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Green Clay
Posted by Rebecca (Calgary, Alberta, Canada) on 05/17/2013
5 out of 5 stars

In the last year I had two flat warts appear on each index finger. My first attempt to get rid of them was to use duct tape for a week to soften them, then apply Black Walnut and ACV. ( I have used just AVC successfully in the past to get rid of a plantar wart that I had for 8 years! AVC got rid of it in a few weeks... Very painful weeks, but I was glad to be rid of it! )

The Black Walnut stained my skin, so I made the mistake of using a pumice stone every night to scrub off the stain, thinking that I would also be taking off the top layer of the wart. Eventually I stopped using the Black Walnut because of the stains and switched to cinnamon oil. I believe that the scrapping with the pumice stone actually spread the wart virus and my entire finger, between knuckles, began to show signs of a large, flat wart with several roots. I panicked! Unfortunately - my fingers also got very badly infected as a result. I ended up having to see a doctor who advised me to stop ALL treatments and use an antibiotic cream.

One of my fingers is very badly scared, the other healed, but still clearly had a flat wart... and recently two more popped up in the vicinity.

With oddly perfect timing I just got an eNewsletter from an herbal company I buy from (Dr. Christopher) and they suggested Redmond Clay. I could not find any, so I went with Green Clay ($9.99!). I mixed it with a bit of water, castor oil and several drops of frankensense. I applied before bed and wrapped it in cotton gauze. (make a batch and keep in an air-tight GLASS container. Do NOT use metal or plastic spoons to mix - use a wooden spoon! )

I could not BELIEVE the results!!! In the morning, the flat wart, clearly visible as a large red patch under the skin with several erruptions on the surface of my finger, had diminished by HALF!!! I was so excited that I applied a second treatment of the clay mixture and wore it the rest of the day. (it's very important to discard the clay after wearing it, as the clay's properties draw toxins OUT of the body and they collect in the clay. DO NOT REUSE! )

I forgot to do a third application before going to bed the second night... but upon waking have discovered that the red area, and the size of the flat warts continues to shrink, leaving healthy skin behind! I have just now applied a third dressing and already I can feel my finger throbbing very slightly and itching.

I am thrilled! This is much more gentle than ACV which previously really burned the skin on my hands and was very painful. I will continue to use Green Clay for all my skin issues down the road!