Heavy Menstrual Bleeding
Natural Remedies

Natural Remedies for Heavy Menstrual Bleeding

Dried Apricots

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Posted by Snowy (J, SA) on 04/24/2009
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dried apricots with honey cured my excessive bleeding

i had been taking fertility medication and had stopped due to some side effects and the had bleeding and spotting continuously for one month. the doctor prescribed iron tablets coz i didn't want more medication.. my hormones were already out of control. well i just had this dessert made of around 100 grams of apricots with 2 tablespoons honey and water, boiled it for 20-30 minutes on sim and blended the mixture and had a cup. next day my bleeding completely stopped and now its been 2 weeks with no bleeding.

Eliminate Soy

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Posted by Anne (Chicago, Il) on 02/16/2012
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I recently have been getting really heavy periods with the most painful cramps I've ever experienced. I considered going back on the pill but decided to see if I could find another way first. I realized that recently I've been drinking a LOT of soymilk and eating a lot more soy products than I used to, so I thought maybe the isoflavonoids (sp?) might be contributing to higher estrogen and therefore worse periods.

I simply switched to almond and rice milk and this month my period was completely bearable. (It was also a week late. ) So, it's only been one month but I thought I'd share in case that's the connection and it could help someone out!

Epsom Salts

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Posted by Denise (Georgetown, Guyana) on 03/20/2007
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My remedy for keeping crippling cramps and bloating at bay during my period is a very simple one that only requires ONE DOSE per month. I simply take 1/2 teaspoon of epsom salts in 1 glass of water on the 2nd or the 3rd day BEFORE my period begins and I have very little pain sometimes but NONE AT ALL most months. A dear friend of my mother's told me about this a few months ago and I've used it religiously since. I've even told my friends about it and I find that I don't experience any bloating either. I am sure this will work for you. Usually I mix the salts with a senna leaf solution but this isn't necessary. I would drink at least 3 glasses of plain water during the days before (this makes your flow heavy on the first 2 days but it gets lighter after that).The dose of Epsom salts is too small to hurt your tummy or give you more than one extra trip to the bathroom but it is enough to effectively clean your intestines.

Replied by Sanddollar
(Billings, Mt)
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I am going to try this and let you know how it goes. I have been reading lots about the amazing benefits of epsom salts that have been discovered lately (they help absorption/regulate insulin, prevent cerebral palsy in premature babies if given to mothers before labor, help severe asthma attacks in the emergency room (given via IV and by nebulizer). It also can help prevent premature births by discouraging uterine contractions - so it makes sense to me that it could help with the pain and cramping associated with menstruation. I have already been using the blackstrap molasses (one TBSP daily) with great results, but cramps are not completely gone.

Excess Clear Discharge

Posted by Marie (Lancs, England) on 04/21/2013

Excess Clear Discharge: Hi, I am hoping someone can help with what is an embarrassing condition. It is an excess clear vaginal discharge problem. It is worse just after my period for about ten days, after which, it seems to be less problematic. I am in my twenties and it has been like this since I can remember. Just wondering could diet or something be causing/affect it as sometimes it does seem to be worse than others. I don't take the pill or meds. Periods are regular so I dont' wanna consider any kind of medication and am wondering if this could be addressed naturally. The doctor has done infection tests/hormone test and has said that all is o.k

Replied by Joy
(Battleground, Wash)

Since it's a liguid from the body , I would suppose salt of some sort..... Try a multi mineral supplement equal magnesium and calcium with all the trace minerals and give it a go.... Just a guess ?

A hair analysis might give a clue. I have never had one.

Replied by Addy
(Flowery Branch, Ga)

From what you say, I'm thinking it's ovulation. Google signs of ovulation.. You may have your answer there. I had the same thing and was always concerned but doc said I was ok. Years later I read this, kept a journal and thats what it was. Best wishes!

Replied by Marie

Thanks Addy, Joy, for your feedback. With regard to it being ovulation, Addy, the frustrating thing is that the girl that I share a room with at college doesn't evn wear underwear, unless and until she is on a period, so it's frustrating having to wear pads for the best part of the month, although I know she is on the pill. I read an article that says that it obviously varies according to individual women but a tablespoon a day is considered normal and its definately more that than. I was just wondering if it is something that could be dealt with naturally. I don't have a naturpath locally. I have usually just tolerated it, but a few months ago, I remembered thinking that I hadn't seen it for a while and I was just wondering if diet/lifestyle changes had anything to do with it, however, I can't remember at the time any changes that I had made. Thanks though for your concern and feedback.

