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  Re: Apple Cider Vinegar for Acid Reflux

23 days ago
Posted by Pay It Forward (PNW) on 02/03/2024

It's 5am, finally got up and took a spoonful (1 Tbsp) of ACV in 4oz water for acid reflux. First time in two yrs since having my gallbladder removed. I started taking ox bile supplements after gallbladder removal. Ox bile supplements can help digestion after gallbladder removal by replacing the bile that is no longer produced by the gallbladder. This can help prevent digestive issues. Made in the liver and released by the gall bladder, bile acids help us to digest and assimilate the fats that we eat in our food. With a healthy gall bladder, bile is released into the intestines as needed, when we consume fat. If you have had your gallbladder removed, or if your gallbladder function is compromised (common with SIBO or digestive infections or if you are eating a ketogenic diet or are fasting and notice pain in your right upper abdominal quadrant), you may not be putting out enough bile to properly digest fat and absorb your essential fat soluble vitamins. I like the Seeking Health brand for ox bile.

Wish I knew years ago, I probably could've avoided gallbladder removal. Turns out many have poor bile quality and don't know it. If I'd have taken ox bile at each meal that may have resolved the problem. But alopathic drs knowledge is limited to big pharma Rx meds. After yrs of ignorance and suffering it cost me my gall bladder. I was also taking antacids nightly instead. And those are terrible for your health! Particularly robbing your calcium, magnesium, and B12 causing a concerning deficiency. H2 Blockers can deplete calcium, folate (B9), iron, vitamin B12, and vitamin D... and Proton-pump inhibitor (PPI)'s can deplete magnesium and vitamin B12.

As we age, two of the most concerning deficiencies are vitamin B12 and calcium. Both PPI's and H2 blockers significantly increase the risk of vitamin B12 deficiency in elderly patients. Vitamin B12 requires gastric acid for absorption. The elderly population is already prone to deficiency in intrinsic factor, a protein necessary for B12 absorption. Symptoms may include trouble walking or changes in memory, conditions that may be mistaken for aging or dementia.

Even the Journal of the American Medical Association reported concluded that the use of PPI's for over one year results in people being 2.5 times more susceptible to hip fracture than control subjects. The drastic drop in calcium and vitamin D absorption that occurs with PPIs is believed to be the cause.

ACV and Ox bile, avoid eating foods you know to be triggering, stop eating 4 hrs before bed. Even now, with my gallbladder gone, I simply take 1x 125mg Ox bile capsule during my meals and feel 10x better for it. *Keep in mind, I would not recommend bile salts for people with hyperthyroidism (extra bile can increase conversion of T4 to T3 making you more hyperthyroid) or people with active diarrhea.

Castor Oil Application Tip

24 days ago
Posted by Cindy (Illinois, USA) on 02/03/2024

Greetings! Just a tip for castor oil packs required in geometrically challenged places. You can stick a gauze pad onto a piece of "Press-n-Seal" cut a bit larger than the pad, put the castor oil on the pad, place it where it's needed, being careful not to get oil on the outside of the Press-n- Seal and tape it all down with K-Tape - I.e. kinesiology athletic tape. It sticks through thick and thin (even to the bottom of the foot and between the toes! ) is hypoallergenic and comes in lots of pretty (or macho) colors. SUPER handy for keeping things in place, on the skin.

  Re: Apple Cider Vinegar for Itchy Skin

24 days ago
Posted by L N (Suffolk) on 02/03/2024

I have had tremendous immediate relief with a wet wrap around calves/shins. I used long crepe bandages wrung out in distilled water (i would like to try adding a couple of drops of MMS but we aren't allowed to buy that in UK) The bandages can be left on damp a couple of hours but if you want to protect sheets or clothes cling film makes a reasonable job of that - not too tight. This didn't cure the itching, but relieved it.

  Re: Berberine for Diabetes Type II

24 days ago
Posted by Art (California) on 02/03/2024

Hi Beryl,

I understand now. If an organization does not wish to recommend herbal remedies, then of course, berberine would not be recommended by them.

As to why you may not see many people commenting on berberine in the UK, I just looked on Amazon UK and it looks like they don't offer a supplement that is just berberine, but they do have one supplement that has berberine and cinnamon in it as shown here when I searched for berberine :,aps,224&ref=nb_sb_noss_1

It is also worth noting that this product costs roughly $60 US dollars, making it more than three times the price of a more potent product available on US Amazon which I linked to below :

Compared to here in the US Amazon, they are loaded with all types of Berberine supplements as shown here :,aps,139&ref=nb_sb_noss_1

The following link takes you to a product on US Amazon that also contains berberine and cinnamon :,aps,139&sr=1-5-364cf978-ce2a-480a-9bb0-bdb96faa0f61-spons&sp_csd=d2lkZ2V0TmFtZT1zcF9zZWFyY2hfdGhlbWF0aWM&psc=1

For a comparison to the UK product which contains 250 mg of berberine per capsule and 250 mg of cinnamon per capsule, the US product contains 600 mg of berberine per capsule and 100 mg of Ceylon Cinnamon per capsule.

