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Cayenne Treatment for Heavy Menstrual Bleeding

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Posted by Tammy (WI) on 11/05/2022

Cayenne Pepper for Heavy Menstrual Bleeding

I take a teaspoon full and some tomatoe juice and it tastes like a bloody mary. Helps within an hour!

Replied by Becky
(Blantyre, Malawi)

Cayenne actually makes my period pain worse and my bleeding heavier. I don't think this is a one size fits all kinda thing, be careful ladies.

Posted by Glori (Florida) on 08/15/2021

The teaspoon of cayenne will stop your bleeding immediately. I like putting it in a small amount of water just to get it down (like I do for baking soda when having heartburn) then you can drink as much water as you like. I was severely anemic and it was a close call.

Posted by Glori (Florida) on 12/02/2020

cayenne powder for internal bleeding

1 teaspoon cayenne powder in a little amount of water saved my life!!! I had been having female bleeding during first part of covid for about a month I had woke up one morning feeling faint like I just might pass away. I said to myself I really want to be here for my 3 grown children then Dr John Christopher's remedy for bleeding came into my head . He said any bleeding, internal or external, will cease with taking cayenne and also stop a heart attack within seconds after getting it in your mouth!!! It WORKED!!! Thank you Dr Christopher!!!

Replied by Ontanya

I know the feeling days where I just wanted to give up on life, cayenne definitely works. I have fibroids and I'm so thankful they have not been causing chaos this year. I use cayenne, blackstrap molasses and Apple Cider Vinegar for the bleeding. Molasses helps the most. I've been taking chlorophyll with coconut water also. I'm so grateful I did not have to go the hospital this year.

Replied by Andrea
(Bedford, Texas)

Wow!! I needed a shot that was $700 (I had no insurance at the time) but I found it at a Canadian pharmacy and I had to have my Dr fax the prescription to them. It was $176 with shipping. The effects of the medication was not immediate. I bled for 8 mo. I ended up needing 2 IV Iron infusions before I could even have surgery. I really wish I had known about this!

Replied by Sarita

How many times a day and for how many days did you have the cayenne pepper before your bleeding stopped? Also, how much water did you mix it in and drink?

Replied by Ojua

I had a crazy experience, I put one teaspoon of cayenne in water and 2 minutes after taking it, my whole system was disrupted, I started vomiting, my stomach hurt so badly that I had to be rushed to the hospital.


@Ojua.. Put cayenne pepper in milk. The milk takes the heat out of it. Drink thru a straw because it settles to the bottom.

Posted by Holley (Rochester, Ny) on 07/25/2016

I was experiencing heavy periods for the last 6 months. I went to the doctor as I was concerned about it. He recommended Minerva (IUD). After a lot of research, I found a lot of negative reviews from women who had this procedure. I decided to research some other options and found some natural options in the form of cayenne. I was skeptical that this could actually work but wanted to try natural remedies before getting something implanted in my body. I purchased cool cayenne supplements (40,000 heat-unit). I took one capsule and saw immediate results. My flow went from very heavy to very light. I would highly recommend this natural alternative before having any invasive procedures, it really works!!!

Posted by Maureen (Nairobi) on 07/16/2016

I had read that cayenne could help stop bleeding and when one morning I woke up to heavy bleeding and clotting, I decided to give it a try. I mixed one half teaspoon of cayenne with a glass of warm water and within five minutes the flow stabilized.It worked for me.

