Heavy Menstrual Bleeding
Natural Remedies

Natural Remedies for Heavy Menstrual Bleeding

Herbal Teas to Shorten Menstrual Bleeding
Posted by Teena (Melbourne, Australia) on 04/01/2018 235 posts

Daily garden teas have shortened menstrual bleeding:

I am the type who starts something then gets improvement and stops. Then dig out again when I get sick. But the latest thing I have been doing for three or four weeks and can actually see doing every day. I take some herbs and greens from my garden, wash in a mix of baking soda and vinegar, and steep in just boiled water for 20 minutes. I enjoy being in my garden, while the tea steeps. I take a sprig or few leaves from different plants, but always add lemon verbena and comfrey, for the taste and goodness, respectively. Sage, rosemary, celery leaves, beetroot leaves, dandelion, magnolia leaf, (like Bay), kale, lambs quarters, mallow, dock, sorrel, purslane, leaves from the native anti cancer pittosporum Gumby Gumby, parsley, Madeira Vine, turkey rhubarb, clover, lemongrass, thyme, lemon leaves, moringa leaves, clove basil, oregano are my options,

I pick an assortment each day and drink 750 mls a day, minimum, it's just the time of day that varies, as my work roster is early mornings one week then late evenings the next. But I have been consistent with drinking it every day. The taste is not delicious. But I enjoy it.

My constipation has further improved, and unexpectedly my last period, usually heavy for 7 days, lasted 2 1/2 days. Very unexpected and very welcome. And previous cycles had 24 -26 days between, this time I got 32! (I started to monitor with an app 3 months ago).

I have to note also, I would make salads from my garden greens, take to work every day, and never got these benefits. It's unsurprisingly an absorbency issue for me. I'm not saying you need to grow what I do, but I do suggest researching the benefits of the plants, herbs and 'weeds' that are growing around you, although I do recommend comfrey, made into a salve it relieves any skin irritation, and I used the leaves to repair a young tree that our dog had eaten the stem.

As usual, I don't believe it is any one plant that is benefiting me, but rather a synergy of many parts of many plants.

PS Shepherd's purse is specifically used to stop bleeding, wound and menstrual, the birds will gift me this in winter.

Best to you.