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ACV, Banana Peels, Tea Tree Oil
Posted by Megan (Long Beach, Ca) on 04/01/2010
5 out of 5 stars

I used Apple Cider Vinegar and banana peels to get rid of what seemed to be small flat warts on my face. They were small, round, slightly raised, and skin colored and appeared around my mouth, eyebrows, eyes, and neckline. The skin would get slightly thick and would slough off with a facial scrub, but would just grow back. Well, I looked for a treatment and found this site and decided to combine them. I first started taping small pieces of well-ripened banana peel (not too brown though) to those areas for about a week without any real progress. While keeping up with this routine I learned about ACV and tea tree oil. So, I combined about 2 cups of purified water with 1/4 or so of ACV and about 8 drops of tea tree oil. Shake very well to combine all ingredients and use as a toner after washing your face. I used the toner and then kept using the banana peels on my face over night (but did NOT use duck tape because it caused some warts on my neckline to spread adn turn light brown!) They cleared up in about 3 weeks. Just be careful - tea tree oil is potent. I wouldn't put it directly on my face. Diluting it, as in the toner above, if you are going to use it at all, especially on your face, is highly recommended.