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Apple Cider Vinegar for Heavy Menstrual Bleeding

| Modified on Oct 04, 2021
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Could a home remedy as simple as apple cider vinegar actually help with heavy menstrual bleeding? Many of our readers have found it to be so! Sometimes results are seen quickly. With others, improvement occurs gradually, over the course of several weeks.

How do I Use Apple Cider Vinegar for Heavy Periods?

Apple cider vinegar is generally taken as a tonic for a wide variety of health problems, including heavy menstrual bleeding. Some people need as little as a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar in a glass of water once or twice a day. Others will need a tablespoon in a glass of water twice a day.

The apple cider vinegar can be added to apple juice or orange juice instead of water. These juices handily mask the strong taste of the vinegar. Others will prefer to make a warm tea to drink. Add equal parts of apple cider vinegar and honey to a mug (in other words, 1 teaspoon of each or 1 tablespoon of each.) Add hot water and stir. A dash of cinnamon can be added for flavor as well.

Can I use Apple Cider Vinegar Capsules for Heavy Periods?

If you really do not like the taste of the apple cider vinegar tonic, or need a solution that is more convenient when traveling or at work, you can try the apple cider vinegar capsules instead. Many of our readers have found these to work as well for them as the vinegar tonic. Beware - they do smell very strongly of apple cider vinegar!

How Does Apple Cider Vinegar Control Heavy Bleeding?

First of all, apple cider vinegar, though acidic itself, helps to alkalize the body. Alkalizing the body helps to maximize countless processes in the body. If you begin to take apple cider vinegar for heavy bleeding, do not be surprised if other health complaints you have begin to heal as well. Apple cider vinegar helps with digestive problems, blood sugar issues, high blood pressure, and arthritis to name just a few.

Apple cider vinegar has many nutrients as well. Because these nutrients are in a natural form (a food form instead of a vitamin supplement) the body is able to use them more easily as the nutrients complement each other and work together.

Have you tried apple cider vinegar for heavy periods? Please share you story with us!

Continue reading to see how this simple natural remedy, either alone or in combination with other remedies like molasses and cayenne, has helped over 50 of our readers!

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Posted by Alex (Latin America) on 07/14/2020
2 out of 5 stars

The problem began almost 2 years ago, it may have been a coincidence, but it was after I began drinking oregano tea.The menstrual blood was dark, thick and my periods changed. They became regular (had never happened) and they shortened but they were heavier. Went to several doctors, received no help and was diagnosed with various terminal illnesses that I ended up not having.

Fast forward to last month, the bleeding didn't stop. The periods arrived every 25 days and lasted for over a week. I was spotting and having clots as well. Of course, I was terrified. I couldn't see a doctor due to the pandemic, and so I decided to try remedies.

ACV worked immediately, but after 2 days, my stomach hurt a lot and I got acid reflux. I decided to stop and the bleeding came back.

I tried another remedy from here, cinnamon tea, and it worked magnificently for the bleeding (1/2 cinnamon stick boiled in 1 lt. of water, 1/2 a cup taken 3 times a day).

If I stop the cinnamon, the blood comes back. As for the stomach problems, I cannot eat anything slightly acidic or I get the pain and reflux again and it lasts for several days.

Replied by Anon

Hi Alex :)

Oregano essential oil seems to cause ovarian cysts in me, I get discomfort in that area. So the oregano oil may be the culprit.

Have you tried sage or vitex? They may be just what you are looking for. The sage would probably be taken only between periods or if the bleeding during your period is excessive. Just a few fresh leaves chewed and swallowed once a day may be sufficient. Check the produce section of the grocery store for fresh sage.

Dong quai is great right before your period starts to soothe the discomfort and mood.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by S Williams (Norfolk, VA) on 09/18/2019
5 out of 5 stars

You have no idea how much this post and comments from others helped me this week. I am 45 and this is the first time in a year that I have not had heavy bleeding and clotting after drinking the AVC.

I had a cup days before my period as I was clearing mucus from a cold.

On my 1st day of heavy bleeding this month, I found this article.

The following day, I had training for a new job and was having anxiety over having to keep getting up or possibly having a leak through accident. Needless to say, I was "normal" this first week of training with no heavy bleeding and not going through extra pads and tampons each hour! Saving me money as well. I have had such a pleasant experience this time, if that makes sense LOL..

Thanks so much to all who posted, I hope this helps!

