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Emu Oil
Posted by Skinpro (Mendon, Ny) on 08/07/2014
5 out of 5 stars

An accidental discovery at my skin clinic - my nephew suffers from KP (keratosis pilaris) which is a skin condition in which the skin is very dry and bumpy. KP is most common on the back of arms and thighs.

I recommended Emu Oil Soap and natural Emu Oil for his KP. After a few weeks, he told me that the plantars warts he had between his toes were gone (this is after several cryo (freezing) appointments with his MD. This was from using the soap which washes down the drain and doesn't really stay on the skin in any substantial concentration.

To test his theory, I had my sister-in-law use some Emu Oil on my niece who has suffered from Plantars Warts for several years - gone in two weeks!

Now - I recommend it to everyone with warts.