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Posted by Karen (Paducah, Kentucky) on 08/08/2012

Ted, you are an angel for sharing this information with everyone. Your mange treatment cured my kitten's mange within a few days after I began treating her. Thank you so very much.

Borax and Peroxide User Reviews
Posted by Carolynn (Mi) on 08/01/2012

OMG... I have to tell you.. I used Ted's remedy for mange on my adult golden retriever and once... ONCE only.... And let it dry naturally and he was like a puppy again. It was an unbelievable change.. I thought he was just happy to be outside but he was jumping up and catching toys again and playing tug o war with me.. And HE HAD NOT SCRATCHED except once quickly maybe from being outside.. Now that he is in, NOT ONCE... He has had this skin condition for years and years... I have tried Frontline and shampoos for hot spots and I finally admitted to myself that although he doesn't scratch 24-7, just 20-7 that it was probably a mange of some sort.. And I went looking for a remedy... His ears had gotten 'smelly' and poor puppy, would scratch and sometimes till he was raw and then it would seem to subside... I switched diets, fed him yougurt and thought he might be allergic to my cat or a bug... A vet had treated his ears wiht something that cleared it up.. for a week or so and then I had to go right back and spend MORE money to refill the prescription that never lasted the length of time it was supposed to and then they wanted ot do another examination to get the prescription refilled again. Sigh... I was relieved to see that one of the symptoms of mange is an ear condition and I am hoping hoping hoping that this will clear up with his skin... Even as I write this, he is near my feet and resting, no scratching. I will let you know... I want his pretty yellow fur to grow back in and his bushy tail to come back... He is like Bush's Baked Beans dog, only blonde...

Borax and Peroxide User Reviews
Posted by Ryan (Peterborough, On,canada) on 07/27/2012

I tried many foolish home remedies to try and stop the severe mange in my 10 month old female beagle. The vet kept telling us it was an allergy but finally after finding this website things began to improve. We used 500 ml of peroxide with 1 litre of water and 3 tablespoons of Borax bath every other day for 2 weeks until the symptoms apppeared a little better. Then we slowed to bathing her every 5 days to 6 days. We have also been giving a daily dose of Ivomec that I purchased at the Co-op in town. The recommended dosage that I was given is 1/10 cc of injectable ivomec per 10 pounds of body weight and this is given orally every day. I found drizzling it over some canned dog food of meat works well.

I am not a vet and I know that some breeds are effected by ivermectin so do your homework about your breed of dog, however this method has been working for us for the last 6 weeks. Almost all of my little girl's fur is back and she has regained her spark for life. Catch mange early and continue to treat even when the symptoms begin to clear. Mange can kill your pet if it is not treated. Thanks to this site for all its help!!

Replied by Val
(Decatur, Alabama)

I have seached several post trying to find a solution to my dog having these black fungus spots. I had a friend on facebook post and tell everyone that NEEM OIL (100% cold pressed) cures this and more. Check out neem oil and use this on your pets! It works... Is all natural and you can find it in any health food store. VERY IMPORTANT!!! Make sure you get 100% cold pressed not any that has been diluted with pesticides! I take a dropper full and mix in with shampoo, rinse. Then while my dog is still damp I take dropper full and with gloved hands rub into his coat all over. If it seems a little harsh you can mix with water and spray on and rub in. Use immediately becomes it isn't effective if it sits. No fleas!!! My dog has suffered for years from scratching constantly to the point he had open sores, bleeding and scabs all over. I have tried the 20 mule team borax to no avail. There is no need for all these harsh chemicals that will make your pet sick. I no longer buy flea collars or flea sprays or drops. These black fungus looking spots are drying up and he is one happy little dog! Please try this I bathe him with this once a week or so. Stay with it and you will be amazed!

One side note this stuff stinks! It smells like sulpher. But a small price to pay for our friends being healthy again. He has had no ill side effects from licking his coat after treatments. It says not to ingest but think it means large amounts full strength. It cures fungus, ringworms, mange, can be used on plants for pests. You can use it in your shampoo as well. It is also found in toothpastes. Do some research on it. You will be amazed!!!

Borax and Peroxide User Reviews
Posted by Jade (Orlando, Florida) on 07/22/2012

Borax is in a big box in the laundry detergent isle at grocery stores. It is a white powder that was/is an old fashioned laundry detergent booster.

