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Shingles Daily Remedy Diary

24 days ago
Posted by Isabelle (BALTIMORE MD USA) on 02/25/2023
5 out of 5 stars

December, 2022

Day 1:
Pain in the shoulder. I put it down to my itchy clothes. But I start applying ointments of all kinds, for pain.

Day 2
I slept very badly. The pain continues, radiates to the arm and goes up the neck.
I start taking turmeric.

Day 3
At night I can't sleep. I get up and beg God to heal me. And suddenly I think it must be shingles! (probably God inspiring me.)
I immediately do researches in my books:
I read that it is very important:

- to alkalize the body.
- eat a lot of greens.
-de-stress as much as possible
-a lot of rest/sleep on demand.

Day 4
I start taking the products every hour. And others every two hours.
Curcumin. 1000mg x 8/ day
Bromelain 500mg x 6/day
Vitamin B12 2000 mg x 3/day
Vitamin D 20,000 IU
Magnesium homeopathy
Valerian extract: 1 pipette
Propolis spray. 3x/ day
Every 3 hours I drink sodium bicarbonate 1/2 tsp. coffee, with 1 tbsp. tablespoon cider vinegar in water

Day 5
Still very tired like yesterday. Since Sunday, the pimples are visible on the collarbone. More appeared at the base of my neck today. The pain in the arm goes to the elbow, and hurts a lot. I continue to take care of myself.

Day 6
Slept well. Less tired. But hurt in my arm. The pimples still haven't popped. I applied black cumin oil 3 times a day, in which I added drops of essential oil of :clove, tea tree, lavender and geranium.

Day 7
Today I have more strength. I slept well the arm pain is average. I keep taking many times a day
- baking soda and cider vinegar
- vitamin B12
Just added Colloidal silver – 250 ppm.

Discovery! I read in my book that HE eucalyptus is very good for cases of neuralgia and that it is antibacterial.

So I make an oil, having as base olive oil with:
-HE eucalyptus (a lot of drops! )
-HE Thyme
-HE Lavender
-HE Sage
-HE rosemary
-HE geranium
And I apply this oil to myself, each time the pain comes back.

Day 8
This morning I don't feel very well like I have a fever. Not a lot of energy. I feel that my body is fighting hard.
To be able to go shopping, I take an aspirin 1000.

Day 9
This morning a pain starts near the ear. I immediately apply my oil containing essential oils.
The pimples are drying on the collarbone. I take another aspirin 1000 so as not to have pain, when my daughter comes to visit me.
This afternoon, I feel very strong!

Day 10
Today the pain is also in my ear, pain like otitis. I stick a cotton ball with Swedish Bitter herbs in it. The pain went away after a few hours.
Neuralgia in the shoulder at the pimples. I take baking soda and colloidal silver.

Day 11
Slept for nine hours like a baby. The pain in the ear is gone. But still shoulder pain. Application of eucalytus HE directly on the skin as well as my oil mixture hard all over the arm.

Day 12
The neuralgia in the right shoulder continues. But I prayed this morning for a complete healing.
The name of Jesus is a strong tower, the righteous take refuge in it and find safety.
I continue :
Baking soda plus apple cider vinegar
– turmeric mega doses
–complex, B 12
–silver, colloidal
The buttons are dried.

Day 13
I'm doing well! Just a little more pain in the shoulder but I apply the mixture as soon as the pain is there.

I am the Lord your God who heals you of all your diseases.

Day 14 and 15
Slept well. Still a little launch in the shoulder. But I notice that after each application of my oil, the pain goes away and comes back less and less often too. I praise God for my healing.

16th day
First day I wake up feeling comfortable. Just once or twice I felt a bit of shoulder discomfort today! Thanks my God!
I still continue some vitamins, and oil application.

Until the 21st day.
No more pain at all. I will continue the applications twice daily, morning and evening, for another week.

One of the secrets was to start right at the beginning and to fight hard with megadoses.

