Ulcerative Colitis
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Ulcerative Colitis Remedies

| Modified on Dec 28, 2023

Effective natural remedies to treat Ulcerative Colitis include dietary changes, pH balancing tonics like Apple Cider Vinegar, and high potency probiotics. Alternative treatments like acupuncture is highly recommended for this condition.

What is Ulcerative Colitis?

Ulcerative colitis (UC) is an autoimmune inflammatory bowel disease that affects the innermost lining of the large intestine and rectum, forming inflammation and ulcers that can bleed and produce pus. The results are bowel symptoms consisting of bloody stools or diarrhea. This loss of blood can lead to increased risk of anemia. Accompanying symptoms include abdominal pain, cramping, and painful bowel movements. Severe colitis can lead to over 6-10 bloody stools a day and lead to intense blood loss. As opposed to acute colitis, ulcerative colitis is a chronic condition.

Ulcerative Colitis has no known cause but there is a believed genetic factor, it may be triggered by environmental factors, and UC can be influenced by diet. While there is no cure, ulcerative colitis is treatable with anti-inflammatory drugs and immunosuppression.

Natural Treatment for Ulcerative Colitis

On this page you will find home and folk cures for ulcerative colitis. We have over 30 treatments submitted to us by the Earth Clinic community and are still searching for our favorites. Acupuncture for ulcerative colitis comes recommended by users, as well as home remedies of baking soda, blackstrap molasses, milk of magnesia, high fiber intake, and probiotics. Recent studies are looking into ulcerative colitis as a food allergy condition, with milk-free and gluten-free diets as possible dietary changes that may reduce UC episodes. Let us know what remedies you try or if you use a remedy not listed here yet, please share your experiences with healing ulcerative colitis.

Activated Charcoal

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Posted by Chrystal12 (England) on 02/01/2016

Hi I would like to tell people about my personal views on activated charcoal capsules.

My son was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis when he was just 6 years old, when he was 12 he developed toxic mega colon which resulted in a subtotal colectomy appointmentssy, around this time he also developed a more severe allergic reaction to penicillin called acute generalized exanthematous pustulosis, where in fact penicillin was not the only cause betalactums, contrast dyes etc also contributed where they never used to before. in 2014 he had a J pouch reconstruction and we was back to stage 1 ( we was informed originally that removing my sons Colon will also remove the disease) but this sadly was not the case.

From March 2014 he could not leave the house for urgency (as soon as he stood up) he also developed fistulas and chronic inflammation where the small intestine was sown to the bowel, his recovery was made difficult by this multiple drug allergies, the hospital did not no what to do with him , the doctor wouldn't even look at him and just classed him as a complex case, I decided to do a bit of research as my son was struggling and I kept coming across this activated charcoal so I decided to try him on 1 per night just to see how he would react to the capsule, at this point his fistulas was continuously opening , and he had an reaction to the contrast dye from his CT scan, nothing was working to relieve the fistulas and the gas problems and the now reaction, this now is the Gods honest truth after 1 night the rash had started easing and was completely gone within 5 days after using activated charcoal 1 capsule per night and for the first 2 days 1 capsule in the morning, his frequent visits to the bathroom became less and less, his fistulas was actually responding to the treatment of the charcoal, 2 weeks later he can now walk up the road on his own without the urgently of needing the bathroom ( bear in mind his been unable to even leave the house since 2014) apart from taxis to his appointments, this is just by taking 1 capsule per night, no other medicine has been successful even infliximab had to be stopped because it caused a reaction, so we are extremely pleased with the results so far, I would 100% recommend activated charcoal capsules for any illnesses its still early days yet but I'm actually looking forward to his next hospital appointment to show them how well he has done.

Replied by Stephanie
(Long Valley, Nj)


I have Colitis. Would you be able to share what brand charcoal that worked for your son, and how many mg? and was it a tablet or capsule? and on a full or empty stomach?



Replied by Alison

What a inspiring story my daughter had ulcerative colitis and was in the hospital too much bleeding . How is your son doing?

Replied by Linda

What is the update on your son? My friend is in the same position as your son's described symptoms.. maybe even a bit worse.. how is the charcoal keeping him?? Thank you for sharing.

Acupuncture, Turmeric, Aloe Vera Juice

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Posted by Angela lapsley (Worcester, Uk) on 11/15/2007

I had was diagnised with severe ulcerative colitis and given steriods which I refused to take, held out and had acupuncuture reflexology each week, started on Tumeric and aloe vera juice everyday, along with higbee propolis bee pollen,echinacea etc, it cleared up, still take the aloe juice and recently had a flare up, jjust the start of bleeding etc, and immediatly reverted back to tumeric, etc, as above cleared up, without doctors orders.

Replied by Vanessa
(Las Vegas, Nv)

How exactly did you use the turmeric? What was the combination that worked best for you? Do you take the aloe vera juice and turmeric everyday?

Replied by Robert
(Portsmouth, Hampshire, England)

I have UC and just started to use aloe vera juice but I would like to know how much tumeric to use in the aloe vera juice, as I want to try this remedy. Bob, age 63.