Borax and Peroxide User Reviews
Posted by Amber (Beckley, West ) on 06/27/2012

Since everyone seems to be soaking/spraying their dog different amounts how many times a week would actually work? Does it depend on how bad the mange is?

Replied by Marcella
(Miami, Fl)

Unfortunately I have no other options, I have tried numerous dips and medication. I will be trying this remedy this week. I do have a question my dog is a Great Dane Shepard mix (3 years old he has had mange since he was a puppy from his mom) He sleeps on a couch are bed his bed and a futon it's not possible to wash all of these items ( he has non contagious red mange) is that absolutely nessesary in order to cure? Sounds alot like lice should it be treated as such? One more question the percent to amount ratio is slightly confusing can some one put the measurements in easy to read format like this much poroxide this much water and poor borax until its can no longer dissolve. Thank you for any help you provide. Hoping to cure my miserable friend!!!

Borax and Peroxide User Reviews
Posted by Uswiggies (Clermont, Florida) on 06/20/2012
5 out of 5 stars

Ted's peroxide/borax treatment worked on our Shepard mix puppy! I used the mix the first day, used vegetable oil the next day (applied with cotton ball to extremely bare, blackish, sore spots, day three rest. I used Ted's recipe day four and the bare, blackish, sore spots are gone! I am shocked but oh so happy we didn't spend hundreds at the vet. I was very skeptical at first but I know it works! Thanks Ted and all who posted that convinced me to at least try.

Replied by Sharon
(Wesley Chapel, Fl)

l have found two ways to treat your yard for mites, since treating the animals and surrounding areas is vital. One is to spread "tobacco dust" around the whole yard. It can be bought by the garbage bag for about $20. It took 2 bags to treat my 3/4 of an acre. This can only be purchased at select feed stores, you must call around.

The second way is to introduce a voracious mite-eating beneficial insect bought at organic pest control websites. It is called a green lacewing. It is suggested to buy the eggs, and also a food for them once they become adults to keep them in your yard. The eggs hatch into mite-eating larvae for 2-3 weeks before they mature. The adults eat honey, and nectar on flowers, so keeping food out for the adults keeps them reproducing in your yard. It's not very expensive to let nature do the hard work.

Borax and Peroxide User Reviews
Posted by Melissa (Cleveland, Texas, U.s.a) on 03/17/2012

Dear Ted, I have a litter of 5wk old shiht-zu and them and mom have been affected with mange. Can I use this borax treatment on them and mom which is still nursing them and with her nursing and the pups young age, is it safe to leave it on them??? Thank You, Melissa

Replied by Bam Bam's Mom
(Millsboro, De Usa)

I gave my 5 month old male chihuahua which only weighed 1lb this after frustrating visits with out vets and costing us lots of money. I have used this 2x in 2 weeks, . What a difference. I used veg oil for his skin because it gets real dry and it doesn't harm him. I also added an extra 1/2 cup of water to the mixture since he is so small. It does work great. Bam Bam's mom.

Replied by Krisandra
(Bay Area, California)

Hey everyone!!

I was just wondering what you do after the solution dries on the puppy/dog? Do you wash it off or wait until the next time he/she needs a bath. I'm in need of help and no website will answer my questions. Please and thank you! Have a good day.

—Krisandra S.

Replied by Theresa
(Mpls., Mn)

Hey Krissandra!

You don't wash it off once it dries - you leave it on until the next bath.

I find that mine 'shed' some borax crystals for the first few hours out of crate once they have dried off, after that you don't know they have been dipped in anything.

If you have a problem with the dried borax crystals shedding about the house, you can simply brush your dog and the dried crystals will be brushed out in your grooming area and not be deposited all about the house.

Replied by Hailey


I have a 4 month old teacup chihuahua and at first we just thought she had really dry skin until we noticed she started getting bald spots. We know it is mange and tried the hydrogen peroxide and borax and It is sitting in her right now. I read that they can drink borax too? I'm really scared to give it to her to drink because she is so little. What do you recommend?

Replied by Theresa
(Mpls., Mn)

Hey Hailey!

Taking borax internally is for internal parasites such as yeasts and fungi. I don't see a reason why you would need to treat your chi with borax internally for external mange mites.

That said, if you wished to dose your chi with borax orally, you would start with 1/8 to 1/4 teaspoon into 1 liter of pure water and allow her to drink throughout the day.

