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Posted by Joshua (Vancouver, Canada) on 12/13/2014
5 out of 5 stars

I would like to add one more method of wart removal and that is to use dandelion milk/sap. A little back story on this is I had warts for years and most of them stayed the same size and only occasionally were they painful. I tried EVERYTHING from actually getting them burned off to duct tape and garlic, but nothing worked. Eventually I got a few small ones on my hands and a HUGE one on my foot. This was the last straw for me. Coincidentally at the same time, my mother remembered her grandfather saying dandelion milk/sap worked, and she remembered it working too. With out any hesitation I found the juiciest dandelion in my yard and snapped the head off to place on every last wart. The sap turned black and in a few months no one would have ever thought I used to have warts all over my feet.

To apply I have found the flowers have the most juice, but any part will do. The great thing with the dandelion method is that the sap sticks on for about a week before you have to reapply. A few times my skin would become quite sensitive to the sap but not for long. My brother and sister also had warts on their hands and feet and the weird thing was that we all got rid of all our warts at the same time using this method.