Posted by Penny (Raton, Nm Usa) on 02/17/2016


I have had heavy periods with huge clots almost my entire life starting when I was 9. I've had to live with it all this time, except for when I managed to get on "the Pill" when I was in my 20's and then Provera shots when I was in my late 20's - 30's. When I lost my job and stopped being able to afford the shots and didn't want to go to "birth control clinics" to get them because they were overpriced even there, I just gradually started bleeding and clotting again. The few times I've been able to even GET Tranexamic acid the way it would work is that it would shorten my cycle and make the periods last about 6 days instead of 7. By now I can't use Shepherd's Purse because I'm over 40 and with high blood pressure and that has an "estrogenic" effect which is contraindicated for older women and women with high blood pressure. Anything progestin-based would not be, nor would tranexamic acid be. However, I am in a part of a country where those things aren't readily available without a doctor's prescription and that costs money and frankly, doctors are the reason why I went to law school in the first damned place. In the States you have state-by-state lack of health care and it's controversial; I'm covered by MassHealth as I'm Massachusetts resident but currently out of state, but I'm covered out of state in emergency room situations only. The American medical profession being what it is, no Emergency Room doctor will give anything for either the high blood pressure or heavy bleeding when you're "from out of state" and not on THAT state's "Medicaid." (Like I said, the medical profession is the reason why I went to law school in the first place). End result: I suffer. Medications that the US thinks require a prescription (I put it that way because tranexamic acid is available over the counter in the UK - you can just walk into Boots or ASDA and buy it right next to the Midol) I have to sit by the mailbox and wait for the postman to deliver it to me from either the UK or Mexico. I have to be extra-careful of what herbal concoctions I take because of being "elderly" and with high blood pressure. I can only say I hope this BlackStrap Molasses stuff doesn't require a damn PRESCRIPTION in the United States!! And that it WORKS. I can't even get anything else without sending to the UK for it (Tranexamic acid is covered by MassHealth but isn't readily available even in Massachusetts).

My legal opinion is that progestin-only pills should be available over the counter. I mean, come on, USA, the "morning after" pill is starting to be offered "behind" the counter.

I found that extremely high doses of Cayenne Pepper (160,000HU) worked a little bit at lightening the flow but at that heat level it's a little hard to keep down. If I put it into empty capsules and try to take it that way, it won't work as well, I don't think. That also works on high blood pressure, like I said, if I can get and keep it down. Last night I tried a spoonful of it right in my mouth and I almost vomited it back up, but I managed to keep some of it down; I have to because of my blood pressure and the fact that I don't want to flood and clot up someone else's sheets and floor. Yeah, I need a Hysterectomy. But I'm thousands of miles away from where it's COVERED and that's what it's all about, folks, here in the US of A. Money. Being able to pay for medical care.

Replied by Timh
2063 posts

Penny: The BSM has many positive reports here on E.C. and you too should be the next one in this category.

Next, get the hypertension down with effective natural remedies. https://www.earthclinic.com/cures/high-blood-pressure-treatment.html

Next, read the book Your Hormoneus Life: Learn The Secrets of Progesterone by Calvin Ross D.C., and you can purchase this natural occurring hormone made mostly from Wild Yam and find a therapeutic dose for yourself without the side effects of synthetic estrogen drugs.

Replied by Raquel

Have you considered a cayenne pepper tincture AKA an extract? It's much easier to take than the powder & in my opinion more effective. I make my own by allowing a mason jar (any size) 1/2 full of cayenne pepper powder, then filled with 80 proof vodka to sit (lid on of course) in my dark pantry for 6 weeks. Then, I add some of the extract liquid to a dark colored dropper bottle. I add a about 8-10 drops into a small (more water = more time you endure heat) of water & I drink it. Not on an empty stomach preferably. No unpleasant effect on my stomach like with the capsules (ugh). I start using on day 2 of my cycle. I'll take the dose above every few hours & I see pretty fast results. I admit that I also use Shepherd's Purse (in tincture/extract form also) & I'm 44 but cayenne lowers BP so I think it balances. I use the cayenne tincture throughout the month for cardiovascular health so I'm using that more frequently than the SP. if the SP was having an estrogen in effect on me, I'd imagine my cycle should be getting heavier over the months & it is simply not. Then again, I'm only using SP a few times a day on 1-2 days a month. I'm also going to now add BSM to my regimen.

Replied by Mary
(Utica, NY)

Ask to have a iud. Stops bleeding. It works.

