends lots of enzymes during this time to breakup and emulsify out tumors.

The problem I see with that is giving them on an empty tummy. Maybe you have that pill pusher that pushes a pull into throat. A Dane would have an enormous mouth to try to give capsules by hand. Lots of bromelain and protein digesting enzymes on an empty stomach if you can. Aside from the natto.

More stuff, too much stuff. I know. Some will resonate some will not. I feel that you want to know everything. Then can sort what you wish to incorporate as you go along.


Replied by Janet

Dane Mom,

The Lysine, Ted may not say this? In my case, I would stay with the lysine, throughout this. It is harmless to healthy bodies. It kills the bad stuff. So maybe, if I were on your path, 3 days. 2 off. Then 3 days. Ted usually ups the amount of times a day, when he writes to the most serious questions. Lysine and threonine are our immunity. They build it. If we and our pets were living clean and not vaccinated, chances are we would derive enough from food and digestion. This is no longer the case.

In our case, the devastation vaccination wrought on our dogs was devastating.

My Mom took in every stray, at one time, 12 dogs. Sometimes less. I saw poor little messes turn into healthy good dogs. Just eating and being loved. They lived on pet food but in the 60s and 70s food was an entirely different matter. That and they only got a rabies shot. Were dewormed.

We had passels of guinea pigs when we homeschooled our kids, dogs birds, rabbit, cats. They were not the pets I grew up with. Their challenges were crazy hard. The guinea pigs all got kidney stones, tumors. They all were too fat. My trek for healing our family included those little piggies.

As we healed, appropriate to their diet, vegetarian, we began treating them. Lysine was my first tool. It extended their lives. Improved their lives. The cat lived to be nearly 20. Key to cat health, liver, lysine.

The dogs it was 1 thing after the other. Their 4 year shots brought disaster. Epilepsy, bad thyroids, ACL tears, ear infection, tumors, cataracts, anxiety.

I was overwhelmed, first and foremost was always diet. Off commercial food.

Magnesium, mag phos, chamomilla, rhus tox, liver, liver sausage, no nitrates, our butcher grinds beef hearts and organ meats. Looks like hamburger. I cannot face too many organs, lol. A local farmer cans his pot roast, shoulders, for human consumption, cooked, no additives. It became the dog food. It was hard to convince our doodle to eat raw. So lightly cooked meats and that food.

That was the mainstay, the throat collapse of our retriever was due to nonabsorption of selenium, so as each thing cropped up, if Ted had not addressed it, on to Google and studies.

1 of those 4 dogs is still with us, she is 12 now, but her ear problems and fatty tumors remain/persist. Her cancer is gone. Fatty tumors are different and grow. I am going to start her on azoxystrobin and BHT this weekend. These, Ted talks about in this email below. The cannabutter for them was a godsend.

As far as Tannic, I buy from wine makers supply. Golden in color. There are brown ones, Ted specifically says golden.

The bone broth, bulletproof has been so reliable. I use it as a tool, extra nutrients, cilantro, lecithin. Whatever we are facing it is my absorption tool. In my family, it helped our daughter with narcolepsy get on her feet, the profound exhaustion. Sleep no rest. Our other daughter it was the first thing in her healing. It began digestion where she had none. 25 years of mystery illness. It started her gut. All of our other efforts only got her so far then she would just stop. It was the tool that got her on her feet. I give it, as a go out the door with a lysine remedy if a virus tries to get started around here. Nutrition boost, digestion, intestine, digestive juncture start. So it does not look like Dave Asprys version in my house, here it is a kick start. Bone broth, vegetarian broth, for one daughter. It is a good drink to boost someone in hospital. It is a great carrier and lightens some of the load when you are doing so many things, you need a thing to carry it all in. Liver so rich in enzymes and Amino's is an ideal addition.

In dogs, they do not produce Bs well and in people and it is C. So the brewers yeast or liver go in the broth. For people, the C goes in the lysine remedy.

The recipes for BHT, an oil preservative, I buy capsules. Give first in am, one capsule, 250 mg some are 325. An hour before food. Then natto. Later.

Azoxystrobin, the recipe, 10% powder in 90% water. Let stand, cap shake. 1 to 2 drops 3x a day.

