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Apple Cider Vinegar

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Posted by Surfer143 (Obx, Nc) on 07/02/2010

Two summers ago, I developed a plantars wart on one foot. Didn't know what it was at first...went to a podiatrist and he shaved it off. It came back within a month and I was afraid of going back as I had read online about removals where they leave scars and the warts come back anyway. I did the Apple Cider Vineger and duct tape just as you said. I have to say that when you put the cotton ball dipped in ACV on the newly cleaned skin, you will feel like you just shot your foot with a shotgun!! But it worked...took maybe 2-3 weeks. Wart was completely gone and has not come back. No doctor's bills, no scarring.

Replied by Watchon10
(Grand Rapids, Mi)

Eggplant worked for us. Years ago one of the preteens had 3 huge warts on her hand. Freezing twice didn't help, the doctor said the virus was too resistant. After praying to my Lord Jesus Christ for some inexpensive natural remedy, we heard about using thin slices out of a fresh eggplant. So I applied a fresh slice from the middle of our purple friend with masking tape, nightly for about 1 1/2 weeks and the warts dissolved to tiny size. The girl wanted to stop treatment so we did but the warts continued to dissolve on their own!

Later I thought I would try this on a plantars wart on my sons foot and it worked, taking about 2 weeks. Hopefully this works for someone else. When trying, use fresh slice every night.

With GMO veggies, don't know if results are the same now. Thank you Jesus for guidance!

Replied by Abbaluv
(Spring Hill, Fl Usa)

I found that sliced raw potato works the same way. I have had great results through the years using this method. Our family seemed to be prone to warts.

Replied by Francisca
(Michelbach-le-bas, Alsace, France)

Abbaluv, did you cut a thin slice of potato, did you apply it only at night, did you tape it and where did you have the warts? I have a very flat wart on my hand which I can't get rid of and it irritates me but I get fed up of all the taping so I stop. I have tried ACV, banana peal, bicarb.... Frozen it at home, at the doctor's, you name it! I also have a few little ones on my leg. I would love to find an easy way of getting rid of them, if possible internally because all the taping drives me mad! There was a time when I slept with quite a few bits of tape on my leg, ridiculous and nothing seemed to help!

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Erin (Tuttle, Ok, Usa) on 04/08/2010

I had a wart on my pinky finger for 4 years. I used the freeze off wart remover kits you can buy at the store and they got rid of it, but it kept coming back with a vengeance. My sister mentioned this website and I decided to try the ACV cure. I soaked a cotton ball in ACV and secured it to the wart with a bandaid before bed. I'm not going to lie, it hurt really bad...but I figured that's how I knew it was working. The only way I can describe the pain is, it was like someone was trying to drive a phillip's head screwdriver through my pinky finger. In the morning, I would remove the cotton ball and bandaid and repeat at night. The hard, rough bump came off in a few days, but that sucker was deep! I'm a "picker" so I dug the black part (seed) out and continued with the ACV for a week. It's been 6 months and it has stayed completely gone. Thanks earthclinic!

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Sonal (Charlotte, Nc) on 03/22/2010

I had a wart on my chin and recently applied vinegar on cotton ball at night and secured it with bandage. It's gone in 3 days. Can't believe it's actually gone. This is a great site for all home remedies.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Zagyzebra (Jacksonville, Or) on 03/20/2010

ACV cured by warts. I am 55. I had this weird bump above my ankle bone, which didn't hurt, so I just left it alone. Within a year, that bump began to spread up my leg about an inch or two into what seemed like a small rash of warts...about 2 inches long or so. I suffered through the summer without pedicures (I was embarrassed). And finally, during the fall when we were no longer showing ankles, I decided I wasn't going through another summer with this.

I began to apply ACV by dousing a cotton ball or pad in ACV and taping it on my ankle area with medical tape. I usually tried doing this twice a day, but sometimes would forget, and sometimes not at all. But I kept this up religiously for about two months, as I noticed the original big bump getting smaller.

Then, I had to go on a trip and completely forgot about the ACV. Miraculously, over the course of the next few months or so, all the bumps went away on their own completely, without me even paying attention or noticing really.