Replied by Gena
(New York, Ny)

Hi, have you tried taking folic acid supplements? These might help your issue. Just a thought.

Replied by Joy
(Battleground, Wash)

Stab in the dark - recently my prolapsed bladder was painful and I was getting desperate and tried to put some milk of magnesia inside the vagina and outside it with my finger coated with it...

The whole day until I washed it off the whole are was overly dry and felt uncomfortably dry dry dry..... With the bladdder rubbing down there it was uncomfortable. No rash or redness or any after shocks.

Replied by Marie

Hi Gena, thanks for your reply. I would be curious as to why you mentioned folic acid, as I did actually test deficient for this a couple of months ago, but I never thought they might be related. Thanks

Replied by Gena
(New York, NY)

Hi, folic acid is known to increase the lining of the uterine wall so that's what came to mind when I read your post. Let us know if it helps. There might be female herbs you can try that will help too. I will see if I can find any herbs on the net that will help this.

Replied by Timh
(Louisville, Ky, Usa)
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If I'm not mistaken, Folic Acid helps w/ RNA multiplication, which translates into "healing". The amino acid Glycine appears to work very similar to the Folate. Glycine also helps with detoxification, is a natural nervine, and an excellent natural sweetener (add to any beverage or food).

Replied by Vel
(Anchorage, AK)

Could be dairy. For me dairy causes excess mucous in my throat, feces, and vaginal discharge.

Replied by Michele

You're supposed to have a discharge that is clear and kind of looks like egg whites this is telling you that you have released an egg and conditions are right for a baby. I have used this method as well as taking my basil body temperature before getting out of bed. If your temp has dropped that's another sign that it is time to try for a baby. Another way is to reach up and touch the cervix. You will be able to tell if it is opened or closed. Every women need to know how her body works.

Folic Acid, Vitamin D and BSM

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Posted by Nancy (Melbourne) on 09/28/2015
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Hello there,

I have been suffering with heavy periods for about 13 years no joke. I was overseas and saw some doctors about my health and because I was having a lot of hair breakage and hair fall, they found out that my ferritin levels and vitamin d levels were low and the first thing the doctor asked me was if I get heavy periods......... hello yess!!

Here in Australia I've been telling the doctor for about 13 years that I feel tired and he has never checked my ferritin or vitamin D levels, every gyno I saw (there were a lot) never checked either, I thought I would let you all know so that you can ask your doctors to check this if they haven't.

I now take Vitamin D 10 000 ui for my hair and folic acid 5mg for my ferritin levels and my last 2 periods have been lighter then ever, Oh and I take 1 or 2 tsp of black strap molasses for iron because I was told to take iron as well.

My hair is still falling out a lot so I will do another blood test and check my vitamin B, but I thought I would let you know what helped me, I will try to keep you updated.

Good luck finding treatment and I hope you don't take as long as I did.

Replied by Beamer
(Brisbane, Australia)

Generally good doctors are hard to find here!

Geranium Essential Oil

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Posted by Tina (Houston, Usa) on 09/25/2012
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YES - I have had heavy bleeding during menstruation for quite sometime now, despite all tests coming out negative including no fibroids, and all hormones in the normal range.

I have used Geranium Essential Oil mixed with jojoba as a base oil in 50/50 proportions and applied to my stomach area liberally 2-3 times daily, and I am AMAZED and blessed at the results. No cramps, and the heavy bleeding is much less and on the whole I am feeling much better and more manageable.

For anyone with heavy bleeding issues, please try this. It is brilliant imo.

I found this remedy through 'Essential Oils Pocket Reference' which is a must have for anyone interested in natural, wholesome healing remedies.

Heavy Menstruation Remedies

Posted by Ronibe (Dekalb Illinois) on 12/10/2013

I didn't see my period for about 3 months. But before it started in the fourth month, I began spotting. My period finally came n it has refused to stop. What should I do?

Replied by Mama To Many
(Tennessee, Usa)

Dear Ronibe,

So sorry about the non-stop bleeding.

Try cayenne pepper first to slow (and hopefully stop) the bleeding. 1/2 teaspoon in 5 ounces of grape juice (or other, but I like the grape.) Instead you can take 2 cayenne capsules, but it is actually easier on the system to take it in a drink or on food. You can do this several times a day. Also, one Tablespoon of Blackstrap Molasses twice a day is good to help stop the bleeding and also to replenish your iron if you are having a lot of bleeding. Taking the Blackstap daily may help to regulate your cycles.

Do you know why you weren't having periods or why it suddenly got started? How long have you been bleeding? It is very heavy?

