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Vegetable and Fruit Diet

Posted by Celine (Sri Lanka) on 02/21/2015
5 out of 5 stars

Hi, I had plantar warts for 6 years and tried everything to get rid of them (bazooka, azote, creams, natural treatments...) but nothing worked. I did last October a fruit and veggies detox for two weeks and to my big surprise my warts disappeared. I read them some articles saying that detox boots the immune system and helps get rid of them. For me this is probably the best treatment as not only you get rid of warts but also of the virus from your body so they are much less likely to disappear for longer. My warts were huge and really growing despite daily treatments so if it worked for meit is really worth trying (Vegetables, fruits, water, cereals for two weeks and you will see amazing benefits) :)