Bloodroot extract, this is added to stop the growth of the cancer. Part of another remedy. If you search on E.C. for azoxystrobin. There is a remedy there in those emails that puts all 3 of these together for another effective arm to your cancer killing fight. 3 to 4 drops a day. Your drops, for dogs. Water and drops suctioned into a syringe. Separate doses. So bloodroot apart from azoxystrobin.

To buy, Amazon, azoxystrobin, Ted recommends, Amistar 50WG powder. They only sell it a short time each year you may have to really look hard. If not able to find it, I would still include the other 2. You can find on Amazon or E bay.



Replied by Danemom
(Beloit, Wi)

@Talei Sparkle from EC's F/B:

This has helped lead us to "neoplasene". I was unable to find any vet assistance for bloodroot or neoplasene from any of our 4 vets, and also dead end leads from me calling around tirelessly around the Midwest to holistic and natural vets. If it wasn't a skin tumor they passed me off, sadly.

I did finally receive an appointment with a natural vet clinic in Kansas and she has been working with neoplasene for cancer treatments for 15+ years. We should be receiving the RX next week. She recommends oral even for OS cancer, as injecting is "very painful".

A few things I've learned so far that seem like good information to share forward to EC.

Per this Vet -- It cannot be used with antioxidants and is not compatible with a raw meat diet. So she has advised waiting at least 6 hours before taking anything such as fish oil, Budwig flax+protein, Vit C (which we include in Lysine/Threonine hourly cocktails in the morning). Due to the time constraints of taking oral neoplasene every 12 hours with food(! ), it may mean taking a break from some of these other treatments. It's a leap of faith for sure to change tracks.

I have found zero information on bloodroot or neoplasene specifically for osteosarcoma or bone cancers! This is our focus. Lots of good information for skin and soft tissue cancers though.

Has anyone else had any experience here? I am hoping for a big reduction of tumor size altogether, and desperately hoping for a cure of course.
Please share.

Palliative Care for Dog Mast Cell Tumor

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Posted by Erin (Tacoma, Wa) on 11/30/2016

My dog was diagnosed with mast cell tumors at 13 years of age. Here is what we did for him palliatively, since he was so old that surgery was out of the question.

When it presented, one of his fatty tumors ballooned to twice its normal size. The vet gave him a biopsy that confirmed mast cells. Within a week, it had perforated and left a huge, hamburgerish hole in his side that we were told to keep covered, and that it would probably not heal.

Bandages are expensive, so I ordered organic, reusable bamboo breast pads online (10 pack) to use in place of primary bandages. We asked around and received about 10 ace bandages that we used to secure the primary bandages, then bought a rigid back brace to wrap over the top of the primary and ace bandages to make it harder for Skipper to access the wound.

At first we were changing the breast pads several times a day, and each time we would slather one of the following:

  • Cold pressed, hexane free castor oil
  • EVCO
  • Vitamin E oil

To these we would sometimes add turmeric, Lugols iodine. Definitely added Yunnan Baiyou to wound at first when it was bleeding so bad, and also included a pill or two internally the first week. After he healed, we put Dr. Schultze's drawing poultice (look at Curezone for recipe) overnight, and left all bandages off during the day.

After about 6 weeks, the wound closed up completely. We frequently put ice packs over the bandage system to keep him comfortable when the sore would flare up.

Onto the supplements we had him on:

  • CannaCompanion cannabis (see their website for specifications)
  • Vet prescribed anti-inflammatory
  • Turmeric and pepper pills found at Costco
  • Green Mush pills (you have to assemble capsules yourself, unless your dog will eat Green Mush mixed into food)
  • 2 Benadryll
  • 1 Tagamet
  • Activated charcoal & Psyllium
  • Pribiotic
  • Indica just before bedtime towards the end

I attached his regimen. He was put to sleep about a week and a half ago, but I know he would have died sooner and been more uncomfortable had we not followed this protocol. Hope this helps someone out there!

Pau D'Arco

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Posted by Debbie (Ga) on 11/30/2015

All in know is that my dog had this huge tumor on his neck. I could not afford to have it seen about. I read up on tumors & after a month of one capsule of Pau D'Arco a day that tumor shrunk & disappeared & never came back.

If it cures a tumor I think it would help heal crohns. It has many uses.