Based on the effective dosage of berberine for diabetes established in human studies, 1500 mg total per day minimum, it will take 3 of the US capsules to get enough berberine to reach the effective dose. For the UK product it will take 6 capsules per day to get to the effective dose of 1500 mg/day. That means the 120 capsule UK bottle will last only 20 days whereas the US product which also has 120 capsules will last 40 days or twice as long for about one third the price of the UK product.

Given the above, I can see why people in the UK have little interest in using berberine as it is simply very expensive to use and there is very little in the way of choices of product if Amazon UK is a fair representation of availability and pricing.

You still didn't say what dose you used that was ineffective for you, but if you took the UK product at the effective dose, that would mean you are also getting 1500 mg of burmanii cinnamon a day and that is a lot. Just 1000 mg of cinnamon per day has shown to be beneficial for glycemic control. Given the high price and limited selection to use berberine at the effective dose in the UK, I can see where you may have been taking less than the effective dose, which of course would not work for the purpose of glycemic control.

To give you a better idea of the science of berberine for diabetes, this very recent (November 2023) meta analysis of multiple randomized controlled trials (RCTs) on the use of berberine for glycemic control in adults shows that berberine is effective for glycemic control :

Here is a relevant quote from the meta analysis :

' The finding of our umbrella showed that the supplementation of BBR could be effective in improving glycemic parameters and inflammatory marker in adults. '

When you also consider the other benefits that berberine has shown in working against many of the severe side effects of diabetes as I mentioned in my previous reply to you, berberine is clearly a very valuable supplement for the majority of diabetics in the world and likely is in a class by itself in that regard.


  Ted's Remedies for ALS

24 days ago
Posted by Nathan (Columbia, Pennsylvania ) on 02/03/2024

Sorry to hear that. May he Rest In Peace. Is there anyway you can walk me through his protocol for ALS? I'm too confused by what all I've read on here about this. I need help on how to do things correctly.

  Re: Berberine for Diabetes Type II

24 days ago
Posted by Beryl (uk) on 02/03/2024

Dear Art,

I would love to be able to say that I've taken Berberine and it lowered my blood glucose levels, but this has not been the case. If I remember correctly I've taken it on three separate occasions as directed but there were no positive results. Perhaps I didn't take it for long enough. Also, it didn't make me feel great whilst on it.

There's a couple of websites here in the UK that I'm aware of, Diabetes UK and Diabetes Co. UK. You may care to look at these yourself.

This is a quote from Diabetes UK's website. "Diabetes UK does not recommend the use of herbal remedies and supplements as there is not enough evidence that they are safe and effective for people with diabetes to use." (This is not my viewpoint as I've taken many supplements over the years).

Also, I'm not aware of of NHS here in the UK recommending its use.

Having Type II Diabetes myself, I have trawled the forums of the two above websites a number of times. People write in with their queries, successes, etc, and Berberine is rarely mentioned. If it was so successful I feel sure there would be hundreds of Berberine devotees shouting from the rooftops extolling its virtues, but they appear to be non existent.

We have an excellent doctor here in the UK, a Dr David Unwin, who has pioneered the concept of reducing the amount of carbohydrates we consume to improve blood sugar levels, and this has proved very successful.

Hand on heart, I wish I could say that Berberine worked brilliantly for me, but it didn't. If it had been successful I would certainly be taking it now. However, there may be others for whom it may prove beneficial.

Respect and best wishes to you.

  Re: Need Help Healing Irritable Gut

24 days ago
Posted by Vera (Colorado) on 02/02/2024

Cecilia: I have since come across other people reporting a cure of IBS via vitamin B1 (thiamine). Also came across a doctor who thinks that many people have mild beriberi affecting the gut. I get my thiamine in a bulk bag through amazon. (Benfotiamine is water insoluble. I get either HCl or mononitrate.) I decided to put it in bathwater to make sure it's absorbed through the skin, rather than relying on the gut.

Also, as I wrote, I was blown away how smooth and soft my skin became! I recently did some searching, and it turns out that thiamine rebuilds collagen in the skin. A bonus! :-)

Ubiquionol Causes Side Effects, But Helps Energy and Mental Clarity

25 days ago
Posted by kildonon (lebanon, ohio) on 02/02/2024


Ubiquinol and COq10 causes severe swelling of my feet and ankles. It does, however, help my energy levels and mental clarity.

