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Combat Warts Naturally: Top Remedies Ranked for Effectiveness

Posted by Karina (United States) on 06/19/2019

I've had a wart on the bottom on my foot for 5 years. I've tried these methods to get rid of it: banana peel, duct tape, vinegar, oregano oil, over-the-counter meds, and freezing it (3 times!) by a dermatologist. For the past 4 days I've been putting a slice of fresh turmeric (and band aid) over it, once in the morning and once at night. It's almost completely gone now. Turmeric is magic. I hope this works for you, too.

Posted by Scot (Pen Argyl Pa) on 12/27/2013

I've had this wart on the 4th finger of my right hand for years but since I didn't have health insurance, couldn't afford a doctor and it wasn't really bothering me I never did much about it. A few weeks ago I started taking turmeric 2-3 times a day. Not much, just the tip of a teaspoon in certain food or drink. It's the only change I've really made. Last week I noticed the cauliflower getting smaller and it starting to develop dead skin over it. The cauliflower is tiny now, about 1/8th-1/10th the size. I've just started a few days ago using a nail file on it to remove the dead skin. It's looking like by next week it will be gone completely. I haven't had to rub any nasty stuff on it and cover with bandages or tape. There's been absolutely no pain or discomfort of any type. What a pleasant surprise to have such results from something I was going to do with or without the wart.. And with all the health benefits of Turmeric, we should all be adding it to our diets anyway. Depending on what you put it on or in, there isn't much difference in the taste. It actually tastes pretty good in warm milk with a bit of raw honey or agave nectar and sometimes some cinnamon too. It's a great drink for cold days or just before bed. The mom down the street has started giving it to her husband and kids instead of hot chocolate and they like it. This is the first year none of them have had any colds yet too. It's also not too bad in my morning coffee. You just have to keep stirring the drink because it doesn't dissolve and settles to the bottom.

The one drawback to turmeric is take too much and it will dehydrate you. If you need to take more of it, drink more fluids.

Posted by Lorraine (Indiana, Usa) on 09/20/2013

Please add Tumeric to your list of remedies for warts. For about year, I was troubled with a wart on the on my right palm. Resonable--though not excellent nutrition-would shrink the wart and cause it to blacken slightly. But it was still there. Due to other health concerns, about 6 weeks ago, I began taking moderately high dosages of tumeric/curcumin (4 capsules, 3 times per day) My wart is now absolutely GONE without a trace--not smaller--GONE!!!!!!

I do offer the following cautions: NEVER take curcumin on an empty stomach. It is best taken with plenty of healthy fats, and BE CAREFUL TAKING CURCUMIN IF YOU TAKE PRESCRIPTION BLOOD THINNERS... But this works!!!

Posted by Monika (Oakland, Ca, Usa) on 06/12/2011

This is my story about warts. I promised myself I would post this once I figured out a cure! I am so happy I intuitively found Fresh Turmeric Root and it has healed a wart problem I've been trying to treat for 2 years.

With the previous methods I tried, the wart would only get very small but not go away!

I think I first got this plantar wart on my foot during my travels in India. I never knew what it was because it was totally flat, less than 2 mm across and looked more like a divot or a flake of dry skin than what I usually think of as a wart.

It wasn't until my boyfriend asked me about it that I went and purchased an over the counter remedy. I bought a "wart stick" which is basically like a chapstick with salicylic acid in it. The wart came out from hiding and then I knew what it was! It got bigger and I felt it was no where near strong enough to remove a wart which had potentially been there 8 years without my knowing it.

Thats is when I found this website and tried several of the natural remedies. I didn't want to go to a doctor or have it freezed or cut off. I had read that sometimes these methods only cause more warts to come out!

I tried Banana Peel, and my foot really hurt! And it didn't seem to be getting any better. (Now I think it had similar effect as turmeric - but it was tough for me to keep fresh peel around). I tried ACV but it was too stinky and my boyfriend hated it). I also tried a few others but no luck. I tried to go to a clinic but they only recommended drugstore remedies.

Thats when I thought I would give the stronger over the counter medicine a try. I bought several brands of salicylic acid in a brush on jar, a bandaid with medication, the little stickers and the at home freezing kits! I used these for a year and a half! Always thinking somehow I was getting close. With extreme diligence its size would go down but the qualities of it would not change. It was always white. It would never scab or come to the surface.

I must have spent way over $200 on these meds, but they only prolonged my battle. In the mean time I couldn't get mani-pedis or feel great with my shoes off! I tried using exfoliating pumice stones and beach sand, toothpicks and razor blades to get the wart out! DO NOT DO THIS! It will spread little bits of the virus all over the shower or bathroom or whatever place you are working in!

All of my fussing with the wart on my foot ended up cause a new wart on my hand this time! I immediately tried the over the counter salicylic glue bottle but it got bigger and bigger - until I had it on my hand for one month! I was starting to feel very desperate and sought out a podiatrist. I got a price quote for a deep cryogenic treatment started saving the $150, but I felt conflicted because of the one on my hand!

I do NOT recommend any of the traditional western medical treatments! Plantar warts are deep and you cant go in to get the wart (it seems)! You have to make the wart come out and kill it from the root or internally. It will naturally die and be expelled by new layers of skin if you use what I eventually used!

FRESH TURMERIC ROOT was my savior! I found it at a local Asian Grocery. It looks exactly like a ginger root only a little smaller and very yellow/orange.

I sliced the root and used a bandaid to stick it to my foot and hand. I would push on the area to make the juices come out and to stimulate the area into sending my natural immune defences out.

I also made a daily tea drink of Grated Turmeric Root, Ginger, and Dried Hibiscus Flowers. These are all great for the immune system and the Hibiscus has a ton of Vitamin C!

I really think the tropical nature of these plants helped out with the tropical nature of my wart!

I think that Banana Peel might work the same way, but I felt like all the bananas with black chunks of peel missing were messy. Also Salicylic Acid may work somehow, but the over the counter dosages are very small. I consider Salicylic Acid to be a natural remedy because it comes from willow bark. Maybe if you went to a live willow tree and stripped a piece of bark it would be more potent.

I love the fresh Turmeric Root because it is a lot less messy then the powder and probably 20X more potent because you can keep it alive unwrapped in the refrigerator!

At first my warts got big and like little mushroom clouds at their maximum diameter about 5 or 6 mm. But NOW they were really at the surface and their size diminished as I gently scraped the dead skin off with a toothpick. Within the first week they were down to about 2 mm in size with the area around all being replaced by new pink skin!

They hurt for that first week, but now I am at the end of my second week and they look great. The skin is completely flat, the warts have scabbed up (red color- not white! ) and the scabs have fallen off. I see new skin underneath and it just seems a little dry and yellow - because of the root.

I feel extremely confident that this is my final cure! I am going to continue to treat for one more week just to be sure. But a 3 week treatment surely beats 2 years of constant applications and worry with the over the counter medications!

I am so RELIEVED! I hope you try this method. Fresh turmeric root is easy to find in Asian or Indian Groceries. Dry root can also be found - I would rehydrate it before using so that the turmeric can really seep into the skin. The power must be of some use as well and I have heard of making a paste. I'm sure it can be used if that is your last resort, but the whole root makes a nice little slice that will easily stay under a bandage!

GOOD LUCK! I hope to hear more success stories using FRESH TURMERIC ROOT! Whatever you do don't give up! Find a natural remedy that works or keep trying new ones till you find one that works for you! Cheers!