Every one is different, so use your discretion.

Perianal Hernia Remedies

Posted by Dominique (New Orleans, Louisiana) on 02/27/2009

I have successfully used Ted's Remedies and now I have a new problem. My dog just had puppies January 11, 2009. One of them was born with what I thought was a tumor but after using these remedies for 2 weeks with no results I have discovered that what I thought was a tumor is actually a perineal Hernia. There is not cure posted on this sight for hernias. I am trying a fully raw diet, castor oil, vitamin c and e. What else can I do to get rid of this hideous looking thing. It is like cottage cheese right by her vagina and when I squeeze it I can hear it ooze. I am thinking cayenne pepper, what can help my puppy. She is very happy and playful. She does not even know that it exists.

Replied by Dawn
(Woodinville, WA)

Pretty sure perineal Hernia's require surgery.

Replied by Danielle
(Newburgh, Indiana)

It sounds like an umbillica hernia and when the dog gets spayed or neutered the vet can close it then. Do NOT push on it as hernias are small openings in the muscle wall and the pups intestines are just poking out some. If you mess with it you can cause problems. Many dogs live they entire lives with them, but better to close if already undergoing anesthesia.

Povidone Iodine

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Posted by Dee Dee (Idaho) on 12/19/2021

Here is a link:


Povodine Iodine you can get 1/2 gal for 20.00 & put it straight on the outside it kills so far down. My Dozzer has a tumor in his testicle that I use it o, & it won' hurt them if they do happen to lick some off for it penetrates the skin so fast if they do it's very little. Kills even MRSA & antibiotic immune Candida, along with almost all negative & positive bacteria. Type 2 Iodine has to be monitored by a Holistic vet but works great on that type of cancer including but not limited to prostrate & mammary glands, breast, etc.

I hope this helps you & your buddy.

EC: Cross-posted from another thread so people don't miss it.

Raspberry Powder

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Posted by W (St. Louis, Mo) on 10/24/2009

I have a 12 year lab. He was suffering from 8 fatty tissues that were very large.

I learned that raspberry powder can help dogs with removing fatty tissues and tumors. My dog was draggy and slow with the many fatty tissues. I came across raspberry powder and gave it to him for a month. He only has two left.

I would put 2 tablespoons over his dog food in the morning and evening. This is a real story. The two fatty tissues left have been reduced in size.

My lab has more energy and is moving around better. Also, I give my dog 1 teaspoon of apple cider vinegar in the morning and put it in his bowl and put his food over it. He does lick it up.

Raw Pet Food

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Posted by Laure (Woodlands, TX) on 11/27/2006

Our dog had a tumor on one of his ears. The vet said that if it continued to grow, it should be removed surgically. I'd had good results using raw food, and had heard of many cancer cures using raw food, so I did a search and found that the raw pet food I had once heard about, from Canada, called B.A.R.F. (which stands for Biologically Appropriate Raw Food), was now available within driving distance from a local distributor. The dog was put on this food immediately. In three weeks, the tumor had flattened and blackened into a hideous thick crust. At 6 weeks into the raw food experiment, it was just a small flat scab. At 7 weeks, the scab fell off and revealed perfect, pink skin, with only a trace that there was ever a problem. We have kept him on a largely raw diet since then. Today, almost 2 years later, I can't tell where the tumor was. And he always smells fresher and less "doggy" when he is on raw food. He also has a lot more energy. I love how the raw diet decreased the burden of digesting cooked food, and gave him more assimilable nutrition to help his body heal.

Seabuckthorn Oil

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Posted by Princez7569 (Albany, Ny) on 01/08/2018

I have the Seabuckthorn oil but am not sure how much to give my 15 lb Patterdale (Jack Russell family), any suggestions?

Seabuckthorn Oil
Posted by Jss (London, England) on 03/05/2015

I live in London, England and I have a 14 year old American Spaniel, Boppo. In the past year Boppo has lost his sight and his hearing but he still has mobility and he gets around just fine. However in late January 2015 Boppo developed a tumour on his mouth. It grew rapidly and went from the size of a marble to the size of a small tomato. The vet told me that Boppo could not be treated as he was too old to be anaesthesised. Looking around on the net I found this thread from 07/14/2012 describing how Beanie had treated her dog with Seabuckthorn Berry oil (which I'd never heard of) and the treatment had worked. I obtained some Seabuckthorn Berry oil and I've been giving Boppo a whole dropper full every day for 5 weeks. It's quite incredible and difficult to believe but there is now no trace of the tumour. I have now reduced the dose to a half a dropper every day and I'm eternally grateful for having come across Earthclinic and to Beanie in particular.

