Natural Remedies

Effective Natural Treatments for Pet Tumors: A Guide

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Peter (New York) on 01/31/2023

I've been applying a mixture of quarter tsp of castor oil, DMSO, 3 or 4 drops of CBD oil and a smidge of turmeric and to the tumor and surrounding area for about 2 weeks. I've also been giving him and my 3 other cats an eighth teaspoon of turmeric, Kidney Restore by Healthy Kidney, Liver and Kidney Support by Mercola, Fermented Foods by Mercola, mushroom blend powder, Digestive Enzymes by NaturVet mixed with a dropperful of Omega-3 Oil supplement and a dropperful of colloidal silver and 2 teaspoons of water mixed into their dried kibble. As a result of that Talker Stalker no longer vomits after meals as he had often done in the past, but his tumor swelling continues to advance down into the foot. I have on order some Essiac Tea and I've been looking around for a halfway affordable frozen raw food for cats but have not yet found it. I sure would welcome suggestions. The vet wants to cut off his leg for $2000. He is still very mobile and can jump down from the top of the Hoosier cabinet to the counter and to the floor without hesitation. He's a great talker and purrer and can still run fast but he's starting to limp and sometimes hold his affected foot up off the floor while sitting.