Replied by Dante
(Birmingham, Uk)

How much turmeric would you advise using? I'm at the start of a flare up, and would love to avoid going back on steroids.

Replied by Mei Ra

Using chemical drugs (treatment) for a long time can harm our overall health or cause a new problem. So good to balance it with natural remedy. But before trying any herbs, pls search enough information about the herbs or consult with herbalist/naturopath/dietician. As herbs can be strong enough or interfere with drugs. Turmeric has many benefits for health including cure for cancer, but search what the right dose is, don't overdose.

Aloe and Slippery Elm

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Posted by Cindy (Houston, Tx) on 09/12/2011

My doctor had advised that I was a candidate for having my colon removed due to the UC - I went to the health food store and told them my problem and they suggested aloe vera juice - the kind that tastes just like water - and slippery elm - I took 2 oz aloe vera water and 1 slippery elm capsule morning and night and the pain and frequency of going to the bathroom was gone in 2 days. I was so grateful that I listened to my instinct and went to the health food store for a more natural solution - I took it regularly for 3 months and I have had no more UC - it's been over 4 years - I hope this will work for you.

Replied by Brad
(Mount Pearl, Nl)

Thak you Cindy -- I actually bought it today -- can't hurt.

Replied by Cindy
(Houston, Tx)

Brad, please let me know if this remedy helps - I know it was a lifesaver for me - Cindy

Replied by Brad
(Mount Pearl, Nl)

I tried this for weeks, but it simply was not making a difference. I was just too sick and finally gave in on getting Prednisone. I know Prednisone is not the answer, but I am hoping if I can get this flare up under control, perhaps then, with some of these natural treatments -- it can stay better. I think I was too far gone to fix things........ couldn't take the pain anymore.

Replied by Steve
(Houston, Tx)

Brad - Have you checked into Vitamin E treatment. Just do a google search for "ulcerative colitis vitamin E". I have suffered for years and felt I didn't have anything to lose by trying it. I started the treatment two weeks before a colonoscopy. I noticed a difference within a couple days, and did not treat in the second week. My GI declared me UC free. He didn't take well to my explanation, but I wouldn't expect anything different. He is about to lose a lot of money. This is no BS, I have been on Asacol for 8 years and suffered for atleast 8 years prior to being placed on the Asacol. I was totally shocked by the results. If you use this treatment make sure you get the "natural" vitamin e and NOT the "synthetic".

Replied by Brad
(Mount Pearl, Newfoundland)

Hi Steve. Thanks very much for the advice. I have googled it and it looks very promising. I will likely give it a go. I have to look into the specifics("natural" vitamin E and "distilled" water). I am currently on Salofalk enemas -- I wonder could I empty one of those enemas and then load that up with a syringe, with the vitamin E mixture..... And also stop my Salofalk enemas?

I am currently still suffering big time -- off work for five months and no end in sight. The GI doctor has me on Prednisone and Imuran. He has tried everything with me, but the only thing I respond to is Prednisone, which is not the answer.

I am not a believer in meds and have researched a natural solution for meds. I am currently working to alkalize my body. I am big into probiotics, as well, switched to VSL3 and am taking four pouches daily of 450 billion units, but I am not seeing any difference, after apprx four weeks or so.


I don't have the reference from this since it has been in my notes for several years:

Vitamin E supplements have been shown to enhance lipid coated viruses ability to replicate and should be avoided for that reason.

Pam E.
(SouthWestern California)
140 posts

WHICH Vitamin E supplements were supposedly shown "to enhance lipid coated viruses ability to replicate" ...? Synthetic ...?

This is VERY IMPORTANT ... Because Synthetic vitamin E is known to be either less or non-effective ... and there are more than one type of natural Vitamin E ... "[Studies] examining the role of vitamin E in the immune system have typically focused on α-tocopherol; however, emerging evidence suggests that *other* *forms* of vitamin E, including other tocopherols as well as tocotrienols, may also have potent immunomodulatory functions.

"Future research should continue to identify and confirm the optimal doses for individuals at different life stage, health condition, nutritional status, and genetic heterogeneity. Future research should also characterize the effects of non-α-alpha-tocopherol vitamin E on immune cell function as well as their potential clinical application...."

Regulatory Role of Vitamin E in the Immune System


Replied by Cindy

Please Steve? if you are still available? how much vitamin E and what type?? I have had it with this colitis and am about to go doc instead of natural? but would MUCH rather do natural?? I really need more details if possible?? blessings be upon you and your Health I have been on a natural ayurvedic for almost a year, ., its not working :( I am getting worse

(somewhere, europe)

Margo, read up on healing clays. With time, clay poultices "pull out" stuff. But the pain reduction is usually pretty quick.

Aloe Vera

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Posted by Pramol (Nyc, Ny) on 06/02/2012

Im not usually a blogger - but feel it necessary to write about my positive experiences. I have first flare up of UC around 4 months ago. Following numerous tests and colonoscopies my GI prescribed Pred and MP60 pills. Both of which were horrible for my system, I put on weight, lost hair, felt tired and irritable. After the course had finished, nothing had worked, so my GI upped the doses and I started all over again. Once again it failed to get me into remission.