Borax and Peroxide User Reviews
Posted by Jan (Austin, Tx) on 03/11/2012

This recipe of mixing the borax saturated water with peroxide worked great on my English bulldog, Dooley. I have three bulldogs and unfortunately am familiar with most canine problems. Decided to try this formula on Dooley before going to the vet. It worked great! I could see results after one application. I bathed Dooley making sure to take the flattened somewhat moist scabs off his back. I have a feeling that Dooley's mange was staph related, from my past experiences... But, regardless of what it was... It is gone now. I have completed three applications now... After the first application, the scabs never came back, and the hair began to grow back. Thanks for the great tip! Hope others also try this and have the success that Dooley had!

Borax and Peroxide User Reviews
Posted by Kimigirl (Makati City, Philippines) on 01/06/2012

Hi Ted! I've done your mange cure on my 1 yr old Chow Chow since nothing worked regarding vet treatments. I mentioned your cure to the vet and said since we've tried everything else, it wouldn't hurt. I followed your instructions to the letter. He didn't mind the dip at all and I think he rather enjoyed it.

What I noticed though was that after he dries, the red bumps seem to get aggravated. They're redder than normal and he's scratching. Although the next day, the red bumps dry up and flake off but he's still scratching. We're on the 4th day of treatment and was wondering if this is a normal reaction and would go away as the mites go? Or should I be adding something else to make the solution more potent to the mites? Do I just continue with the treatment? It looks like the mites try to fight back. Will Cold Pressed Virgin Coconut Oil help his itching?

Thank you in advance.


Replied by Kimigirl
(Makati City, Philippines)

I've been doing Ted's treatment on Roscoe everyday for a week now (Ted mentioned that it should be done daily). The redness has gone but he scratches like there's no tomorrow! He wears his e-collar 24/7 since I took it off for 10 minutes to clean and when I was putting it back on him I saw that he was licking his hind legs and has made 3 hot spots. His skin became really dry and I decided to soak him in Virgin Coconut Oil which helped with the itching BUT the red spots came back!!!

Please, can someone help me? He's suffering so much. Do I continue?

Replied by Jaki
(Fremantle, Western Australia)

Ted's remedy is to be done weekly, NOT daily. You are overdoing it!

Replied by Kimigirl
(Makati City, Philippines)

I am following Teds instructions. It actually worked better everyday, as stated below. I give Roscoe the HP Borax dip 2 days then VCO the next day for 3 weeks. No more black skin, bald spots and red bumps. For the "nest sites" I just spray the HP Borax on the area and it's drying up well and VCO to get rid of the skin flakes. Also the raw diet for his dinner really made a big difference.

[YEA] 02/17/2009: Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: "It's not working because the remedy I now required is applied everyday, plus no rinsing as the key. A rinsing would have washed off the borax. A solution should be long enough to take effect. Perhaps putting them in bathtub and reapply during bath for about 15 minutes will be more effective, before leaving the dog without rinsing. Because a saturated borax is used, it is likely very little of borax remains on the dog. So should the dog licks, it should not have induce the vomiting. The amount of both the hydrogen peroxide and borax dose is too low to have any effect. Therefore, either borax flakes too large or hydrogen peroxide in large amount was somewhow ingested during the bathing. Henceforth an easy way to get around this problem is to put muzzle on the dog DURING and AFTER bathing for a couple of hours (say 4-5 hours) before rinsing them a way, thus leaving no trace of anything to cause vomiting for the dog.

Replied by Carolynn
(Flint, Mi)
5 out of 5 stars

I have got to tell you.. My pup had a type of mange or redness for years and I tried a lot of things to cure it, plus his ears started leaking and smelling. I can't even tell you disturbed I was to go to the vet and have it not cured and be forced to go back ad pay again and it would not be cured. I used frontline, flea shampoo and on and still his coat and skin were scabbing and itchy. He is a golden retriever mx, like Duke on the baked beans ad only blonde.

I tried Ted's Remedy and I have to tell you.. The relief for my pup was immediate.. IMMEDIATE. He began playing again and looked at me like he was sooo grateful to not itch. I use it qute often now and it kills fleas as well and HIS FUR HAS GROWN BACK AND HIS PRETTY TAIL IS ALMOST FULL AGAIN... One month and a little more. I am very grateful. His ears are cleaning up too so the 'bug' or whatever it was must have been the problem there. He is like a puppy again and wants to play. Thank you... Thank you... from me and Duke....