  Re: Remedies Not Helping 17 Years of Non-Allergic Rhinitis

24 days ago
Posted by mmsg (somewhere, europe) on 02/25/2023

Marian, we have seen most upper respiratory ailments improve with breathing h2o2 diluted in boiling water, several times a day, gradually decreasing as improvements is noticed.

  Re: Remedies Not Helping 17 Years of Non-Allergic Rhinitis

24 days ago
Posted by Anita (PA) on 02/25/2023


Sorry, you have suffered too long with this!

I recommend you try a xylitol nasal spray and discontinue all steroid containing nose drops.

Also, put several drops of ionic silver solution in each nostril before bed.

And I would add 2 black elderberry gummies containing bit C and Zinc each day.

Start with this and see if this helps & do keep us posted!

  Re: New Remedies for Essential Tremors?

24 days ago
Posted by Art (California) on 02/25/2023


I notice you are using magnesium citrate and magnesium glycinate may be a better form for increased bioavailability. You didn't mention if you are taking taurine and that may be helpful for tremors.

I also wanted you to take a look at this small study for ET that used Citicoline to some benefit :

Here is a relevant study quote :

' Seven subjects showed marked improvement on Clinical Rating Scale for Tremor. Seven subjects showed moderate improvements, and 2 subjects showed mild improvement, and two subjects showed no change. '

The downside to this study is the small size and clearly it did not help two of the participants, but it did help the others.

Lastly, there was a fairly recent post on EC of a person who used a three ingredient homeopathic remedy to good effect. Here is a link to that post :

Good luck and keep us updated on your experience!


  Re: Arrhythmia

24 days ago
Posted by Susann (Albuquerque) on 02/25/2023

Can you please tell me the difference between regular and unsulphured Black Strap Molasses? which one is preferable to use for arrhythmia?

  Re: Nebulizing with H202 and Colloidal Silver for COPD

24 days ago
Posted by Rob (Kentucky) on 02/25/2023

It's called Silver Complete Plus, Ionic Colloidal Silver 10 PPM Plus 1.5% Food Grade H2O2 (Hydrogen Peroxide).

HealthQuest website:

They are located in Salmon Arm, BC, Canada

Alpha Lipoic Acid for Tinnitus

24 days ago
Posted by Denise E (Crescent City, CA) on 02/25/2023

After suffering with tinnitus for about 7 years now, it did improve after I was on my ketogenic diet (basically dropped sugars, high simple carbs) drink more water, intermittent fasting, gym weight-training, and walking. It got better, but not gone, and flares up some days so bad I have to use my little Chrome Doze white-noise app on my Android phone. I've heard it can be from hearing loss which I have slight hearing loss in one ear.

I want to post this so I can evaluate ALA now and here in 2023. I've just today ordered 300mg capsules, look like Vit E caps of Puritans' Pride 120 and I'll take one a day to start. I will be back to report because I long for my tinnitus to stop so I can hear the sounds of silence once again. Normal sounds when I take a walk, hear the birds etc. My tinnitus is 24/7 although I shouldn't say that as I don't know what it is like when I'm asleep. I know I can't fall asleep most of the time w/o sound app. Mine sounds like a high pitched piano key and no breaks, steady. My heart goes out to all that have this health issue. Like I said, I'm going to (finally) try the ALA, Denise E.

New Remedies for Essential Tremors?

24 days ago
Posted by Denise1952 (Crescent City, CA) on 02/25/2023
5 out of 5 stars

Has anyone found new help for Essential Tremor?

I have some improvement since going on a basic Ketogenic Diet and stuck with it especially because it brought my HbA1c, as well as daily Type 2 Diabetes testing. 2 years and one month into all that, including regular walking & weight-training. I also lost 30 lbs and am at a normal weight now. I still have the tremor which seems to be related heavily on my anxiety issues, so I have to work on not just diet/exercise but the anxiety. The meds they gave me many years ago make me feel calmer but really I'm addicted to it, Clonazepam. Luckily I've never gone over 1mg per day and am now down a 1/4 tablet each day, and trying to go for just .5 mg this next months dose.

