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Posted by Bashar (Amman, Jordan) on 10/17/2008
5 out of 5 stars

I have had several warts on my face (more than 20). I went to many physicans In Ammman,Jordan .they used to say all the time that the Nytrogyn remedy is the only proper one .I applied it 5-6 times .the warts used to reappear and produce another ones. I paid the phyisicans more than US$300 .I also used Solycic acid .it was useless because the warts reappeared again .

I was quite frustrated ,did know where to go until I started using the internet searching for sheep home remedies .

Found out in the web that Banana peel,garlic oil and tee tree oil are the most appropriate home remedies .I ordered 100% oraganic tee tree oil from desert essence .
I used it 2 times daily .I used the garlic oil as well as 2 time aday. the banana peel was used once before sleeping.I just rubbed it on the wart.

on the same time i started to treat myself internally by taking Omega 369.
1.2 grams contains borage oil,flax seed oil and fish oil .that was essential for enhancing the Immune system .

the warts have been gone and have never returned back .Thanks 2 Allah