This is the second time ACV worked for a wart. Another time I had one on my toe, and I kept up the ACV treatment described above for same amount of time. This time the wart turned black. Then I let it dry out and scab up completely without applying any ACV. And eventually, about two months later, I just peeled it off.

These warts all happened within the last few years. Haven't had one since.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Pacheco Family (Sedona, Az) on 01/19/2010

Apple Cider Vinegar for Warts

My son developed a wart on his foot that was starting to hurt him. As I work in an integrative health library I saw that ACV worked to kill the wart. I would prop him up in bed and soak the wart in ACV for 30 minutes. I would then attach a cottonball soaked in ACV to his foot with duct tape, put a sock over it an have him sleep with it on. Removing int in the morning and placing a band-aid on it for the day to keep clean. I did this every night for 3 days and saw a HUGE improvement. We were able to clean it out and even remove the dead skin. Within the week the wart was dead and not there is only a small mark where it used to be. AMAZING!! He was even surprised :)

Replied by Joseph
(Long Beach, Ca)

I've tried ACV, in fact, I finish the whole bottle. It didn't work on my plantar warts. I've tried Tagment and it didn't work. Freezing doesn't work for me. All this may be due to my weak immune system. I've tried duct tape. I've tried Compound W both liquid and tape. None of them work. I had one cut out by a foot dr and it hurt like hell. Last time I do that. I've tried other oils as well and it didn't work.

Replied by Doris
(Murfreesboro, Tennessee)

To Joseph from Long Beach, Ca: I had plantar warts back in the 1980's on the bottom of one foot. The foot doctor burned them off, but they came back so he burned them off again. They came back again but I didn't want to go through that painful procedure for a third time. Right after that I read somewhere that zinc was good for plantar warts. I got a bottle and took one pill a day for about a month. In a few days after I started taking them I noticed that the warts weren't as noticeable and didn't hurt as much. I've never had any warts again. If you try zinc, I hope it works for you like it did for me. Good luck.

Replied by Francisca
(Michelbach-le-bas, Alsace, France)

Hi Doris, I was going to post a question regarding internal treatments for warts but now I see your posting maybe you can tell me more about the zinc you took. How much, how did you take it, how many times a day? Because as someone said here a little while ago if you have the virus inside your body it is no use getting rid of individual warts. That is my problem exactly, I am getting more and more on my right leg so getting rid of them one by one is not the right solution. I knew there had to be something you could take that would cure you but I haven't found anything so far. I know that they can all disappear all of a sudden but mine never seem to. I would appreciate if you gave me all the information you can and maybe someone else has more tips?

Vitamin C also seems to work well against viruses, at least I have just read that in a book by Linus Pauling and I happen to have Vitamin C with zinc but maybe too little zinc, I don't know! I have warts on my hands, some of them very small, my leg, have had them under my feet......

Replied by Doris
(Murfreesboro, Tennessee)

Hi Francisca, I think taking zinc internally is the best way to take care of warts, no matter where they are located. I took one pill every morning with breakfast before I went to work. It was either 15 mgs or 30 mgs, I can't remember which. It wasn't a real high dose. But, in a matter of days I saw results. I wish I had known about zinc before I had the warts burned off twice.

For the last several years I have taken 4, 000 mgs of Vitamin C a day that was recommended to me by a doctor for my immune system.

Here is a website about zinc that I have found helpful to me.


I wish you all the best in getting rid of the warts. Take care.

Replied by Francisca
(Michelbach-le-bas, Alsace, France)

Thanks Doris, you have been a great help! I am also taking 4000mg of Vit. C a day because of other problems like allergies. My pills actually contain zinc as well, 15mg so I will keep taking them. I went on a higher dose yesterday so too early to say whether the zinc might be working. My allergies are getting better but I am taking quite a few things apart from the Vit. C with zinc and rutin. I will keep you informed.......