I then (after finishing the course) put aside western medicine, and tried some eastern cures. First attempt was using pro-biotic tablets, I used it for 2 weeks, and it didnt really do much for me. Then I turned to cats-claw tablets, again no real response. Finnally I stumbeled across Aloe Vera. This worked instantly for me. One shot in the morning orally and once again in the evening. Withing 2 days I noticed the bleeding and the bloating reducing, and within a week it had fully subsided. I now keep one gallon in my fridge, and whenever I have flareups (like last night) quick dosage of AV nips the UC in the bud and I return to normal life. I have no adverse side effects from AV (appart from the horrible taste! ). I also adjusted my diet, I reduced dairy and carbonated drinks, and reduced cafine. I also stared yoga and running more often. I can say emphatically that AV along with diet and more excercise has changed my life!

Replied by Eve Z.
16 posts

What quantity of AV do you have each time?

Aloe Vera Juice, Boswellia

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Posted by Robbie (Hobbs, NM) on 01/06/2009

My Colitis has been a problem for many years. I've done the aloe vera and it worked for a little while. I feel it helped jump start my road to better living. What really works for me is Boswellia. I take it twice a day and I don't have anymore "runs" to the bathroom.

Replied by Colitis
(Atl, Ga)

so do you still have to take prescription medications with the boswellia or can you take it along with the aloe vera juice?

Replied by Sherry
(Wisconsin, USA)

Drink an ounce of Aloe Vera juice every day (I shwish it around then swallow for oral benefits also) You can mix a little fruit juice for flavor if you like. Eliminate all dairy products. There are many great substitutes: Soy yogurt, soy "ice cream" soy "milk" (add a little chocolate for flavor) tofutti "ice cream" tofutti cream cheese, (works great on a bagel or a burger) soy sour cream on baked potatoe.

I have been drug free for 21 years. If I cheat, I gurgle all night and have skin problems for weeks.

Replied by Usha
(Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape /south Africa)


for colitis problems if client is blood type B then aloe vera juice is not recomended.

Replied by Sheila
(San Diego, Ca, Usa)

Hi Usha,

Does it matter if 'client' is B positive or negative?

Replied by Namebrand
(Vancouver, Bc, Canada)

What is the brand of aloe vera that is recommended for use?

thanks, Dennis

Replied by Nandu

Hi Usha,

From where did you get the information that blood type B with ulcerative colitis, then aloe Vera juice is not recommended. Can you plz provide insights regard for this information?

Replied by Carolinablueskies55

Would you explain why not to use aloe vera if your blood type is B? Thank you

Replied by Maggie
(Boring, Oregon)

According to Dr. D'Adamo, who discovered what foods certain blood types should use, the only blood type that can use aloe vera juice with no problems or with benefits, is blood type A. I'm blood type O and it worked for me once, back in the 80's. It's never worked for me since. I'm using it now because I'm desperate but it's not helping. According to this doctor, type O's should follow the caveman diet because we were the original blood type and blood types changed as man began to expand out of Africa to other parts of the world, thus eating different types of food. I admit I have a problem with this because of my palate, I don't like meat! I love milk products and according to my dna, I don't have a problem with milk. As for everyone with colitis, use common sense, don't eat sugared foods, soda pop, caffeine, alcohol, and processed foods. You could check into this concept if the SCD diet hasn't helped because it is mainly the caveman diet.

Replied by Dennis

Bagel??? Burger??? You mean you're NOT gluten intolerant??

Aloe Vera, Turmeric

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Posted by Natwell (Cosp, Co) on 03/21/2011

Regarding Turmeric and Aloe Vera for UC:

Bleeding increased for me using turmeric. I did some further checking and found that turmeric is a blood thinner so it can increase bleeding. I am still using aloe vera. Also called the companies for composition information about aloe and found that the only company to get aloe vera from without the "diarrhea factor" is Lily of the Dessert because is tests 40% lower in the laxative ingredient- and you can only use the inner filet juice NOT GEL because the gel has cargeena (sp?) which produces inflammation. So I am using 1 oz. Aloe vera juice 4 x a day and am working up to six, started with 1 oz. 2 times. Bleeding is my worst and biggest problem because it sends me to the hospital and I cannot afford to get more transfusions without the doctors trying to send me to surgery. I ordered the Butyrate enema kit today which builds mucosa lining.

Replied by Prioris
(Fl, US)

Please be aware that there is a very strong potent version of Aloe Vera. Don't cross aloe vera off your list of options until you have considered this.

It is called Aloe Muciliginous Polysaccharide or AMP. One bottle of capsules is equal to I think over 70 gallons of aloe vera juice and it has none of the toxins that are in the juice. It only contains the active ingredient.

For people who tried the juice, you may just need a more powerful and potent formula. The only downside is the cost. The upside is that once you improve, you can cut down the dose. I used Aloe MP Plus ($126) and it cured my diverticulitis in 6 weeks. It healed the pouches. I'd give it 2 or 3 months. So if all the less expensive options have failed, try this.

On a side notes, there is something called Munaka Honey one could research. Therapeutic dose should have a MKO rating of 400 or more. MKO is more scientifically based and measures the amount of the actual active ingredient vs just a number like 20+. I don't have any personal experience with this

When I look at studies, different types of colon inflammation seems to be a product of one of these.

a) a bad microbe that shouldn't be there.

b) a microbe that normally lives in the intestine but has gotten out of control.

