Registration Help

Would you like to become a registered member of Earth Clinic? We second that idea and want to make it as easy for you as possible! Here’s all you need to know:

  1. Hover you pointer over the ‘Register’ tab in the upper right corner of any screen.
  2. When the dropdown menu appears, pull your mouse down to ‘Signup’ and click there.
  3. On the new screen, enter your information and at the bottom, click ‘I Agree’.
  4. Or just click here!

That’s it! We’ll then send you an email welcoming you to Earth Clinic. In that email will be an activation code you can use to activate your new account. After that, all you have to do is enter your email address and password when you return to the site.

Hints and Tips!

Screen Names – Please use your first name only or a screen name. Last names are not necessary or recommended. Feel free to pick a nickname or made up online handle (in fact, we encourage it). That goes for your location information as well. We want you to feel comfortable sharing your personal health information without worry.

Login – Once you’re logged in (use the ‘Login’ dropdown menu in the upper right hand corner) you can go back to the Login dropdown to go to ‘My Account’ and check out your feedback, account info, and watched posts. Or submit feedback from anywhere on the site quickly and easily!

Privacy – And rest assured, your email address won’t be sold to marketers, not ever. We’d rather be forced to drink diet soda all day (and you know how we hate artificial sweeteners)!

YEAs and NAYs – The YEAs have it! (Though some may say NAY to our spelling.) As it turns out, YAY! is what you might say in celebration, while YEA (our rating in the affirmative) is what you would write down for a yes vote. We might have chosen "User Approved" or some other internet keyword friendly jargon, but simple and no nonsense stuff is what you love us for, right? Posts are given an appropriate rating by staff who process your posts after they are sent in.

Registration’s Benefits

Your Earth Clinic Registration allows you to:

  • Submit feedback in no time (we’ll fill in your screen name and location).
  • Find out when someone responds to your posts. (First, you’ll have to find your post on the site and click “Notify Me”.) You’ll get an email notification whenever that happens.

How Do I Follow A Post?

Easily keep on top of new additions to your interest areas here at EC! At the bottom of any thread, you can click on the Watch button to follow that post (the eye icon). You can choose to have an email sent to you anytime someone responds to that thread, or just keep track of it in your Watched Posts menu under My Account.

Can I Change My Email Address?

We’d be happy to do that for you! Just send your request to code(at), be sure to make note of both the old and the new email addresses, and we’ll take care of the change. We’ll even send you a notice when it’s done. Other user information changes can be made under My Account.