Replied by Trey
(Nj, Usa)

I had a Plantars Wort years ago that felt like I was walking on a shard of glass. I was told I'd need to have it surgically removed. At that time I was working at a health food store, so when a podiatrist came in to make a purchase, I asked him for his opinion. He said: "You dont need surgery!! Just soak the gauze of a band-aid in Vit E oil and put it on your plantars wort. Change the bandage twice daily. Within 10 days the wort will turn black and fall off". I followed his instructions (I punctured Vit E capsules w/ a pin and squeezed the oil onto the band-aids) and within 10 days the wort fell off... Never to return! =o)

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Marcel (Encinitas, California) on 12/12/2009

i started using acv 3 days ago for a big wart on my finger tip and it hurts soooooo bad all the time. I have another big wart on my foot and it doesnt really hurt at all and its slowly turning brown. The wart on my finger tip is almost black though and its crusty and cracking but man does it hurt bad!! But its working for me. Finally found a cure after 2 years!

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Laura (Cape Cod, Ma) on 12/06/2009

Warts on hands and feet

Found this remedy on your site and tried it on myself and my son. It really worked! Soak a cotton ball with Apple Cider Vinegar; tape or secure it on the wart for as long as you can. We used a tip of a disposable rubber glove to hold onto finger and toe. Did this while reading or watching a movie. Repeat every day for as long as you can until you start to see black spots on the wart. We then used a clean razor to cut away some of the dead skin and then soaked again for a few more days. At this point the wart came up and off on its own. stubborn warts may need to have this repeated. You can even see the "roots" dying off too. Great way to naturally and painlessly remove warts. Thanks for the advice.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Pati (Edison, New Jersey, Usa) on 11/19/2009


My mom had had warts on her feet since i was a kid 30 plus years ago! She had surgery in 1989 unsucssessful they came back. They wereren't so bad until they had a bad outbreak in 2004 and progressively got worse till this year. In the last 1 and a half years she couldn't walk and at some points was bed ridden and couldn't work. She saw many different doctors but nothing was helping. She had the Nitrogen spray, but this was temporary effective, and it led to bleeding, and scarring of tissue. The nitrogen started getting expensive at like $200 per session spray per feet and this needed twice a month = $800. Expensive even by USA standards. My mom is in Kenya Africa where that kind of money is expensive.

Needless to say we were helpless and I started Googling around, wikipedia, and all Medical websites. I even asked American doctors and Nurses, as well as read medical books on diseases. And almost every cure they recommended, my mom had tried with no luck.

I stumbled upon 2 treatments . 1)Duct tape and 2)Apple cider Vinegar.

I asked my mom to try it. She did so with the ACV and she would soak a ball of cotton with the vinegar, and tape it to her feet, and change it after some time. She did this for 3 weeks and within that time my dad reported to me that the warts were drying up and peeling off! The warts which had made it unbearable for her to stand were reduced so much to the point that she has now been walking for almost 3 months!
There's a very few ones left but she is continuing with the treatment and in due time! I will ask her to supplement it with the Banana peel method which i see got very good reviews!

VISITORS to this site, Apple Cider Vinegar really works! Good luck everyone and thanks all for sharing!

ps:I am recommending ACV to my brother for his eczema. He has it bad! I will let all know of the results in the eczema section!

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Bee (Mo, Usa) on 09/23/2009


I tried ACV over the past couple months on a couple plantar warts on the heel of my foot. At first it seemed to be working, would apply with cotton and bandage over, then exfoliate with a pumice stone. Seemed to be going well, but eventually it peeled off a LOT of skin. Since I had more than one in that area I wasn't too careful about only placing on the wart itself, so that may be the problem. But in the area where the skin peeled off I have many more smaller warts that have developed. So it's actually made the problem worse. Thought I would warn people about that. I probably should have been more careful to apply directly and avoid surrounding skin, but that is very difficult. So I am going to try something else to get rid of this little patch of warts on my heel.

Replied by Steph
(Howell, Mi)

Pau d'arco in the vitamin/supplement/herb isle of your health food or drug store is the way to go for plantar's warts. I have seen this work within a few weeks many times. Just take as directed (capsules). One person was scheduled for surgery to remove them and the next month they were gone.