Replied by Sharyn
(Pa., US)

I too, cannot afford expensive vet fees. WHY, if their profession is "caring" for animals do they put the cost out of reach for so many people???
I started reading these articles because my 10 yr. old Golden has several TUMORS, different sizes, different textures. I've removed two. Both oozed gross matter before removal. However, I've got an ongoing bill to pay. This berry treatment got my attention rather than turmeric paste, etc., due to oozing. Where do I get this product and how much for an 80 lb Golden Retriever. Risks???

Replied by Jss
(London, England)

Seabuckthornberry berry oil is for human consumption and as my dog has had no adverse reactions to it I would assume it's safe for all dogs. As I truly believed I'd be saying goodbye to Boppo within weeks and I was clutching at straws I went for a high dose, a whole dropper a day. When the tumour had shrunk to virtually nothing I decreased the dose to half a dropper a day and I'm giving him that still. Seabuckthorn berry is easily available in oil form and capsules. I bought the oil from the largest online retailer and it's made in the USA and produced by a company in Chicago, Ill.

Replied by Krystal

Anyone know if its safe for a cat? She's about 9-10 lbs

Replied by Lesley

I would guess if it is okay for humans and dogs, it should be okay for your kitty.

I found the sea buckthorn berry oil today at Whole Foods for $32. My 12 year old husky-chow has a tumour on her lower jaw and I hope this works.

Good luck!

Replied by Beanie

I am so happy the seabuckthorn helped Boppo :) I know how much Joy our pets give us and I know this supplement lengthened my little Daisy's life by a few years. I lost her in 2014 at 15 years old to cancer. She still lives in my heart and I still love her so. Good luck to all and God bless you

Replied by Katie
(Jackson, Ga)

Hi everyone. Are you all giving your dogs the seabuckhorn oil in their food or water? I had read that you can apply it directly on the tumors which I have been doing on my dog since November, but its not working that way. I'm desperate to try something else at this point!

Replied by Beanie

I don't know about rubbing it on the tumor. The postings did not say that. You may want to re-read the posts. You should give it by mouth. My dog licked it from the bowl but you can add it to yogurt or something else. My dog was about 20 pounds and I gave her a whole dropper full daily for three to four weeks when I noticed that the tumor had pretty much disappeared. Make sure to get the 'berry' oil not the 'seed' oil. While the seed oil might work, I had results from the berry oil. Good luck.

Replied by Stephen
(United Kingdom)

Hi, how did you give the sea buckthorn berry oil? Can you put it the dog's food as I have a dog with lung cancer .oO do you have to drop it directly into the dog's mouth?

Replied by Stephen

Hi how did you give the oil, was it mixed into food or dropped into the mouth? Thanks

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I cooked the Tilapia in it and also put it in the food. I also used Salmon oil.

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Mixed into food, warmed a bit to liquify it.

Seabuckthorn Oil
Posted by Beanie (Newhall, Ca) on 07/14/2012

I searched this site many times looking for a remedy for a large tumor that appeared on my dog's head above her eye. She is a bichon and is 13yrs old. I tried the castor oil faithfully about 6 or more times a day for weeks but it did not work for me. The lump was getting larger and harder. I stumbled on seabuckthorn berry oil and started giving her half a dropper every day. It's been a little over one month and the tumor which had been there for about 9 months is completely flat!! It just amounts to raised skin now. I wanted to share this because I thought it was amazing and I always come here looking for help so I hope this helps someone. There is also a seabuckthorn seed oil available but I bought the berry oil not the seed oil. It tastes better and has slightly different make up. It is for human consumption - they both are - so it is safe for your pet. I guessed at the amount and it seems fine for my dog who is about 19 pounds. If your dog has lumps please try this. It also gives her more energy. I don't know if I can say where I got this but it is available on the internet. It comes in a small bottle with a dropper. It is easy to administer as she just licks it from her bowl. I sometimes rub some on her gums and it helps to keep them healthy and reduce bad breath odor. Please post here if your dog was helped by this. We need to keep our dogs healthy without drugs.