AMP and many other remedies really target these problems and even allow healing. Things won't heal until the offending microbe is controlled.

On the other end, you should support good flora in your system with probiotics.

On the subject of Probiotics: one needs to take these if one has any significant history of colon problems. The biggest barrier is finding one that works for you. I would be especially persistent in researching different brands in this area. Don't just try a couple and give up. BE PERSISTENT.

Here is another reason why probiotics are important. It has consequences for your overall health.

"Researchers at the University of Cologne Germany, found out that eliminating the intestinal bacteria of laboratory animals brought their immune system activity to a screeching halt and with probiotics, immune function was restored. The scientists also discovered that these bacteria produced protein like compounds called peptides that kept the immune system running at a low idle, prepared to respond to disease causing infections. More research has discovered that probiotics trigger a wide range of immune compound that battle harmful bacteria and viruses."

One should not take soil based probiotics unless ones gut flora is healthy enough.

Selecting Probiotics seems to come down to

1) Delivery method

2) Number and kinds of microbes

3) Miscellaneous. Spore and non spore. May be others.

There are conflicting statements on whether number one is important. Based on anecdote reports, I sense it is important.

Controlled-Release Technology. Controlled-release formulas are specially coated to protect the probiotics from gastric acid and ultimately deliver a high percentage of live probiotic bacteria to the intestines. BIO-tract delivery system.

Beadlet Technology. This process was developed in Japan and involves enclosing live probiotic bacteria in a small, pearl-shaped beadlet, where the walls of the beadlet are formulated to survive stomach acid and release their contents only when they reach the more neutral environment of the intestines.

So just make sure you tried a variety of methods. You can test if you organisms are active by just dumping a capsule in milk and waiting 24 hours.

Replied by Lorraine

Awesome post- Thank You so much!

Replied by Kelli
(California, USa)

This post is so helpful! Thank-you Prioris.

Apple Juice

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Posted by Dave (The Gold Coast, Australia) on 05/13/2013

I Cured U.C

Apple Juice, store bought 4 glasses a day, having suffered for 7 years with heartburn and brown blood and mucous in stools daily after 3 days all symptoms entirely gone.

Had tried bicarb regularly to get rid of the heartburn, now I have no heartburn either, I did have a bit but a teaspoon of white vinegar got rid of it on two occasions and then a 3rd occasion I used apple cider vinegar.

Also have had fresh lemon juice and honey a few times.

Can't promote enough to those with brown blood and mucous in stools, try apple juice about four glasses a day, totally has cured me first 5 days in a row with not one symptom and I feel like I did when I was a kid ( almost : )

Oh yeah sexual function has gone from uh oh to finely, back to normal... Even better actually ; )

I was very worried for years... not now worried at all.

Replied by Rusti

Just wanted to Yay you :) That's pretty awesome. I know how amazing apples are (an apple a day...) so I suppose that's a clue. Glad to hear your amazing recovery, and why I love EC!

Replied by Kristina

Hi Dave.. Can you tell me what kind of Apple Juice do you use? Just regular or 100% organic Apple Juice in Health food store?

Replied by Anon

Here is a post from Ted...



Hi Ted and all on Earth Clinic, So, I thought I found something great when I originally sent through this post on eating green tea.

I ended up having a great month with virtually no symptoms. But, one day I forgot my green tea and went about the day.... only to find a massive amount of blood and diarrhea.

Turns out, the tannins in the green tea as AMAZING for masking the symptoms of UC.... But the caffeine was actually making it worse. (My success with the green tea led me to taking green tea extracts for energy and that put me in a flare.)

Just got out of the hospital a few days back, and what I've learned over the last two months is:

Decaf green tea is great. The organic decaf uses carbon dioxide to decaf the tea without really decreasing the tannin content.

Limit fat intake to less than 30 grams MAX per day.

I'd love to comment more about a bunch of stuff. But, if you're reading this, just know that decaf organic green tea and eliminating fat does some amazing stuff for UC.

Anyway, hope that helps.

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
385 posts

Well, the cure is possible and I found those that helped. You have to understand there are basically two aspects of ulcerative colitis., the cause is mostly mycobacterium, which gives rise (after they are killed or living) to lipopolysaccharides. The lipopolysaccharides cause the inflammation which causes ulcerative colitis, but the mycobacterium also causes them.

As for the green tea it contains tannic acid, and most of it is on the leaf, some is in the liquid, that is why green tea you have to prepare it yourself, with the green tea leaves. In fact most of my remedies require that any herbs or any tea, you must consume the powder of the leaves and nothing is thrown away. You also get the same results (approximately) if you also consume tannic acid. Basically its the tannic acid that kills the mycobacterium in general, and some of the polysaccharides, but definitely doesn't really speed the healing process in the regeneration of tissues cells at all, but it does reduce the inflammation on the intestinal tract. Any nurse or doctors will tell you that if you have diarrhea, always take the green tea (especially eating leafs) or Coke (it contains caffeine. So it was both the green tea and the caffeine that actually helped, especially the alertness definitely comes from the caffeine. But it may help some people and it may hurt some people on caffeine due to differences in biochemical imbalances that exist in the body. As you go through the "general" green tea with different applications, you get different aspects and therefore some of the conflicting information, even different brands, but if you are dealing with ulcerative colitis then green tea helps in case the person has constipation, though that seems to occur more in Crohn's disease then anything else.

