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Posted by Tony (Miami, Fl) on 08/14/2017
5 out of 5 stars

Hi it's been years since I have successfully gotten rid of my warts and here is my solution. I have passed this along to many people now and it has worked for them.

So, usually warts that you get are simply the case of a small cut in a finger for example that gets infected with some virus that you picked up from touching something contaminated. Then your body sends defenders to attack that virus, so they form a wart. Which then stays there for a while. My doctor then tried to freeze it off. Which didn't really work. So after lots of research I decided, what if I gave my body the boost it needed to vanquish that virus once and for all.

I took Vitamin C twice a day for about a month. I also drank a lot of orange juice, apple juice, vitamin waters, essentially super charged my body with Vitamin C for those thirty days. Without pain the wart started to shrink in size. Reduce in pain, and after about a month disappeared completely. I believe if you took as much vitamin C as you could (without giving yourself diarrhea) you would also get rid of warts.

Be careful, always take these vitamins with food since they can be strong. Don't go crazy but a potent multivitamin, two vitamin C tablets a day and maybe a Vitamin E or Vitamin A one will do the trick for you too. Good luck. Stay positive and try it. It is painless and can get rid of your warts once and for all.