Replied by Wafaa
(Tucson, Az, United States)

I've noticed that it's actually not a good idea to exfoliate or pick at a wart being treated with ACV. You're basically exposing the virus and giving it a direct route to the surrounding raw/damaged skin. I did that with a wart on the side of my lip, and it didn't work well. Now, I'm doing the Apple Cider Vinegar with a q-tip as often during the day as I remember, leaving the scab alone, and not touching at all. Within 3 days of doing that, it's already turned brownish, and making all those black roots that mean it's working, which more than where I got before. I think the scab suffocates and isolates the wart, and when soaked with Apple Cider Vinegar still lets it reach underneath to kill the wart. The pain is also enormously less.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Iahawkeyegal (Iowa, Iowa) on 08/05/2009

I have had a plantar wart for about two years on the ball of my foot. It didn't bother me most of the time, but about once a week it would get irritated and I would have to cut the skin over the wart off. I thought it was a callous for the longest time and continued with the treatment until I became annoyed.

My wart was about the size of a nickel on the bottom of my foot (at least that's how big of an area the dead skin appeared). My wart really just looked like a callous of dead skin that wouldn't go away. After I trimmed away the dead skin, I could see little brown/red specks. (I have never seen a deep root that others talk of). Originally I thought that I was cutting too much skin away and didn't think much about it, but decided I had better ask my doctor as I didn't want to take a chance on having it get infected at some point.

I asked my general doctor about it at a routine visit, and she told me that it was a plantar wart and to try over the counter wart remover. I tried it and it did little to remove the stubborn wart. I purchased the freezing kit and tried it with no luck, and also tried the polish stuff that you painted on the wart with no luck.
I went to a foot doctor and she wanted to dig the wart out. I'm not one who is a fan of pain, so I declined to give it more thought and to do some additional research on my options.

I came across this site, and began the ACV treatment. Here is what I did:

1)Cut old skin off using clippers sanitized in alcohol (not sure if I should recommend this due to the possibility of infection, but these are the steps as I followed them)

2)Put regular ACV on cotton ball (I soaked it so it was dripping wet) and applied over the wart

3)Covered ACV cotton ball and wart with duct tape so it was completely covered and unable to leak

4)Kept covered all day and all night (changing at least once a day and sometimes twice if the duct tape was coming off

I did experience some pain %uFFFD so much I couldn't stand it at times. When it became too much for me to walk, I would remove the ACV and just cover the wart with duct tape. I did not let my wart air dry very often. I pretty much kept it covered all of the time.

Eventually I just covered with duct tape all day/all night to ensure the wart was gone. I would add an ACV cotton ball covered in duct tape at night for a few weeks after I thought I had gotten rid of the wart to be sure.

I never did have long carrot like black things come out with the tape. Additionally, my wart didn't turn completely black. There were parts of the wart that would turn a brown color, but certainly the whole area did not turn black and fall off for me. I did experience the duct tape taking layers of old skin along with it when it was removed. It appears the duct tape killed some of the skin around the wart as well. It took a lot of time and patience for this to work for me, but I am happy to say I don't seem to have any problems to date.

This treatment seemed to work for me and I would recommend it to others. If the pain gets to be too much with the ACV - just cover with duct tape. It's very sticky so it stays in place if you are running/sweating and it is waterproof so it keeps the ACV from leaking out.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by John (Voorhees, NJ) on 07/30/2009

Hello everyone!

Im an athlete, and many athletes like me, have an uphill battle with warts. I tried everything, freezings, burnings, creams, surgery, etc. But nothing worked, they either returned, or spread.

Then i tried Apple Cider Vinegar. Used a cotton swab tip and a bandage. 3 Weeks. Gone. The wart disappeared. The outer edge turned white. Then the inner black. It hurt like hell at night, itched like crazy, and was a bit of a pain to change bandages. But was nothing compared to alot of diseases. So i not saying i had it bad.

But, thank god for apple cider vinegar. Worked perfectly.

Replied by Wmc
(Santa Barbara, Ca)

For over 20 years, I had over 12 significant plantar warts on one area of my right foot. THEY ARE NOW TOTALLY GONE.