As to the coffee, in Thailand we drink green coffee, it has less or no carcinogens, but once you roast a coffee, then you get hydrocarbons, and you don't want that, because people with this condition are vulnerable to colon cancer.

As to your being helped glutamine is correct, it does help the healing but the bacterium of mycobacterium has to be rid of it or lessened, and you must have normal blood sugar to begin with as glutamine helps the healing. But it will always be the lysine and N acetyl cysteine to help the healing. To kill these mycobacterium is cinnamon, but they caused irritation and this is why lowering the inflammation initially will help. Boswellic acid will kill them too, but without the inflammation. So someone with abnormal blood sugar above 100 mg, /dL might require more, such as gymnema slyvestre. But someone with serious bleeding probably going to need less humic acid, but more vitamin K1 and K2, but also aloe vera oil. And someone who is seriously weakened will need more N acetyl cysteine, selenium, and a shot of B12. You have to really understand that most people who do have ulcerative colitus has a serious deficient vitamin K, this pattern of vitamin K has been deficient in human diets for the last 100 years, and making it worse, with margarine. Under no conditions are these people allowed to eat vegetable oils and margarine, it will lead a person to a hospital just taking plenty of potato chips and french fries!

But you always need DHEA 200 mg and melatonin at night at least 10 mg to help treat the inflammation and also some killing of mycobacterium, DHEA actually increases immune system indirectly, as does Lysine, the white blood cells, but inflammation is absolutely essential.

As to the greens, copper chlorophyllin, chlorella. and perhaps spirulina also help but very differently in ulcerative colitis. Copper chlorophyllin works as copper is toxic to most mycobacterium, but then so do MSM. Chlorella works by getting rid of excess heavy metals as they are required for mycobacterium growth (as do virus! ) so they ultimately performed recycling work, but you can die prematurely if they overtake the body as there is some signs of decaying within the body! Spirulina works similar to chlorella although I think less aggressively then chlorella.

So yes it is a matter of time to cure ulcerative colitis, first the cause (mycobacterium), second the leftovers (lipopolysaccharides), third the healing of ulcerative colitis. The immune system can "see" the mycobacterium, with astralagus, DHEA, melatonin, in different aspects of the immune systems too long to discuss. The lipopolysaccharides can be broke to pieces to neutralize, such as bromelain, digestive enzymes. The mycobacterium may be destroyed with cinnamon. cinnamic aldehyde (less extent), ellagic acid, tannic acid, green tea, humic acid also. The aloe helps accelerated healing of the intestinal tract, but also glutamine, but mostly the lysine, glycine and vitamin C (major components of collagen). The glutamine also helps, but some BCAA (branched chain amino acid also). My simple method is basically humic acid, aloe vera oil and lysine as the major elements, but depending upon my clients I can have hundreds of variations, but it rest on the understanding, and then developing the strategies to cure ulcerative colitis.

Any way this is my latest information so far on ulcerative colitis, as time will permit. So what I have found is basically the same as what you found, both coffee and tea.


Ashitaba Tea

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Posted by Jeannine (Merrimack, Nh) on 12/31/2009

I have ulcerative colitis and was taking Lialda until I discovered Ashitaba powder. I make a tea using 1 tsp of Ashitaba powder and 8 ounces of hot water and drink it every evening. I haven't had an attack in three weeks even though I stopped taking my prescription medicine. The powder isn't bad tasting; however it looks like swamp water and there are little pieces of the Ashitaba that don't dissolve but the person who grows this claims that's the part of the Ashitaba that causes the healing. The Ashitaba also comes in capsule and liquid form but the grower says it's not as effective as the powder.

EC: Ashitaba is a Japanese tea grown on Hachi Jo Island, Japan.

Replied by Rachel
(Chicago, Il)

Where can I find Ashitaba tea in Chicago? Thanks, Rachel

Replied by Marcor
(Sarasota, Fl)

ashitaba in a liquid formula for the intestines can be found at vpnutrition the number is 877-335-1509

Replied by Mirza
(Hyderabad, Ap)

Are u still in remission after using this tea? and if yes I beg to guide me how can I get it. I stay in india and suffering from chronic colitis. would be greatfull to u
thanks, Mirza

Replied by Jan
(Toronto, Ontario Canada)

Is this the same as slippery elm. I have been told that this is an amazing remedy but as I am in the middle of a huge flare up am afraid to try it. Does it affect the absorption of medication? Should I wait until my flare up has calmed to try this?