Posted by Jennysmom2 (Idaho, US) on 01/27/2015

Ugh, I have been on this site and it has helped me more that you will ever know. I have had heavy periods for about 15 years and have pretty much resolved myself to it and my short 21 day cycle. I have tried apple cider vinegar, black strap molasses, cayenne, turmeric, dandelion, red raspberry leaf, you name it. I have been able to lighten the flow somewhat, and my cramps, bloating, pms, etc. seem to be gone. But, this is my question. I had my cycle less than 2 weeks ago, and I got a very bad sinus and chest cold. I have been taking at least 6 tablespoons of the vinegar a day and 2-3 capsules of the cayenne for the cold. My period came back and is incredibly heavy and huge clots. Is this from the pepper? My cold and fever are almost gone, but I can't seem to stop the flow. Any thoughts or ideas would be appreciated.

Replied by Mama to Many

Dear Jennysmom2,

It seems unlikely that the cayenne would cause the bleeding you are experiencing. Perhaps if you were taking a very large amount, but 3 capsules is less than a teaspoon. I take the amount you are talking about to stop bleeding. It seems like I have seen a report or two on this site of ACV increasing flow (or causing periods to come closer together.) It could be a matter of "too much of a good thing, " in that case.

I have used Liquid Chlorophyll to decrease bleeding - a tablespoon every hour for heavy bleeding. (May turn the stool dark.)

Do you possibly have fibroids? You have tried so many things and have improved your symptoms some, but heavy cycles that are only 21 days apart is a lot on your body, not to mention a pain!

I wonder if, when you get your current acute sickness dealt with, if castor oil packs over the pelvic area 4 evenings a week for 4 weeks would improve the situation. (Never use when you have a period, though.)

Or there is Dr. Shultze's Ladies Formula. It might be helpful to bring further improvement to your situation. It is expensive, but if you tried it and it helped you, you could make your own. It is not hard to do. I have done so and found it helpful.

I hope you feel better all around soon!

~Mama to Many~

Replied by Jennysmom2
(Idaho, US)

Thank you Mama to Many for your reply. Now that I step back from the situation, I do believe it was the apple cider vinegar; I did have the same situation before, now that I think about it. I went ahead and ordered the Female formula. I have been taking it for about 15 days. My period came again, after 21 days...so no change there yet, but this time, it is still heavy, but not nearly as bad as last time. I have done castor oil packs in the past, and they did lighten the flow. They are messy, though. I guess I will just have to keep at it. Cayenne does lighten the flow for me, but I just need to keep working to find the root of the problem. Thank you again for your help......

Replied by Mama to Many

Dear Jennysmom2,

Thanks for updating! I am glad to know how things are going.

Let me know how the female formula works for you over time!

~Mama to Many~

Replied by Jennysmom2
(Idaho, US)

Mama to Many......I really think the women's formula helped me the most....3 cycles now about 28 days each, with a lighter flow. They women's formula is pretty spendy. Any tips to make my own? Thanks again, Jennysmom2

Replied by Mama to Many

Dear Jennysmom2,

Here is how to make the Female Formula.

Mix together the following herbs in the amounts explained.
1 part Dong Quai Root (Angelica)
1 part Chaste Tree Berries (Vitex)
1 part Wild Yam Root
1 part of the following mix - (3 parts Damiana leaf, 1 part Hops Flowers, 1 part Licorice root)

Take 2 ounces of the dried herb and put into a mason jar. Pour 16 ounces (2 cups) 100 Proof Vodka (50% aqueous-alcohol solution) over the herbs. Put the lid on the jar. Leave on your counter where you will notice it. Shake twice a day. After two weeks (up to six weeks), strain through a clean piece of muslin or t-shirt fabric or coffee filter. Store in a cool dark place.
When I made this tincture, I skipped the Hops Flowers and Licorice root because I didn't have them on hand and there was not a lot in the mixture. So I just used equal parts of Dong Quai Root, Chaste Tree Berries, Wild Yam Root and Damiana Leaf.
I usually get my herbs from Mountain Rose Herbs. You can just get 1/4 pound of each. Between that and the vodka, the up front cost seems like a lot. But you will be able to make oodles of this tincture. The tincture will last a couple of years. So you could make a lot of this stuff up at once and not worry about it for a while.