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Nickatnite (Houston, Tx) on 09/06/2017
5 out of 5 stars

I was so over the heavy period situation every month, I had to find a remedy so I've been drinking ACV two times a day and I have really noticed the difference it is definitely an acquired taste but its something you can get use to, especially if its going to help you.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Msmona409 (Saginaw, Michigan) on 06/21/2017
5 out of 5 stars

I started using ACV 2 months ago. Originally I did this in order to help lose weight. But I noticed that my period dramatically decreased the first month. I thought it was just a good month that I had a normal period without all of the heavy bleeding. So 2nd month came around. I didn't do the ACV the 1st day, I had a heavy flow that night and that morning. I immediately decided to resume my ACV just to see if it actually worked. Within a couple of hours, the flow decreased drastically. Also, the benefit is that I am actually losing weight slowly, but I'm losing weight.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Krystle (Wy) on 06/06/2017
5 out of 5 stars

I started using ACV a few months ago to lose a few extra pounds. My period was regular because of my birth control. 2 months ago I was waiting for my period, it usually came on Friday or early Saturday. All day Saturday I was in a panic because nothing had happened and I thought I was pregnant! Luckily later in the afternoon my period started and I was relieved lol! So I looked it up and learned that ACV can help with periods... cool! The next month the same thing happened... cool! This month, well it is now the Tuesday after the Saturday that I was supposed to start....and nothing!!! I had no period at all this month. Crazy but I am not complaining! (and no I am not pregnant :D ) This works! I only drink a small glass of OJ with a splash of ACV before dinner and it does the trick!

Replied by Angel Anna

can I know what brand of ACV is the best. I bought from a shopping complex or is all ACV gives the same result? am 45 and last month I was bleeding more than 14 day's . never experienced b4. am worried. please guide. thank you.


The most reputable brand is Braggs Apple Cider Vinegar. You can find it in most health foods stores and many grocery stores.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Chacha (Queens, Ny) on 06/05/2017
4 out of 5 stars

I was taking ACV for about 9 months--2 tablespoons in orange juice every evening. For my fibroids. Then I stopped for about 2.5 months. I just started again. ACV never really lightened my heavy periods. It just made my period shorter. That is, the 2 days would be very, very heavy. Then much lighter the next few days. And then gone after about 3 or 4 days. ACV has helped with other issues (lethargy, respiratory cough). But I still get heavy Days 1 and 2.

Replied by Fan B
(San Francisco)

Make sure you use bio-identical progesterone cream and magnesium citrate everyday. It will stop the heavy bleeding.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Latoya (Ks) on 05/12/2017
5 out of 5 stars

Hi, this is my first time posting, but I just had to because of this change I've noticed. I've been drinking ACV (Apple Cider Vinegar) and lemon mixture, for the last couple of weeks now for an diet experiment. And I've noticed that when my cycle came around, that it was VERY light. I'm usually a heavy bleeder, so I was shocked. That's why I'm here, looking for information about it. I wasn't sure if it's the lemon's or the ACV, but either way, I am happy to have some relief with it.

Replied by Yasmin
(New York)

Okay so maybe there's something wrong with me but my first menstrual since drinking ACV has been heavier than ever before.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Dougngwen (Slidell, La ) on 03/26/2017
5 out of 5 stars

What a blessing!!!! I promised God if this worked for me I would write a review so here is my story, I always had somewhat heavy periods but, as I got older around the age of 43 I started getting heavier periods with flooding and huge blood clots . Here I am at age 45 and didn't want to have the heavy bleeding and clots because I was on a cruise last year that kept me basically in my cabin bc of heavy period . I am about to go on a cruise in three weeks and didn't want the same experience ( my period is due two days before I come home ) so I decided to experiment on this period some holistic cures. I stumbled across this thread and read that Apple Cider Vinegar would help me. I was skeptical but, said to myself what do you have to lose? So I started the regime on the second day of my period I took 1 tablespoon 3 times a day in water. My period was almost non existent I only had to change my pad once!!!! ( I usually use ten pads a day sometimes double up ), last night I was waiting to wake up from "flooding " nope!!!!! What a blessing!! Thank u God for this miracle and this news thread!!!!!!