Betaine HCl for ACV for Eczema

25 days ago
Posted by noel (merced CA) on 02/02/2024

Acne, eczema, psoriasis, rosacea, perioral dermatitis, and other skin conditions that cause inflammation, especially on the face, can be caused by hypochlorhydria (Low stomach acid). Take Betaine HCL supplement and/or Apple Cider Vinegar to restore stomach acid. Other symptoms may be bloating, belching, and indigestion after eating.

  Re: Ted's Remedies for ALS

25 days ago
Posted by Jenny (Saint Clair, MO) on 02/02/2024

Nathan, Ted is no longer here on the earth.

Melatonin Lotion For Jaw Fracture Pain

25 days ago
Posted by Art (California) on 02/02/2024

Recently, a friend fell while on vacation and when he fell, his jaw slammed into a concrete step. He sought out a local doctor who told him he should see his regular doctor when he got home from vacation. When he saw his regular doctor and did the appropriate testing, his doctor told him surgery would not be required, but that he did have two fractures in his jaw that would require significant time to heal.

My friend called me and asked if I could suggest anything to help him with the pain caused by the fractures that was keeping him up at night. I gave him a bottle of melatonin lotion and told him to apply it sparingly twice a day and it should relieve the pain and allow him to get better sleep.

I further told him that the lotion is likely to help his fractures heal because melatonin seems to promote bone healing and repair as discussed here :, it indicates that melatonin, associations between melatonin and osteogenesis.

Here is a relevant quote from the link :

' Moderate osteogenesis and angiogenesis is involved in both bone repair and fracture healing (25). Currently, accumulating evidence has indicated the associations between melatonin and osteogenesis. ' ( osteogenesis = the formation of bone)

I got a text from my friend today and he said that the lotion has greatly reduced his pain and allows him to sleep very well. He also asked me if he could use the lotion for other body areas where he has pain, but he did not elaborate on what areas he was referring to and I told him it might help and to try it. I also mentioned that it may also help with healing of the fracture. He was very happy and said he will keep applying it!


  Re: Colloidal Silver

25 days ago
Posted by Art (California) on 02/02/2024

Hi Casey,

Since you asked, I went and read excerpts from an article written by him here :

Here is a quote from his article :

' The properties of dissolved nanosilver are completely different than suspended colloidal silver. Nanosilver is unaffected by sunlight, magnetic fields or freezing. '

This statement is incorrect because nanosilver is the same as silver nanoparticles (AgNPs) and when you freeze AgNPs and then thaw it, the silver will aggregate and the product will no longer be viable. Here is a discussion on that topic from a company that manufactures AgNPs : silver nanoparticles at 2, silver nanoparticles will irreversibly aggregate.

Here is a relevant article quote :

' Do NOT freeze. If frozen, the silver nanoparticles will irreversibly aggregate. '

He also uses the term "nanosilver" and the term "colloidal silver" to mean two different things, but they are essentially the same with the exception that colloidal silver can exceed 100 nm in particle size whereas silver nanoparticles should not exceed 100 nm.

He would not be someone that I myself would feel confident in regarding information on AgNPs.

There is a lot of different and conflicting information on the web regarding AgNPs, so it is not easy to determine what is fact or fiction when it comes to colloidal silver. I try to refer to silver nanoparticle studies when I am looking for answers regarding AgNPs.


Ozone Therapy

25 days ago
Posted by Cindy (Illinois, USA) on 02/02/2024

You do not need fancy equipment to use ozone. Period. I have 7 different ozone generators but that's only because those with variable outputs are so expensive. I use a $6 US refrigerator ozone generator to ozonate water. Altogether, my 7 generators - including an industrial, large space-shocking generator - cost me less than $500 US. My most recent purchase was the most expensive and it was about $100 US. It's designed for water and oil - I.e. it has a pump and hose for concentrating output through an airstone. I got it for ozonating oil and didn't actually need it, even for that.

People say there are no studies regarding ozone but that is absolute nonsense as there are actually thousands of studies. Just not in the US. Granted, very few are about its efficacy but that's because, outside the US, the efficacy of ozone is VERY well known so, most studies are about modes of application, specific conditions and dosage levels and the actual dosage levels have been seen to not matter much, if at all, in several instances though I don't think that was a formal study but, rather, a study done within a single medical establishment overseas.

Basically, I just want to say is "use your head", think your own thoughts on the matter and use it or not, as you choose.

It's not fancy, one doesn't need fancy equipment to generate it and it's not dangerous. To my knowledge, the only mishap with ozone was with regard to the needle in a saline setup and had nothing to do with the ozone.

Ozone is a gas and when people talk about injecting it, they are NOT talking about injecting gas into a vein but, rather, ozonated SALINE solution. Do NOT inject gas intravenously.

Insufflation is NOT an injection of gas into a vein. Do your homework or find a practitioner.