Dosing Information Here

Let me know if something isn't clear. Hope this works well for you. I am so happy to hear of your improvement.

~Mama to Many~

Replied by Ify

I hardly remember I have fibroids till my period starts. This is the 11th day. It is not heavy; maybe because I am taking ACV/BSM, but the bleeding hasn't stopped either. What do I do? Pls help.

Replied by Mama To Many

Dear Ify,

I have found Shepherd's Purse tincture to work well for bleeding. I take a dropperful in an ounce or two of water and repeat the dose after a few hours if need be.

~Mama to Many~

Posted by Celestine (Reading, UK) on 09/03/2014

Oh Wow! Finally have found something that stops the extremely heavy bleeding.I have always had heavy periods but in the last 15 years they have got crazy. It's been like a tap. I have been diagnosed with mild endometriosis and small fibroids. In my most recent laparoscopy and hysteroscopy they said apart from those things everything looks OK.

Over the years I have tried tranhexamic acid, mefanamic acid, mirena coil, norethisterone, bcp, and the bleeding had just got worse. Flooding at night and day and not being able to leave the house. My last hospital visit I was told again that hysterectomy is the only choice now. But I have been experimenting with some natural methods. I tried yarrow and shepherd's purse. Some mild improvements but when day 2 of the period came - flooding again.

I came on Earth Clinic and decided to to try black strap molasses and apple cider vinegar. I took them every day for a whole month (both organic and good brands) and then the period came. I was so hopeful but they did not work for me.

Then I saw the cayenne thing. It was worth a try. I just used the tub of cayenne I had in my kitchen cupboard. I took a teaspoon dissolved in warm water with some honey and drank it. OMG - the change was DRAMATIC. Last night I did not need to change my protection in the night - when usually I would change it 3 or 4 times. Today I went out and bought some more cayenne. This is a miracle for me. I am taking it every four hours. I have read up on the internet some articles say that it is a vasodilator - opens up the arteries to allow blood flow - which is kind of not what you would think you want. But other articles say it just 'balances' the blood flow in different parts of the body. This site is so great because it shows what has worked for different people. For some it's ACV and BSM but for me it's cayenne. Unbelievable. My whole world has changed. Thank you everyone on Earth Clinic

Posted by Anon (Anon) on 12/15/2013

While we're on the gyno subject, someone said cayenne will stop bleeding during your period. I took some last night and my period which is usually heavy was much lighter. I happened to have taken the cayenne with cinnamon, which is said to have the opposite effect, so that may be why I had any, as opposed to no, bleeding during the night. If your periods are heavy absolutely give it a try. Just not together like I did.

God bless! Pray for Ted that the captors hear his case, take our side, and release him!!!

Posted by Cat (Ireland) on 05/18/2013

I have taking cayenne for one month, one capsule daily. I'm 42 and this period that I am having this week is the 'best' EVER. I have suffered from clots, pains, cramps, flooding ALWAYS... 7 days straight.. Using nearly a pack of towels each day.. This month... Not much pain, , no clots, three/four pads daily... BEST OF all no flooding.. This is a miracle. Try for one month.. Noting to loose.. Best taken with water. Might experience little heartburn... Fantastic.. Can see other benefits emerging too. GOOD LUCK.

Replied by Anon

Hi. That's brilliant, I wonder if it's the vitamin A and C in it that's helping? Or maybe it has vitamin K too. Great news anyway, thanks for posting x

Replied by Rashal

Is this essential oils or store bought cayenne? If store bought crushed or ground? I really need to try this.

