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Jade Plant
Posted by Karen (Santa Barbara) on 12/03/2007
5 out of 5 stars

My 8 year old daughter had a total of 17 warts of varying sizes covering her hands. Our family physician told us about a retired dermatologist acquaintance who swore by this method to remove warts. Slice the leaf from a jade plant so that the juicy succulent part is exposed. Tape or bandage it to the wart (we put it on the first wart that appeared, which was now the biggest, and had combined with one or two more warts to create this huge wart along the side of one thumb, which we called the "mother wart"). We taped the leaf on that wart only, at bedtime, for about 3 nights, and then kind of got busy, forgot, and stopped doing it. During the next week, while washing her hands, ALL of her warts had simply died and started falling off - with no sign whatsoever that any of the warts had ever existed. I've told several friends who tried it with the same results. The strange thing is that we treated only the "mother wart" - and all of them fell off at the same time. Amazing!