Replied by Neukum
(Sussex, Nj, Usa)

Hello, my best friend Freddy is a 19year old Shepard chow mix that I rescued 15 years ago. He is my world. He developed a fatty tumor on his side that started out about 4 years ago. The vet said don't worry about it, he is not suffering from it. Well, about 3 weeks ago he started licking it and it started out the size of a walnut. Now it's the size of a baseball. Every time the vet declined surgery cause they claimed it was not bothering him. Well now it is a problem. I have it bandaged and the vet now won't do surgery cause he is too old now and they said he won't do surgery cause of his age and they say the anesthsia can kill him. So I have been in the last day thinking about a vitamin called nuVet. The reviews are amazing, saying it shrinks the tumor but when something sounds to good to be true it usually is. So I came across your story. My dog is 71 lbs. What dosage do you suggest for his body weight and where can I get this sea buckthorn berry oil??? Please help.

Replied by Beanie
(La, Ca)

Hi, I just read this. Sorry to hear about your dog. Please do a search online at Amazon or iherb.com for the seabuckthorn berry oil. It is not that hard to find. Since your dog is 71 pounds I think you could give him 2 to three droppers per day. Maybe one dropper in the morning and one in the evening. You can always adjust it. It sounds like a lot but it is a fruit oil so it really is like food. However, this is not professional advice. I know it sounds good to be true but it really shrunk the tumors on my dog. She is still with me. Please try it. And, best of luck to you. Please post here to let us all know if it helped so others will know too.

p.s. As I posted, my dog is 19 pounds and one dropper full (not drop) was a good dose for her.

Replied by John
(London, England)

Seabuckthornberry oil is ingested and you do NOT apply it on to the actual tumour. Presently I have a tumour on my neck and I am using seabuckthornberry oil in an attempt to shrink it. Make sure you are using seabuckthornberry oil and NOT seabuckthornberry seed oil.

Shark Cartilage

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Posted by Cheri (Lexington, Illinois, U.s.a. ) on 09/10/2011

Tumors in pets; Several years ago my cat developed a mass which my vet said was a tumor. I was taking shark cartilage for osteoarthritis (which did relieve the pain) and added some to my cats food. After a few weeks I took her back to the vet for an exam. He found that the tumor had liquified. If you read the book "SHARKS DON'T GET CANCER" it claims the shark cartilage cuts off the blood supply to the growth.

Ted's Remedies Feedback

Posted by Katydid (Houston, Tx) on 05/31/2018

I've just read Ted's post on giving dogs 20,000iu vitamin D2 every other day here https://ted.earthclinic.com/pets /tumors4.html.

Is this correct?? That is a HUGE dose. Typo maybe meant to be two thousand, not twenty thousand? Thoughts?


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Posted by Carol (Texas ) on 06/07/2019

I was a little skeptical about using turmeric at first. I was rubbing my cats belly and noticed a cyst the size of an egg -it felt like it was attached to the sternum - and did not move around-and it was not hard or soft. I checked those things as I have had cysts on cats before and these are all the things vets check.

Any of my pets that had cysts removed in the past did not recover- even when they were diagnosed as benign. So there was no way I would have this removed and no way I would put my baby through chemo or radiation (if it were cancer).

So I researched and found an article on Earth Clinic for turmeric- and read the reviews as well. My baby didn't have anything to lose (except a cyst)...so we had to give it a try. I researched the best turmeric brands as well. One reviewer had mentioned Thorne research group products, and I actually had that on hand. I had bought it for another cat that had ruptured 2 discs in his back for the inflammation.....it had worked great! Now I would try it for this cyst. It is in capsule form and is a special formula so that it is well absorbed by your pet.

After only 4 days the cyst shrank from the size of an egg to size of a marble, and now it felt mobile under the skin. It has now been 12 days (at one capsule daily) and it appears to be COMPLETELY GONE . I will dose him for another 3 days to make sure ... my cat did not seem to have any side effects at all- I pilled him and It has been a stress free experience for us all.

Thanks to “Earth Clinic “for the wonderful article!!!

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