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Pin Prick Method
Posted by Lover Of Truth (In) on 01/10/2016
5 out of 5 stars

Every once in a while I get a plantar wart, I suspect from unclean showers. This can be avoid by cleaning your shower and or wearing slippers. But its hard to be diligent all the time.

Last several times I got a plantar wart, I tried a new revolutionary method that just came to me. I know that getting rid of warts in large part is an immune system thing. I figured if I could get my immune system to recognize it it would take care of itself.

So I sterilized a pin and poked myself deep past the wart layer till I could feel some pain. This told me I had reached under the wart. I did this a few more times spaced out over a period of some days. Within a relatively short period of time my wart went away.

Plantar warts can be hard to see accounting for their location, but you can tell they are there as when they get bad enough they start to hurt your foot when you walk. I'm happy to report I'm now pain free. :0)