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Renee (Stanchfield, Mn) on 02/16/2017
5 out of 5 stars

Woke up in a panic over menopausal "floods" this morning, jumped on my phone, looked up natural remedies and came across ACV. Took 2 teaspoons in a glass of water and flow was almost instantly ceased.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Dd (Dayton, Ohio) on 11/13/2016
5 out of 5 stars

My cycles came twice a month and heavy each time. I start taking Apple Cider Vinegar everyday with one to two tablespoons added to one cup of water a day every day and throughout day drink plenty of water. It took about 2 months for the heavy flow to stop.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Kkanoe (Carmel Valley, Ca) on 04/29/2016
5 out of 5 stars

I was starting to have flooding issues during my period. It was just awful and I had serious concerns about losing too much iron. I couldn't be too far from the bathroom! I had always had heavy periods but this was ridiculous. I tried so many doctors for help and even tried balancing my hormones using bioidentical progesterone. I tried chastberry for 6 months. Nothing worked! I wanted to run a long run that was timed the following month during my period. I wasn't going to be able to do the run and so I was desperately searching for a solution. Then I came across this site.

I realized I had some of that unfiltered, organic ACV in my cupboard. I've heard the filtered/clear stuff doesn't work and that it has to say "with mother" on the front. I pulled some out and mixed 2 tbsp with a Hot Toddy in the evening. I know, I know, evil... but I was miserable and a little cognac helped too. It worked within a few hours. It's freakin' amazing! I can't believe all the years of heavy periods and all the money on doctors. This allows you to control how heavy your periods are.

I've learned for me that 2 Tbsps of ACV (the unfiltered kind) three times a day eliminated my period all together. Adding a little liquid stevia with some water helps the taste. So now I'm going to reduce the amount of ACV I'm taking until I have a reasonable period. I am just thrilled to have control of such a scary situation - and such an inexpensive, easy solution!

Replied by Mercedes

How long did u take the apple cider vinegar before the heavy bleeding stopped?

Replied by Sharon

Has anybody had problems with thickening of the lining of womb? Had lots of periods that were heavy and lasted a month or weeks .
Scan found a cyst and lining of womb is 34 mm .Been to gynaecologist and they want to do ablation to remove lining. I have been taking apple cider vinegar and black strap mollases for over a month now and had no bleed so far which is a miracle. Just wondering if it would reduce the womb lining naturally . Gynaecologist says he doesn't advocate any treatment like that and insists I need ablation. I'm very worried and hate hospitals.

Any advice would be brilliant thanx 😇😇😇😇

Replied by Lady J
5 out of 5 stars

First if you have the ablation they are pretty easy, office procedure, I had one and it helped.

I also started bleeding terribly again (several years after the ablation). I found ACV and tried it. In 2-3 days all bleeding stopped. I put 3 TBLS in a 32oz. water jug and add a water flavoring I like to mask the taste. I drink it through out the morning and it has stopped the bleeding completely. I have also lost 7 pounds in just a couple of weeks. I generally feel better than I have in almost a year. It is worth a try. No doctor is going to tell you they agree on natural solutions, they want your money. But you know these are things ladies were doing back when there wasn't a wide knowledge of medical information especially for women issues.

Replied by Sharon
(United Kingdom)

I was reading the reviews as I was googling. I read some great results from you. I just had bad 2 teaspoons as I just started It, I had severe bleeding for has put me on Tranexmic acid and noristhistone and iron tablets I brought the D vitamin myself. The blood is stopped but I hv to take the tablets for three months I've just started svc and has it after my lunch notices my sore throat was less sore so I'm wondering can anyone tell me when go off the medication will my periods become normal.

I'm 40 I have no kids and I'm frightened as I went tablets and I started bleeding again this was before I started svc. I hope to have normal clotting lighter blood and never look back I hv has the most terrible of times I'm always tired sleepy my emotional n work life has effected drastically can anyone require me this will work? I even contacted royal London hospital for advice I hv so many doctor appointments I'm really scared when see the blood it's leading to so many difficulties and I talk to anyone. I feel I'm not alone on this page. My blood is dark red with huge clots I change full 2/3packets before taking tablets I hv gone weak I take 11 tablets a day I just want the blood to become normal for life as even changed the way I eat generally I eat well it I've tried to control it more please if you have advice please let me know and thanks for sharing ur story good look with ur future and sharing such a personal issue thank you

Replied by Jj

Hi I'm doing the apple cider vinegar too, I have a question, How long do you take it after your period to know it's finally stopped?

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Jane (Spring Valley, Ny) on 10/16/2015
5 out of 5 stars

I read about ACV here last month. I was suffering from flooding. I had some capsules of ACV in my kitchen. I took two capsules three times a day and after the first day the period almost completely stopped. This month I took same dosage as soon as cycle started and continued every day. Light period. No clots. All I can say is Wow!

