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Effective Natural Treatments for Pet Tumors: A Guide

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Vanessa (Las Vega, Nevada ) on 02/07/2018

Good Morning,

this is a very long post for our Buddy regarding his Squamous Cell Carcinoma inside his mouth which has formed a tumor seen outside also almost the size of a golf ball, so if you don't have time (I've gotten to the point first) or if you are going to say something negative (we are not interested, so take it to bed with you) my purpose is wanting to know if anyone is familiar with any type of homeopathic remedy topically put on a dogs tumor which is digestible being his tumor is inside his mouth (can be rubbed outside if that works too)..I've read about castor oil and turmeric applied with a cheesecloth also I've read about salve (scared to put this in his mouth) plus other remedies and I'm so confused. My result is we need to shrink or rot this tumor so it falls off...gross I know but it is possible.

Also if anyone has experience with Chemotherapy in the form of Palladia orally at home or Carboplatin infusions please give me your experience with this, I may have waited too long though considering I was concerned it would cause organ damage or suppress his immune system.

if anyone recalls our cocker Spaniel Buddy was diagnosed with Squamous Cell Carcinoma cancer tumor on the left side of his face inside of his mouth unfortunately. They gave him 2 months to live back in March 2017, next visit in August they gave him 4 months to live so now I don't pay much attention to that.

Everyday I do what I do to keep Buddy healthy. It seems like a lot but his morning ritual take about 30 minutes and making his food monthly about another 30 minutes. It's become part of my daily life. The most exhausting part is not daily but the research and reading I do weekly.

Buddy immediately after the diagnosis went on an

*all natural protein and vegetable diet which I make at home monthly and freeze (Dusty loves it too)
*he takes several vitamins for his immune system,
*the Budwig Protocol which includes emulsified cottage cheese and flaxseed 2 x daily,
*2 types of eye drops considering the tumor is pushing on his eye which can lead to infection. Thankfully Chris prescribes it!!
*CBD oil just in case he is in pain daily
*I found a pill from Japan that stops the bleeding in a day or 2 every once in awhile when the tumor bleeds which is normal
*weekly walks
*groomer comes to him so he's not exposed to other dogs and I've stopped his immunizations for various reasons,
*he has comfortable beds and areas on the sofa with blankets all over the house so he can relax wherever.

I Just recently started giving him Essiac tea 2x daily to drink and I'll see if it makes a difference. I have experimented with other natural remedies and vitamins but don't continue if I don't see a change.

Buddy is doing great in every aspect as far as eating well, sleeping, energy level, looks pretty happy other then the tumor has and is still growing..

I'm looking for a miracle which is something to stop the growth and shrink or kill the tumor 😟 Buddy and I open minded and flexible and he is very cooperative and takes anything I give him.

I'll be taking him back to the oncologist to follow up. Last time we saw her blood test we are good as far as organs doing well.