Since I was very young, maybe even before I started school, it progressed. If I had to get in front of a class or got angry I would get the shakes. Now I feel my anxiety is worse with difficult people to be around so I am beginning to isolate which is also related to depression I've had off and on for years as well.

Anything supplement-wise, or herbal, I am willing to try but all the info here I don't see any newer info, 2020 or newer lets say. My symptoms all show in my head that jerks left-right and my left hand is the worst, but have it in both hands. I notice it the most when stopped in traffic and feel everyone can see me so naturally, it shakes the worst. Also trying to do things like video-chat with family, putting on make-up is out of the question, and drinking or eating. Also, if I have to sign my name, or write anything, rather than type it, it's just scribble. Embarrassment makes it worse.

Please help if you can as I will be waiting and hoping for feedback,

Denise in Crescent City, CA

PS Supps I take now:

Magnesium Citrate 500mg 2 x day

Turmeric (for all they say it's good for)

Starting D-3 again now

PS I notice as I sit here typing calmly I'm hardly shaking at all, but as the day goes by, it can get worse for the reasons I mentioned above. I've been to neurologists but they gave me Topomax which did nothing for me at all. I don't want another drug, and won't take anything since finding I couldn't just get off the clonazepam.

  Re: Grapefruit Seed Extract for Ear Mites

24 days ago
Posted by Stacey (Summerfield FL) on 02/25/2023

My indoor only cat has somehow gotten ear mites in his left ear with the classic coffee ground look and very crusty by the edge. It also smells.

I have a bottle of Nutribiotic Grapefruit Seed Extract ear drops. Can I put a few drops directly into his ear canal or can I only wipe the inside of his ear flap with the GSE and a cotton ball? Please advise.

  Re: Castor Oil Not Working for a Cyst

24 days ago
Posted by Val (Omaha, NE) on 02/24/2023


I understand your frustration. I had no luck with castor oil packs for multiple cysts after several attempts over two years. I have started seeing results at last. From my readings, the length of time before seeing results may vary from one person to another, so please don't give up. Here is what is finally working for me: I am now using organic, cold-pressed, hexane-free castor oil. Previously, I was using a cheaper quality, non-organic brand. I warm the oil-soaked cloth by draping it over my electric tea kettle. In the past, I skipped the warming step because of the risk in microwaving the oily cloth. The tea kettle works beautifully. I have also switched to unbleached wool flannel, where before I used cotton flannel. Lastly, instead of a heating pad, I have switched to a microwavable gel pack with a cloth sleeve. I use a sheet of plastic wrap between the gel pack sleeve and the flannel. I use the pack once or twice a day. I don't know why these details are important but they have made all the difference to me. I wish you luck.

  Re: Borax and DMSO Solution for Osteoarthritis

24 days ago
Posted by Jim (Fort Smith ) on 02/24/2023

Thanks for sharing. How long is the solution in the bottle good for?

  Re: Nebulizing with H202 and Colloidal Silver for COPD

25 days ago
Posted by JudyS (USA) on 02/24/2023

What is the name of the Colloidal silver+hydrogen peroxide specifically made for use with a nebulizer?

I'm not having any success finding a product like that.

Thanks for you help!

Tea Bag for Tooth Abscess

25 days ago
Posted by Ang73 (Rockport, Texas) on 02/24/2023
5 out of 5 stars

Have used the black tea bag before. It definitely works on subduing the pain and pulling infection. You do need to steep it a bit first. And if it hurts to put it on, like it does when it is really bad and they are hot/warm, allowing it to cool to room temperature does not deter effectiveness, I just add a few minutes to treatment time. I cannot adequately express how quickly it starts to work! If you are hurting please try it!

