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Tea Tree, Coconut Oil
Posted by Kalee (Rice Lake, WI) on 06/20/2009
5 out of 5 stars

About 8 months ago I had two warts around and under my pointer and middle finger of my left hand and one on the middle knuckle of my pointer finger on my right hand. I had these warts since I was 16 (I am now 20), so I had them for about 4 years. I had tried many things: Banana peel, duct tape, nail polish, apple cider vinegar, cutting them off, wart remover, freezing them...The list could go on. Some of them decreased the size by a small margin, but barely noticeable. I perform on clarinet and piano, and to have unsightly fingers as mine was embarrassing! Like I said, I tried all those things. I came across the combination of tea tree oil and coconut oil by trial and error. I love this site so when I got fed up with the warts, I came here. I tried tea tree oil on it's own, but it burned my fingers and they turned red and peeled where i had placed the cotton ball. They started going away! But I couldn't stand the burning when I used it. I saw some people used coconut oil on here, so I tried that by itself and it worked a little bit and it healed the burns from the tea tree oil. Then I combined the two and voila! No burns or peeling skin and the warts were gone by the fourth or fifth day of use! What I used was a very small part of a cotton ball with a dab of tea tree oil, then I put a bit of coconut oil on my fingers and wrapped a bandaid around it. Don't use a whole lot of tea tree oil, the piece of cotton should be small enough to fit over the wart, but not much bigger than that. Use more coconut oil than tea tree oil so that the burns won't be that bad. Hope this helps those who can't find a cure like I couldn't!