I tried many many procedures and home remedies over the years. Last year, I said that is it! I'm intensely working with them until they are gone. I had tried over-the-counter acid, duct tape, and scraping for year - didn't work. I did have two wart surgeries and acid treatment--would NEVER do those again. Very painful, debilitating, and all my warts grew back quickly. I tried Tea Tree Oil. I did the caster oil-baking soda wraps daily for five weeks. I did the electronic zapper for warts. NONE of these could effectively work for this large group of warts.

Then I worked with ORGANIC APPLE CIDER VINEGAR. I soaked my foot, scraped off as much as I could with a scapel, and then soaped again. I did that daily. I am very happy to report that after about 4-6 weeks, I have no warts what-so-ever. Hope you will have success too.

Replied by Francisca
(Michelbach-le-bas, Alsace, France)

Did you use pure ACV or diluted with water? I tried to bade my hand in ACV and water for a while as I have a few small warts but it never changed a thing. I did it while watching TV in the evening for maybe 20 minutes. Maybe I should have used more ACV and less water.... So far although they are small, some of them even tiny, nothing really has worked. I am going to try the garlic method now.

Replied by Brooke
(Montgomery, Tx, Usa)

I have always used Castor Oil mixed with Baking Soda. Mix it into a chewing gum like consistency, put it on the warts then put on a bandaid if you want. You can also just put on a sock if it is on your foot or hand. Then go to sleep and let it work for you. If used every night, it usually takes about 1 - 2 weeks, but I have seen then go in a couple of days.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by j b (Pushmataha, OK) on 07/20/2009

First I have many flat warts on my face. I am wondering if I "wash" my face in ACV maybe 3-4 times a day would that work? I would like to try this method but work in the public eye, so if I put it on my face, would my whole face turn black, or just the small wart spots? And do I need to use organic ACV or just plain ole grocery store kind? Please help thank you!

Replied by Answer
(Middletown, Ky)

Yes - ACV will rid your face of any HPV, or wart related problem. Try one at a time, soak, let it sting, and repeat as often as its comfortable. Combine with iodine, to treat, in case it's a strain that doesn't respond well with ACV alone ...

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Victoria (San Diego, CA) on 07/15/2009

My husband recently got a wart on his hand. After reading this site, I read some of the testimonials to him and he decided to try the ACV on it. He put it on topically at night with cotton ball and tape. Within 2 days it had shrunk substantially and changed color. Within a week it turned black and fell off.

My husband has skin cancer on his face. He suddenly got this strange looking giant fleshy growth on his head right above the ear. I can't tell if it is a wart or a mole as it looks unlike any I've ever seen and the color was an odd shade of orangey-beige-brown. Anyhow, he started putting the ACV on it and it began to shrink rather dramatically...then he had some terrible pain on the top of the ear where the ACV poultice was touching and I looked back there and noticed a bunch of skin turning black and healing...so we know that something was wrong there too and is healing from the ACV. He said the pain was particulary acute on this part and is sending shooting pains down the nerves. Anyhow, ACV has another believer in my husband ( I already had been using it on my skin with good results.)

Next he is going to try it on his skin cancer.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Sallie (Albuquerque, NM, USA) on 07/12/2009

ACV cured my planters warts. After spending $900 on seeing the dermatologist for a year and having him freeze my planter's warts on one heel over and over again, I found this web site. I tried the ACV treatment (organic brand) on the gauze part of a bandaid once in the morning and once at night. I wore the bandaid all the time. They were gone in three weeks. The dr. didn't believe it. His loss.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Laura (El Paso, TX) on 06/24/2009

My daughter had a wart on her wrist for close to one year. I came across this site and tried ACV on a cottonball w/ bandaid for two nights. The wart started to blacken after the first night's treatment, but the area that the cottonball soaked in ACV had been on was red, itchy, and scaley. I told my daughter to try to deal with it because the desired result was being achieved. The second night I put a layer of petroleum jelly around the wart to keep the ACV from irritating her skin. It worked a bit but it was already irritated so it didn't seem to give her much relief. She was certainly happy when the wart fell off and we could discontinue ACV altogether.