Borax and Peroxide User Reviews
Posted by Kimw922 (Youngstown, Oh) on 10/09/2011
5 out of 5 stars

After 2 days of using this mixture of Borax and peroxide and apple cider vinegar. I do believe my dog's mange is clearing up. It was pretty bad and she stunk really, really bad. She has not scratched since the first treatment. Keeping fingers crossed. Thanks so much!

Borax and Peroxide User Reviews
Posted by Harold (San Diego, Ca) on 09/12/2011
5 out of 5 stars

I'm so glad I found this site! I adopted a 3 Yr. Female EBD that had health issues, original owners basically left her in a backyard by herself most of her life. When I began to care for her, she wasn't very active and had a very bad skin condition which I later realized was mange. Long story short, I ran into this site and used Ted's guidelines. I'm 3 weeks into the treatment and couldn't be more thrilled! I now have a very active EBD and the mange is slowly going away, her coat is looking better daily thanks to Ted's solution! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! Xoxo Juels

Borax and Peroxide User Reviews
Posted by Theresa1989stan1990 (Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada) on 09/08/2011

Theresa1989Stan1990 [Niagara Falls, Ontario Canada] = My boyfriend and I have tried every solution in the books (vets -tooooo expesive- , Lemon juice, epson salts... Etc.. ), shes a Austrailian Shepard, Huskey, Collie (rough), Begal mix, only a year old. The previous owner stopped her treatment only a month in and thought she was better (now we know its demodex generalized) and then she gave her to us, and well she got reinfected again and it happened within a span of a week to have loss of hair, red bumps on her belly, little leisions on the back of her neck & head, ears legs and chest and a huge lesion on her neck.

Well, we had a friend who has a family member as a vet and she said that the borax solution works. And well this is day 2 for us the smell has died down, the skin is starting to look better, fur is slightly discoloured and she is probably tramatized by how many times previously with other solutions only because her cuts reopen everytime. Which we are still having the issue.
We have a cone that prevents her from licking herself due to how weak she is at this point we dont want to risk having her digesting it, but the cone is the main reason why the cuts on her neck keep opening again because before we apply the solution, we need to take it off but the cuts are already crusted over the cone, even after the night before we waited for her to dry for hours than put the cone back on. We need to know if its safe to say she can lick herself after the borax solution is done drying, because she likes to lick her paws, and to clean herself, she is a constant licker... We dont know what to do when the cone is opening the cuts over and over again. And our main concern is that, can she get really sick even more with the borax/h202 just by licking herself like a cat(since she grew up with cats)?

What were other peoples techniques to prevent them from licking? (if they did)

Replied by Sharon
(Wesley Chapel, Fl)

First, have you thought to treat the cone before you put it back on?? It could be infested. Why do you need a cone? Dog saliva helps the spots. If you read the other posts here, no one uses a cone, because the amount of ingested mix does not cause any problems. My suggestion would be to take a little time and reread all the posts. Cheers.

Borax and Peroxide User Reviews
Posted by Middlebunny (Jersey City, New Jersey, Usa) on 09/05/2011
3 out of 5 stars

Better But With Side Effects

I'm curious. My black cocker spaniel periodically breaks out in a rash. We thought it was an allergic reaction to the dog park but after reading these posts it seems like it might be mange or mites. His latest bout appears to be his worst so far. His vet previously rx'd a topical cleanser as well as Gentamicin Sulfacte Topical Spray. This seems to work; however, I decided that it might be more efficient to try Ted's mange cure to see if that helped.

I didn't bath the dog in Ted's solution as he'd just gotten his hair done at the salon (who called and notified us of the rashes on his stomach which they thought were indicative of an allergy or staph infection). Instead, I mixed 150ml of 3% Hydrogen Peroxide solution with 300ml of distilled water then I mixed in 1 tablespoon of the borax (laundry cleaner). I put this all in a 500ml bottle and shook it until the borax had either mixed in or formed a solid mass that settled at the bottom of the bottle (I assumed the settlement was the portion that couldn't be dissolved). I then put the liquid in a spray bottle and sprayed the areas of his tummy which had the rash. I also sprayed some on his back and tried to push it through his hair without messing up his cute cocker spaniel hair cut. While the instructions recommend bathing in the solution once a week, I've sprayed the tummy area several times since the initial application as I thought that would be close to simulating a full body bath for the effected body parts. I've now begun to notice that my dog's black hair has been lightened as though the 1% hydrogen peroxide is having a bleaching effect. Is this typical? Is it because I've sprayed the solution on my dog more than once?

