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Posted by Andrew (Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada) on 01/02/2012
5 out of 5 stars

I contracted three irritating warts on one hand which thwarted my various attempts to deal with them. After a discussion with a doctor who mentioned sometimes the immune system recognizes them and they simply disappear, I began to consider how to achieve this if possible. I was very blessed in that in my first attempt I was completely successful. I decided to leave two of the warts completely alone and concentrate my efforts on one wart to better discover if my immune system was responding. My goal was to draw the attention of my immune system to the area surrounding the wart.

My method was to simply pinch the skin firmly on either side of the wart and hold for four minutes. Then perpendicular to the first pinch to repeat again. The goal was to cut off the blood supply to the affected tissue without damaging the surface of the skin, avoiding a potential point of infection. I expected the tissue around the wart to be recognized as unhealthy tissue by my system and to be repaired as normal tissue is. I hoped the wart virus would be considerably weakened or killed in the process and be recognized by my immune system.

Amazingly, it was and the results were apparent within just a few days as I witnessed a significant reduction in the size of the wart, I was astonished when the other two warts began on their own to respond as well though I had never touched them. All warts were completely reabsorbed within a short period and there was no scarring. Now almost 11 years later I can report I have never had another wart. It was simple, virtually painless and effective and took 8 minutes in total. I expect most healthy people would respond in the same way.