Avoid Carrageenan

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Posted by Rene' (lark) (Texas) on 08/24/2015


Dear Fellow Sufferers,

I have done some research that has revealed a crazy element concerning my chronic colitis. Actually I thought of it from reading a post here that mentioned that carrageenan could cause diarrhea. I have been having worsening bouts for about 7 months and have been trying to figure out how my diet could have changed and what could have caused this. I had started drinking a lot more of the coconut and almond milks...this is suppose to be a GOOD thing, right? Also putting it in my Healthy whey protein drinks and smoothies. Come to find out that both the nut milks and the protein powder have carrageenan in them. Also the Aloe Vera Inner Fillet Gel that I had been drinking has it in the formula also. I am going to eliminate this immediately from my diet. I am not a very strong person, my immune system isn't so great.

Maybe this isn't your problem, but I am certainty going to find out. If you have a problem with the big 'D', it may be worth it to ck the ingredients in the 'healthy' things you have been ingesting. Bless you all.

Replied by Rene' (lark)

I wanted to report back on my wonderful healing. After almost three weeks of being off all my 'health' foods that contained Carrageenan I am almost totally back to normal after suffering all of 2015 with ulcerative colitis. I was also taking whole leaf aloe vera juice ( the gel contains carrageenan) and also a slippery elm capsule instead of turmeric for inflammation. This has been nothing short of a miracle for me as I could barely leave the house or sleep at night. I am so grateful to God. Please be cautious as to what the ingredients are in your healthy regimen. You never know what can cause an adverse effect.

Replied by Maggie
(Boring, Or)


Yes, I learned how bad carrageenan is for us folks with colitis and extremely upset and disappointed with finding it in my almond milk! It's in a lot of stuff, not just nut milk also different ice cream brands, even the so-called healthy Breyers! Very disappointed! I discovered it's not in Fred Meyer or Kroger's brand called Simple Truth. Unfortunately, it still other stuff in it. The best way to get your nut milk is to make it yourself using raw nuts that you've soaked for a few hours.

Replied by Joeylin
(Gig Harbor, Wa)

I'm surprised that so many people are using almond milk, when it, like other nut milks, contains carrageenan. I found only one thread, a woman with ulcerative colitis, expressing how destructive it is. What is your opinion on it?

Avoid EDTA

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Posted by Stephanie (Napa ) on 09/27/2022


Avoid EDTA. It's a dangerous chemical in everyday products such as mayonnaise and canned vegetables and some cosmetics. EDTA binds to your body's minerals and metals like calcium, magnesium, iron and leaches it from your blood and it comes out in your stool. EDTA is absolute poison and will cause immediate reactions if you have IBS or UC. This poison should be illegal, it's destroying everyone's health. Usually listed as Calcium Disodium EDTA.

Baking Soda

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Posted by Warren (Perth, Australia) on 02/09/2010

try bi carb soda for ulcerative colitis! It will corrrect bad flora in the gut and reduce symptoms quickly. 1 teaspoon in a glass off water 3 times per day.

Replied by Jo
(Perth, Western Australia)

Warren are you still going ok on 1tsp of bi carb in water 3 times per day? Scared of trying it in case trips to the loo increase and certainly don't want blood pressure to increase.

Baking Soda
Posted by Rob (Wellington, UK) on 10/31/2008

Hi. I have mild UC. Hyperbaric oxgen and hydrogen peroxide have helped me. I was reading all about sodium bicarb and colitis. Would doing an Bicarb enema be a good idea in this case? Re finding ones acidity levels is it litmus with urine and saliva? Thanks Rob

Baking Soda
Posted by Daniel (New Plymouth, New Zealand) on 09/03/2007


I just tried taking baking soda for ulcerative colitis and it seemed to make things worse. I got a ph test kit and my ph seems to be alkaline most of the time anyway. as my ph came down after taking the baking soda my bowel got better. Not sure whats going on but it is very weird. what to do?

Replied by Ted
(Bangkok, Thailand)
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Daniel: An ulcerative colitis is caused by a certain bacteria that is needed to kill them, a baking soda alone and alkalinity would not work as well, without the added magnesium citrate and perhaps some zinc supplements. One simple remedy, which had to do with ulcerative colitis was about a 1/2 teaspoon in one full glass of water using milk of magnesia plus 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda in a full glass of water, would have reduced the pain along its path by killing off, at least initially, but since magnesium hydroxide is poorly absorbed, a magnesium citrate 250 mg/day is still needed along with some zinc acetate supplements.

As to why baking soda causes acid urine, it is a result of the hyperosmolarity of sodium portion of the baking soda causes the acidity inside the cell to rid of easier. Apparently the improvement condition came as a result of intracellular fluids being acid to leave the body in larger amounts causing the extracellular fluids to be acid, resulting in a more acid urine. This little known fact is mentioned in medical enclyclopedia at the time I was reading up on alkalinity. To prevent this kind strange occurance, it means the body needs more alkaline electrolytes using both potassium citrate and magnesium citrate along with the baking soda. Since obtaining potassium citrate are relatively difficult I think it is more easy to find the magnesium citrate, which may be found in the ingredients of some common laxative medicine. However, the dose taken is much smaller than as per instructions on the bottle, about at least anywhere from 1/4 to 1/10 less than whatever is mentioned. But technically a 250 mg of magnesium citrate is about 1/8 teaspoon of magnesium citrate, roughly speaking and that is mixed in 1 full glass of water.