Although the rashes appear to be drying out, I don't want to keep spraying my dog with the solution because of the hair lightening effect. Despite this, I do still want to continue to promote the healing process. In between weekly applications of the borax/h2o2 solution, can I resume using the Gentamicin Sulfate spray or will this decrease the effectiveness of the borax/h2o/h2o2 solution? Please advise.

Replied by Modoc
(Good, Az)

We used Betadine Solution. Straight out of the bottle. Then rinsed with warm water. Freshly cut garlic in his food, every day, twice.. Baby oil, every day, twice. Six days, it was gone.

Borax and Peroxide User Reviews
Posted by Coco (Lahore, Pakistan) on 08/31/2011

Hi everyone, I have a 2 year old female pitbul who has generalized demodex mange. Right now the worst part is her muzzle which has no hair and bleeds excessively if the dog is in stress. Other than that she has lost most of her hair on her under belly as well as on her legs. I have been struggling to find a cure for her since the last 4 months since her condition triggered as she went into heat in early May. Before that she had a few hot spots but since May she has had major issues. I started her on lime sulphur dips and they helped to control the mange on her body however since I applied the solution sparingly on her face , therefore that was the part that suffered the worst and lost all its hair. The vets in this country kept experimenting with various medicines including anti fungal tablets, ivermectin shots ( she has received 3 of those with only momentary difference ). She's been on antibiotics. Has had her food changed to check for food allergies. However in the end it has been determined that she is suffering from demodex even though the skin scrapings were negative. The vets dont trust the labs here. I read Ted's post and decided to try the borax and hydrogen peroxide solution. It so happened that after 24 hours of administrating this , her symptoms got so worse that I got scared and just gave her a bath and applied the lime sulphur dip. her face was totally swollen and so was her ear, the borax hydrogen peroxide had actually exascerbated the situation and made me get scared that Ihad to wash out the solution.

I am wondering if anyone else had a similar reacation. I used 3 tbs of borax powder in 500cc 3% h2O2 and 1000cc water.

Can anyone suggest what needs to be done next? I have tried one amitraz dip previously which also made her skin situation get worse and I discontinued.

I thought the borax h2o2 was safe. Then why did this happen. Please advise

Replied by Coco
(Lahore, Pakistan)
1 out of 5 stars


Dear All,

after reading such positive feedback on this website for the above treatment for demodex mange. I decided to apply this on my 2 year old femal pitbul who had lost all her hair on her muzzle, around the eyes and was no longer responding to ivomec, lime sulphur dips. I tried amitraz once on her and she did not react well to is, so you can imagine my excitement to find the borax h2o2 cure. I did the dip as advised however the next day my dog's entire face was 5 times its original size and she was oozing blood from her eyelids, ears, muzzle.

She had such a bad reaction to this treatment that I would like to warn anyone new who would be tempted to try this. No wonder we never hear about this treatment anywhere else except this particular website. I would discourage people from trying treatments like I did without my vet's approval. The first thing I did was to give her a bath and make sure that the deadly mixture was out of her fur and body as much as possible. I then rushed her to the vet where she is being treated but she looks bad. If I could post a photograph of her on this site, you would know the before and after.

Replied by Diamond
(Salisbury, Usa)

Coco from Lahore; I can attest that this method has worked for me and many of my pets, is it possible that you did some thing wrong? or maybe the dog just simply had a negative reaction to the use of borax & peroxide? it takes a lot of care and attention to do these methods. You were very fortunate to have had a great vet to run to as here in the USA they are all money grabbers and meat heads. Good luck with your dog.

Replied by Cynthia
(Sun Valley)

The h2O2 3% should [email protected]%... So H2O2 500cc to a 1 to 3 part ratio. 500cc h2o2 to 1500cc h2o and borax add it until it no longer dissolves. More is better than less. Let it dry and leave it.. The dog can shake but do not wipe it off.

Replied by Dem

Did you use BORIC acid? Very toxic and not the same as BORAX!

Borax and Peroxide User Reviews
Posted by K. (Conroe, Tx. Usa) on 08/30/2011

reply to Jeff from Tampa, Try giving your dog a small amount of benadryl before treatment as this will calm him and help with his need to itch. K. From Conroe

Replied by Chlo3l33
(Atlanta, Georgia, Usa)

If you use anything with anti-histamines, it will only make the mange worse so don't do it!!!!