Replied by Mama To Many

Dear Rashal,

It sounds like Cat was taking 1 cayenne pepper capsule per day. This would be bought at a health food store. It would not be essential oil. Some use grocery store cayenne pepper with success, but it isn't as strong and sometimes has fillers. (It is the ground powder.)

I buy my cayenne pepper powder from health food stores or in bulk online and make my own capsules, or just add 1/4 teaspoon to some juice. (1/4 teaspoon is about 1 capsule worth.) It is spicier to take it in juice, but I think better that way.

~Mama to Many~

Posted by Nicole (Melbourne, Australia) on 01/23/2013

Hi there, I have just started to use cayenne pepper for my heavy bleeding but I'm only taking a small dose maybe 1/4 teaspoon cayenne pepper in a glass of water once or twice a day, I haven't seen much difference but I know that it's good for menstrual cramps and bleeding but can it also be good for fibroids or endometriosis or polycystic ovaries? I'm worried I may have fibroids and they aren't showing up on the ultrasound and maybe cayenne pepper can help with the bleeding but not get down to the actual problem. Hope to hear back from someone and thanks earth clinic for all your help.

Replied by Mmsg
(Somewhere, Europe)

Nicole, read up on Blackstrap Molasses for your situation.

Posted by Olivia (Evansville, In) on 04/19/2011

Are there any ladies out there who have had any experience with bad mensis (menstruation) taking cayenne on a consistent daily basis? For example, bad cramping or excessive bleeding? Thank you for comments.

Posted by Isabel (Tampa, Fl USA) on 03/04/2009

Cayenne Pepper for heavy periods: Take 2 capsules of cayenne peper when you have heavy periods wait one hour and take 2 pills of cayenne pepper wait one hour to see how you are doing, if still heavy take 2 if you are doing better don't take the third dose because you period will disappear and you won't see it until next month, I have done it several times and never failed, I used 40.000 Hu and 100.000 Hu and I always got good results.

Replied by Isabel
(Tampa, Fl)

Cayenne for heavy periods

When I was bleeding very heavy I took 2 pills of cayenne, then I did the same 2 hours after, one time I took another 2 pills 2 hours after and my period dissappear until next month. I love this site I learn a lot, all I can say is thank you to everybody that contributes to this site.

Posted by Victoria (Charleston, West Virginia) on 11/26/2008

I was on the depo shot for a while and it messed me up bad, I was having my periods for 6 months straight no days off, then it went to having them every 2 weeks after i stopped and no doctor could help me, so my aunt told me to try Cayenne Pepper because she does the whole herb thing, and it worked...it completly stopped my period and after I took it 4 days later I got pregnant which was what I wanted because I couldnt stay off my period long enough to get pregnant...I love that stuff now it stopped it within 2 days.

EC: More information about Lupron Depot here: http://www.lupron.com/

Posted by Samantha (Portland, Oregon) on 10/17/2007

I found cayenne a great cure for pretty much everything some time ago. It wasnt long ago that I came down with a bad sinus infection, cough, and fatigue. I decided to boil water on the stove, and add cayenne(open 3 capsules and pour them in), crushed garlic(4 cloves),half an onion, and grated ginger. THIS COMBINATION IS AMAZING. It is SO powerful. The most vital ingredients are the cayenne and garlic, but the onion and ginger are also very helpful. Make sure and boil everything until the onion is mushy, and the garlic is too. Keep a lid on, but every so often inhale the steam from the boiling remedy.. very soothing! Pour it into a glass and drink the whole thing. It is very potent, so what I do is add honey to it and it really tastes like liquid food- like a soup base or something.

Another remedy that I use is cayenne tea- just put a tea bag of your favorite tea in boiling water, and add a capsule of cayenne & some honey. Since I have been using cayenne in tea, and orally, and drinking the onion ginger garlic tincture, I rarely get sick.. and when I do, I can kick it within 3 days maximum. Cayenne is also extremely helpful for menstrual cramps.