So the simplest possible remedy is 250 mg of magnesium citrate plus 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda with 1 full glass of water.

If magnesium citrate is not obtainable some temporarily relief is possible from just the use of milk of magnesia (magnesium hydroxide) plus baking soda as previously mentioned and perhaps a twice a week dose of 50 mg of zinc acetate or zinc gluconate are possibility. The ulcerative colitis should reduce whenever the body has sufficient amounts of magnesium. Diets low in magnesium and low in alkalinity is what causes the bacteria of the ulcerative colitis to flourish, based on my experience.

In summary baking soda alone is not sufficient to kill off the ulcerative colitis and in a severely acidity of the intracellular cells (inside cells are acid) this may cause a temporary dip in pH and shows up acid urine readings. This can prevented with the use of alkaline intracellular minerals such as magnesium and potassium, in small amounts when taking the baking soda also. One thing I am certain: a sodium citrate, which simply 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda plus 1/4 teaspoon of citric acid, won't cause a drop in pH, since citrates are an intracellular component, while the sodium is an extracellular fluids. A baking soda might get this problem now and then. But it must be noted still that if baking soda ALONE is used, it takes about two weeks for the body to attain sufficient alkalinity without a drop in pH (acid reading) since it takes time for the body to rid of tha acid OUT of the intracellular acid fluids

Replied by Daniel

Thank you Ted. I did not explain myself very well I took baking soda and citric acid together for two days. It made me feel a bit sick on both occasions. I got the ph test kit the next day and then saw that my saliva ph and urine ph were above 8. my bowel had got worse after taking this 2 times over two days so I stopped taking it. I have kept checking my ph and after stopping, my ph came down but remains at about 6.5 to 7.0 and my bowel has settled a bit. I will try taking magnesium and zinc as you have suggested. my saliva or urine ph has never gone below about 6.4 since I started checking. do you think taking the baking soda and citric acid would still help? I take steroids and should be acidic but seem to be more alkaline than what is mentioned as normal 6.4. Side note: the antibiotic ciprofloxacin is the only thing to ever work on my ulcerative colitis but does not work like it used too. So it is a bacteria that is the cause of my ulcerative colitis at least. Once again thank you for your help

Replied by Ted
(Bangkok, Thailand)
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In event the urinary pH and saliva pH is above 8, baking soda is not to be used, and a more appropriate remedy to modify is to take the magnesium and zinc supplements. Usually sulfate reducing bacteria causes destructive colitis and low sulfur foods may also help in addition to magnesium and zinc. In event the pH is high, it would indicate a different sickness altogether, but in the meantime lower sulfur foods, magnesium chloride supplements and zinc acetate is the preferred solution for people with alkalosis (rare), instead of acidosis. Alkalosis is not good news either, as it indicates the body lacks chlorides or loss too much chlorides from either medication of salt free food. In that instances, 1/4 teaspoon of sea salt in one liter of water would be helpful, and apple cider vinegar taken without the baking soda will offer the best help to normalizing the pH and correcting the chlorides lost.

Replied by Daniel
(New Plymouth, New Zealand)

Thank again Ted I have been trying magnesium and zinc and baking soda mix as you suggested and have had some success. This time I felt better shortly after taking the solution after 2 day morning and night I had less almost no bleeding But then a strange thing happened. The next time I went to the toilet I had bad bleeding and my stool felt hot and burning my ph was 7.5 urine and I tested my stool as best I could and it was about 8.0 saliva was 6.0 and I was getting a bit of reflux odd yes but I will see how thing go in the next few days. Any suggestions would be great Regards

Replied by Ted
(Bangkok, Thailand)
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It takes about 2 weeks at least for the body to adjust its pH completely. While the remedy is not 100%, a tiny amount of potassium citrate or potassium bicarbonate is needed as a small tweak, such as 1/8 teaspoon of potassium citrate to the 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda. As the body tries to recover, it does need some vitamin C, although a sodium ascorbate form is more safer generally not too much is taken so that it can heal such as 250 mg of sodium ascorbate for example. The ulcerative colitis major remedies, are still the baking soda, magnesium and zinc nevertheless. It is a bacteria that grows whenever the body is deficient in certain common minerals (magnesium and zinc), but also pH. It should be noted that certain other kinds of bacteria also tend to flourish in a high metal environment. However, some chinese parsley may also help slowly remove the heavy metals, but the most important factor, I think is to avoid sugar, vegetable oils, and high fat foods.

Replied by Daniel
(New Plymouth, New Zealand)

Once again Ted Thanks your information has been great. I have been getting better The bleeding is nearly gone. but I still get hot runny stools do you know why this could be? This happened when I first took baking soda and when I take it for a few days in a row but not sure. I also get a bit of Abdominal pain at this time to. My urine ph is good mostly 7.5 8 when I test it. Is this just a side effect of taking baking soda or maybe taking a bit much.

Replied by Rebecca
(Fremont, CA)

Ted, How many times a day on the simple formula mentioned? Once a day or three times a day? And is it best on an empty stomache or does it matter? Thank you for this website!!! Rebecca :)

Replied by Namebrand
(Vancouver, Bc, Canada)

Ted or anyone else...