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Anne (Ellicott City, Md) on 10/03/2015
5 out of 5 stars

I was suffering from menorrhagia as I am perimenopause at age 47 and had an IUD inserted to stop the bleeding in the moment. I was getting chest pains, shortness of breath and heart palpitations with this IUD and recently read that this IUD causes breast cancer and decided to have it removed and opted for bioidentical progesterone. When the IUD was removed I immediately started bleeding which became heavier and heavier. I searched and then came here to Earth Clinic and decided to try organic ACV since it had gotten such rave reviews from other women with a similar condition. I literally went from heavy clotted flow to light then nothing in 2 days! I was floored! It really does work and I am so grateful to all of the women that commented here.

I would also recommend bioidentical progesterone replacement as that has heart protective benefits. I am taking 50mg CMP progesterone and drinking 2 tbsp ACV 2x per day. I feel amazing!

My doctor explained that we are subjected to xenoestrogens in just about every processed product we consume (including bottled water made with BPH) and touch in our lives. These xenoestrogens cause hormonal imbalance in the form of estrogen dominance and that can cause heavy menstruation. The ACV helps to eliminate these xenoestrogens, thus restoring balance along with the bioidentical hormone replacement. LOVE IT!!!!

Replied by Mirism

Thank you for your post. I have been taking the Raw organic apple cider vinegar, but have missed the last few days. Even though I'm transitioning into Menopause I ended up w/ a migraine and heavy flow. I'm going to get back on the vinegar. I don't need this sort of trouble. It's difficult to be at work in this situstion. Thank you for posting it!

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Trish (Northern Utah) on 06/21/2015
5 out of 5 stars

THANK YOU ALL so much! I read thru every comment last night. I couldn't sleep a wink, 45 yrs old and my period started after nearly 10 weeks of heaven (no periods) I knew I was in trouble because my last flows have been horribly heavy but last night was the worst ever. I could go about an hour between changing tampons and pads! NOT fun, it was a nightmare. Just 2 weeks ago I read about the benefits of ACV for skin care. I thought well if its good for Scarlett then I can give it a go. I love it. My skin is soft, no blackheads and now I'm working on a couple of dark spots that are forming. So... I actually had ACV in my kitchen! Yay me! After I read a few experiences I thought my gosh go try it, what can it hurt.

I ran and measured 2 T. ACV and added about 8 oz of water. I took a straw from the cupboard and sipped in all down rather fast. I didn't care about the taste, I needed help.

Its been about 8 hours and guess what!!!!! It has slowed. I'm in total heaven. I've been so scared. I was feeling weak, dizzy when getting up, etc. Thank you all so much for taking the time to share your stories, I read them ALL! I was prepared for DAYS and DAYS and weeks of misery. Its the middle of June and I want to jump in the pool every day. I was certain that I wouldn't be swimming for the rest of the summer (due to past experiences.) Yay! Bring on summer!!!

Replied by Gabi
(Annapolis, Md)

1-2tsp honey/agave nectar/stevia 1-2tsp organic apple cider vinegar 8oz water 3-4x a day tastes a whole lot better than just trying to rough it!

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Jenny (Northern Indiana) on 05/04/2015
5 out of 5 stars

What is the science behind using Apple Cider Vinegar to reduce and even stop heavy menstrual bleeding? I am currently using this home remedy with success, but I can't seem to find the science behind this remedy and I am extremely curious! I also want to know if this is an "every day for the rest of my life" thing or only on the days that I would be menstruating, etc...Thank you in advance and really hope I get some answers!! :-)

Replied by Mama To Many

Dear Jenny,

Apple Cider Vinegar contains nutrients, so it is possible it helps different things by correcting nutritional deficiencies. It is also used to help alkalize the body, which will help to correct a number of health problems.

It is possible that you will only need it at certain times. On the other hand, it may benefit you taken daily for a long time. Everyone's needs are different.

In times past and even still in some cultures, it is normal to have some sort of fermented food with meals as a condiment. We tend to think of condiments as things to make food taste better, but some condiments actually help the digestion of the meal. (Sauerkraut for example.)

I have been using Apple Cider Vinegar for years and have found it helpful for so many things, internally and externally.

~Mama to Many~

Replied by Jenny
(Northern Indiana)

Thank you Mama to Many!!

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