~Mama to Many~

Heavy Menstruation Remedies
Posted by Areej (Mississauga, Ontario, Canada) on 03/15/2013

My name is Areej. I'm 24, unmarried. My height is 5ft and weight about 45-50kg. I have a severe problem of irregular period since 4-5 years. I don't get period for 2-3 months, and then get them continously for a month. I'm getting married in August, and I don't want to take birth control as it has severe side effects on me. I recently got my period after 1.5 month and now they are not stopping. They are heavy to light at the moment. Please give me some home remedies to stop this as soon as possible and a solution to further fix this problem permanently. Really need help, im feeling very sick and tired, and doctors here give nothing but birth control. Looking forward for your reply.Thanks, Areej

Replied by Marie
(Atlanta, Ga)

I think you will be amazed that natural progesterone cream will work wonders for you. Do a research on it and give it a try.

Replied by Mmsg
(Somewhere, Europe)

Areej, try a glass or two of sage tea a day for a few months.

Replied by Joy
(Battleground, Wash)

Also get the book, What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Menopause. Even though you are young our bodies are flooded by the hormones in our meat and poultry that cause hormone imbalances similar to menopause. Usually they plump up the critters /food with estrogen and that is what can cause a progesterone imbalance....

John Lee M. D, was a ob/gyn who helped women find some answers to this dilemma and the book is great. Most of the pages in mine have bent corners, book marks and notes in pencil. Some women that couldn't conceive used this book to help them.

Replied by Areej
(Mississauga, Ontario)

Okay so my ultrasound report came, and it says that I have an endometrial stripe thick of 2cm. I'm really worried, can this be cured through natural remedies? they want re-do the ultrasound in 8 weeks and perform a surgery if it still does. I would appreciate any help. Thanks. Areej

Herbal Teas to Shorten Menstrual Bleeding

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Posted by Teena (Melbourne, Australia) on 04/01/2018 235 posts
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Daily garden teas have shortened menstrual bleeding:

I am the type who starts something then gets improvement and stops. Then dig out again when I get sick. But the latest thing I have been doing for three or four weeks and can actually see doing every day. I take some herbs and greens from my garden, wash in a mix of baking soda and vinegar, and steep in just boiled water for 20 minutes. I enjoy being in my garden, while the tea steeps. I take a sprig or few leaves from different plants, but always add lemon verbena and comfrey, for the taste and goodness, respectively. Sage, rosemary, celery leaves, beetroot leaves, dandelion, magnolia leaf, (like Bay), kale, lambs quarters, mallow, dock, sorrel, purslane, leaves from the native anti cancer pittosporum Gumby Gumby, parsley, Madeira Vine, turkey rhubarb, clover, lemongrass, thyme, lemon leaves, moringa leaves, clove basil, oregano are my options,

I pick an assortment each day and drink 750 mls a day, minimum, it's just the time of day that varies, as my work roster is early mornings one week then late evenings the next. But I have been consistent with drinking it every day. The taste is not delicious. But I enjoy it.

My constipation has further improved, and unexpectedly my last period, usually heavy for 7 days, lasted 2 1/2 days. Very unexpected and very welcome. And previous cycles had 24 -26 days between, this time I got 32! (I started to monitor with an app 3 months ago).

I have to note also, I would make salads from my garden greens, take to work every day, and never got these benefits. It's unsurprisingly an absorbency issue for me. I'm not saying you need to grow what I do, but I do suggest researching the benefits of the plants, herbs and 'weeds' that are growing around you, although I do recommend comfrey, made into a salve it relieves any skin irritation, and I used the leaves to repair a young tree that our dog had eaten the stem.

As usual, I don't believe it is any one plant that is benefiting me, but rather a synergy of many parts of many plants.

PS Shepherd's purse is specifically used to stop bleeding, wound and menstrual, the birds will gift me this in winter.

Best to you.

Replied by Mama To Many

This is really wonderful. Thanks for this post Teena!

I love comfrey too!

~Mama to Many~

Replied by Teena
(Melbourne, Australia)
235 posts


Ladies, not beginners luck. 30 days between and again lasted only 2 1/2 days. No pain, heaviness or clots. I didn't even know it was possible to alter the length or heaviness of my cycle, I thought it was just 'my cycle'. And some women were just lucky they had short light painless periods. It seems as though my body was craving nutrients and they are finally being delivered in a readily available format. As for consistency (commitment), I have missed only two days of the tea, in the one to two months I've been using it. For me this is a winner. I can't wait to see what other health voids it fills.