Coughing And Choking While Trying To Go To Sleep

25 days ago
Posted by Art (California) on 02/24/2023
5 out of 5 stars

A friend recently asked me about an issue he was having where when he would try to go to sleep, it felt like mucus was some how leaking down to his throat and it would wake him up either coughing or choking and he said this had been happening for more than a year and it was not allowing him to get good sleep. He also told me that he could only lay on his right side to get some semblance of relief. He said that if he slept on his back or left side, he would cough and choke frequently, which would wake him up every time. He also told me that if he swallowed shortly after laying down, the situation seemed to be worse.

I told him it might be a sinus infection of some type and suggested colloidal silver might help if it is an infection. I gave him two, 2 ounce spray bottles of 20 ppm colloidal silver so he could try it out. He started using it right away at 3 times per day with two sprays in each nostril for a total of 12 sprays per day. He told me that that was similar dosing to some nasal sprays he had tried so he would use the CS in a similar manner.

I recently saw him and asked if the silver had helped him. He didn't answer me right away and looked like he was thinking about it. He finally answered with a yes. He said he hadn't even thought about it lately, but realized he could now sleep in all three positions with no coughing or choking. He said it must have gone away very gradually because he hadn't even realized that the problem was gone!

Not the most severe health issue by any means, but I love a happy ending!


  Re: Incline Bed Therapy Helping MS and Back Problems, Also Seeking Bold Advice

25 days ago
Posted by Kelly (The Netherlands) on 02/24/2023

Can I ask how much higher the head of the bed is and the length of the bed? I read here:

'For hospital type beds, a length of 3/4 inch plywood cut to the size of a mattress, placed under the mattress will allow the mechanical mechanism to tilt the whole bed when the head end is raised.'

So an adjustable bed base and a piece of wood could work. I was advised to go for at least 1-inch thick wood.

  Re: Questions About Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide

25 days ago
Posted by Kelly (The Netherlands) on 02/24/2023

Is it okay to use a dose on the higher end when you don't get nauseous? And can you stay at that level?

  Re: Remedies Not Helping 17 Years of Non-Allergic Rhinitis

25 days ago
Posted by Mama to Many (TN) on 02/24/2023

Dear Marian,

My family has had great success with nettle leaf for all sorts of allergies. 2-4 capsules 1-4 times a day, or as needed.

Nettle is also a blood purifier. My son's asthma and allergies actually healed after being on it for a year.

Nettle is a nutritive. It was commonly boiled and eaten in the spring for good health.

~Mama to Many~

  Re: DMSO in Glass Bottle with Plastic Sprayer

25 days ago
Posted by Judi (Shelbyville, TN) on 02/24/2023

Perhaps one could use a clean jade or quartz facial roller to apply a diluted version of DSMO.

  Re: Detox Bath Side Effects

25 days ago
Posted by Nicole L. (Philadelphia, PA) on 02/24/2023

What I've learned is that everybody's detox symptoms are different. Just because one of them coughs up blood and mucus doesn't mean that something bad is going on. And you are telling me to go see the doctor. That's the LAST place that I want to go. I will not go to the doctor, but instead I am going to do natural remedies. Like I said earlier, everybody's cleansing process is different. You can't question other people's symptoms and tell them that it's not a typical detox reaction. You don't know that particular person. Obviously something needs to be taken out of my system, which is why I cough up blood and mucus and have dark urine. I'm sorry, but I question anybody who questions my symptoms and tells me to go to the doctor and depend on them giving me pharmaceuticals. I don't think that you are for natural healing, but depending on Big Pharma.

  Re: Remedies Not Helping 17 Years of Non-Allergic Rhinitis

25 days ago
Posted by Dianne (Ontario Canada) on 02/24/2023

I searched, and found this site which mentions usually viral, although irritants can cause this. Treatment, humidification of air Bacteria ect., -nose, -and-throat-disorders/nose-and-paranasal-sinus-disorders/nonallergic-rhinitis