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Chelidonium Majus Herb
Posted by Cibitka (Eu) on 06/27/2016 6 posts
5 out of 5 stars

Whenever I contract a wart I go to nature and search for the plant called Chelidonium majus (Swallow Wort / Greater Celandine).

How it works:

This plant produces a yellow 'milk' when its stems are cut. I apply this milk directly on the wart (only wart - omit healthy skin) and leave it to dry. I take a section of such plant with me home, and I apply the milk few more times over next 1-2 days. It depends on the size of the wart. Sometimes I need just one or two applications and the wart is gone within a week or two. (You need to allow some time for it to disappear and for skin to restore itself in that damaged place.)

The strongest milk seems to be down where the stems turn to roots - it has nearly orange colour. Make sure, you don't destroy whole plant, while taking a section of it - it might help you next time and you will already know where it grows...

It has never failed to kill the wart on me and the plant is actually quite well known in central EU countries as a wart killer. I have managed to heal warts on other people with it too. You can even find it during winter under the snow, if you know where it grows, or you have it in your garden.

1. The downside of it is, that after the milk dries on your skin, it goes through the oxidation process and turns dark brown.
So for few days you have to walk around with a dark brown spot.

2. Be careful with the milk - it contains alkaloid chelidonine. Alkaloids are powerful substances found in many plants, able to cure various diseases, but should be handled with extra caution and used wisely. Make sure children understand that they shall not put it into their mouth / eyes. Keep away from home pets, mainly from birds.