How many times a day do you take the 250 mg of magnesium citrate plus 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda with 1 full glass of water for ulcerative colitis?

Thank you sincerely,


Replied by Kayla
(Seattle, Washington)

I had symptoms for five months. Went to the ER with pressure in my abdomen, bloating, low fever, chills, nausea and headache. I was given ALL the tests CAT scan, blood work and ultrasound all came back normal. I still had symptoms that seemed to fit with ulceration colitis so I tried Ted's Remedy - 1/2 teaspon each of Milk of Magnesia and Baking Soda in glass of water I did this twice daily. My symptoms decreased 50% the first day and by day three all symptoms were gone! However, I will continue with the remedy for ten days just to be on the safe side. I'm glad I wasn't diagnosed by my doctor in the states, because I do not want a preexisting conditions in my medical chart! Crazy as that sounds!

Baking Soda
Posted by ela (Baltimore, md) on 08/23/2007

i have ulcerative colitis and typical with this disease, you are sickest in the mornings. well i was looking through the internet out of desperation and typed in natural cures for uc, and read a couple stories of people swearing that baking soda mixed with water has cured their uc. well, i tried it and it has (after 3 nights of drinking before bed) so far cut the severity of my morning sickness by about 75%! i even can't believe it. its very interesting and i'm gonna keep doing it and noting my progress.

Baking Soda and Magnesium Citrate

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Posted by Heidi (Mt. Pleasant, Iowa) on 09/25/2008

Hi all, I just wanted to post my success with the baking soda and magnesium citrate remedy. I got really sick late June and found this website looking for a cure for ulcerative colitis. I had extreme bloating, diarrhea, pain, cramping about 4 hrs after I ate anything. I began drinking glass after glass of the baking soda (1/2 tsp) and magnesium citrate (1/8 tsp.). I also took magnesium and potassium vitamins. The baking soda drink was the only thing that gave me relief from my pain and bloating. I finally got better after about 2 wks. Was feeling good and quit taking it. Relapsed and began drinking it again. Got better in exactly 2 wks. I am feeling pretty good again. It has been 2 wks since then. I finally got some tests done at the hospital a few days ago and tested positive for bacterial overgrowth in my small intestine. That's funny since I'm feeling fine now. I can imagine what the numbers might have been when I was at my worst. Thanks so much Earthclinic! This remedy was my lifesaver.

Replied by Heidi
(Mt. Pleasant, IA)

Hi Ted, I have been using the baking soda and magnesium citrate formula for my condition for several months along with magnesium and potassium vitamins. While it does help it is not clearing up my problem. I was diagnosed with an overgrowth of bacteria in the small intestine and tried the antibiotic route of Flagyl for about 6 days before quitting as it made me so much worse. Is there anything else I can do to kill this bacteria off? I have been doing the heavy metal cleanse of garlic, olive oil, and cilantro 4 days on and 3 days off. I was eating a clove a day for 6 days but my kidneys began to ache and hurt. Thought I was detoxing too fast so switched to the other remedy. I am also taking aloe vera juice, ocassional slippery elm, dandelion capsules on my off garlic days, licorice root capsules, and I just bought some activated charcoal. Going to give it a try. Also going to order some hydrogen peroxide. Also, is this bacteria the same type that causes the UC or something different? I also tested myself via the "spit in the glass test" for candida and was positive. I take coconut oil capsules and eliminated virtually all sugar and bread from my diet and tested again and it was not there anymore. However, I still have other symptoms of systemic candida that also coincide with flare ups of this intestinal bacterial overgrowth. Wondering if candida is the name for this bacteria overgrowth that dr.s tested me for but they do not recognize candida as a disease? What do you think?

Replied by Joseph
(Boston, Ma)

First off, thanks for the feedback. I have tried L-glutaine on several occassions but haven't noticed too much of a difference. As for the Magnesium Citrate, isn't this a laxative? I would be a little concerned to take this as I am already going to the bathroom enough during the day and with some urgency. I saw Ted's recommendation but was still a bit nervous since my google search on magnesium citrate returned "laxative". I will take another look at Mag citrate.


Replied by Saucychick
(Orlando, Fl)

The amount of magnesium citrate by Ted is 1/8 teaspoon in a glass of water. Laxative dose is 2 to 5 ounces (around a half a cup). Also a very interesting idea to cure a lot of digestive ailments is the GAPS diet.

Replied by Dette
(Chicago, Illinois)

So I started flaring again after a long time of remission. It was kind of bad at first, but for the past week it got much worse. Yesterday morning there was blood and mucus and pain and urgency, and it was runny. I took baking soda and magnesium citrate in the morning and the again at night. This morning there was no blood or mucus, a little pain, better formed. I have never seen such immediate results! I was expecting months before I ever got to this point. I am very thankful for this remedy.

Replied by Mirza

Hi Dette,

How are u now, did baking soda drink still helping you please post your experience here and any precautions to take, my condition is like bad in morning with blood mucus and runny stool, I am planning to take this drink.

Replied by Kristina
(Miami, Fl)

Hi there, What brand of magnesium citrate did you use? Thanks SO much! Currently with UC - not frequent bathroom trips but blood with stools still... Thanks again.