One final note you can include or exclude: Many powerful Americans receive - and HAVE received, for DECADES - ozone therapy overseas while, at the same time, legislating, promoting, protecting and encouraging the deadly, money-making industry of toxic "US medicine" that kills millions of people every year.

The fancy equipment and plethora of "precautions" you see in the US regarding ozone are only there to get information past American censorship and into the hands of the people.

  Re: Xlear Nasal Spray

25 days ago
Posted by Naomi (CA) on 02/02/2024

Just a word of caution for those with MTHFR, I've heard that some may be sensitive to Quercetin.

  Re: Inositol for Weight Loss

25 days ago
Posted by HisJewel (New York) on 02/02/2024

My search to find out how Inositol helps to lose weight did not reveal much.

I could not find any to the point studies; however, I found a video lecture by Dr. Westin Childs that was quite clear, and addresses the subject, and gives a suggested dosage.

He said. Myo-inositol works by balancing hormones.

Following is his YouTube video.

I hope this video answers Inositol weight loss questions.


Chilblains Vs Athlete's Foot Diagnosis

25 days ago
Posted by Clayton (Tulsa, OK) on 02/01/2024

Recently I discovered that what I thought was athlete's foot was actually chilblains. Chilblains occur when your feet (or sometimes hands) are very cold and are warmed up very rapidly, which can burst capillaries under the skin and result in redness, swelling, and lots of itchiness. For me, the tops of my toes were most affected (not so much in between, or anywhere else on the foot).

For the past week I'd been soaking my feet in various different things, and spraying a variety of herbal antidotes, to no avail: the itchiness and redness hardly went down at all, and I was getting worried I had some bad infection.

Deeper online searching revealed I had chilblains, from coming in from walking in the snow, and resting my feet near a space heater right after taking my boots off.

For better or worse, chilblains seems to improve on its own over time without treatment (unlike a fungal infection). Soaking in a diluted hydrogen peroxide or vinegar solution did help temporarily relieve itching.

I also read somewhere a man treated his chilblains with decent success applying minced onion mixed with salt. I've yet to try it.

I just wanted to let you know, if you are primarily experiencing redness and itchiness on top of your toes, and your toes have recently been very cold, you might check to see if instead of athletes foot you're experiencing chilblains.

Gallbladder Attack or Virus? Need Help for Extreme Pain Under Rib Cage.

25 days ago
Posted by judith (USA) on 02/02/2024

Gall bladder attack? virus?

About a month ago, I had what I thought was a severe back spasm (mid-left of back) while on a 3 hour car trip taking my mother to the airport. Gradually worsening contraction like pains. I really couldn't pull over due to time and on my way home although in agony, I just wanted to get home. I immediately crawled to our biomat and QRS mat to see if that would relax it and it did help somewhat. Over the next couple of days, my back was sore especially if I pressed on one very particular spot just below and under my ribs close to the main muscles running along left side of my spine. Two nights later, I had fairly serious waves of pain in the center of my upper chest that lasted maybe 5 minutes. Heartburn? I've never had that, but maybe. I had them again the next night, although not as severe. My husband mentioned gall bladder and I sort of dismissed it because at 64, I've never had any gall bladder problems and saw no reason for them to start now.

And then - and this was the kicker - my husband came down with similar symptoms. Excruciating pain under his ribcage which, if not for EC!!!, would have sent him to the hospital. He did ACV, lemon juice, and a castor oil pack with heating pad. That got him past the severe pain within 1/2 hour. But like me, he continued to have chest, under ribcage pain/discomfort for several weeks. He felt better after taking an ivermectin. I didn't have the same happy results. I did a castor oil pack this morning on my chest. But, I am still looking for remedy or answer. Did we have some sort of virus? It seems highly improbable that both of us would have gall bladder attacks at the same time given that neither of us has had one before. I should add that neither have we had any urinary issues. Would love to hear if anyone has had a similar experience recently or any suggestions. Many thanks! judith

  Ted's Remedies for ALS

25 days ago
Posted by Nathan (Columbia, Pennsylvania ) on 02/02/2024

Can anyone please help me understand Teds protocol for ALS. I just joined and signed up here and I'm so confused on the protocol and how to do each specific thing correctly. Am I able to talk to Ted somehow so I can fully understand please need dire help.

  Re: Black Walnut Powder for Tooth Enamel

25 days ago
Posted by Carry (India) on 02/02/2024

Hey I'm from India and I haven't been able to find a place where I can buy Black Walnuts here. Are there any alternative solutions? I'm 24 and I have cavities and my teeth are becoming translucent and I am trying to find a natural remedy

  Re: Bill Thompson's Protocol for Leg Cramps and Numb Feet

25 days ago
Posted by June S. (Suffolk, UK) on 02/02/2024

Tried your Magnesium and Chloride protocol and it has worked first time. I have been in so much discomfort for months, now I am pain free from leg cramps. Bless you.