Homeopathic Remedies

Posted by Nurah (Atlanta, GA) on 02/16/2009

i use a variety of homeopathic and herbal remedies as needed and have found that often various homeopathic remedies, such as arnica or a combination for colds, will induce my menstural period. i found this to happen at various times during my cycle, even after just completing my period i will have another one right away. no one i've spoken with has experienced this or heard of it before. does anyone know why this may occur?

Replied by TinyDancer

Arnica is primarily used for breaking up bruises. Bruises can you believe this. can lead to cancer so it is very important to take Arnica for bruising. Bruising is caused by your blood going to one site when injured because blood will do anything to protect you.

I would imagine that you have a heavy bleed after taking Arnica because your blood is clotting and that is not correct for menstruation. Always trust that homeopathy is "correcting" an issue anyway it can.

I have a stupid daughter in law who was advised to give Nux Vomica to her daughter for an upset tummy. So her daughter, my grand daughter vomited and my DIL said how dangerous the remedy was and would never use it again. Of course there were a few ways that the remedy tried to bring my GD back to balance and that was the way it chose. My GD was good to go after vomiting. Her body needed whatever the issue was, out of her body quick smart and that is the way the remedy chose to go. So please be assured that homeopathy has intelligence even if you cannot understand it.

Hydrogen Peroxide Bath

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Posted by Ali (Apple Valley. Ca Usa) on 04/26/2015
5 out of 5 stars

For painful periods if you sit in a tub of warm water with some H2O2 added massage your belly & back for a few minutes let the fluids come out as long as you can or want to, it should give you relief of your pain & your period will be shorter. Warm water as warm as you can handle. Good luck & easy flow!


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Posted by Anon (Usa) on 10/24/2017
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I have used various amounts of Lugol's 2% for a few years. Feeling under the weather a while back I put two droppers full (technically about half the dropper from a 2oz. bottle, twice) in a glass of water once or twice a day a few times, and when my next menses came it was only four days long, where previously it was always seven days. I used half a box of tampons rather than nearly the whole box.

Replied by Regina

I heard recently that some people have died from taking high doses of iodine. Iodine supplementation needs to be continuous, small amounts daily. Trying to take a large amount at once is dangerous.

Posted by Momof3 (Virginia) on 02/08/2017
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My daughter's flow was very heavy...leaking through pads day and night...just awful and like this every month. She was starting to get scared to get her period each month. I started her on iodine tablets 12.5mg a day about 5 days before her period and for the first time the flow was normal and shorter. She continues with the iodine on and off for weeks until the week before then moves to daily. If she forgets to do this the heavy flow comes back.

Replied by Tiffiany

You may want to consider having your daughter take cod-liver oil in capsule in my personal experience.

Replied by Linda

Careful with cod liver oil. My sister used it for years & her doctor said that is what damaged her liver.

Iodoral Iodine

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Posted by Heidi (Troup, TX) on 12/07/2006
5 out of 5 stars

I had been menstruating for 7 weeks straight (very heavy) and went to my family doctor. She wanted to put me on birth control. I am 37 and I smoke so I didn't think that was a good choice. I decided to see me chiropractor who put me on the iodoral iodine and my menstrual period stopped in 3 days and has been regular for over 7 months. I also feel better and have more energy. I can tell if I haven't taken them. I start to feel "blah".

Replied by Sheryl

How many pills did he tell you to take a day for it to stop?

Low Immunity Issues

Posted by Kimberly (Cut Bank, MT) on 02/19/2009

I have a difficult question, because I've never heard of anyone with this problem. Every month when I have a period, I either get downright sick with whatever is going around at the time (usually resperitory) or I at least get a headache and sore throat. I never feel good at that time of the month. The sore throat thing doesn't seem at all connected to having a period, but it happens every month and I've begun to associate a period with a sore throat and headache. On a side note, I am trying natural progesterone creams to try to get my periods to space out because the longest I can go between them (with cream) is 25 days. Without cream it's always 21 days. Any suggestions? Thanks

Replied by Janke
(London, UK)

Hi, Kimberly, I know exactly what you are talking about. If I am tired and my immune system is run down from too much stress, I get sick right when my period starts. I think it's more common than you think in women! I recently started to be more proactive and now take vitamin c and vitamin d3 a day or two before it begins and this has helped a lot.

Replied by Cindy
(Miami, Fl)

Hi Kimberly, I suffer from the same issue, Each month without fail I get a sore throat about a day before my menses start. I've started taking taking vitamin C each day and it has helped me greatly.

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